chainflex® bus cables

Bus cables for various bus system applications
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The chainflex® bus cables are available for all well-known industrial bus systems such as Profibus, Interbus, Profinet, Ethernet, CAN-Bus, DeviceNet, ASi or CC link. Depending on the cable family, they can be used for torsion, for severe climatic conditions, for narrow radii, or particularly long travel distances, at high speeds and accelerations. Tested in the igus® laboratory with millions of cycles in e-chains®, they provide guaranteed safety against failure. -Bending radii up to 7,5xd -Jacket materials: PVC, iguPUR, PUR or TPE -For flexing applications -For medium duty applications -For extremely heavy duty applications -For twistable use -For heaviest duty applications in rail vehicles -For increased tensile load -Overall shield Flame retardant

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