capping machines - Series 8000 Capper

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Closure Systems International’s Series 8000 capping machines are specifically engineered for aseptic filling and ultra clean applications. These cappers incorporate full stainless steel construction and the most advanced corrosion-resistant materials. The open design facilitates cleaning and rinsing to optimize hygiene levels. Series 8000 machines are fully metric, perfect for global use and are suitable for plastic and aluminum caps. High Performance Features for "Aseptic" Capping Full stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion Open design for ease of cleaning and 100% rinsing Pick station drive unit designed with sloping surfaces and lubricant-free hybrid bearings to maintain cleanliness Pick station provides precision closure delivery with minimal contact points to improve hygiene Lubrication free spindles utilizing state of the art materials and design technologies to provide extended and predictable maintenance intervals of 4,500 hours Headsets specifically developed...