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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    SWEETMILK, LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...receives only the best, healthy and delicious food. The MAMAKO® assortment includes infant goat milk-based formulas for babies 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+ months old, 10 types of cereals with goat milk, 2 cream soups, 4 fruit...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | freeze-dried baby foods | baby food supplier | baby food manufacturer | milk for babies [+] Foods, health | Dairy products | Milk substitutes for babies | Fruit-based preparations | Soups | vegetable soups | natural product | articles for newborns and toddlers | natural foods | goat's milk

    • Cream soup Cream soup Goat milk-based spinach cream soup
    • Goat milk-based buckwheat cereal Goat milk-based buckwheat cereal
    • Cream soup Cream soup Goat milk-based pumpkin cream soup
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    BIOFOODLAB LLC - Verified by Europages

    BioFoodLab is the No.1 company in Russia manufacturing healthy snacks for adults and children. We began in 2012 with five flavors of Bite nut-fruit snacks. Our principal task was to create a...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | Foods, health | Crackers and snacks, salted | Dietary and organic foods | Foods - sports [+] Organic food | Protein additives | Sports foods | almond milk | biscuits without added sugar | breakfast bar | crackers | diabetic food | diet products | gluten-free product

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    BELGIUM- Liege
    ASIA EUROPE TRADE - Verified by Europages

    Asia Europe Trade (AET) is a European company with offices in Europe and Asia specialized in trading 1) in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2) Private Labels (confectionaries, drinks, food and non...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | Beverages - import-export | Dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary [+] SWEETS | Mineral water | Beer | Food - import-export | Perfume and beauty products | Games and toys | Import-export - textile and clothing | set of luggage | non-food products | private label

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    CAMEROON- B.p.538, Yaoundé
    DAVIN CFC - Verified by Europages

    DAVIN CFC. is an integrated agro-business that deals with import & export services, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing services in agriculture related activities, and can drinks. DAVIN CFC is...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export | Import-export - oil | Beverages - import-export | Frozen and deep-frozen foods [+] masks for hospital use | hygiene product wholesalers | cleaning products | whisky | canned foods and of vegetables | distributors of fresh vegetables | disposable face masks | frozen seafood | confectionery | spices for food

    Brands : Red Bull Energy Drink

    • Milk powder for baby Milk powder for baby Import- export milk powder for baby- all brand
    • baby swaddles Pampers baby swaddles Pampers Import- export
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    ESTONIA- Tallin
    DANA EUROPE OU - Verified by Europages

    ...products. Our flagship product, DANALAC® infant formula and our baby nutritional foods such as cereals and teething biscuits are superior items that cater directly to the baby-food industry. These...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | infant formula | baby milk | baby cereals | uht milk [+] evaporated milk | flavoured milk | goat's milk | sweetened condensed milk | long life yogurt | mozzarella cheese | yogurt drink | cheddar cheese | milk powder

    • Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition (Plain) Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition (Plain) DANALAC Plain cereal has all nutrients & vitamins required for growing babies
    • Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition  Organic Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition Organic DANALAC Organic cereal has all nutrients & vitamins required for growing babies
    • Sugar Free Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition  Sugar Free Baby Cereals - DANALAC - Baby food & nutrition DANALAC cereal has all nutrients & vitamins required for growing babies
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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    DANO FOOD-DELIBELGE® - Verified by Europages

    ...milk powder - instant and regular 6. Cheese 7. baby milk 8.Mayonnaise We are an ambitious company interested in expanding our product segments and global market presence. We have full confidence in our capabilities and...

    Supplier of: baby foods | milk for babies | Powdered and condensed milk | Dairy products | Sauces [+] uht milk | whole milk | evaporated milk | condensed milk | mayonnaise | palm oil | powdered milk | baby milk stage 1-2-3

    Brands : DéliBelge

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    ITALY- Madone

    ...ingredients for infant formula, food and animal nutrition supplements, to improve immune response, performance and enhance food taste while respecting natural processes. Thanks to its in-house...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | natural flavours | nucleotides | inactive yeast | active feed yeast

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    NETHERLANDS- Voorburg

    At MIMI Wholesale® our pride is to create brilliant customer experiences, which is achieved from our insight and data executed through our integrated modern technology and professionalism. Giving...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Beverages - import-export | soft drinks | beauty products | energy drinks

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    GERMANY- Dusseldorf

    We are distributor of Confectionary and Beverages related products . we shipped to all destination , we supply the finest of our product , our Products are known in the markets for their quality . we...

    Supplier of: Confectionary

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  • ...sector of the FIRST and FOURTH RANGE of Baby Leaf Salads. The products supplied, according to strict quality and process standards, are the following: - Rocket salad - Corn Salad - Baby Spinach - Green / Red Lettuce - Red...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | baby leaf | wild rocket | baby spinach | corn salad

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    IRELAND- Cork

    Camfil is a global leader in the air filtration industry with more than half a century of experience in developing and manufacturing sustainable clean air solutions that protect people, processes and...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Air filtration equipment | air filters | dairies | absolute filters

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  • Our job is to make sure our products are as natural as nature made them, maintaining nutritional values and taste. Fruits and vegetables are sources of many benefits: energy, flavours, vitamins,...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | Fruit juices | fruit purée | honey products | spreads with organic hazelnut

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    MOLDOVA- Chisinau

    ...began in 1945 from the establishment of canned food factory in Orhei city. Nowadays JSC “Orhei-Vit” - consists of two modern factories in the Orhei and Causeni cities, but also owns an agricultural enterprise a products...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Fruit juices | nectars | beverage | juices, fruit and vegetable

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    ITALY- Milan

    YINHE HUB ltd was established in January 2015, with headquarters in Milan, Italy. YINHE HUB purpose is to make small and medium european enterprises in direct contact with Chinese customers...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | Wines | made in italy food products | real-estate | water

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Yorkshire

    ...grain fed and pasture Icumsa Sugar 45, 150, infant milk, Dairy product to export and domestic customers for more than 10 years. Processing plants, Animal husbandry and feedlots, Foods Venue Co., Ltd exports to more than...

    Supplier of: baby food | Dairy Products | dairy product | sugar | canned food

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    GERMANY- Duesseldorf

    Feinsinn OHG is a German wholesale and foreign trade company specialized on the distribution of Food Ingredients, Nutrition and Care Products. We create new business ways to provide individual and...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Import-export - agents | personal care and hygiene products

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  • HAMÉ A.S.
    CZECH REP.- Babice U Uherského Hradiste

    ...sauces, marmalades, jams, stewed fruit, syrups, baby foods and sandwiches. Other products include number of chilled meat, vegetable a fruit products. HAMÉ s.r.o. is leading food manufacturing company producing durable and chilled foods with...

    Supplier of: Baby foods | Pâtés | Meat, tinned

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  • Constantly attuned to the latest consumer trends in pharmacy products, Accorsi offers its clients a number of services: galenical preparations, food analyses, dietary advice for people with coeliac...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | pharmacy | pain killers

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  • Envirotek Italia is the European subsidiary of Envirotek Worldwide, the leading American company in the construction and sale of innovative machines for the treatment of hospital waste. Envirotek...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Medicines | Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | pharmaceutical products for veterinary use | food additives

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    TURKEY- Mersin

    ...producer in turkey for canned lunchoen meat corned beef canned vegtable foods ------------------------------ baby foods cornflake ------------------------------- ice coffee soy milk drink energy drink

    Supplier of: baby foods | Import-export - food and agriculture | canned foods and of vegetables

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    BELARUS- Volkovysk of infant nutrition and dairy foods. We offer you high-quality products, based on the combination of milk-producing traditions with the latest technologies, harmonious and high-performance...

    Supplier of: baby foods | Milk substitutes for babies | treated feeds

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Brighton

    The best organic Guarana products , natural health products and supplements , alkalising green superfoods , kean's supreme greens , cbd products and new innovative products to combat two conditions...

    Supplier of: Baby foods

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    We manufacture bespoke sports supplements for established Brands. We manufacture Whey Proteins, weight Gainers, Diet Whey, Rehydration Drinks amongst others.

    Supplier of: Baby foods | whey protein manufacturer | diet whey manufacturer | mass gainer manufacturer | sports nutrition manufacturer

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    QATAR- Doha

    Looking for representation of competitive and quality brands specially for the pharmacy and hypermarket.

    Supplier of: food and baby food | Health and fitness | gafrments | import | cosmetics

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    SAUDI ARABIA- Dammam

    We are construction com in Saudi arabia

    Supplier of: baby foods | Construction, industrial - contractors | steel scaffolding | ceramic manufacturing - machinery and equipment | bulding matrial

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    TURKEY- Kayseri

    Turkey, a company that sells baby products at perfect. This web site is very nice and very reliable company.

    Supplier of: Baby foods | store baby | car baby seats

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    LEBANON- Kahlde


    Supplier of: baby foods | Advertising agencies | foods

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    EGYPT- Cairo

    my business in the plastics shoes

    Supplier of: Baby foods | vci plastic | rigid plastic foam materials | rigid plastic containers

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  • Our company is specialized in international trade on baby foods, and has built good relationships with many popular supermarkets in China.

    Supplier of: baby foods | Food - import-export | orgainic foods

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Worcester

    Health Foods & Products, Manufacture of homogenised food preparations and dietetic food

    Supplier of: Baby foods

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