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  1. MEDAX


    Medax core business is the field of biopsy, interventional and special needles according to the market exigences. In Medax everything is 100% internally done thanks to the most sophisticated technology in all the several departments. MISSION: Medax goal is becoming a reference worldwide company in the field of development and production of medical devices able to follow and fastly respond to the market and customers requirements providing them with the best and fast service.



    We are manufactures of surgical instruments. Our products can meet the challenges about the quality and workmanship at any forum. Biopsy punches, Nasal cutting Forceps, Kerrison Rongeurs , Grasping Forceps, Neuro surgery instruments, etc., are our main Producs



    The company ENDOACCESS GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Medical and surgical instruments industry. It also operates in the biopsy industries. It is based in Garbsen, Germany.



    Illiyyun is a Turkish company that distributes medical devices, equipments and product: Hospital furniture, personal protection, orthopedics, syringe, nebulizer, bandage, surgery packs, chemicals and laboratory materials (test tubes, plastic containers and etc.).Our company provides services to the public and private sector. We have continuously provided necessary equipment and services to fight the current COVID 19 pandemic. Our services have reached the public and private sector despite the restrictions brought by the current sanitary emergency. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficiently. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficie

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    GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC is engaged in its own development and production of educational simulators, development and modernization of existing simulators, as well as the development and implementation of hardware and software systems for conducting Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSСE) with the possibility of video-audio recording and automation of the process of specialists` accreditation. GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC provides warranty and post-warranty services for manufactured products and complexes, provides training to end users, constantly takes part in specialized exhibition events both in Russia and abroad. GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC is a resident of the Skolkovo Technopark No. 1122386 since 20.12.2018. Description of the production process: 1. Metalworking (welding, cutting, preparation for painting); 2. Manufacturing of packaging (metal, plywood) 3. Assembly production 4. Foundry (plastic) 5. Assembly of electronic components 6. Development of new products 7. Software creating

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    Bilsa was founded in Istanbul in 1993, and it is currently located in one of the leading industrial areas in İstanbul. Bilsa has been manufacturing components with metal injection molding | MIM, machining, investment casting, forging, and extrusion methods since its establishment. Bilsa is a solution partner that manages unique customer relations to understand the needs of its customers. As Bilsa, we serve professionals in many industries, specializing in defence, automotive, medical, steel, electric, hand tools, and textile industries. Bilsa offers a customer-oriented manufacturing service with its expert team, high-quality machinery, and quality control department. We eliminate potential problems that may arise during the production process to perform high-quality production. Technical capabilities and production dominance, which make Bilsa a preferred name in the sector, are observed in every product we produce. To achieve the privilege that you need in your products, we are at your service with our expert team and advanced production methods. Bilsa operates in a 2, 000 m2 indoor and 1, 000 m2 outdoor area in one of the leading industrial areas in Istanbul. Bilsa manufactures components for a large number of companies in different industries with an annual production capacity of 5.000.000 parts annually, along with its advanced laboratory, and quality control equipment, and latest technology machinery and systems.


    United Kingdom

    We are Producing of Surgical Instruments Like E.N.T Surgical Instruments, Neurosurgical Instruments, Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments, ArthroScopic Surgical Instruments, Cardiology Surgical Instruments, Moona ENT Limited company built as a manufacturer, exporter and complete source for all surgical instrument repair needs, & quality repair service, professional and knowledgeable technicians, and exceptional customer support. We invite you to experience true quality and discover a reliable partner who will cover all your surgical instruments repair needs. We also design and produce surgical instruments. If you need an instrument that cannot be found on the market just let us know -    we will design and produce it for you according to your specifications. Please Feel Free To Contact Us . visit Our URL & Social Networks For Products Demo Videos & Pics . URL : www.moona-ent.com Facebook page : https: //www.facebook.com/profile.php? id=100086298552882 Linkedin : Moona ENT Limited Instagram : aliamjadjavaid8 Whatsapp : +44 7518498586



    Biomedical Srl is an Italian company which commercializes medical products since 1984. Its commercializes also his own line of products that it is composed of biopsy needles and anesthesia, more than 10 models of needles for special applications, thermal cloths to elevated protection against the hypothermia, absorbent carpets for operating room. The company has acquired a high notoriety. In fact, it is present on the national territory but also to the foreign countries. This is permitted thanks to the continuous work of research and development done on products. It possesses a service of technical support and formation of the hospital staff. Recently, Biomedical works on the research thanks to a partnership with the University of Florence with which it has created a laboratory.



    Manufacturer and exporter of Disposable & Reusable Biopsy Needle



    The company JIANGSU KANGJIN MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Disposable medical and surgical articles industry. It also operates in the staplers, and biopsy forceps industries. It is based in CHANGZHOU, China.



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    Crystal Photonics GmbH is a highly-specialised manufacturer of detector systems and miniaturised nuclear radiation detectors for the medical technology, industrial measurement technology, research, environmental protection and defence sectors. We successfully combine decades of experience in the production and processing of crystals with our expertise in the use of detectors in a wide range of operating conditions. A particular focus of our medical technology activities lies in the field of nuclear medicine: since 1997, we have developed and manufactured gamma probe systems for intra-operative applications, which are renowned worldwide for their reliability and outstanding performance. Our latest "Crystal Probe -automatic-" system, used for operations using the sentinel lymph node biopsy method (SLNB), continues this tradition. It contains a variety of different probes with variable parameters, such as our Bluetooth Crystal Wireless Probe, which represents the current high point of our gamma probe developments. Furthermore, we are currently working with the nuclear medicine institutes of Dresden and Leipzig universities to develop one of the first, small-scale imaging systems for the sentinel lymph node method – the CrystalCam hand-held gamma camera – as part of a project supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs.



    Ana Blanca Bestit and José Arias founded the company in 1989. Our aim is to sell all types of medical products, provide spare part and repair services, both for general, ophthalmology and specialist surgical equipment, including surgical motors, endoscopes, fibroscopes, monitors, light sources, all sorts of cables, sensors, batteries... We research any existing products on the market, manufactured under the guarantee of leading international brands. With us you'll always find the best offer. We sell all medical specialities, as well as furniture, equipment, surgical prosthetics, biopsy needles, surgical motors, endoscopes, fibroscopes, surgical mills, highly aseptic mats for operating theatres, diagnosis equipment, medical vials, equipment for sterilisation, haemostatic sponges, scales, microscopes, surgical instruments for all types of specialities.


    United Kingdom

    Omnimed provide high quality and cost effective endoscope accessories to NHS hospitals and UK private healthcare market. Our products are from leading manufacturers who conform to a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. (e.g., ISO13485: 2016, ISO9001: 2008), Medical Device Directives 93/42 EEC, and who are all CE compliant. All our products have GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers). Many of our products are disposable to help infection prevention and control. We offer a range of products for biopsy and hot biopsy procedures, including biopsy and foreign body forceps, biopsy valves and button kits, inflation devices, cleaning brushes, injection needles and polyp retrieval nets. We offer equipment for colonoscopy and upper and lower GI procedures, endoscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy and gastroscopy procedures. We stock brands such as Olympus, Pentax, Black Eye and Andorate.



    We are Manufacturer of Surgical Instruments Its our family Business My Father started in 1960's as local Manufacturer and Still supplying to Many Exporters Locally Now we Started as a Pure Manufacturer and Exporters of Kerrison Punches, Biopsy Forceps, Alligator Forceps



    Veterinary Needle , needle tubing, cannuala, irrigation needles, hypodermic needle, Veterinary Needles, Disposable Hypodermic Needle, Twist top blood lancet, Pull off Type Lancets, Blunt End Tips, stainless steel needle tips, Puncture Needles, Epidural Needles, Quincke Point Spinal Needles, Whitacre Pencil Point Spinal Needles, biopsy needle, semi-automatic Tru cut biopsy needle, singel-use Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle, Manual Guillotine Type Biopsy Needle, Chiba Point Biopsy Needles



    Biobey is a Belgian webshop for ecological and natural care products. The products that Biobey offers are natural beauty, care and health products. Biobey is also a distributor and wholesaler. The partners have the same mission and vision as Biobey itself. To make effective natural care and health products that are good for people and the environment. Made with respect for people, animals and nature. The products are certified organic with certificates such as BDIH, Bio Cosmos, Icea Eco, ... The products are cruelty free and handmade. Care products for face, body and hair Natural and vegan supplements Gels for muscle pain, back pain and joint pain Natural products for people with skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and allergies Furthermore, Biobey has an ingredients encyclopaedia that provides extensive information about the origin of every ingredient used in our products. One can thus see whether the composition is of natural origin. Biobey has a blog on how to make your own personal care products.



    The company BIOBAY GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Biochemistry - products industry. It also operates in the Detergents, household, and Detergents, household industries. It is based in Essen, Germany.