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    BELFOX is a special company name. The name represents everything that makes our products special. In various languages, "bel" means beautiful and successful, and the "fox“ is known to be smart, fast and elegant. The combination of beauty, intelligence, speed and elegance also describes our products, because door drives by BELFOX are all of the above. BELFOX is a market leader in several countries. BELFOX produces quality “made in Germany” at its Kalbach facility in Germany. For many years, BELFOX has worked on becoming a renowned door drive specialist for bespoke solutions and customer-specific special designs. The international focus in the early years is precisely what has enabled BELFOX to become a reliable partner for door drive systems for industry and gate manufacturers across Europe. Get to know BELFOX. We are driven by your satisfaction.



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    The Lödige Industries Group was founded in 1948 and has independent registered offices in Hong Kong, London, New York and Doha (Qatar), and each office also has numerous subsidiaries. Currently, the family-owned business has over1 000 employees throughout the world. Lödige offers conveyor-technology solutions for a wide range of sectors and specialises in complex material flow systems for logistics tasks. The company is the global leader for cargo handling terminals. The product range includes solutions for barrier-free construction (stair lifts, platform lifts), freight lifts, car elevators, lifting platforms, rack feeders, fully automated car parking systems, air cargo installations and software solutions for warehouse management. Lödige Service includes maintenance, modernisation, repairs and replacement parts for elevators, lifting platforms and industrial systems from Lödige and other manufacturers.



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    Alphatronics, your reliable partner for advanced access control and parking solutions. We are a leading Belgian manufacturer specialising in automatic and manual barriers, aluminium kiosks and columns, parking systems, turnstiles and other innovative access control systems. Whether in industry, logistics, retail, government or recreation, we understand that each sector has unique needs. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match the specific requirements of your business. Our expertise enables us to deliver high-quality, reliable systems that optimise the security and efficiency of your site. What sets us apart is our accessible API. This powerful interface allows software integrators to seamlessly connect to our systems, giving you the flexibility to integrate your access control and parking management into existing software environments. This keeps you always connected and in full control of your security systems. We also offer customised solutions for aluminium kiosks and columns. Our experienced team is ready to turn your ideas into high-quality, customised products that perfectly match your corporate image. Find out how Alphatronics can help you optimise your access control and parking processes. Together, we will build a safer and more efficient future for your business.



    360 Retail Supplies Ltd. has four main branches: Retail Shelving. Warehouse Shelving. Traffic and Car Park Related Items. Forklifts and Material Handling. We stock and sell to both local and foreign companies. We keep regular stock of: Retail Shopping Accessories, Shopping baskets & Carts, Trollies, Display Bins, Display Boxes. Industrial Trollies, Logistics Cages, Palletizers, Plastic Pallets. Metal Lockers & Filing Cabinets. Speed Bumps, Wheel Stoppers, Wall Protectors, Bollards, Ramps, Rubber Corner Protectors, Traffic Cones, Barriers, Traffic Mirrors. Waste Bins, Wheelie Bins, Waste Separation Bins. Slat Walls and accessories.


    United Kingdom

    Safety Barriers for Car Parks Berry Systems design, supply and install safety barrier systems for car parks. These include both column and floor mounted systems and “Twice Force” barriers for those areas of a car park where twice force safety barriers are required to comply with BS6399 Part 1 1996. Safety Barriers for Industry Berry Systems safety barriers are also ideal for many industrial locations. The use of safety barriers mounted on flexible spring steel buffers or semi-flexible Flexi-Posts helps to minimise damage in the event of an impact with a fork lift truck, pallet truck, van or HGV. Car Park Cladding Using the years of experience in the car park market, Berry Systems have developed a design, supply and installation service for cladding, curtain walling and glazing for multi-storey car parks providing a one stop shop for the complete external envelope. Modular Car Parks TopDeck Modular Car Parks can solve your parking problem. By incorporating Speed-Build Technology a TopDeck Modular Car park can be erected over the top of your existing car park to increase parking capacity. Disruption to existing parking is minimised and can often be partially or even wholly maintained during the short build

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    Our passion is to develop door drives which can open and close doors at the touch of a button. Our products bring comfort and maximum safety into our customers' everyday lives. Marantec is a family-owned company and has developed and produced technically innovative drive and control systems, as well as accessory products for garage doors, rotating and sliding doors, industrial doors and parking barriers since 1957. At the same time, as part of the Marantec Company Group, we are paving the way for the future. We combine our decades of experience with innovative technologies to create new, smart drive solutions. We are also happy to adapt to your specific requirements. Our drive systems with patented technologies meet all legal standards for international markets. Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. To guarantee our quality standards, we exclusively offer our products via specialist retailers and door manufacturers


    United Kingdom

    Workplace equipment and supplies to all business sectors. Personal protective clothing, high viz clothing, safety boots and footwear, safety helmets, eye protection, gloves, ear protection, Arc flash clothing protection, COSHH storage cabinets, chemical storage cabinets, hazardous storage cabinets, spill containment, flammable storage cabinets, safety cans, floor cleaning, washroom and janitorial supplies, access equipment, steps, ladders and platforms. Combination ladders, fibreglass ladders, access towers, machinery movement skates, electric winches, pallet trucks, trolleys, and piano dollies, fire evacuation equipment, working at height equipment, warehouse equipment, warehouse identification, shadow boards, ceiling leak diverters, waste and recycling bins, magnetic sweepers, van vault tool storage, entrance matting, anti fatigue matting, industrial matting, floor paint and marking tape, packaging equipment, canteen furniture, lockers and changing room, power tool charging lockers, post boxes, document storage shelving, long span shelving, light duty shelving, industrial shelving, Car parking control, ramps, and barriers, first aid kits, eye wash stations, drum handling and storage, drum taps, snow ploughs, snow shovels, forklift truck attachments. safety signs, signs, confined space equipment, breathing equipment.



    IMFire Fire Barriers, was founded in Turkey, and Russian to become the world’s leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions. By recognizing the with the most talented and dedicated employees from around the world, IMFire has over 100 team members including 200 passionate engineers. We are currently exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. Our products have been consistently certified by EN and EFECTIS according to the latest International Quality Standard for their strict adherence to ISO 9001 quality management systems Our success is driven by our “passion to protect”; our vision is to become the world’s number one provider of innovative solutions in protecting life, environment and property Usage Areas of Fire Barriers Hospitals-Hotels-Administrative Buildings-Educational Institutions-Shopping Centers-Military Institutions-Ships-Metros Warehouses-Factories-Municipalities-Houses Conference Halls-Parking Lots-Industrial Facilities Fire barriers are used in atriums, in front of elevators, in compartments, in suspended ceilings, lobby entrances, industrial kitchen entrances, in front of electrical rooms, in public zones , and wherever there is circulation.

  4. IN.CO.S. SRL


    We specialise in metal constructions, steel-framed industrial and private sheds, steel-framed industrial buildings, steel platforms, steel mezzanines, steel attics, steel marquees, steel car parks, architectural steel structures, architectural glass structures, metal structures, glazed walls, barriers, balconies, metal safety and fire escape stairs, roof frames, welded beams and profile sections.



    The company GREEN MOBILITY SOLUTIONS GMBH, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Access control - systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the automatic controls for barriers and car parks, and Parking bollards industries. It is based in Darmstadt, Germany.



    The company SECURITYPARK S.R.L., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Parking lots - equipment industry. It also operates in the car park equipment, and automatic controls for barriers and car parks industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.

  2. AABIS®


    AABIS® manufactures motor and automation systems for gates, doors and garages. AABIS® offers gates motorisation solutions to suit all types of closing systems. AABIS® gate automation systems are innovative, effective and stand out when compared to our competitors. We have been designing and building products of this type since 1982, and we offer a comprehensive range of 24-volt automated solutions for every household application. Whatever your exact project, we can provide a self-contained solution that's reliable and safe.



    The company GVV GREGORI VERKEHRSTECHNIK-VERTRIEBS GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Parking lots - equipment industry. It also operates in the automatic controls for barriers and car parks industries. It is based in Keltern, Germany.



    CAME-certified installer specialising in the automation of shutters and windows; automated car parks; installations for automated car parks, electrically-controlled barriers, automated access barriers, automated opening car parks, traffic-control bollards; toll booths; electric automation; automatic doors; home automation, steel fabrication; automated doors and windows, prefabricated and motorised; access control; anti-theft systems; CCTV alarm systems; tele-management and security.