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    Welcome to Brazil Frozen Food Exporters, a leading international producer and distributor of frozen chicken, pork, and beef. Our reach extends across Europe, Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. Centrally located in Asia, we leverage strategic advantages for both business operations and personnel. With expertise in supply chain solutions, we cater to over 600 global companies and institutions. Drawing on decades of experience, we tailor solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements. Our process-oriented approach differentiates us, consistently delivering improved outcomes through specialized services. We collaborate with world-leading indirect material manufacturers, providing lower total product costs as a tier one supplier. Our network of manufacturing facilities and distribution systems ensures efficient solutions for customers worldwide. Committed to core values like hard work, honesty, transparency, reliability, and integrity, our dedicated team drives optimal value for customers and investors. As a long-standing player in the industry, Brazil Chicken is synonymous with healthy, high-quality food products. Partnering with thousands of family farms in Brazil and Mexico, we supply these wholesome offerings at a great value. We are the world's second-largest chicken producer, Our Vision and Values: we prioritize customer satisfaction, supplier relationships, shareholder profitability, and the well-being of our team members.


    United Arab Emirates

    Umixmart is a foodstuff supplier that has built lasting relationships with customers by providing high-quality food products for all budgets and aiming to expand  market in the Middle East countries. Our assortment consists mainly of products from Ukrainian, Brazilian and Argentinian farmers. We export it to countries Middle East, Europe and Asia. The chicken product assortment contains of: chilled or frozen whole chicken, leg quarter, boneless chicken (shawarma), chicken drumstick, chicken mid-joint wings, paws, feet, etc. The beef products that we have prepared for our customers include such cuts as: ribeye, bavetta, shank, neck, eye round, flank, shoulder and sirloin. We also offer roast beef, wing, brisket, trimming, scions, stomachs, livers and flanks. Providing healthy and nutritious food that promotes people’s well-being is very important for our company. As the main supplier of food and beverages to the market of United Arab Emirates and Middle East countries, Umixmart meets customers’ growing demand for healthy food products and ingredients We cooperate only with factories and plants which are certified according with international standards of food processing. For Muslim market we provide Halal certified products.



    The company MASMIT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food and beverage additives industry. It also operates in the poultry meat, doors opened, deli meats, and certified meats industries. It is based in Madrid, Spain.



    The company SWAEGERS & CO, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Meats, cooked and cured industry. It also operates in the certified meats, and wholesale meats industries. It is based in Hoogstraten, Belgium.



    The company SCHOOREL DEUTSCHE FLEISCHWARENFABRIKATION GMBH & CO.KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Meats, frozen and deep-frozen industry. It also operates in the certified meats industries. It is based in Grevenbroich, Germany.

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    The company JUVACO SRO, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Import-export - food and agriculture industry. It also operates in the certified meats industries. It is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.





    We are a family company and we sell premium quality ostrich meat.Ostriches live on our farm throughout the year and are fed 100% natural food.Ostrich food is produced on the farm. Ostriches come from their own reproduction and are cared for by us from hatching to slaughter. They are slaughtered in our slaughterhouse which is HACCP and HALAL certified. The meat is available to be chilled or frozen on request. All the cuts are vacuum packed, sorted by muscle groups and deep frozen, well cleaned of grease, tendons and skin. The objective of our company is to support a healthy lifestyle and at the same time to meet the requirements of our customers.The story of our farm has been built on values like family, commitment, optimism, creativity and respect. Export Ostrich Farm believes in a near future in which all people are well informed, eager for healthy and safe products. The meat produced in our farm is of premium quality and comes from healthy ostriches, fed with the food produced right here on the farm , containing 70% lucerne without hormones and ingredients which development livestock growth. Ostrich meat, considered by many experts the meat of the future, is a red tender meat, highly appreciated by nutritionists for its healty properties and low fat and cholesterol intake.


    United Kingdom

    "At SaveCo our mission is to become the region's foremost online delivery service of the freshest groceries, HMC-certified halal meat and everyday household items. With over 30 years experience in our field, we endeavour to achieve this through impeccable customer service, uncompromising quality and an unwavering commitment to the most important people to us - YOU the customer."



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    From A Truly Worldwide Perspective, We Source Products In The Main Production Areas Of Europe, North & South America, And The Far East. Our Main Product Groups Are Palm Kernal Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Blends, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, French Fries, Vegetables, Soft Drinks And Dairy. As A Food And Oil Supply Company, Foratia Europe OU Supplies Edible Oils And Frozen Products To More Than 100 Countries Around The Globe. We Are Mainly Active In Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America, And The Caribbean. We Deliver Our Services And Products To Our Customers In The Following Food Sectors: Manufacturers, Commodity Wholesalers, Foodservice Distributors And Serving Retailers. We Are Renowned For Being A Reliable Partner That Offers High Quality Products And Brands. We Provide A Professional Service In Every Aspect Of Your Business, Including Our Packaging, Quality Control, Documentation, Logistics And Customer Service. We Offer All Of Our Services With Competitive Pricing. That Is Why Foratia Europe OU Is Your Worldwide Food And Oil Supply Specialist. Visit our website or contact us for more information !



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    JOOP VOET is a company specialized in the manufacturing of plastic packaging for the food industry since 2005. Our product range includes goblets, containers, trays, buckets, cups, jars, tubs, plates and boxes in injection-moulded polypropylene with tamper-proof lids, high lids to cover a seal or ventilation lids and with in-mould labelling (IML) decoration destined for use in the food industry for packaging bakery products, confectionery, fish, meat, ice-cream, dairy products, soups, salads, herbs and medicines. Our plastic packaging can be hot-filled and is liquid- and air-tight, microwave-safe and BRC certified. Our packaging is mainly made of 100% recyclable PP, PE and PET. Our mission is to deliver high-quality plastic packaging to present your product in the best way possible. They can be decorated with in-mould labels (IML), printing, sleeves or stickers. You can contact us at any time for the best packaging advice for your products. With great attention we develop customer specific concepts, whereby we realize all your wishes. We value a good relationship that is why commitment is our most important characteristic. We have the solution for each of your packaging needs and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Conserverie du Sud, with over a century of experience and unique know-how, has emerged as the leading maker of pork-based terrines and the only one with national and international reach. Conserverie du Sud has set up a local alliance and sources its quality-labelled pork from a regional supplier renowned for its Red Label meat. The keys to our success: its taste, well-balanced flavours and its appetizing texture! The products are made using the most traditional recipes applying know-how passed down through the generations. The firm is proud to offer natural products to its consumers. The Conserverie du Sud obtained IFS version 8 certification in 2021. IFS FOOD is an international repository for assessing product and processing compliance with food safety and quality standards. Conserverie du Sud has several ranges: -Label Rouge: from free-range pigs, whose meat is fresh, succulent, exceptional and flavoursome. - ABio testifies to a farming production method that respects natural systems and cycles. -VPF the pigs are born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France. -IGP Porc du Sud-Ouest certifies that the pigs are born, raised, slaughtered and processed in the South-West of France.



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    PROFIL EXPORT is a family company based in Isère, specialising in horse , horse products and processed horse meat. Horse raising, horse slaughtering, deboning, horse butchering, horse meat processing, vacuum packing, barquette, bulk, canned, distribution. Experts in the entire French horse industry. Our site is IFS CERTIFIED.



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    Nutriest is one of European’s largest suppliers of beef organ supplements. We have the economies of scale to provide market leading prices on popular grass-fed beef organs like liver, kidney, heart, thyroid, testicles, pancreas, spleen and more. Also organic whey powder, collagen powder and freeze-dried oyster meat extract powders. We have the expertise, analytical testing and manufacturing capability to ensure all of our products meet the most stringent quality standards. Each raw ingredient is sourced from certified organic farms and manufactured in Estonia. This ensures a wide spectrum of highly bio-available natural nutrients. Organ meats are a nutritional powerhouse - they provide a whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats and amino acids in a highly bio-available form that is hard to match. Our components are 100% freeze-dried, not heat-processed, not defatted and free from additives. Our supplements will help you boost immunity, give you energy to improve performance - training intensity, muscle growth and strength, but will also help with weight loss - through appetite control and supporting metabolism. For packaging, we are keen on using recyclable materials like glass, metal and cardboard – we cherish our mother earth, it’s the only one we have. In short, we are a company who’s primary goal is to provide essential and bio-available natural nutrients in a convenient and easily usable form. We can do wholesale, bulk and private & white labels.



    Capi Food B.V. is an international meat trading company since 2020. We focus on fresh and frozen meat products. For sharply calculated prices. Our suppliers are Quality certified producers and meet the highest quality requirements. We take care of sales on a daily basis to the industry, institutions, butchers and the meat processors. With years of experience we know the meat industry inside out and where to buy the best quality meat at a competitive price. It goes without saying that we work 100% food safety according to HACCP and EU guidelines. The right price and quality ratio of the meat we supply is one of our USPs. Add to that our ability to scan the (international) market, respond to the latest trends and developments and deliver customized solutions, and you will understand why we are a successful supplier to a very loyal customer base. And we are constantly adding new B2B clients. We deliver the meat you are looking for and the way you like it. We take care of the transport and we are very flexible in supplying our customers. Are you looking for a service oriented supplier of meat? Please contact us, we would be happy to tell you more about our working methods. And of course we can add a competitively priced offer.



    Charcoal Horeca equipment. Vesta LLC is a manufacturer of coal restaurant equipment for cooking healthy food since 2012. Vesta charcoal closed ovens for cooking meats, professional barbeques, pizza ovens are especially popular. This equipment is well-suited for commercial use as well as for civil use. As of today, over 3, 500 grills were sold in Russia and beyond. Benefits of closed coal professional ovens: ► Better results with different products. ► Time - 35% faster than on the open grill. ► Cost-effectiveness – charcoal consumption is 40% less than for the open grill. ► Comfort in the kitchen- no extra heat. ► Adjustable draft allows controlling the oven temperature. ► Vesta oven design guarantees safe operation when installing indoors. Our grills are CE certified, we provide12 months warranty, besides we’ve opened a warehouse in Lithuania.



    We are the leading European manufacturer of wheels and castors for industrial trolleys and material handling, specialized in high temperatures, oven racks, bakery industry, food industry, meat industry, hygienic environment and floor washing machines. DITHERM - Heat resistant wheels and castors (for which we are the European largest manufacturer in this field of products since 1959); D-NAMIC - Nylon/Polyurethane wheels covered by lifetime warranty; D-FLEX - Nylon/Elastic Polyurethane wheels also covered by lifetime warranty; POLY-D - Polyamide monolithic wheels made in the highest quality material; ACW - Advanced cushioning wheels for flight cases; XTREME X - Stainless Steel brackets series for high/low temperatures and standard temperatures (certified for food industry usage); XTREME Z - Zinc-plated steel brackets for high/low temperatures and standard temperatures. We also invite you to browse our new websites at www.dcdicandia.com and www.hightemperaturewheels.com.



    Kurgan meat processing plant "Standart" (SATURN LLC) is one of Russia's largest producers of canned meat and meat-and-cereal products; sausages and delicatessen products; semi-finished foods and gourmet products. The plant's product line includes: — traditional canned stewed meat (beef, horsemeat, poultry, pork) and vegetables; — various pâtés (chicken, goose, duck, mushroom, ham, vegetarian); — hams made of beef, chicken, and pork. The meat processing plant is part of a vertically-integrated full-service holding company, which makes it possible to use pork from an in-house pig-breeding farm, to control product quality and ensure maximum efficiency at all levels of production. Natural foods production facilities are fitted with advanced equipment. The production site is certified under ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 systems. The company is authorized to produce Halal foods. Along with products under its own brands, the company also manufactures private label products and makes store brands. Kurgan meat processing plant "Standart" is looking to expand its markets, and is certified to export and import food products to 11 countries worldwide. The company has already been exporting its products to Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.



    Agaras purchases livestock in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Capacity of the slaughterhouse is 40 cattle/hour and 120 pigs/hour. 30-40 tones of carcasses are deboned at the meat cutting room per shift. The company exports 66% of its products.The company is certified according ISO 14001: 2004, BRC Global standart for food safety and also meets the criteria laid down in the McDonald's Standard for Good Manufacturing Practice & Requirements for Beef slaughterhouses and deboning plants. Agaras produces chilled or frozen beef tenderloins, striploins, topsides, silversides, rumps, eye rounds, knuckles, trimmings, boneless forequarters, boneless flanks, beef inner/outside fats, sub-products, offals, tendons, bones for human consumption, 3rd category bones, 3rd category fat, 3rd category blood, cattle hides and also chilled pork carcasses, chilled or frozen pork legs, loins, shoulders, collars, bellies, tenderloins, trimmings, offals, cutting fats, neck fats, rinds.



    more than 5, 000 export-import operations in the countriesin Russia and CIS, EC27, Middle East, India, Africa, Australia, Asia. PACKAGING MACHINES AND DEVICES PACKAGING SOLUTIONS(Automatic Machine Linear Type for Filling and Sealing FFS (Floumetric milk filling systems); Sinchrobloc WFS (Weight milk filling systems in Ultra Clean Edition) precise high performance systems; Rotary Type for Filling and Sealing machine (servo and mechanical drive) ; Complete line customized systems that include; Multi-packaging, palletizing FILL AND SEAL MACHINES FILLING EQUIPMENT ( Our filling line packet type pure pack , gabl top come with different production capacities and will fill a wide range of pack sizes and shapes. In addition, machines are adapted and certified to meet various geographical standards.) МACHINES AND PLANTS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY MILK PROCESSING EQUIPMENTS EQUIPMENT FOR VEGETABLES AND FRUITS PROCESSING FORMING FILLING AND SEALIN LINE HORIZONTAL PACKING MACHINE DELTA ROBOT FILLING AND PACKAGING MACHINE DAIRY PRODUCTS TURNKEY BAGGING, PALLETIZING AND STRETCH WRAPPING MEAT PACKAGING MACHINE INSTALLATION AND START-UP CHEMICALS AND RAW MATERIALS IRON POWDER RUTILE SAND METAL POWDERS ZIRCON SAND ZIRCON FLOUR ILMENITE SAND ELECTROLYTIC COPPER POWDER TITANIUM DIOXIDE MAGNETIC POWDER INORGANIC PIGMENTS STEEL SHOT AND STEEL GRIT AND СAST IRON SHOT SODA GRINDING BALLS AND CYLINDERS POTASSIUM FELDSPAR GYPSUM FORMATION MATERIALS FOR PRODUCTION OF A MATRIX AND FORMWORK ACTIVATED



    We cook gourmet meals from Turkish and International cuisines with high quality ingredients and our special recipes. Our meals go through a sterilization process in autoclaves through which the meals become shelf-stable up to a year, without any loss in quality or taste. Our ready-to-heat meals are served with 2 minutes of microwave re-heating. 7duveel shares the expertise of Düvee, the famous farm-to-table online meat shop based in Istanbul, and Tütsü BBQ, Istanbul's finest smoked American BBQ restaurant. Thanks to our extensive research and development in conservation of modified atmosphere packaged meals by sterilization via heat treatment, we provide a product line that is of top gastronomic quality and logistically feasible while fresh as in day one. All our facilities are certified with and inspected by BRC Grade C, ISO 22000: 2018, FSSC 22000 quality standards.



    Goumanisto specializes in manufacturing and packing chilled products for drinks and aperitif buffets for our retail chain and food service clientèle. Our added value comes from our passion for discovering quality products and our skill in creating full ranges of ready-to-eat or reheat morsels for a customer base that is increasingly on the go and looking for new flavours. We offer creative, novel and flexible solutions that meet our customers' needs and networks by coming up with suitable products and pack formats. Goumanisto proposes an assortment of about 100 recipes for successful drinks nibbles or a first course: - Cubed cheeses - Cheese-based preparations - Cheese rissole/fondue - pre-sliced cold cuts and cured meats - Marinated olives - DIPS/crackers - Oriental and ethnic morsels - Spreads and tapenades - Spanish tapas - Greek specialities - Samosas and more. Our processing and packing site, based in central Belgium, meets all current food standard requirements and has been IFS+ and BIO certified for several years. Our products are primarily offered as PRIVATE LABEL in Belgium and abroad and to cater for smaller quantities, we have devised the Deli Melo quality "nibbles tapas" range. Our team will be delighted to discuss your plans, feel free to contact us.



    The company: Our products are made in a newly built facility with state-of-the-art production lines in accordance with EU directives. This is where premium-quality raw materials are turned into our extremely popular crackling- and lard-based products . Our high-bay warehouse for EUR-pallets is EU certified. Temperature: -28 °C. Stacking height: max. 1.8 m stacking height. Overhang: max. 5 cm on all side. The founding of the Schaching butchers in 1932 marked the start of cracking and lard production. This was expanded and converted into a meat-processing plant after the Second World War. Crackling and lard production was launched as a separate enterprise at the end of the 1980s.



    Company "Spektrum" was founded in 1993 and started its activity with supplies of premium quality finishing materials. In 2000, we was started own production of equipment, consumables, tools for installing modern concrete floors and building equipment. Since 2008, high-quality products of Spektrum are available in CIS countries and in Europe. In 2009 we was launched production of equipment and machinery for food-processing products: drying equipment for drying fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, mushroom, tea, etc, fruits (cherry) pitting (destoning, pit remover) machines, knife (guillotine, slicer) for cheese and other food products. Company "Spektrum" has developed and patented of the unique technology "Ikwi-Sushka" - the technology of drying of various food products. The successfully implemented project led to launch of its own production of dried vegetables, fruits and berries, and their promotion to healthy food market. In 2015, was registered trademark Spektrumix and since then we have delicious dried fruits, berries, vegetables always as well as we production of deliciously, unique and exclusive natural products. Our food production is certified according to DSTU ISO 22000 standards. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2009.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    MBA Centar is a fine goods bakery located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We produce a wide range of products that include specialty breads, borek pies, traditional desserts such as baklava, as well as modern cakes. We are IFS, HACCP, ISO and HALAL certified which has enabled us to export to over 13 countries across 3 continents. All of our products are freshly made and shock frozen for a prolonged shelf life. Our assortment of borek pita pies are of the highest quality with up to 50% fill. We have a complete in house production facility including a meat processing plant that ensures a product of premium quality. All of our suppliers are certified and carry relevant approval. We were the first to market MANTIJE or buredzici, a bite size variant of the tradition borek. Our baklava range includes our premium baklava using 1st grade pistachios. We have a dedicated in-house design team that can produce private label products to suit your market.



    Orient’hal Market is a French company specialised in the trade and supply of Halal certified products. Through our brand “Authentic & Halal”, we offer a wide range of premium quality fresh products such as Label Rouge certified poultry, duck, foie gras, rabbit, breaded products, cold meats, etc. Our brand is commercialised in France, in Europe and also internationally, in the UAE, in Africa and in other countries. We supply butcher’s shops, restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers. Orient’hal Market emphasises on quality, reliability and transparency to meet our customers’ requirements. Our commercial team remains at your disposal for any question, information or order. We can speak French, English, Arabic, German and Spanish.



    "The ideal partner for international meat trade." MK-Fleisch GmbH is an IFS higher level, QS and bio certified importer and exporter of fresh and frozen meat products made of beef, veal, lamb and poultry. Our customers include sausage and meat products producers, cutting plants, wholesalers, retailers in the gastronomy service industry, cash-and-carry (C+C) markets, large butcher businesses and the by-product industry. We supply products from Europe, the USA, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Premium meat such as Angus bull and halal meat products are also generally available upon request. Reliable, flexible, experienced and competent. We embody precisely these characteristics and have declared these cornerstones to be part of our company philosophy. We live out these values and work to satisfy our customers and partners every day.



    Our products are available through Greek and International B2B commercial companies that operate in the Catering and Machinery Equipment industry and our main customers are Butcher Meat Markets, Super Markets, Restaurants and Hotels. GARBY ANKA is an active member of S.E.E.M.E. (Hellenic Foodservice Equipment Suppliers Association) which represents all traders and manufacturers of professional catering equipment. All of its products are 100% Greek, certified and comply with all international and European safety standards. Its expertise and specialized personnel, which is constantly updated with the new market trends, make the company able to satisfy even the most demanding customers with key features of quality, reliability and excellent after-sales technical support The products being manufactured are: Meat machines, minced meat production machines with and without refrigeration Sterilizers, knife disinfectants Meat kneading machines Meat and fish cutting saw Schnitzel machine with the ability to cut a chicken into strips Meat tenderizers for tenderness and marinating Dough kneaders for making bread and pizza dough Peelers for cleaning and washing potatoes and fruits Octopus tenderizes for softening frozen octopus and squid.



    Certified installer since 1982 and a specialist in specific flooring for the food industry, FONTAINE SA installs resin floors, non-slip MONILE flooring certified by CNAMTS, MONOPUR industrial floors (polyurethane resin), MONACRYL and MONEPOX resins (epoxy resin). Acid-resistant floor covering.Polyurethane-cement flooring.MONILE industrial flooring for water-covered environments. FONTAINE has been trading since 1964 and applying MONILE resin since 1980, working closely with the manufacturer, RPM Belgium. These are industrial floor coverings for the slaughtering and meat processing industries, fish, seafood and fruit and vegetable professionals that meet specific regulatory requirements, resin flooring for bakeries where regulations and supermarket chains (AFAQ, IFS, BRC) demand high quality unbroken floor surfaces, high-strength non-slip flooring to meet you exact needs.


    United States

    Be Green Packaging is the Global leader in molded fiber manufacturing and distribution, producing stock and custom recyclable and compostable packaging made from certified sustainable and renewable, natural fiber sources. Headquartered in Ridgeland, South Carolina, Be Green Packaging dual sources from owned manufacturing facilities strategically located in South Carolina, USA and Xuzhou, China with an additional distribution location in Los Angeles, CA. Our nimble capabilities allow us to manufacture the packaging our customers require meeting design, performance and legislative certifications. The company was founded with the specific intent to provide packaging that is safe for people and beneficial for the planet. We have earned our leadership position in the markets that we serve via our ability to deliver innovative and quality-driven packaging solutions, backed by excellent customer service. As a valuable manufacturing partner, Be Green will assist in meeting your brands packaging challenges. Through advancements in our manufacturing processes, material excellence and design engineering capabilities, we can produce molded packaging solutions that include: Custom Designed Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Embossing, Debossing, Finishes and Printing. Markets Served: Restaurants, QSR, Fast Casual, Supermarkets, Grocery, Read to Eat, Frozen Food, Meat Trays, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Personal Care, Health & Beauty

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