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  • Sidertaglio lamiere srl is one of the most highly qualified companies in the metallurgy sector. It has operated for over 20 years in the sale and cutting of sheet panels. Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | metal structural work | plasma cutting | iron sheet processing | stainless steel machining [+] stainless steel plasma cut plates | stainless steel sheet work | flame cutting
    ITALY - Meledo-Sarego
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  • Supplier of: Metal structural work | loading ramps | stands | fast-closing doors | gangway shelves
    ITALY - Monopoli
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  • Structural Engineers conceive and design structures. Bridges, dams, ports, tunnels, skyscrapers and houses are examples of structures that support the human activity and contribute to the society as... Supplier of: Structural work | structural engineering | stremum | engineering master | university of portugal
    PORTUGAL - Guimarães
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