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    GERMANY- Bad Urach
    RIEGLER & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    RIEGLER & Co. KG has been an innovative partner for the compressed air technology and pneumatics sector for over 80 years and is one of the largest suppliers in Germany today. Our range comprises...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Clutches | Manometers | metrology | pneumatic and hydraulic motors [+] valves | ball cocks | solenoids | safety clutches | pressure regulators | sleeves | bolt | spiral-wound pipes | fitting | safety valve

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    GERMANY- Weinheim
    MVQ SILICONES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    MVQ SILICONES develops technical solutions with silicone products for every industrial sector, from the automotive, astronautical and aeronautical industries through to the pharmaceutical and food...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Rubber - technical items for industry | Silicones | Rubber seals | silicone [+] silicone gaskets | silicone extruded | silicon pipe | silicone belts | silicone sheets | silicone foam rubber | silicone foam items | rubber profiles | insulating sleeves | silicone glass fibre

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    GERMANY- Limburg
    OPTINOVA EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Optinova has been extruding plastic tubes and profiles made from fluoroplastics, thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic elastomers at production sites in Åland (Finland) and Thailand since 1971....

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | industrial hoses | spiral-wound pipes | pipes for foodstuffs | tubes for medical technology [+] flat gasket tape made of ptfe | moulded hoses | plastic tubes | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) tubes | polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf) tubes | fep tubes | fluoroplastic tubes | pfa tubes | tubes, radiolucent | ptfe corrugated tubes

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    GERMANY- Syrgenstein-Landshausen
    IS-MARKT ALEXANDER ICKAS - Verified by Europages

    At the company IS-Markt, real Swabian values like inventiveness and efficiency are combined with the reliability and personal touch of a family-run company. From the outset, IS-Markt has consistently...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | tubes made of polyethylene | insulation materials for additional insulation systems (renovation) | insulating materials for pipelines | insulation systems (insulation materials) against moisture [+] adhesive tapes for the building trade | polyethylene foam, self-adhesive | foam adhesive tapes | protective tubing | rolls of fleece material, self-adhesive | pe tubing | pe tube drain | pe tubing for sipro pipes | pe strips | fleece tubing

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    GERMANY- Oststeinbek
    REIFLEXA - P. REISCHL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    REIFLEXA – formerly Gummi Reischl – has been working in the compensator and hose line industry since 1960. We cooperate with international partners on a global level from our office in Hamburg. Close...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Tubes and pipes, rubber | Compensators | taps and fittings | industrial hoses [+] flexible metal tubes | fuel hoses | metal hoses | filtering hoses for air purification | silicone rubber hoses | laboratory tubing | discharge hoses | rubber compensators | high-pressure compensators | pipe expansion joints

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  • We are your tubing manufacturer for high-temperature tubing, blower tubing, polyurethane tubing, specialist tubing and polyamide tubing. We also supply film tubes, silicon tubing and exhaust tubing....

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | industrial hoses | insulating sleeves | metal hoses | spiral-wound pipes [+] chemical tubing | high-temperature tubing | exhaust gas tubing | exhaust air tubing | extraction hoses | bellows | film tubing for air-conditioned air | high-pressure compensators | compensators (pipe expansion compensators) | plastic tubes

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    GERMANY- Laatzen
    GRÜNING & LOSKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Grüning & Loske GmbH stands for a successful combination of products and services. Good ideas, the latest technology and many years of tradition as a technical trader, we add to innovative solutions...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Tubes and pipes, rubber | Coatings, plastic | Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Plastic material processing [+] pvc flexible pipes | polyurethane | working rubber | plastics manufacturing | plastic fastening systems | high pressure pipes | plastic pipes, tubes and hoses | flexible rubber tubes | personal protection devices | gaskets and seals

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    GERMANY- Bogen
    EUGEN METZGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Fittings production: Production of fittings for hose lines and DN 02–DN 250 pipelines with pressures of up to 2500 bar. Hose assembly: Production of hose lines and DN 02–DN 250 pipelines. Retail:...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | gas hoses | high pressure pipes | hydraulic hoses | ball valves [+] metal hoses | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | flexible cables | fittings for technical gases | chemical tubing | compressed-gas fittings | high-pressure hoses | hydraulic couplings | hydraulic equipment, miscellaneous | hydraulic hose fittings

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    GERMANY- Hennef (sieg)
    A.E.T. KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    A dedication to technological advancement, innovative ideas and cutting edge production lines in the manufacture of extrusion products have made A.E.T what it is today: A company with an impressive...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | insulating sleeves | cable protection sheaths | grip tubing | soft grip tubing [+] grip coatings | grips, foam | soft grip | extruded tubes | shrink tubing from polyvinyl chloride (pvc) | polyvinyl chloride (pvc) tubes | polyvinyl chloride (pvc) protective tubing | shrink tubing

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  • We have a comprehensive range of products readily available across approx. 2200 m² of storage space. Our range covers the entire spectrum of industrial extraction technology. Our products include...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Vacuum cleaners - industrial | exhausters for wood working systems and equipment | industrial extraction systems [+] air cleaning | exhausters for machine tools | wall sconces | metal hoses | changeover valves | hose reels | high-vacuum systems | extraction hoses | extraction pipes | hose clips

    Brands : Welafix | GAPI | GANI | ADWP | STPI ...

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    GERMANY- Nürnberg
    POLYHOSE GERMANY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    POLYHOSE Germany GmbH – A strong German subsidiary of the Polyhose group. An overview and profile of our product range can be found here. Do not hesitate to contact our POLYHOSE Germany Team for any...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | hydraulic hoses | filters and filter elements | rubber tubes | high pressure pipes [+] industrial hoses | adapters | stainless steel corrugated hoses | airless nozzles | paint-spraying equipment without compressed air atomization | paint spray guns with compressed air | paint spray hoses | high-pressure hoses | hydraulic hoses, thermoplastic | plastic tubes

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  • Industriebedarf Castan GmbH in Freiberg am Neckar is a technical wholesaler for hoses, pipes and valve technology, technical rubber goods, pellet storage, silicone elastomers and wine protection...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Rubber seals | shut-off valves | taps and fittings [+] rubber-metal connections | rubber tubes | high pressure pipes | hydraulic hoses | ball valves | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | metal hoses | industrial hoses | sealing technology | stainless steel valves

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  • The company KARASTO, inventor of the GEKA® coupling, manufactures water hose fittings, industrial pipework and valves, hose trolleys, rain guns and watering devices. KARASTO was founded in 1928 in...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | shut-off valves | ball valves | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | spiral-wound pipes [+] water cocks | construction hoses | garden hoses | suction and pressure hoses | hose fittings | hose couplings for the construction industry | hose couplings for agriculture | hose clamps | hose unions | tube screw connections

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  • Mounting and masking equipment for surface engineering by Udo Janke. Tailor-made solutions for a dynamic industry. Our range of accessories for surface engineering includes hooks, heat-resistant...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Seals and packing material | Rubber seals | flexible rubber tubes | rubber stoppers [+] adhesive tapes | plastic stopper | advice on surface treatments | sealing profiles | adhesive tape for installation protection | adhesive tapes, technical | plastic moulded parts | surface engineering | silicone seals | silicone rubber hoses

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    GERMANY- Löbichau
    DIPL. ING. K. DIETZEL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dipl. Ing. K. Dietzel GmbH is a system supplier for complete hydraulic connection technology. We specialise in the construction, development, manufacture and distribution of fittings, including:...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Hydraulic equipment | Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | hydraulic hoses [+] industrial hydraulics | pipes | ball cocks | high pressure pipes | hydraulic systems | heat exchangers | plumbing pipes | pipe processing | suction hoses | industrial hoses

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    GERMANY- Mittenaar-Ballersbach
    HAARMANN GMBH  & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Hose and sealing technology. Haarmann has been handling the distribution products from the broad main areas of tubing and sealing technology since 1994. Our customers come from a wide variety of...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Seals and packing material | Seals | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Industrial equipment hire [+] rubber tubes | high-temperature insulation products | silicon moulds | silicone sealants | silicone rubber | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | plastic pipes for air ducts | joint sealing tapes | silicone rubber products | sealing profiles

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    GERMANY- Schwaikheim
    AP ARMATUREN PROKSCH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 25 years we have supplied components and systems for mechanical engineering, systems engineering and vehicle construction. We specialise in tube fittings and drawing parts. As a family-owned...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Plumbing, industrial | ball valves | pipe unions | hydraulic hoses [+] hydraulic cylinders | gear pumps | turned small parts | steel fittings | stainless steel valves | stainless steel fittings | special screw connections | stainless steel tube fittings | compression ring pipe unions | screw connections

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    GERMANY- Nossen
    FLEXOMAT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Flexomat GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of compensators, metal bellows and metal hoses. Since 1975, its founders have been involved in all implementation phases of these products. Calculations for...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Compensators | Finished Metal Products | Industrial piping | Flexible tubes - non-ferrous metal [+] industrial hoses | cad | metal hoses | flexible pressure tubing | bellows | chemical tubing | high-pressure compensators | metal bellows | axial compensators | lateral compensators

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    GERMANY- Oppach
    TSC-WAGNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We thank you for your interest in our products. TSC-Wagner GmbH manufactures hoses, ducts and fittings. We listen to our customers' needs to find the best possible balance between optimised customer...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Tubes and pipes, rubber | polyamide sheaths | aramidic fabrics | segment tubing [+] elastomer hoses | hose couplings for agriculture | hoses for the pharmaceutical industry | norprene® hoses | analysis heating hoses | fibreglass cords | chloroprene hoses | flexible tubing | hose line testing | plastic profile hoses

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  • Development, design, manufacture and distribution of flexible shafts for: Mechanical engineering, aeroplane technology, medical technology, horticulture, automotive manufacture. Delivery exclusively...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | electric motor shafts | shafts for hydraulic arming | shafts and cylinders, steel and metal - machining | aerospace part [+] aircraft accessories and equipment | accessories for aeronautics | supplies for aeronautical applications | flexible spirals | horticultural supplies | farming tools and accessories | aviation industry instrumentation | flexible shafts | hollow shafts and coils | manual adjustment shafts

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    GERMANY- Rhodt
    EBINGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our range of products includes REELING TECHNOLOGY including hose reels and cable reels, SPRAYING TECHNOLOGY including backpack sprayers and trolley sprayers, MANKAR ULV SPRAYING SYSTEMS, ELECTRIC...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Electrical components and parts | Wheelbarrows | Electric vehicles | Pumps [+] watering hose winder | balancers | extension leads | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | hose reels | spring balancers | cable reels | cable drums | hose trolleys | accessories for flexible liners

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  • Since 1934, we have been making hoses and technical hose products in all elastomer qualities and for all industrial fields, with internal diameters of 13 to 2000 mm and in lengths of up to 40 m....

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | moulded rubber parts | flexible rubber tubes | high pressure pipes | industrial hoses [+] fuel hoses | dredging hoses | discharge hoses | chemical tubing | elastomer hoses | feed hoses | rubber compensators | flexible heating pipes | high-pressure hoses | road-sweeper hoses

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    GERMANY- Weinböhla
    NOVUS AIR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Novus air GmbH focuses on sustainable solutions in the area of air and dedusting technology. We see sustainable technologies and their further development as an opportunity to protect your employees'...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | air cleaning | welding gas extraction hoses | post-combustion systems, catalytic | welding fume extraction systems [+] welding fume filter systems | air pollution control systems | waste air purification systems, catalytic | extraction hoods | particulate matter extraction systems | plastic chip extraction systems | laser dust extraction systems | edge strip extraction systems for aluminium | residual dust sensors for extraction systems | swarf extraction systems

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    GERMANY- Karben
    UNIFLEX-HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In 1972, the machine builder and graduate engineer Peter Schröck established Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH in Frankfurt/Main. Owing to pioneering innovations and extraordinary product quality, the...

    Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic presses | hose presses | production press | hose cutting machines [+] hose test rigs | pin prick tools | hose skiving machines | nipple inserters | markers | marking machines | assembly machines for screw fittings | labellers | automotive hoses

    • Hose test stand - P 350 Hose test stand - P 350 Hose test stand - P 350
    • Quality test stand - P 160 Quality test stand - P 160 Quality test stand - P 160
    • Hydrostatic pressure test stand - P 250 Hydrostatic pressure test stand - P 250 Hydrostatic pressure test stand - P 250
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    GERMANY- Ohrdruf
    OSW ESCHBACH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The terms "fire hose" and "firefighting hose" refer to all types of hose that are used by fire brigades in the event of a fire and include both firefighting suction hoses and firefighting pressure...

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Rubber - technical items for industry | Clutches | flexible tubing | fire-fighting hoses [+] pipes for the iron industry | hose rings | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | industrial hoses | fire hoses | construction hoses | irrigation hoses | liquid manure hoses | drinking water hoses | pressure hoses

    • Hose couplings from OSW Hose couplings from OSW Hose connector for your fire hose or industrial hose
    • Agriculture Hose - OSW UNIVERSAL Agriculture Hose - OSW UNIVERSAL Industry hose inside and outside rubberlined for the the agricultural sector
    • Fire Fighting Hose rubberlined - OSW UNIDUR Fire Fighting Hose rubberlined - OSW UNIDUR Inside and Outside Rubberlined Fire Fighting Hose, resistant to aging
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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    WENZ KUNSTSTOFF GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | glass pipe bends | drying chambers

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    GERMANY- Rodgau
    KI-WI-TEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Inner tubes

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    GERMANY- Rheda-Wiedenbrück
    BRAUBEBO.DE - INH. NIKLAS BOLTE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Inner tubes

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  • Supplier of: Inner tubes

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    GERMANY- Göppingen
    RTC COUPLINGS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | Plumbing, industrial | Coupling, pneumatic | Mechanical clutches | Flowmeters

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