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    FRANCE- Nanterre Cedex
    TOTALENERGIES LUBRIFIANTS - Verified by Europages

    Total Lubricants is a branch of Total offering products and services specific for the industrial field. Thanks to its 120 affiliates worldwide, 42 blending plants, 5 800 employees including 130...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Cement-making - machinery and equipment | Pneumatic systems and tools | Compressors [+] Turbo-compressors | Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment | Metallurgy - machinery and installations | Foundries - machinery and installations | Rolling mills - machinery and installations | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | Machine tools - metal machining | Lubrication equipment and machinery | Oiling - machines and systems | Greasing equipment

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    GERMANY- Waldkraiburg
    NETZSCH PUMPEN & SYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 60 years, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has served markets worldwide with NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS® multi screw pumps, grinding machines, barrel emptying...

    Supplier of: Pumps | Dosing pumps | Piston pumps | pumps for environmental technology | sump pumps [+] industrial pumps | mining technology | rotary lobe pumps for the food industry | rotary lobe pumps (circumferential piston pumps) | progressive cavity pumps | oil pumps | oil lubricating pumps | pumps for the chemical industry | pumps for the food industry | pumps for the pharmaceutical industry

    • NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® Design NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® Design
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    GERMANY- Stadtlohn
    ALVA LEATHER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    "Our vision is to provide you, the customer, with immediately available and affordable leathers." Mission: We have internalised the slogan "Thinking Leather". The purchase of special lots and...

    Supplier of: Leather - Raw Materials | Import-export - leather and imitation leather | Leather, skins and furs | shoe leather | hides and skins [+] tanned hides for technical and industrial use | upholstery leathers | upholstery leather | automotive leather | shoe lining | leather, chrome-tanned | leathers for leather goods | leather for hotel and gastronomy equipment | leather for dog leashes | leather remnants

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    GERMANY- Dietzenbach
    SCHOLPP GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The SCHOLPP Group is the leading provider of global relocation and installation services for industrial facilities and is at the forefront of the global industrial installation market. More than 1200...

    Supplier of: corporate removals | Erection and dismantling of industrial plants | company movers | printing machine installation | dismantling industrial facilities [+] industrial services | industrial installations | machinery move-in | machine commissioning | machine maintenance | modernisation of machinery | machine cleaning | machine relocation | press assembly | production relocation

    • Servicing Servicing Industrial services
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    GERMANY- Plauen
    FM CONTROL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We offer electrical complete solutions for industrial automation. fm control's intelligent and customised automation solutions and software developments support your production, conveying and storage...

    Supplier of: Software for industry | plc programming | database programming | web applications | process visualisation [+] eplan p8 electrical project planning | control system construction | industrial power cabinets | plant automation | automation of storage and conveying systems | system integration of control devices | transport controllers | material flow systems | warehouse management systems | sorting plants

    • Project Organisation Project Organisation
    • Maintenance and Support Maintenance and Support
    • Commissioning and Training at Customer on Site Commissioning and Training at Customer on Site
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    GERMANY- Herdwangen-Schönach

    Since our foundation in 1995, we have become one of the world’s leading companies in the field of ultra-precision technology. As well as our UP technology (machine engineering) division, via which we...

    Supplier of: Metallurgy - machinery and installations | linear guides | optical measuring technology | metal mirrors | optical mirrors [+] rotary tables | hydrostatic storage | micromachining | parabolic mirrors, optical | metal optics | micro-precision machine tools | air bearing systems | laser beam guide components | aspherical mirrors | contracted diamond turning

    • Training and further education Training and further education Service by LT Ultra
    • Custom manufacturing Custom manufacturing Service by LT Ultra
    • Custom measurements Custom measurements Service by LT Ultra
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    POLAND- Warsaw
    CODE & PEPPER - Verified by Europages

    Code & Pepper is a software development company that specializes in providing digital product designs and development services for global Financial Technology (FinTech) companies. We take charge of...

    Supplier of: Data analysis | Software creation and development | Programming and software | IT Services | Web development [+] Mobile applications development | electronic payment systems | application software for banks, finance and insurance | web designer | application software for banks | software development | mobile internet applications | banking, finance and insurance software | custom software development | user interface design

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  • Franz Wohl + Partner Prüfmaschinen GmbH was founded in Schalkau, Germany, in 1990 and became the first calibration laboratory for material testing machines in Thuringia to be accredited by the...

    Supplier of: service | Calibration equipment | materials testing | special machines | machine building [+] calibrating | product testing | special machines | clamping elements | testing machine construction | testing machines | modernisation | material testing machines | cutting force testing equipment | torque test benches

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  • Reinbold Entsorgungstechnik GmbH has been building and distributing shredding machines and briquetting presses for over 30 years. In order to recycle raw materials and use them again, they need to be...

    Supplier of: service | Conveyor belts | grinding mills | hackers | single-shaft shredders [+] four-shaft shredders | horizontal shredders | circular knives | 4-corner blade | pallet shredding | paper shredding | plastic shredding | cutting mill | shredders | briquetting press

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    GERMANY- Illingen
    TMD SERVICE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Full-range supplier in the industrial services sector, specialising in dry-ice blasting, industrial servicing and maintenance. Specialist with flexibility, diligence, motivation and resilience. As a...

    Supplier of: servicing | Cleaning machines, industrial | industrial washing | maintenance of industrial systems | machine tool maintenance [+] automotive | cleaning by cryogenics | printing works cleaning | machine cleaning | technical cleaning | cleaning painting systems | maintenance of machines and installations | cleaning of machines and installations | dry ice blasting | maintenance of post-combustion systems

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    GERMANY- Wennigsen
    UDO GÄRTNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Udo Gärtner GmbH, based in the Wennigsen municipality in the Hanover region of Germany, has been successfully operating for over 40 years and has made a name for itself across various industries....

    Supplier of: Software consultants | E-Mail - services | it service | it maintenance service | information system consultation [+] network solution integration | cybersecurity | e-mail security | cyber awareness | mimecast partner | mimecast msp | security infrastructure | cloud services | it consulting | it service provider

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    WESTSIDE LAW FIRM - Verified by Europages

    The Westside law firm is one of few Russian law firms practicing business law at the highest level of international standards. The firm’s basic areas of focus are corporate law, legal support for...

    Supplier of: Legal counselling | Patents and trademark protection | Patent lawyers | Copyright protection | international business lawyers [+] international contracts | registration of published works | paperwork for obtaining exclusive rights | patent protection | banking law | financial law | administrative law | commercial law | real estate law | public law

    • Services Services service
    • Real estate and construction Real estate and construction service
    • Infrastructure Infrastructure service
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    GERMANY- Ettlingen
    AFB SOCIAL & GREEN IT - Verified by Europages

    AfB social & green IT. Purchasing and remarketing of business hardware. The IT refurbisher AfB social & green IT specialises in data destruction, reconditioning and remarketing of used company...

    Supplier of: IT Services | it remarketing | it refurbisher | it refurbishment | it recycling [+] hardware remarketing | hardware recycling | it hardware disposal | old hardware disposal | computer disposal | mobile phone recycling | old it hardware erasure | pc erasure and pc disposal | notebook erasure | notebook disposal

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    MADAGASCAR- Antananarivo
    ARIAH CONCEPT - Verified by Europages

    Ariah concept is a web agency, specializing in digital trades and is also an incoming call centre based in Madagascar. We provide IT solutions to companies through advice, maintenance and updating IT...

    Supplier of: Customer relations management software CRM | IT Services | Business Consultancy | Marketing strategy consultants | seo [+] computer assistance maintenance | direct marketing services and advice | marketing/e-marketing consultancy and strategies | customer assistance centre | new customer acquisition | customer support management | customer service management | customer loyalty | web referencing | search engine referencing

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  • Take advantage of the extensive expertise of Heidelberg Industry: As a technology partner, we support you across the entire spectrum of industrial production - from development and prototype...

    Supplier of: 3D printers | induction hardening | power electronics | electricity cabinets | pig iron [+] sferoid iron casting | undercut parts | small production runs | wet painting | powder lacquering | maintenance | friction welding | component assembly | control electronics | assembling

    • Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance, inspection, maintenance and repairs
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  • As the only company that can officially uphold the name of H. Spelleken as its successor, J&H Industrielle Gebläsetechnik GmbH – along with its managing director Torsten Hoeveler, a skilled...

    Supplier of: Wind tunnels | blowers | blower units | industrial fan spare | volumetric lobe pump [+] air blowers | positive displacement blowers | spelleken | spellna | rotary piston compressor | rotary blower repair | rotary piston compressor repair | spelleken repair | spellna repair | spelleken replacement parts

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    BELGIUM- Maldegem
    ADIFO - Verified by Europages

    ADIFO is a company based in Belgium specialized in the development of software tools and services for feed and food producers and traders since 1974. We combine our knowledge and our focus on...

    Supplier of: IT Services | Programming and software | quality control software | software tools for feed and food producers | software for the nutrition industries [+] erp for feed production | software for labeling feed | software for labeling food | feed formulation software | erp for food production | feed production logistics software | logistics software feed and food | milas | bestmix

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    GERMANY- Heppenheim
    KLN ULTRASCHALL AG - Verified by Europages

    KKLN Ultrasound AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines, systems and tools for welding and connecting plastic parts as well as industrial cleaning technology. The complex...

    Supplier of: Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | Welding robots | welding equipment for plastics | equipment for ultrasonic washing | machines, custom-built [+] sonotrodes | ultrasound cleaning equipment | generator | laser welding of plastics | rotation welders | plastic welding technology | industrial cleaning technology | plastic welding | tooling

    • Services Services Services and training
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    FRANCE- Paris
    ALLIANCE EXTERNE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: IT Services | Data entry | computer assistance maintenance | outsourcing of company services

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    BELGIUM- Pont-À-Celles
    UNIWAN - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Telecommunications - services | IT Services | IT networks - management and backup | Auditing, computer | Telecommunication by internet

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  • Supplier of: IT Services | internet advertising | online advertising

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    GERMANY- München
    CYOSS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: IT Services

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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    AD REM GROUP - one of the largest logistics, transport and warehousing group of companies in Lithuania. AD REM TRANSPORT offers road freight service for partial goods (daily departures for groupage...

    Supplier of: Road transport | Warehouse logistics | Transportation of goods by road - international | Road transport by container | International transport agents

    • "INTRASTAT" reporting services "INTRASTAT" reporting services Services
    • Office relocation Office relocation Services
    • Relocation services in Klaipėda, Lithuania Relocation services in Klaipėda, Lithuania Services
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    GERMANY- Warburg

    Still a small metal machining workshop in 1951, Filltech GmbH is now a family-led company in its third generation. The company is sought after worldwide as one of Europe's leading special suppliers...

    Supplier of: Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | fillers | gas bottle filling systems | plant construction | gas systems

    • Services Services Software
    • Gasfilling Gasfilling Services
    • Consulting/Design/Realisation Consulting/Design/Realisation Services
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    GERMANY- Erkrath

    Our universal testing machines for traction, pressure, bending forces and torsion are used in research and quality assurance for materials and components. Comprehensive solutions for testing screws...

    Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

    • Calibration Service Calibration Service Calibration
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    UKRAINE- Kiev

    Sirin Software is an IT Outsourcing company with the delivery center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Deep experience with the combination of great project management and 100% knowledge of English allows us to...

    Supplier of: Programming and software | it outsourcing company | embedded systems | server side programming | iot solutions

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    NETHERLANDS- Amsterdam

    Global KPO was established in the year 2012 by professionals with over many years of recruitment and financial outsourcing experience. We offer a comprehensive array of outsourcing solutions for...

    Supplier of: Accounting and auditing | Outsourcing of financial services and administration | outsourcing of information systems | outsourcing of technical support | market research

    • IT Services & Consulting IT Services & Consulting Website Designing,Web & Software Development, Maintenance
    • HR Services HR Services Wage Analysis,Talent Acquisition,Dedicated HR Support
    • Accounts Payable Audit Support Accounts Payable Audit Support Accounts Payable & Statement Analysis & Audit Call Center
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    NETHERLANDS- Barendecht

    GrowGroup IFS (Innovative Farming Solutions) is specialised in developing indoor farming based on the most advanced innovative farming solutions, to grow vegetables, fruits and fodder in all climates...

    Supplier of: Horticulture & Forestry | indoor and vertical farming with hydroponics | lettuce strawberries leafy micro greens herbs fruit flowers | greenhouses horticulture agriculture agri projects | grow containers for growing vegetables, fruits and fodder

    • GaaS Wageningen - Growing as a Service GaaS Wageningen - Growing as a Service crop service agriculture support consultancy consultants agricultural growing
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  • We have been operating since 1985 as a manufacturer of hydraulic actuators and units. We established the Wropol Engineering plant in Lutynia, in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The elements are...

    Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic units | industrial equipment | hydraulic valves

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    RUSSIA- Moscow

    Founded in 2009 Cloud4Y is an on-demand cloud-computingplatform that provides cloud servicesand solutions to companies and governments on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.We help companies of any types...

    Supplier of: IT Services | Hosting of online services | Internet - access providers | Software - business management | Software, technical and scientific

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