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    SEMI TRAILERS MANUFACTURER GT Semi Trailer is an exporting name for GURLESENYIL TRAILERS company, we are committed to increasing the profitability and productivity of the transport industry, by providing reliable and innovative maximum capacity trailers. We are proud of our from 2007 years as a semi trailers manufacturer servicing the All over the world transport industry. As well as manufacturing state of the art semi trailers we provide quality new and new semi trailer solutions which include sales . We are renowned in the transport industry for our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service. Among our customers are the likes of specifications. While we are Turkish leading semi trailer manufacturer, GT remains a family-owned business. Our experience in technical development and manufacturing has led to the production of exceptionally versatile trailers that include unique features that deliver optimal operational performance. Through our R&D efforts and the producing of customized solutions we have become an industry leader in the technical development and manufacturing of semi trailer company in Turkey . Among examples of innovation are Low-bed Semi Trailers , the alloy lined Slide-a-Gate, load restraint curtains, an ultra-low-neck skeletal and our Road Friendly Suspension.



    Donat Trailer is a company that gathered professionals together who have long-term experience in the trailer manufacturing industry. We offer a comprehensive range of Trailers & Semi-Trailers such as: Lowbed Semitrailers, Fuel and Gas Tankers, Tankers for special purposes (bitumen, different chemicals and oil products, food), Dry-bulk Trailers (steel or aluminum), Cement Trailers, Flour Trailers, Standard and Special Dumper Trailers. Our experience, professionalism and engineering abilities make us stronger than our competitors. We are able to manufacture complex and special trailers based on your needs. If you are looking for a reliable partner and supplier, we welcome you to contact us for more information.



    The company ACHBERG SILOANLAGEN GMBH & CO. KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Containers industry. It also operates in the Storage silos, Stainless-steel pipe bends, Glass pipe bends, and aluminum silos industries. It is based in Achberg, Germany.



    The company ERGOMEC, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Silos, metal industry. It also operates in the Silos, farm, aluminum silos, silos, Silos, farm, and stainless steel silos industries. It is based in San Bonifacio, Italy.



    The company EICHHOLZ SILO- UND ANLAGENBAU GMBH & CO. KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Boilerwork industry. It also operates in the Silos, metal, Goods handling systems, continuous, Silos, metal, stainless steel silos, aluminum silos, and Goods handling systems, continuous industries. It is based in Schapen, Germany.

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    Ezer Automatic Door Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors based in Turkey. We take pride in providing exceptional after-sales services to ensure that all our products are manufactured and supplied safely and efficiently throughout their physical lifespan. In addition, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing repair services and responding to all spare parts needs for our products. Since our inception, our registered trademark PAW high-speed door products have garnered significant customer interest due to their exceptional performance in the interior and exterior spaces of factories and facilities both locally in Turkey and worldwide. As a result, we have a vast portfolio of products such as high-speed industrial doors for interior and exterior use, industrial door systems, silo doors, loading systems, aluminum and PVC turbo spiral doors, fire-resistant doors, automated doors, zipper doors, slipper doors, and many more, all of which can be explored on our website. At Ezer Automatic Door Systems, we pride ourselves on our high production quality, the cost-effectiveness of the latest technology, fast production time, timely delivery, economic spare parts guarantee, and excellent customer service. These core principles have been the driving force behind our continued success in serving both domestic and foreign markets through our partnerships. Contact us for more information and experience the excellence of Ezer Doors.



    Sinan Tanker Trailer has been producing semi-trailers since 1982. It’s one of the leaders of the sector and very known for its professionalism where it combines high-quality services and products. Hand in hand with all the work team our company offers its best for more development, and continuity. Our main products are: Silage trailers and agriculture trailers ADR Aluminum Fuel Tanker and LPG Tanker Semi Trailer LPG and Fuer Storage Tankers Acid Tanker Semi Trailer Silo Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Bitumen Tanker Semi Trailer Oil Tanker Semi Trailer Rigid fuel tanker wıth ADR Water Tanker Semi Trailer Stationary Tankers Fertilizer truck- tipper Tipper trailer - dry load Our highly qualified engineers provide the right drawings for your requirements, they are transferred to our production area to be processed by a very experimented and Professional way thanks to our work team. Targeting to achieve the better to do their full share of work in meeting the changing world technology and increasing requirement rates, our company will try to be right beside you, our esteemed customers, producing quality and confidence with the excitement on the first day. Certificates: EN 12493 (ADR), EN 13445, AD-2000 (MERKBLATT), ASME CODE CE. We have approved suppliers of BP, SHELL, LUKOIL and many local companies in Turkey and in another country.



    Salesbridges BV based in The Netherlands, is part of an industrial group. We are specialized in welded metal production, covering several industries (Logistic, Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, Greenhouses...) On top of our standard production lines, all our products can be customized build to print depending on specifications. Our main products are formwork systems, metal containers, roll containers, racks, wire mesh, cages, silos, attachment for trucks and forklifts... Thanks to our large manufacturing scale we offer quick and cost effective solutions to our customers in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. Outsource your metal production with us and we will make sure to follow up on your project up to delivery. Next to metal Salesbridges offer a wide range of standard and customized products made of Aluminium, Innox (RVS) and plastic like pallets and containers. Send your RFQ at sales@salesbridges.nl and we will respond within 24 hours. Salesbridges - your bridges to factories



    LYKOMITROS STEEL is a trusted member of the world market of steel constructions, implementing projects on fields such as: - Civil Engineering Projects : Buildings, Airports Facilities, Sport Facilities, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Logistic Centers, Parking Facilities, Special Projects. - Infrastructure Projects: Road -Railway Bridges - Energy Projects: Power Plant projects, Oil and Petrochemical Projects - Industrial Projects: Special Tanks, Silo, Material Handling (conveyors), gantry cranes The field of our services includes: - Designing: 3D TEKLA software, which is capable of producing shop-drawings, assembly drawings and installation drawings. - Fabrication - Packing and Transportation - Installation Quality is the stable asset in any stage of a project implementation, and we keep investing on.The company is certified for : - ISO 9001: 2008 - Design, Construction and Installation of Metal Constructions (currently being updated to 2015 edition) - ISO 18001: 2008 - Health and Safety Management System - EN 1090-1 (-2) : Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures CE - ISO 3834 -2 : Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. - ISO 14001 - Environment Management System (under process) Our location near to the port of Volos (Magnesia) enables us to provide high quality logistic services.



    Textile/PRINT MACHINERY: TEQ/RT series : Tension control system COOPERATOR: MEDEL/PULS... CONSTRUCT MACHINERY: (Hopper scale/Proportion scale/Packing scales/Silo level control system/ Crane/Lift/elevator Over control system etc.) LC-C series(S load cells) C3 Degree/Sealed by laser welding, IP67/68 LC-E series(Shear Beam Load cells; OIML Certificated No. LC-E R60/2000-cn1-07.01 )C3 Degree/Sealed by laser welding, IP67/68; SHAFT PIN load cells(Lift/Elevator overload control system) LC-L series(Spoke Load cells, used on Silo level control system, Dry mortar tank, 3~5% comprehensive Precision) Material: Stainless steel; Strain gauges From: Vishay COOPERATOR: ROBWAY/SANY/ZOOMLION/SABK etc. SCALES: (Bench scale/price scale/weighing scale etc.) LC-A series(oiml R60 C3 Certificates No. LC-A R60/2000-cn1-08.01) Aluminum Single point load cells LC-B series(oiml R60 C3 Certificates No. LC-A R60/2000-cn1-08.02) Alloy/Stainless Stell load cell COOPERTATIORS: GROUPEPELSA/METTOLO TOLEDO/LAUMAS



    Wuxi Techwell Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the developing and exporting of cold roll forming machines and insulated sandwich panels machines and slitting cutting machines. We produce corrugated sheet roll forming machines, glazed tile roll forming machines, trapezoidal sheet and ibr sheet roll forming machine, double layer roll forming machine, gutter forming machine, downpipe forming machine, u channel roll forming machine, furring channel roll forming machine, angle roll forming machine, door frame roll forming machine, pu sandwich panel machine, rock wool sandwich panel machine, ridge cap roll forming machine, slitting machine, cut to length machine, roof curving machine, hydraulic decoiler, wood embossing machine, aluminium embossing machine, crimp curving machine, cnc folding machine, steel silo corrugated roll forming machine...



    GDS Industrial was established in 2004 by taking its root from GDS Medical. By adding GDS Defense and GDS Industrial as its different branches, GDS Medical incorporated its experiences acquired in the medical field into its productions in these new lines of businesses. With its Research and Development team, experienced engineers and professional staff; GDS Industrial has become a leading force in the field rapidly. We are located in Ankara; capital city of Turkey. Our main Office is located in Ankara Yenimahalle Maxivedik Business Center and our production facility is located in Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone.We produce multi-partiate parts by designing new products, interpreting and renewing existing projects and manufacturing them through machining, welding and sealing components. We are specialized in machining and all types of metal, aluminum, steel, stainless-steel parts are manufactured in our facility. Along with the standardized parts, we can make manufacturing according to your special projects and needs. As you will find through our web-site, www.gdsindustrial.com assemblage of pipelines, gas and pressure rooms, silo tanks and chemical facilities are also included in our field of expertise. Here is our machine list: 1 pcs 3 axis lathe machine1 pcs 4 axis cnc vertical processing machine1 pcs universal milling cutter1 pcs universal lathe cutter1 pcs drilling machine1 pcs sanding machine1 pcs synergic welding machine1 pcs Lincoln brand TIG welding machineAs 3D model


    United Arab Emirates

    Manufacturer of pulse jet system for all types of dust in the fields of cement, crushers, furnitures, aluminium etc, . Odour control system, Axial.centrifugal fans& Spinning Ventilators, Filter Cages & Filter Bags (polyester, Armide, Acrylic, Polypropylene), Catridges filters of all types for sand blasting, turbine. Screw Conveyors, RotaryFeeders, Electric Motors, Solenoid Valves, Electronic Sequential timers, Ducts , Silo Filters, Ventilation, Supply all types of A/C filters, HEPA Filters, Paint Booth Filters, Air Purifiers, Dust Suppression System, Sand Blasting Room Ventilation.