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    FRANCE- Nanterre Cedex
    TOTALENERGIES LUBRIFIANTS - Verified by Europages

    Total Lubricants is a branch of Total offering products and services specific for the industrial field. Thanks to its 120 affiliates worldwide, 42 blending plants, 5 800 employees including 130...

    Supplier of: Turbo-compressors | Compressors | Lubricants, industrial | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Cement-making - machinery and equipment [+] Pneumatic systems and tools | Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment | Metallurgy - machinery and installations | Foundries - machinery and installations | Rolling mills - machinery and installations | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | Machine tools - metal machining | Lubrication equipment and machinery | Oiling - machines and systems | Greasing equipment

    • LUNARIA SK 55/100/150 LUNARIA SK 55/100/150 COMPRESSOR OILS
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    GERMANY- Steinenbronn
    NITTO KOHKI EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    NITTO KOHKI Europe GmbH is a world-famous Japanese designer and manufacturer of pumps and compressors, quick-release couplings, and tools. The air compressors, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are...

    Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | Pumps | Piston pumps | Vacuum pumps | Tools, pneumatic [+] Electric tools | direct current pumps | liquid pumps | membrane pumps | drilling machines | piston air pump | compactors | pumps for analysis technology | pumps for particle measurement | pumps for endoscopes

    • Ac-pumps Ac-pumps AC 0920
    • Ac-pumps Ac-pumps AC 0910
    • Ac-pumps Ac-pumps AC 0410A
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    GERMANY- Buchholz
    LUTENA VAKUUM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Manufacture and sales of vacuum conveyor systems for industrial applications, system solutions and special filter technology. Complete with pneumatic components and control systems. Other products...

    Supplier of: Compressors | Compressed air tools and systems | Automatic piloting equipment | Connectors, pneumatic | Vacuum pumps [+] vacuum systems and components | automation | compressed-air systems | airtight components | pneumatic valves | filters | vacuum pumps - accessories | compressed air | compressed air filters | ball valves

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    GERMANY- Bremen
    LLOYD DYNAMOWERKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    More than 100 years of experience and passion combined in a manufacturing operation that's driven by state-of-the-art engineering and innovation – that's LDW. We supply reliable machines to meet the...

    Supplier of: Electric motors - dC | synchronous alternators | high voltage motors | medium voltage motors | electric motors [+] alternators | three-phase motors | three-phase motors, explosion-proof | three-phase motors for ship winches | three-phase motors, permanently excited | three-phase motors, firedamp-proof | three-phase motors (slip ring motors) | three-phase standard motors | direct current machines, adjustable | direct current motors, explosion-proof

    • Asynchronous Motor As Drive For A Refinery Asynchronous Motor As Drive For A Refinery
    • Synchronous Motor At A Piston Compressor Synchronous Motor At A Piston Compressor
    • Asynchronous Motors At Piston Compressors Asynchronous Motors At Piston Compressors
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    GERMANY- Berlin
    BORSIG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The BORSIG Group's head office is BORSIG GmbH, based in Berlin. Strategic management focuses on three areas: Group development, product and market strategies, production structures, target...

    Supplier of: accessories for compressors | rotary lobe compressors | piston and screw-type compressors (more than 60 m³/standard over 30 bar) | compressor valves | special compressors [+] maintenance services for compressors | piston and screw-type compressors (more than 60 m³/standard up to 30 bar) | rotary compressors | compressor control systems | Plumbing, industrial | Heat exchangers | Cocks and valves for petroleum and petrochemical industries | ball valves | high pressure fittings | maintenance and repair of industrial plumbing

    • Integrally geared centrifugal compressor for process gases Integrally geared centrifugal compressor for process gases API 617 and 672
    • BORSIG Reciprocating compressor for process gases BORSIG Reciprocating compressor for process gases API 618
    • Compressor parts Compressor parts small components - a great impact
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    GERMANY- Lampertheim
    LENHARDT & WAGNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As early as 1980, L&W founder Bernd Wagner recognised the increasing demand for high pressure solutions and began to repair and service high pressure plants, as well as to trade high pressure...

    Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | Compressors | mobile compressors | gas compressors | air compressors [+] small compressors | compressor filters | stationary compressors | ventilating air compressors | high-pressure compressors | diving compressors | Pneumatic systems and tools | Compressed-air installations | Nitrogen | adapters

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  • We are your expert partner and we can help you to save energy and money through innovative, environmentally friendly compressed-air technology. We provide you with a complete service, including...

    Supplier of: Compressors | pneumatic cylinders | vibration dampers | hydraulic cylinders | ball cocks [+] rodless linear actuators | origa linear drives | electric linear actuators | piston rod cylinders | control valves | mechanical guides | compressed air maintenance units | pneumatic valves | pneumatic cylinders, rodless | accessories for pneumatic components

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  • With almost 100 years of experience. Now managed in its fourth generation, our company has specialised in the global distribution of high quality spare parts for diesel and gas engines. We provide...

    Supplier of: compressors | Diesel-engined boats - spare parts | Plain bearings | Bearings, ball | Bearings, antifriction [+] Ship engines | replacement parts for diesel engines | marine engine spares | intercooler | tachometers | gear pumps | pistons | cylinder liners | air filters | temperature probes

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  • Supplying mobile compressed air, generating electricity, heat and cold or renting solid and proven construction machinery – Hein offers the appropriate rental solution and provides custom service for...

    Supplier of: Compressors | compressor rental | construction compressors, rolling | compressors, oil-free | Construction machinery [+] Electricity generators | breakers | compressed air | tyre chargers | suspended platform rental | site rentals | demolition robots | adsorption driers | diesel generators | compressed air dryers

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  • As a result of Haskel International's sales realignment, the predecessor company Haskel Hochdrucksysteme GmbH was closed down and HD-tech was found as a new contractual partner for the...

    Supplier of: Compressors | gas compressors | high-pressure compressors | Piston pumps | high-pressure valves [+] hydraulic units | test counters | hydrogen | high-pressure pumps | high-pressure test benches | high-pressure technology | leak test benches | compressed air amplifiers | customised pressure test rigs | high pressure hydraulics

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    GERMANY- Dresden
    ANDJANA INSTRUMENTS UG - Verified by Europages

    Andjana Instruments offers safe compressed-air quality – air quality monitoring – behind compressors – filters – activated carbon – measuring residual oil content and more: Comprehensive modular...

    Supplier of: Compressors | filters for compressors | compressors, oil-free | compressors for pet | compressors for industry and trade [+] Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Compressed-air installations | compressed air | compressed air filters | compressed air filters, oil-free | filter for respiratory protection equipment | filter for food production plant construction | filter for pharmaceutical facilities | filter for varnishing facilities | compressed air flow meters

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    MULLER MACHINES SA - Verified by Europages

    Over more than a century, Muller Machines SA has built up a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, today exporting machine tools all over Europe, America, Asia and countries of the former...

    Supplier of: Compressors | mechanical presses for forming metals | second-hand machine tools | machine tool sales | coiling machines for wires [+] cnc turning, milling and drilling centres (combined) | folding presses | folding presses, hydraulic | folding presses, hydraulic, cnc | folding presses, mechanical | balers, pneumatic | band saw machines | circular saws for construction | drill grinding machines | drilling and milling machines

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    GERMANY- Nürnberg
    LEISTRITZ PUMPEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rotation – the motion that connects us. Leistritz is synonymous with technologically demanding and highly innovative products. We are a global group with four divisions – turbine technology, pump...

    Supplier of: Pumps | Dosing pumps | liquid pumps | shovels | sump pumps [+] pumps | pumps trade | pump design | gas pumps | fuel injection | fuel pumps | borehole pumps | engines | oil pumps | screw spindle pumps

    • Multiphase ­pumps & systems Multiphase ­pumps & systems
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    GERMANY- Bergneustadt
    NRC INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    Based in Gummersbach/Germany, NRC International GmbH has established itself as a well-known company in the field of NITROX in only a few years. The company is a global leader and is renowned for its...

    Supplier of: Compressors | high-pressure compressors | diving compressors | maintenance services for compressors | high-performance high-pressure compressors [+] gas analysers | membrane filter systems | medical oxygen sensors | exhaust gas sensors | tec booster pumps | o2 analysers | helium analysers

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  • White Lion is your contact for high quality dry ice blasting systems and solutions in the surface treatment sector. Our clientele includes global leaders in the automotive industry, international...

    Supplier of: Compressors | Cleaning machines, industrial | industrial washing | dry ice | dry ice blasting systems [+] dry ice blasting machines | dry ice blasting equipment | buy a dry ice blasting machine | cleaning by cryogenics | dry ice blasting | dry ice cleaners | dry ice blasting machines | dry ice manufacturing machines | pelletizers | pelletizers

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    TURKEY- Kahramankazan / Ankara
    ERDEMLER COOLING COMPANY - Verified by Europages

    Erdemler Soğutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district. By targeting the firsts in the cooling sector in 2000, it is one of the distinguished companies of the market with its quality products....

    Supplier of: Cold rooms | Sliding doors - industrial | Slaughterhouses - machinery and equipment | cold rooms, cooling systems | industrial cooling [+] air/oil/water coolers | cold storage rooms for frozen products | cold storage room | suspended ceiling panels | doors for cold rooms | sectional doors | cooling systems | monoblocs | refrigerating units | split system air conditioning systems

    • Screw Central Devices Screw Central Devices
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    GERMANY- Rosengarten
    SERAFIMA GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    As a former service division of FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH, we are very familiar with the technology surrounding fans and compressors. As a globally active service provider, Serafima offers you one thing...

    Supplier of: Compressors | compressor maintenance and repair | spare parts for compressors | Bearings, ball | plant optimisation [+] smoke gas fans | industrial fans | spare parts for ventilators | fan repair | repairs for compactors | fan housings | fan wheels | installations and test runs | maintenance and repairs | troubleshooting

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  • Since 1929, HESS Motorentechnik has been supplying trade and workshop customers with high-quality spare parts from the series suppliers of automobile manufacturers. The company originally started...

    Supplier of: Compressors | Engines & Parts | Sensors | Relaying | Oil filters [+] oil pump | thermostats | water pumps | toothed belts | clutch stop | vibration absorbers | spark plugs | drive technology | automotive components | spare parts for cars

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  • Turcont Engineering & Manufacturing Co Ltd is a family-run company serving in machining industry as one-stop shop for all needs of its clients since 2002. It is based in the city of Konya in Turkey....

    Supplier of: Cast iron items | precision casting | contract manufacturing | casting | metal turning [+] foundry | bar turning steel and metals | cast iron foundry | cast-steel | sand casting foundry | grey cast iron | 3- and 5-axis cnc machining | cast spheroid graphite iron | ductile cast iron | hand-mould castings

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    BELGIUM- Rixensart
    DIMEXCO INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    DIMEXCO INTERNATIONAL SRL is an export wholesaler of SKF branded bearings, belts and equipment. We provide attractive prices. We mainly supply the following brands: TOYOTA, AISIN, KAYABA, DONALDSON,...

    Supplier of: Compressors | Spare parts for cars | Spare parts for lorries and trailers | Tyres | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery [+] alternators | motor vehicle starter motors | electrical material | spare parts for industrial vehicles | lorry tyres | timing belts | antiabrasives | elevators | generating sets | used off-road vehicle spares

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    GERMANY- Sonneberg
    KW HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The KW Hydraulik GmbH develops, manufactures and sells hydraulic tools. Also: Services for and distribution of the brands DYNASET, STANLEY INFRASTRUCTURE, EDILGRAPPA, DUBUIS, DOA, DERANCOURT,...

    Supplier of: Compressors | Hand tools, non-power | Presses, hydraulic | Hydraulic tools | Pumps, hydraulic [+] hydraulic pumps | underwater pumps | oil hydraulic accessories | hydraulic units | breakers | cable shears | electrified rail machining systems | tools for electrical installation | steel cutters | high-pressure cleaners

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  • EL.TE SEGMENTITALIA was founded in 1986. Over the years, the company has gone from strength to strength, reinforcing its professional skills and offering a lively young approach with a highly...

    Supplier of: Compressors | compressors | piston compressors | refrigerating system and equipment compressors | bronze [+] mechanical joints | finishing of elastic segments

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    ITALY- Caraglio
    ROTAIR SPA - Verified by Europages

    Rotair works with air compressors and motocompressors for civil engineering, building and road construction. Electrocompressors and compressed air plants for the industrial sector. Hydraulic...

    Supplier of: Compressors | reciprocating compressors | accessories for compressors | gas compressors | electric compressors [+] diesel compressors | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | Demolition - machinery and equipment | mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment | hydraulic pumps | earthmoving machinery and equipment | multi-purpose motorised wheelbarrows | hydraulic hammers

    Brands : RAMPICAR

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    BELGIUM- Liege
    AF COMPRESSORS - Verified by Europages

    AF COMPRESSORS is the world leader in three-stage oil-free piston compressors for blowing PET bottles. There are over 6, 700 AF PET compressors in use worldwide. Excellent services are provided by...

    Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | piston compressors | low-pressure compressors | oil-free compressor | pet compressor [+] 20-40 bar compressor | oil-free screw compressor | oil-free low pressure compressor | 7-10 bar compressor | oil-free | blow moulding of pet bottles | booster pump | food-grade compressed air

    Brands : Ateliers François

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  • Import-Export les Cousins distributors for over 10 years of industrial lubricants is present in the COMORES and France. Whether mineral or synthetic oil based, our products are developed in close...

    Supplier of: Turbo-compressors | Compressors | Lubricants, industrial | Industrial maintenance | Oils, industrial [+] lubricants | lubricating oil | synthetic lubricant | filters for lubricants | lubricant for diesel engines | lubricant for motorcycles | lubricants for motor vehicles | agricultural lubricants | industrial lubricant wholesaler

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    ITALY- Cinisello Balsamo
    AIR COMPRESSOR SOLUTION SAS - Verified by Europages

    Thanks to its collaboration with the best brands, for years Air Compressor Solution has been offering its customers only products of the highest quality, guaranteeing safety, reliability and...

    Supplier of: Compressors | compressors | motor compressors | spare parts for compressors | railway compressors [+] dryers

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  • Supplier of: Compressors | Piston and screw-type compressors | Vacuum pumps | compressed air aeration systems for water treatment

    • AERZEN Series C oil-free biogas packaged unit AERZEN Series C oil-free biogas packaged unit Biogas-compressor
    • AERZEN VM/VML compressor stage ... Belt-driven AERZEN VM/VML compressor stage ... Belt-driven Oilfree screw compressor
    • AERZEN Delta Screw VM/VML (E-Compressor) AERZEN Delta Screw VM/VML (E-Compressor) Oilfree screw compressor
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  • Supplier of: Compressors

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  • Supplier of: Compressors

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  • Supplier of: Compressors

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