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    We are experts in liners; do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a new project or facing sealing problem with your packaging. 25 years of experience in packaging and sealing materials allowing us to support you in the best way there is. We will analyze your packaging components and your specific needs in terms of shelf life, raw material, the product your customer is about to use and everyone expectation. If needed we will test your application recommend our best solution and let you have samples for your own inspection. We are responding quickly and we reliable and professional.



    The company SWAGELOK PARIS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Industrial piping industry. It also operates in the Cocks and valves, component for sealing fluids, gas leak detectors, quick connectors, and Cocks and valves industries. It is based in Courtaboeuf Cedex, France.



    As a member of the Zhongding Group, SchmitterGroup GmbH is part of a globally networked group of companies with a wide variety of product categories – from O-ring seals to steel tubes and die-cast aluminium. Within this group of companies, together with our Chinese subsidiary, Anhui Zhongding Fluid System Co, Ltd., we are responsible for the "Fluid Handling Systems" division. From consulting and development to production: SchmitterGroup offers you all the services of sophisticated development processes and manufactures innovative components for the latest generations of engines and chassis at a marketable cost-effectiveness ratio. The parts are developed in the shortest possible time and meet even the highest demands in terms of precision and cost-effectiveness. We achieve a consistently high product standard with modern measuring and testing equipment, including our own component test benches to ensure the parts' durability and functionality.


    United Kingdom

    ALP Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals , Piston seals, Rod seals, Wiper seals, PTFE seals, Viton Seals, NBR Seals, Guide rings, flange seals, U rings , Chevron seals, fluid seals. PST Seals ltd has experience on high performance hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals Into fluid power industry for over 20 years.. Combining innovative design, uncompromising quality and the latest elastomer technology with specialist in-house material formulation, tool-making and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, PST Seals delivers high performance components quickly and effectively. PST Seals provides customers with world-class sealing solutions around the globe. PST Seals is conveniently located in UK to provide a first-class service to hydraulic and pneumatic industry. PST Seals stocks and distributes one of the widest range of sealing components in UK and all over the Europe. PST Seals has many years expertise and hydraulic and pneumatic industry ‘know-how’ to help solve the most demanding challanges.