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    Agathor is a management consultancy firm with leading employees who are experienced and determined in their field. We are proud to represent international clients in wide range of public transactions and businesses. Our team has the greatest expertise to provide the highest level of accounting, auditing, consulting and legal services in English, French, German and Russian. What makes us different from others is that we take urgent action to assist you and solve problems. Clients prefer Agathor because we have the ability to put together multidisciplinary teams to tackle all challenges. We are a unique company who values highest quality service more than titles. This is why, we do not feel the need to publish the names and information of our personnel. Once you start working with Agathor, you will instantly notice our expertise by yourself. You are thinking about entering international markets but need a direction? Do you need a lawyer to start a company in your dream country? Have you decided to divorce in a country other than your home country? Did you sell goods to another country but did not get your money? Do you want to announce your new brand to the world? Have you entered the market but facing financial problems? The only team that can solve all of your problems is here. Agathor team will continue to be your invisible protection and perpetual consultant with its wide network and partners all around the world.



    Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste tyre, rubber, plastic pyrolysis, recycling plant, and oil refining technology and equipment.All of them have passed the EU mandatory safety certification - "CE" certification and enjoy a worldwide reputation, having been exported to America, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Peru, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.Our products have been exported to twenty countries. Our products convert waste to wealth and improve human living environment.



    Hi! Email Marketing is very important for your business if you want to send out daily 100000+ with better inbox landing And open rate then we will suggest you use our fast 1 Gigabit Quade core SSD drive based servers which offers youFast contact imports and fast sending and delivery of your emails with the power off POWERMTA which sent your emailsEfficiently and fastly. Try demo account to test server contacts import speed.Send demo request at demo@massmailservers.netFeaturesFull Dedicated serverQuade Core 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD drive4 Ips + additional you can order 5$ per ip per monthPowermta as Mailing Agent for fast delivery.Interspire as an email marketing software which gives you rich features to track your campaigns.24x7 Supports-----------------------------------------------300$ per monthIf you are interested please email me massmailservers2014@gmail.com Thanks Best RegardsSales MMSwww.massmailservers.net


    United States

    Mobile app world itself became a global market with endless opportunities and helping the entrepreneurs from setting up a business to strengthen their revenue growth. Mobile app development sector is thriving with evolving technology, you need to get all the updates as quickly as possible in order to compete in today's app market. We also provide an exposure to wide audience to the mobile app company seeking to promote their product with our app review service. We ensure the continuous updates with all the contemporary outgoing in mobile application business and marketing world. With regular updates and detailed information, we share the best reviews and advice for the mobile app industry from the experts. We unremittingly updated our readers about latest trends in mobile app technology and tweaks in the app world so they don't need to invest their time in finding the latest happenings.



    VÝLETY V TURECKU Bezplatné zrušení 24 hodin před výletem. Nebo vás láká nepřeberné množství antických památek, které tato zem nabízí? Kromě přírodních krás bývá součástí výletu také prohlídka nedalekého Side, kouzelného městečka plného antických památek. Výlety z Turecké riviéry Alanya, Side, Belek a Kemer - nejoblíbenější letoviska na Turecké riviéře, které je vyhledávaná především poděkování svým dlouhým plážím a teplému podnebí. Ovšem skýtá i jiné zajímavosti. Když budete mít štěstí, budou vám při plavání dělat společnost mořské želvy. Chystáte se po dovolenou v Turecku a rádi byste z tamní přírody viděli víc než jen pláže? Česky mluvící průvodce. Nehostinná krajina se kupodivu stala domovem prvních křesťanů v Anatólii, díky čemuž zde dnes můžeme obdivovat rozsáhlá podzemní města i chrámy s barevnými freskami. Lodí po řece Manavgat Asi hodinu cesty od Alanye protéká městem Manavgat stejnojmenná řeka skýtající možnost nezapomenutelné plavby. Dosud častěji míří čeští turisté za mořem dál za východ a objevují krásy tureckého pobřeží.

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    United Kingdom

    The SaaSy People provide 100% UK based fully managed, multi-channel outsourced customer support tailored for growing businesses, in a simple monthly format. We partner with businesses who are growing and want to ensure they continue to provide a consistently high level of support existing customers while attracting new customers. By partnering with us we handle all of their customer support enquiries via any channels they choose, at the hours they choose including full 24/7 support. This ensures their existing customer base retains a positive impression of their business and continue to be a satisfied customer. Very often growing businesses of all sizes neglect existing customers as they focus solely on acquiring new business, this causes existing customers to quickly become dissatisfied with service and then churn - losing the business revenue. Not only do we handle support enquiries, we also share our industry knowledge and best practice with our customers, quickly becoming their trusted advisor on how to support their customers. Often we implement additional channels for their customers to use for support, and also look to implement processes like CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to ensure the service we're providing is always the best it can be.

  2. ZIRRA


    Zirra is a Technology Company Focusing on Company Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence. More and more areas once thought to be uniquely human skills are being subsumed to automation. Legal discovery, disease diagnosis, driving... we believe company analysis can, and should, likewise be automated - the product of super fast, consistent, intelligent and self-improving computation-powered by proprietary applications of the latest NLP, ML classification, and other AI techniques.Zirra's mission is to eliminate the need for labor-intensive human data collection and analysis. We empower investors, executives and everyone else with a simple to use a toolbox of analysis outputs that traditionally has only been available to a select few.As its core, Zirra's company analysis is powered by unique application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For example, we utilize the latest techniques in NLP to process huge volumes of unstructured text, to detect companies and their semantic context, and to model their interrelationships. Feeding the AI is all the data that Zirra automatically collects and aggregates from myriad public and private information sources - structured directories, semi structured databases and completely unstructured text.We then apply data science and machine learning to produce unparalleled company analysis products.



    Tiger Consulting Asia (Thailand, Singapore Malaysia) Tiger Consulting with offices in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia provides HR, payroll and employment services in 10 countries. Tiger Consulting’s business and payroll outsource services are available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and USA. Our HR, payroll and business outsource solutions are delivered by a team of senior American, Thai and Singaporean professionals possessing detail understanding of Asian HR, payroll and business practices. We speak English, Mandarin, Thai, Malay and Indonesian


    United States

    PriceManager is a powerful subscription based service that monitors and tracks pricing on thousands of products across your competitors and displays how it compares to your pricing. This allows you to focus on your strategy in regards to how you price your products relative to your competitors and marketplace or to just keep track of the competitive landscape.PriceManager has powerful, sophisticated, unobtrusive WebCrawlers that spider through public storefronts to collect competitive data relative to your products. This data is then cleansed and loaded into a Central Data Warehouse. Using PriceManager, you can generate many out of the box reports or we can develop customized reports to fit your needs.



    Hello, welcome to visit the exhibition. For more details, please reply. 2013 Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle (Luxury) Exhibition Time: April 10—April 12, 2013 Venue: Shanghai World Expo Center  Introduction 2012 Shanghai International Top-level Private Belongings Exhibition, organized by China Luxury Institute, China Fashion Brand Institute and Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. finally ended in Shanghai Guangda Exhibition Center On April 5 – April 7. The exhibition, been held successfully for several times in the past years, invited more than 100 luxury brands and organizations again this time, with total exhibition area as big as 12, 000 square meters and total value of the exhibited articles over 10 billion RMB. Transaction volume on the exhibition spot reached more than 62, 000, 000 and intended volume was as high as 348, 000, 000. Famous corporations from Russia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Burma, I



    "If you ever wondered about how safe is your database or does your smart contract need an audit, you have probably noticed an enormous number of cybersecurity companies that all claim to be the best. Cyber Security Advisor is here to contact you with the cream of the crop. CSA assess your company and choose one of the top cybersecurity companies that will be the best fit for your business. Our database is mostly focused on smart contract audit and penetration testing companies, but our expertise is enough to find the best fit even among could and IoT security companies. CSA is YOUR cybersecurity consultant that will put an end to all of your uncertainties regarding data breaches and other cyberthreats. Stop worrying or wondering about how the risk! Just give us a call."


    United Kingdom

    M-Y Party Bits are the inflatable party experts for bouncy castle hire and event entertainment in Manchester. We are a family run business and we excel at providing our customers the best possible service. Want the best party in town? M-Y Party Bits have got what it takes! If you're looking for bouncy castle hire in Oldham, Manchester or the North West then you've come to the right place! We at M-Y Party Bits have it all - we've got; Bouncy Castles, Soft Play, Ball Pools, Chocolate Fountains, Candyfloss Machines & much more. We cover; Birthday Parties Children's Parties Grown up parties Weddings Anniversaries Corporate Events Local Events Charity Events Whether it is a corporate function in Manchester or a Boys party in Oldham, M-Y Party bits will ensure that the same standard of quality and professionalism is used on any occasion. M-Y Party Bits are your own stop shop for all you party needs!


    United States

    CPS specializes in designing and maintaining computer systems in Livingston County. We offer consulting services in Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Hamburg, South Lyon, Whitmore Lake, Pinckney, and bordering cities. We help with Internet connections, networks, computer systems, data storage and safety, third party software, custom software, data entry, and offer many more services.Whether you already have a computer system or are in need of a new one, we can help. We will sit down with you and go step by step through your needs. We look at future growth and current financial limits to select the system that fits you. Then we support your system and keep it running smoothly.Looking for more internet traffic to your existing website? Need a new website design? Looking for better search engine traffic? CPS has perfected many aspects of website design and search engine placement that has allowed our customers to gain much needed market share of internet traffic.



    Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd. (PGS Logistics) is a “perfect” fit joint venture arrangement between two thriving business partners. The result is a freight forwarding and logistics company with over 200 years shipping experience in Europe (Francesco Parisi Group) and extensive local knowledge of Asian shipping markets.Today PGS Logistics employs more than 300 dedicated and experienced freight forwarding and logistics professionals at offices in Hong Kong (Headquarters), and branch offices in Greater China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.Positioned to meet the challenges of a fast paced economy, PGS Logistics’ mission is to be the perfect solution for you; providing personalized and competitively priced freight and logistics services on an international scale.PGS Logistics is a licensed class A Forwarder in Mainland China, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) agent and is equipped to work directly with air and sh


    United States

    Business Ratings LLC is a verification bureau for businesses, we offer our members many benefits that will help them expand their business, through their own showcases displayed on our website, and social media. The main focus of "Business Ratings, LLC" is to provide verification and support to its members. Please contact us so that we may help you and your business to reach its maximum potential.We are a business verification bureau, and we give businesses ratings from AAA to F. We offer an array of services to our members. Please call our toll free number or email us for additional information.


    United Kingdom

    The LEI code is the most important standardized global identifier. The LEI was created as a result of the 2008 financial crisis to deliver strong organisation identity for counter-parties. Banks, insurance companies, exporting and trading organisations, data providers and credit check organisations utilise LEIs and look for the LEI Conformity Flag in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) on-boarding, and client identity processes. Missing LEIs often cause disruptions in business activities, loss of orders, broken deals, and annulled transactions. LEIs are the primary connector between all the regional and private sector organisation identifiers. Our company provides LEI registration within 24 hours and provides legitimacy and identity to a importers, exporters and major companies involved in the international trade.



    FEA Consulting Services - A leading India based FEA Service provider. The company offers high quality FEA Analysis for industries like Automobiles, Aeronautics, Oil and Gas, Consumer Products and Industrial Equipments.We have expertise in following FEA Consulting Services: Static Structural Analysis, Static Stress Analysis, Non-linear Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Buckling Analysis, Fatigue Analysis.Benefit with us: Reduced field failures and less number of prototype requirement Guaranteed Design Efficiency, Appropriately qualified CAE - FEA DesignersCo-Ordinate different services to avoid conflicts, Less physical test needed Sustainable Designs, Reduce product development cost, Very Low cost and highly accurate FEA consulting services, We deliver fast and we are extremely professional in our approach, Comprehensive checking of material properties and prototype If you would like to discuss your project requirements with us.


    United States

    "It's time to restyle your kitchen today! Kitchen Cabinet Refacing will transform your kitchen from the old outdated mess to outstanding with less hassle and mess while saving thousands."Most Durable Product to put in your kitchen.Just a fraction of the TIME, MONEY, and MESS of an All New Kitchen.Have your dream kitchen in just 2-3 days! In the event that your home needs more than just Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, at Benchmark Home Improvements we install a wide range of home improvement products perfect for homeowners throughout the state. We are proud to serve many communities in our great state, including Exeter, Stratham, Epping, Brentwood, Hampton, Manchester, Nashua and the surrounding areas.



    Dear SirWe are wholesale dealer of (1) Industrial and automotive bearings Clutch, Wheel and Timing Bearing(2) New and Used Rubber Conveyor Belting V.Belts and Timing Belts(3) Hose and hydraulic Rubber Pipe(4) New and used caster WheelWE are looking your regular and surplus/Slow move stock of above items If you want to sale at good price please contact usWe will pay you 100% cash before shipmentWe accept all brands and can buy per pcs or per KGPlease send stock detailAwaiting your replyMs IramBenson Belting And Trading Corp45- Brandreth RoadLahore.PakistanCell (Owner) Mr Azam +92 321 8455025Email bensonbelt@gmail.com


    Czech Rep.

    Our company EN Standard Store deals with the sale of standards since 1989. First in the Czech Republic and since 2005 around the world. We are currently working with more than 20 publishers of standards and technical publications (eg DIN, VDA, ETSI, CSN, ISO and more than option). ISO standard, International standard and European standard.

  1. 1800GIFTS


    1800-gifts is an online gift delivery service that provides same day delivery to USA. They also provide international delivery services in over 129 countries. 1800-gifts deliver a range of gift ideas worldwide.1800-gifts is Gift delivery shop that specializes in gift delivery Across the Nation. We have wide collections of balloons, anniversary gifts, gifts basket and Many gifts are available at 1800-gifts.com.



    We are the pioneer in providing New Projects information of all upcoming projects in India. We publish bulletins, which are used by India's best known companies including MNCs and international research agencies. Accuracy and timely information is among the factors that finds favor with our subscribers.



    Training for employees is the process of enhancing the skills, capabilities, and knowledge of employees for a set of jobs. This is crucial for organizational development and success. The training process moulds the attitudes of employees to perform good quality work. It is continuous and evolving.



    HANGHING INT'L BUSINESS (HK) CO., LIMITED in Hong Kong for thirty-one years business registration experience, the specialty is engaged in Hong Kong and the domestic and foreign company registered business secretary nuclear several yearly check to declare dutiable goods to open the company/personal bank account equity transfer address change agent for international trademark books bar code, and so on


    United States

    DropShippers.com is an industry leading product sourcing company that provides a turn key website ecommerce solution for people looking to launch an online business. We provide the stock inventory over 3.5 million items , logistics and shipping solutions to run your online business without the need to stock , purchase, or ship any products that they sell thru there website.



    Best Logistics service from China to Worldwide. This is Wendy from Gobrates Group Limited.I'm so glad to write you here. If you want to import something from China by air or export something to China by air. I'm the very air rates platform who can supply you the best service in China. We have many IATA members in our platform. We can do the services as LCL Cargo, Air Cargo, Express, Carrier, Warehouse and Local Transportation services in China to all over the world.


    United Kingdom

    We have designed a number of industry-leading courses with the help of our certified chartered accountants to help you kick start your professional careers. Our trainers are industry-certified professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. Our main target students are ACCA qualified who don’t get many accounting roles due to monopoly from CA and without much experience. Our platform changes this and provides a chance to push the turbo button with their career.



    Firm that connects buyers and sellers within the same or different countries but does not get involved in the owning or storing of merchandise. our trading company is compensated by the seller usually with a sales commission



    Seeking business partner capital of 14, 000 USD. Ferrari Enzo complete car body production and distribution. Road and demonstration, publicity and presentation purposes. Technology and professional background provided. Preferably engineering colleagues look forward to your call.+36203633419, e mail: eco-gumm@gmail.hu


    United Kingdom

    Expert carpet cleaning technicians trained to NCCA standards, fully insured and highly skilled to carry out all the tasks at hand. Powerful industrial equipment to deep clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Guaranteed quick drying time. Excellent customer feedback and reviews, call us now for a free quote!

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