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    DENMARK- Skjern
    KURT NISGAARD - Verified by Europages

    Kurt Nisgaard imports and exports livestock from Denmark: they propose Piebald cattle, Pig farming, Breeding livestock, Pig breeding, Danish Dairy Cattle, Heifers and heifer calves, Jersey calves, Red Danish Dairy Cattle, Meat cattle, Danish meat...

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | Cattle, dairy | Cattle | Pigs [+] breeding livestock | minks | milk cows | danish dairy cattle | heifers and heifer calves | red danish dairy cattle | lyd crossbreed (landrace - yorkshire - duroc) | pigs and slaughter pigs | mink farming

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Nottinghamshire,

    ...countries. Visit our website to read our guide on importing and exporting cattle. We also have a downloadable guide for you to better understand the processes involved in exporting and importing milking cows.

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle imports and exports | livestock | livestock services and related activities | dairy livestock services

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  • We are a trade and logistics Company located in Izmir Turkey, we are in cooperation with Turkish breeding cattle associations, Milk and Meat Associations who interest to import from Europe, Uruguay,...

    Supplier of: cattle import export | Calves and cattle, slaughter | breeding cattle | frozen and chilled meat exporting | livestock

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    CZECH REP.- Rudolfov

    Hi there, We would like to introduce our company based in Czech republic. Our firm export livestock - young bulls (up to 300 kg), heifers, pregnant heifers, cows and bulls. Our cattle is coming from...

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | Calves and cattle, slaughter | cattle | livestock

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    ROMANIA- Dambovita

    Farm authorized for import export cattle in the European Union and beyond

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | import-export cattle | import export cattle in the eu and beyond

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    SPAIN- Toledo

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export

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    ITALY- Sand In Taufers

    Supplier of: cattle import export | Calves and cattle, slaughter

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    ITALY- Cittadella

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | Cattle, dairy

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    HUNGARY- Besenyötelek

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | meat import export | enterprise europe network turkey

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    FRANCE- Port-Sainte-Foy

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | cattle import export | Wines | Wines - France | wines - south-west france

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  • Supplier of: cattle import export | Calves and cattle, slaughter | beef

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  • Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | sale of livestock

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    ALGERIA- alger

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | cattle import export | animal breeding

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  • ...with self-independent import-export rights, which specialized in pig equipments; sheep / goat equipments; horse equipments; cattle equipments; pet equipments; Poutry equipments and so on....

    Supplier of: Animal feeding equipment | Troughs and feeders | Drinking troughs | Veterinary equipment | horse equestrian products [+] horse whips | horse grooming brush | horse hoof pick | animal slat floor | cattle farm equipments | sheep farm equipments | pig farm equipments | poultry farm equipments | animal syringe

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  • FOCUSED ON IMPORT-EXPORT ACTIVITIES & LIVESTOCK COMMERCE Euro Livestock & Meat Group as a member of the company group is specially focused on import-export activities, providing fresh and frozen carcasses and a wide...

    Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | Animals & Livestock | Calves and cattle, slaughter | Sheep and goats | livestock

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    DENMARK- Rødding

    ...comfortable and safe SELECTION OF CATTLE - by your choice! Prepared to fulfill your request for almost any number of cattle. Selection at farm level individually - done by you personally / -or by own experts on behalf of...

    Supplier of: Cattle, dairy | exporting danish dairy breeds - heifers and cows | selection of cattle in accordance to your wishes | exports to more than 50 countries around the world | we make your cattle selection into a valuable experience

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  • ...which enhance the living quality of dairy cattle, horse, pig, chicken, dog and so on.Based on them, Wound Dressing such as veterinary wound wraps, syringes, examination gloves, and durable husbandry instruments such as...

    Supplier of: Fur farming | livestock equipment | husbandry instruments | animal farming tools | veterinary medical supplies

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  • ...the globe (shipowners, airlines, charterers, importers/exporters, traders etc), provides the best possible service for all parties.We are at your disposal for any further information or clarification you...

    Supplier of: Cattle, dairy | Animals & Livestock


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    MOLDOVA- Chisinau

    ...chemicals and fertilizers.Our presence in all important exporting countries allows us to offer you these products 365 days a year at the best possible prices. Being one of the few remaining "full liners"...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | bulls | livestock

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    BELGIUM- Waterloo
    RELLMAN FOODS - Verified by Europages

    Rellman Foods is a leading provider of High Quality Beef from South America. We offer fresh or frozen Beef and Lamb meat. Angus Beef, Halal and Bio certification available. Origin: South America...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | meat import export | Beef | import of fresh meat | argentinian beef [+] fresh meats | fresh meat export | irish beef | red meats | beef | argentine meat | organic meats | organic beef | vacuum packed meat | uruguayan beef

    Brands : Urien Loza | Rioplatense | Frimsa | Estancia Norte

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  • Balkan Luxury Supply is a wholesaler offering wide variety of luxury items. We are reliable supplier of Beauty products such as Perfumes (branded perfumes and niche perfumes), Cosmetics (full variety...

    Supplier of: import-export of perfumes | cosmetics import-export | glasses import-export | Beauty products | Perfume and beauty products [+] Eau de toilette | Cosmetics | Beauty creams | Skin-care products | Make-up | Perfume | Eau de parfum | Eyeglasses - frames and accessories | perfumes | perfume wholesaler

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    FRANCE- Juvisy Sur Orge
    LR DISTRIBUTION - Verified by Europages

    LR DISTRIBUTION is a company that specializes in textiles. We import and export styles of jeans across the whole of Europe. We market high quality men's and women's jeans for you. Our jeans...

    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | Textile - import-export | jeans - import - export | Jeans and casual wear | men's jeans [+] women's jeans | casual clothing | women's clothing | men's clothing | jeans | children's jeans | babies' and children's pants | pants | men's pants | slacks

    Brands : La Gauloise

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  • As reliable providers of chemicals from across the globe, our world-wide web sources and supplies the right products to suit the needs of our clients across the world. Vistachem group with its...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | flavourings | fine chemicals | fragrances | acetic acid [+] ethyl acetate | vanillin | chemicals for flavourings | odorant primary products | special chemicals | acetylacetone | flavourings for the drinks industry | flavourings for the food processing industry | flavourings for oral hygiene products | flavourings for pet food

    • alpha-Damascone, CAS# 24720-09-0 alpha-Damascone, CAS# 24720-09-0
    • para-Cymene, CAS# 99-87-6 para-Cymene, CAS# 99-87-6
    • Dihydro-beta-ionone, CAS# 17283-81-7 Dihydro-beta-ionone, CAS# 17283-81-7
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    AUSTRIA- Eggenburg
    HANFTASIA E.U - Verified by Europages

    Hanftasia (CBD) e.U, based in Eggenburg (AT-3730), 70 km east of Vienna, is a producer, wholesaler and quality supplier of CBD products. It also operates the Austria's most state-of-the-art vending...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | cbd emulsions | cbd crystals | cbd oils | cbd powders [+] hemp oil | nutraceuticals | food supplements, liquid | animal feed supplement

    • MCT CBD oil 20% 1 liter MCT CBD oil 20% 1 liter MCT - CBD hemp oil drops 20% 1 liter 200,000mg CBD
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20%
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10%
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    SPAIN- Alicante
    EURO CARGO - Verified by Europages

    International forwarding agents We work worldwide. Specialised in the South American market. Sea transport, groupage and container sea transport. Goods and removals worldwide, from Spain and other...

    Supplier of: micro exports and imports | Containers - maritime transport | Removals and relocation - international | groupage of goods by sea | removals company [+] international removals | international transport | international road transport | international removals | international removals and forwarding | removers, international | international goods transport | heavy international transport | express mail service | international transport

    • Imports to Spain Imports to Spain From anywhere in the world
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    FRANCE- Plouasne
    DMC CORPORATION - Verified by Europages

    DMC Corporation is a beverage distributor. Our wide range of products enables purchasing organisations and wholesalers to enjoy quality products at attractive prices, whilst guaranteeing an...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | import export sodas | Soft drinks | Sodas | Drinks, soft [+] wholesale beverages | drinks | carbonated beverages | energy drinks | sparkling fruit-flavoured drink | refreshing exotic fruit drink | soda containers | fizzy drink containers | destocking of fizzy drinks | destocking of sodas

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    PRIME PRESTIGE IMPORT-EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    PRIME PRESTIGE, located in Abidjan in IVORY COAST, is an agrifood company specialised in the national and international raw material trade. We have a supply chain throughout Ivory Coast and...

    Supplier of: import export mangos | import export cola | import export rubber | import export coffee | import export pineapple [+] Import-export - food and agriculture | International trade consultants | Fair trade | pineapple | coffee | food industry | cashew nuts | hevea | import export cashew nuts | kola

    • Copra oil Copra oil
    • Coconut Coconut
    • Natural rubber Natural rubber hevea cup bottom
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    ALGERIA- Setif
    PRESTIGE DATTES - Verified by Europages

    EURL Boukellal was founded in 2009 as a date exporter to introduce the best Deglet Nour dates onto the European market under the "PRESTIGE DATTES" brandname. We are constantly striving to achieve...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dried fruits | dates | packaged dates | organic dried fruit [+] algerian dates | date packing | date production in algeria | algerian dates deglet nour | 100% natural date based products | date honey producer | organic dates | date paste for confectionery | date paste for bakeries | powdered date producer

    • Deglet Nour dates Deglet Nour dates The finest Algerian Deglet Nour dates
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  • Supplier of: Food - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | Fruits, dried | Tropical fruits | Spices [+] fruit and vegetable trade | frozen foods - production | fresh fruits and vegetables | frozen fruits | fresh exotic fruit

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    MEGA RADAR INC. - Verified by Europages

    Mega Radar is a family company based in Turkey that manufactures printed circuit terminal blocks at international standards. With over 40 years of experience the company now has opened to the world...

    Supplier of: ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | electronic components for lifts | electronic components | pcb terminal blocks producer | connectors for printed circuit boards [+] socket terminal female | connectors for pcb | socket cable connector male terminal | socket terminal male | modular terminal blocks | push-in connectors | pcb holder | pluggable connectors | wire to wire connectors | spring clamp terminals

    • Pano Termostatı Pano Termostatı Çift Yön / Tek Yön
    • Vidasız Ray Distans Vidasız Ray Distans
    • Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli 10,16x10,16mm Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli
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