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    Since 1947, RAOUL LENOIR has specialised in the magnetic lifting, separation and detection of metals, and much more besides. For close to 70 years the company has offered its expertise and know-how by developing industrial applications for magnets to meet your specific need, whatever the industry you work in: recycling, distributor of steels and finished products, steel industry, mines, quarries and power stations, agrifoods and ports. LENOIR designs and manufactures equipment based on a variety of operating principles such as electromagnetic, electropermanent, permanent magnets and pneumatics for lifting and handling industrial products. LENOIR also offers design engineering and fabrication services for separation and deferrisation systems. These can be applied to many applications and concern industries like mining, fertilizers, glass-making, wood and timber, sugar, cereals and, more generally, all types of engineering activities and recycling industries. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.



    FELEMAMG is specialist in industrial magnetism. Having more than four decades of practical experience in the manufacture of magnetic equipments and providing solutions in almost all the production sectors. Steel plants, foundry, shredders, scrap yards, clinkers, iron stores, shipyards, mechanical workshops, oxycutting, port facilities, railways, cars, cement manufactures, plaster, sugar, ceramics, feldspar, incinerators, RSU, CDR, glasses, electronic waste, recyclers. We have a wide range of products: Lifting electromagnets, Lifting electropermanents, Magnetic separation including permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators as well as high intensity separators. Our experience on the industrial magnetism supports us for repairing, rebuilding, rewinding and updating every brand, model or size of magnetic machines.



    Assfalg is a medium-sized, family-managed wholesale company with its own production facility that has established itself nationally and internationally as a problem-solver in the area of magnetic clamping and lifting technology, as well as deburring and edge milling technology for the metal processing industry. We have specialised in the field of magnetic lifting in manually operated permanent load lifting magnets, electro-permanent battery load lifting magnets and magnetic beams. With magnetic clamping, the focus is on permanent and patented electro-permanent magnetic chucks made of solid steel. Magnetic tools and welding angles round off the range. When it comes to edge milling and deburring technology, they support our stationary, mobile and hand-held machinery in chamfering, grinding and machining contours and straight edges using V-Prisma, as well as in welding seam preparation. Vibratory grinding machines for deburring, polishing and finishing the surface of prototypes right up to small series complete our deburring range.



    The company MECA SERVICES SARL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Handling of goods - rolling equipment industry. It also operates in the Precision mechanics, electromagnetic separators, circular screens, Precision mechanics, and Design and production of customised parts industries. It is based in Witry-Lès-Reims, France.



    MP Elettronica was established more than 28 years ago in Italy and since 1998 the quality management system of the Company is certified ISO 9001: 2008. Since its establishment MP Elettronica designs, engineers and manufactures controllers for electromagnetic vibrators and nowadays the company has affirmed its market leader position due to its innovative solutions and products. The Mission: MP Elettronica supplies products and provides integrated solutions to fully meet the needs of its Customers. The company assures the right solution for all Customers’ applications, fast and reliable technical support and a delivery time in the next 24 hours. Excellent Relationship between Quality and Price