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  • Interelektrik manufactures electromagnetic valves for the domestic appliances industry, as well as a multitude of advanced special valves and assemblies for medical, sanitary, agricultural and... Supplier of: plastic assemblies | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Mechanical transmission - components | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] solenoids | plastic precision parts | module assembly | solenoid valves | precision plastic injection moulded parts | plastic solenoid valves | solenoid valves, bistable | precision parts made from special materials
    AUSTRIA - Villach
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  • Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Packaging | Custom packaging
    FRANCE - Breteuil-Sur-Iton
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  • ...and arrangement, packaging and assembly of small iron and plastic parts. Our speciality is manufacturing height-adjustable screws and furniture gliders made of steel, stainless steel and plastic. Supplier of: Mechanical transmission - components | Nuts | Nuts and bolts | Hardware for furniture | support feet [+] furnishing accessories | bent wire parts | stamping parts | threaded nuts and screws | automatic lathe parts | self-tapping screws | cnc punched parts | plastic injection stopper caps | nuts | stainless steel screws and nuts
    GERMANY - Medebach
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  • ...of automatic assembly machines for plastic caps and closures and handling systems for bottling plants. The continuing close cooperation with our customers and partners from plastic caps industry during several decades... Supplier of: Plastics - machines and material for industry | caps assembling machines | caps linning machines | caps slitting machines | caps feeders
    SPAIN - La Roca Del Vallès
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  • We're manufacturers & exporters of spray nozzle assemblies in plastic. Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | pipe extruders | pipe extrusion | pipe cooling tank

    Brands : TECHNOVA

    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • ...making and assembling your standard plastic head cork stopper or your top-of-the-range plastic stoppers. SODILIEGE has the most sophisticated equipment for assembling stoppers and caps. SODILIEGE... Supplier of: Corks | Stoppers and caps, plastic | top of the range stoppers | zamak caps
    FRANCE - Merpins
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  • ...and assembly of modern engineering plastics components, few companies come close to Hydrovern. Moulding Plastics moulding technology has advanced out of all recognition in recent years, and Hydrovern has kept pace, building a... Supplier of: Plastic products for engineering | Plastics - machines and material for industry | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | Reinforced plastics - moulding
    UNITED KINGDOM - Stourport-On-Severn
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  • ...and customs automation to plastic assembly requirements of automotive and consumer manufacturers. We understand the assembly requirements and machine development process and have 17 years experience in... Supplier of: Welding, plastics - machinery | ultrasonic welding machine | hot air welding machine | hot plate welding machine | heat staking machine
    INDIA - Chennai
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  • ...our specialists will create a design for future window and then perform complicated technological assembly. Shipping-New plastic windows must reach you safely, clear, without distortions, dents, chips or other damage. Supplier of: PVC windows | pvc window doors | upvc profile accessories | double glazing georgian bar | manufacture tilt and turn arched windows
    EGYPT - Giza
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  • ...Bakelite Moulding, Sheet Metal Components, Assembled Components of Plastic, Sheet Metal & Brass.Like BNC Connectors, RCA Plugs, DC Plugs, e.t.c.S, All Types of Fasteners, Cable Glands, Metal Clad Plug Sockets 20 AMP Complete... Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | cable accessories and cable glands | brass turned parts | energy meter parts | brass fasteners
    INDIA - Jamnagar
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  • comes to plastic goods, from designing the product, designing the mould for the product, manufacture of plastic injection die and finally production and assembly. So, if your business needs plastic goods, look no further. Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | plastic injection mould manufacturers | plastic goods production
    INDIA - Hyderabad
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  • We are specialized in Metalworking, Machining, Pressing, Moulding, Deep drawing, Welding, Tube bending, Assembly, Coating, Powder Coating, Aluminum and plastic injection, Assembly and Packaging. Supplier of: Vehicles - mechanical components and parts | automotive components
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • ...welding、 polishing、 plastic injection、 assembling、 machinery maintaining、 developing desingning and tooling work-shops and so on which can provide the service for the customers from the products... Supplier of: Cookers | bbq accessories | steel bbq tool set
    HONG KONG - Hongkong
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  • Founded in 2010, ECOTDS perpetuates its know-how inherited from ORP and constantly shows its ability to adapt and innovate to support developments in surface treatment processes. We are specialised... Supplier of: plastic-coated electroplating assembly | Electrolysis - surface treatment | cataphoretic painting cradle | chromic anodising on titanium racks | sulphuric anodising on titanium racks [+] anodic oxidation in chromic acid on titanium racks | anodic oxidation in sulphuric acid on titanium racks | sulphuric anodising on aluminium racks | anodic oxidation in sulphuric acid on aluminium racks | titanium jigs for surface treatments | aluminium jigs for anodic oxidation | titanium and aluminium flange | pspn noryl fasteners | titanium water jet cutting | titanium reseller
    FRANCE - Sevran
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  • ACCUTOOL LTD is a manufacturing company offering precision engineering assemblies and components. They were founded in 1985 and since the beginning, they are located in Dublin. Today, their main... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | plastic and stainless steel precision components | cleanline baskets for ultrasonic cleaning | stainless steel cnc milling and turning | stainless steel welding and fabricating
    IRELAND - Dublin
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  • ...plastic injection moulding, assembly, custom packaging and container management for your articles. Plastic injection-moulded STANDARD PARTS and CUSTOM PARTS, plugs and caps, DIN-compliant screws and nuts, cable... Supplier of: Plastics - construction industry | Screws | plastic injection stopper caps | plastic stopper | cable connections, explosion-proof [+] concealed clasps | soft end covers | wing screws | wing screws for operating parts | threaded dowels | flexible plastic stoppers | plastic screws | plastic cover caps | plastic stoppers, technical | cable glands
    GERMANY - Battenberg
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  • ...all our controllers and electronic components using our own equipment. Furthermore, being responsible for the entire production of the equipment, we can make sure that worn assemblies are replaced quickly. Supplier of: Driers, industrial | Reinforced plastics - moulding | Plastic material processing | industrial use stoves | plastics manufacturing [+] constructor of drying machinery | processing of plastics | machines for working plastics | laboratory ovens | machinery and installations for plastic processing | drying systems for plastic processing | sheet driers | heating furnace | drying systems | plastic sheets drying system
    POLAND - Nowiny K. Kielc
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  • ...the optimal solution: Precision casting, sintering, MIM, sand casting, gravity die casting, closed die forging, plastic injection moulding and assemblies – including processing and surface treatment. Supplier of: Wrought iron | pig iron | forged steel parts | cast-steel | permanent mould castings [+] cast iron parts for the automobile industry | aluminium casting | stainless steel precision casting | precision castings | precision casting according to the lost-wax casting process | drop forged parts | machined castings | precision parts using mim technology | special steel closed-die forged parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific
    GERMANY - Leonberg
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  • ...and metals, from the tiniest screws to welded assemblies – including mechanical processing combined with final assembly and packaging. Our range also comprises can crushers for compressing recyclable sheet metal... Supplier of: assembly production | Welding work - steels and metal | cnc boring | c.n.c milling | welded parts [+] makrolon sheets (plexiglas) | makrolon® machining and processing | u-bolts | can crushers, hand lever operated | panel stands | cnc cutting | rotating panel stands | conveyor chain guide | spoiler set | masking paper dispensers
    GERMANY - Syke
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  • ...process of developing our products further and adapting them to market requirements, combined with the use of modern production and assembly processes, we are well prepared for the requirements of the future. Supplier of: Submersible pumps | Plumbing, domestic | hose pumps | self-priming membrane pump | self-activating pumps [+] plastic rings for pressure fluids | cooker hood | caravaning - vehicles, parts and accessories | recreational vehicles - parts and accessories | accessories for campers | plastic tank | wash-hand basins | wall ventilator | small fans | basin inserts made from stainless steel
    GERMANY - Pfaffschwende
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  • ...production hall and office wing, 30 employees use 23 injection moulding machines to produce plastic parts in batch sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest, as well as assembling complex modules and systems. Supplier of: Plastic material processing | plastics manufacturing | plastic moulded parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | plastic precision parts [+] plastic products | plastic injection moulded parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | plastic injection moulded parts, technical, for vehicle construction | plastic injection moulded parts for mechanical engineering | plastic parts for the car industry | technical-grade plastic parts | precision plastic injection moulded parts | injection-moulded plastic parts | injection moulded plastic parts with metal insert
    GERMANY - Hatzfeld
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  • Conventional honeycombs are assembled from hexagonal shapes. Our company uses cutting edge technology and is capable of producing plastic honeycomb panels very quickly and reliably. Supplier of: Plastics - construction industry | slabs for building trade | panels | thermoplastic materials | honeycomb slabs [+] sheets of honeycomb polypropylene | sandwich core material | sandwich panels | sandwich building components and lightweight building components | semi-finished products made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (grp) | plastic panels | plastic moulded parts | semi finished products | plastic honeycomb panels | lightweight panels
    GERMANY - Königsee-Rottenbach
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  • ...industrial heat chambers, up to 450°C.Our ovens are made to measure, from A to Z: in house design, manufacture, assembly and after sales service. Heated chambers for aluminium and plastics, etc. 2. Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | industrial furnaces | drying ovens | powder baking ovens | paint curing ovens [+] industrial furnaces and ovens | convection ovens | chamber furnaces | high-temperature furnaces | high-temperature ovens | powder-coating ovens | paint drying oven | infra-red cure oven | large capacity ovens
    BELGIUM - Oostkamp
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  • ...the field of plastic and silicone products. We offer you a one-stop-shop for engineering, samples, test moulds, production, assembly and packaging. That’s how Enbi Plastics builds an effective customer-driven quality program. Supplier of: assembly of mechanical sub-assemblies | Plastics - industrial products | product development of plastics parts | product development of liquid silicone rubber parts | product development of liquid injection moulding part [+] plastic products according to medical iso 13485 | production of silicone products according to iso9001 | production of plastic products according to ul | production of silicone products according to iso14001 | assistance for mould construction | plastics injectionmoulding services | silicone inside-outside moulding of metal and plastic parts | plastic inside-outside moulding of metal and plastic parts | lsr
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  • ...steel pipe products bending, pressing & assembly, brass & carbon steel parts hot forging, Nonstandard Fasteners(bolts, nuts, pins, screws) cold forging & heading, Aluminum & Zinc die casting, Stainless steel castings, Plastic parts... Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | Forming - steels and metals | deep-drawn metal parts | precision stamping parts
    CHINA - Ningbo
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  • ...Pipeline, automotive industrial, automated assemble lines, Air tools, agriculture, Industrial Waters, Gardening, Spray Painting, Marine and more. We are continual in designing, developing, marketing other kinds of... Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | Automation - systems and equipment | Pneumatic system components | Irrigation systems
    CHINA - Foshan
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  • ., assembling rubber and PVC conveyor belts, manufacturing flat gaskets and cut-outs made of rubber, POM, PE, plastics, hard PVC, SBR, etc., and manufacturing PU moulded parts (polyurethane). Supplier of: Compensators
    GERMANY - Pfullendorf
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  • ...industry. We also manufacture silicone gaskets, silicone seals, protective case mouldings and other moulded assembly components such as rubber grommets, rubber bellows, rubber gaiters and rubber bungs. Supplier of: Seals | bellows | industrial keypads | moulded rubber products | silicone keypads
    UNITED KINGDOM - Cinderford
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  • ...expertise lies in thermoforming, 3- and 5-axis machining, assembly, as well as more traditional skills that include pressing and stamping, vacuum forming and upholstery in leather or imitation leather. Supplier of: Thermoforming, plastics - machinery | Plastics - packaging | plastics manufacturing | plastic packing crates | industrial prototyping
    FRANCE - Bischwiller
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  • ...such as heat shrinkable tubing, probes, custom assemblies etc. We also work with other technical plastics and fluoropolymer films. Fabrication techniques we offer:... Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | fluoropolymers | polytetrafluorethylene | electrical welding | plastics thermo-forming
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