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    With over 40 years of leadership in Turkey’s electrical manufacturing sector, Transovak specializes in a wide range of electrical components under the distinguished Sezgin brand. We are committed to innovation and quality in producing low-voltage current transformers, shunt reactors, harmonic filters, control transformers and isolation transformers, designed to enhance your electrical systems and compensation solutions. Our Product Portfolio include: •Current Transformers •Toroidal Type Current Transformers •Winding Toroidal Current Transformers •Shunt Reactors •Harmonic Filters •Isolation and Control Transformers •earth leakage and relay and toroidal transformers. Our dedication to excellence is at the heart of the Sezgin brand. With a team of seasoned experts and a dynamic R&D department, we guarantee that each product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and innovation. Proud holders of TSE, ISO 9001, and CE certifications, our commitment to quality is unwavering. As your experienced and reliable technical partner, Transovak is committed to exceeding your expectations. We offer competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of customizable Sezgin products, designed to meet the specific needs of your compensation systems. Our capability to produce special-sized and tailored solutions enables us to address the unique challenges and requirements of our clients effectively.



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    ProfElec is the European market leader in selling electrical equipment for professionals in industrial and tertiary sectors. Over the past 15 years, we have been providing a successful service and exporting worldwide. Our high-tech facilities in France, Estonia, and Lithuania allow us to design, manufacture and export the best electrical cabinets from low voltage up to 6300A. Furthermore, we develop different types of enclosures to meet each customer's requirements: from small control cabinets to automation systems of several tens of meters in length. We work mainly with exportation and exclusively with the major players in electrical equipment manufacturing, such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, ABB, Siemens, Hager, APC, Finder, Wago, Eaton, Logstrup, OEZ. Why choose ProfElec ? 48-hour delivery - we ship orders from our warehouse in France. Professionalism - All of our experts and engineers have extensive international experience. Best conditions - we buy low voltage electrical components directly from the manufacturers and offer them to our customers at the best prices. Schneider Electric, Legrand, ABB, Siemens, Hager, APC, Finder, Wago, Eaton, Logstrup, OEZ, miniature circuit breakers, industrial circuit breakers, contactors and protection relays, ComPacT NSX next generation, automation products, RM6 Visit our catalog and contact our experts!



    We supply instrumentation and field communication electronics for our clients from all over the world . You will find HART, Profibus, Fieldbus protocol pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, protocol converters, and WirelessHART products here. What's more we are specialized in OEM service. We provide module, chips, boards, junction box, hart modem, communication controller, gateway, adapter, Fieldbus power, Terminator, DP controller and 4-20mA analog signal converter. For example, HART to Modbus, Modbus to HART, HART to FF, Modbus to PA, Modbus to FF, Modbus to DP gateway/module, module set, temperature transmitter set and pressure transmitter set. We specializes in manufacturing of quality communication devices, such as: a,Pressure Transmitter b,Temperature Transmitter c,4-20mA/Fieldbus Converter d,Build-in Module/Gateway (Modbus to FF, Modbus to PA, Modbus to DP, Modbus to HART, HART to Modbus, HART to FF) e,Wireless HART Solution(WirelessHART gateway, adapter, module) f,Communication Board g,Fieldbus Power/Fieldbus Junction Box/USB HART Modem h,OEM solutions We had honor to serve the Emerson in America, E+H in Swizerland, KROHNE in Netherlands, Novus in Brazil... All our items are up to standard spercification and we have special team work for after sales service. Welcome to consult more! gao.shuang(at)microcyber.cn



    SERVOLT ENERJI SANAYI VE DIS TICARET A.S. is established in 1995 and manufacturer & exporter with 27 Years of experience with our 10 000 m’2 closed area factory in Ikitelli OSB ISTANBUL/TURKIYE and our office in Istanbul Perpa Trade Center ISTANBUL/TURKIYE SERVOLT ENERJI SANAYI VE DIS TICARET A.S. is committed to providing high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, SERVOLT ENERJI SANAYI VE DIS TICARET A.S is dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing a complete line of Uniterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Servo and Static Voltage Regulators/Stabilizers, Transformers, AGM/VRLA Batteries, Cables Ties, Cable Lugs, Busbars, Static Transfer Switches products to the demanding power market ensuring the availability of high-quality power for critical applications. -Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) 650VA-800 kVA -Servo Voltage Regulator/Stabilizers 1Kva-5000 Kva -Static Voltage Regulator/Stabilizers 5 Kva-3000 Kva -Transformer Auto /Isolation Transformer 1-2000 kVA -Combi/Boiler AVR & UPS(500VA-1000VA) -Battery Chargers 12-24-48-110Vdc, 10A-3000A


    United Kingdom

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    YUANXING Electronics is a worldwide leader in the designing, manufacturing of miniature current transformers & voltage transformers for the electronic measurement, electrical power system, relay protection and fault recording, etc. YUANXING has been serving the major OEM's and subcontractors in USA, Europe and Asia for several years. YUANXING has been working closely with the leading R&D teams to meet the demands of emerging technologies. YUANXING R & D team is made up of 9 talented engineers with more than 10 years designing experience, applying new technology and technics, by new materials and advanced test instruments, we can design customized products rapidly and perfectly. YUANXING includes 2000 square meter workshop, tens of advanced production and test instruments, nearly 200 trained workers, rich production experience and excellent ISO 9001: 2000 quality control system, which guarantees high-quality products and timely lead-time.



    EDE Mekufa is the leader manufacturer of resin casting and part manufacturing facilities in Turkey. EDE Mekufa LTD. , is joint venture between Turkish Bileşim Elektrik and Dutch Mekufa B.V which presents epoxy resin cast solutions from 1kV up to 800kV since 1955. We mainly cast post insulators, plug-in bushings, wall bushings, many different RMU and SF6 bushings , vacuum tubes, SF6 load break switch housings and outdoor type cycloaptic epoxy resin insulators and parts. Our main refferences in Turkey and EU countries are; Siemens(A Class approved supplier), ABB(approved supplier), Areva(approved supplier), Schnieder(approved supplier), SEL Electric, IME Quadri, COL Giovanni in Italy, Kestelyn, DEBA, Reprelec in Belgium, Dribo, IVEP in Czech Republic, ELKO, Ulusoy, Elimsan, Demitaş and many other switch gear producers in Turkey. We also deliver thousand of power transformers plug-in bushings.



    Beltransfo has been designing, building and selling low and medium voltage distribution transformers since it was founded in 1989. Today, it manufactures and distributes overhead switches, medium voltage switchboards, mobile substations, lightning arrestors, etc.


    Czech Rep.

    Czech based manufacturer Vikodek offers low voltage measuring current transformers for various purposes such asare broadly used for different purposes: • separation low-voltage metering devices and relay from primary current in electrical grid, ensuring safety of electrical appliances during maintenance and diagnostics. • To supply power for a chain of relay protection . • for electric power metering by means of electrical energy meters.


    United Kingdom

    Crompton instruments became part of the TE Connectivity in January 2002. The Energy Division, is a global manufacturer of products and systems for the electrical power industry, and an operating unit of TE Connectivity.


    Hong Kong

    As a Hong Kong international company, we owns several factories in Chian(mainland), we can supply led lamps and lights, current and voltage transformers, acrylic sheets etc..Also we can supply purchasing services, monitoring factory process, enterprise website design, ERP, enterprise information systems, etc.

  2. WAGO


    The company WAGO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Electrical & Electronic Components industry. It also operates in the electrical connectors, Current transformers, and professional connectors industries. It is based in Zaventem, Belgium.



    The company LABORATORIO ELECTROTECNICO,SCCL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Switches industry. It also operates in the Current transformers, Voltage transformers, and isolators industries. It is based in Cornellá De Llobregat, Spain.



    The company FABRYKA APARATÓW ELEKTRYCZNYCH ZWARPOL SP. Z O. O., is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing industry. It also operates in the Current transformers, and energy sector consultancy industries. It is based in Warszawa, Poland.



    The company VTEKE ELECTRIC, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Transformers industry. It also operates in the Current transformers, analog meter, wholesale of electrical materials, and electrical switchgear industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

  4. SYMO & GANZ


    The company SYMO & GANZ, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Substations, low-voltage industry. It also operates in the Current transformers, and measuring instruments industries. It is based in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.



    The company TESAR SRL, which operates in the Electric transformers, converters and rectifiers industry. It also operates in the resined transformers, toroidal transformers, and Current transformers industries. It is based in Chiassa Superiore (Ar), Italy.



    The company NEWTON TRASFORMATORI SPA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Transformers industry. It also operates in the Current transformers industries. It is based in Poggibonsi, Italy.



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    Ever since it was founded in 1892, the company Focquet has offered a very broad range of services focusing on industrial electric motors and transformers (sale-reconditioning-rental), power electronics and industrial pumps (sale-support). Our large inventory means that we can quickly meet any requirements for used or new equipment (2EC) and our workshops can fully customise motors to meet our customers' precise needs. In 2005 we set up a pump and pump repair section, and in March 2011 we added a power electronics department to meet the rising demand for variable speed equipment. Our core strengths: competitive prices – quality products – inventory of over 20, 000 IE2, IE3 and IE4 cage motors – slip-ring motors – medium- and low-voltage – direct current, transformers and pump spares. Your needs: our challenge!



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    At ADP OfficeDesign, you get everything from a single source – from measurement, through 3D planning and right up to product placement, delivery and installation. And of course also on attractive leasing terms with our partner GRENKE AG. Since 1st July 2020, we have been advising our customers on the issues of office furnishing, economy and sustainability at the workplace, architectural acoustics, lighting and holistic furnishing concepts. We let both our past experience of classic office equipment and current aspects of the digital transformation feed in here. Thanks to regular communication with our prominent and internationally active manufacturers, we always keep up to date. Our customers thus benefit at all times from new findings from the modern working world. Of course, the implementation of concepts, delivery and installation as well as operation of a modern online shop for office furniture and shelving also fall within our range of services. Thanks to the simple scaling of our services, they are equally suitable for small, medium-sized and large companies. Because modern, economic and attractive office premises have long since no longer been reserved for large corporations with almost unlimited budgets.

  1. BAQAA


    BAQAA food industry is an old manufacturing company which has different types of food products like as jams, lemon juices, Tomato pure, ... All products are made by fresh fruits and vegetables. We take care of quality and packing are special designs owned by ourselves. Increasing our competitiveness and motivation has forced many organizations to focus their activities on core products and core competencies, this requires investment in research and technological innovation. Research in organizations is done to support innovation, and the activities of the R&D department should create new business opportunities or transform the current business of the organization. R&D units in factories are the core of research activities in the industrial sector. These units mainly pursue activities such as product quality improvement, new product design, process optimization, transfer and absorption of technologies, acquisition of technical knowledge for production, etc. within the framework of industry owners' policies. R&D units in the industry can play an important role in improving the quality and quantity of products.



    Founded in 2004, Shanghai GrandTop Lightning Technology Co., Ltd aims to provide power impulse equipments and test solutions. We can provide SPD test equipments, high voltage test equipments, control and measurement systems based on computer and special pulse power source for the low voltage and high voltage electrical apparatus, such as SPD, MOV, GDT, power transformers, insulators, switchgears, power cables, voltage transformer, current transformer, bushings, etc.Our quality assurance complies with ISO9001 and our products are in full line with IEC standards and national standards. We have got the verification certificate for the voltage dividers from XIHARI Research institute, the most authoritative research institute in China and Verification of Conformity certificate for impulse generator from EUROFIN.



    FAMK - Filtering capacitor unit with current damping functions. The filtering capacitor unit with current damping functions is an energy damper for electric machines having the reactive power of the inductive character and working in 1- and 3-phase distributing circuits having voltage by 1 kV, inclusive. FCCF fully bridges reactive currents to commuting equipment of electric receivers, it unloads circuits and transformers of enterprises. The highest efficiency is achieved at variable loading. Power coefficient of the enterprise is brought by one unit, and power supply of purely active loading is actually implemented, what, in its turn, reduces overflow currents with parallel operation of transformers in the external circuit.Saving of active electric power during FCCF coconnection to the electric receiver constitutes from 3% to 20% depending on the modes of electric receiver operation.Fields of FCCF application: -motors, transformers, induction generators; and more...



    KRK produces industrial Electrical Components in Istanbul, Turkey since 1973 as a leading producer.We produce; Power Factor Controllers, Network Analyzers, Power Factor Capacitors, Current Transformers, Relays ( Phase Protection, Voltage Protection, Star-Delta, Level Control ), Contactors, Voltmeters & Ampermeters & Multimeters & Frequency Meters, Temperature Controllers, Push in Cable Connectors, Cable LugsWe have ISO 9000 quality system certificate and all our products has CE certification. Our products are exported to about 40 countries in the world.


    United Kingdom

    Stockist, and Distributor, of Electrical Components, Cable, etc, from European Brand leaders. Delivering high quality service, and reliability, to : Switchgear Manufacturers Panel Builders Automation Manufacturers Building & Mechanical Service Providers Renewable Energy Eqpt Suppiers Manufacturers in Food-Agri Industry High level of technical support, and after sales service and back-up. Brands include EATON- SWITCHGEAR, MERSEN- FUSES & CARRIERS, POLYLUX- TRANSFORMERS, EL CO- PROTECTION RELAYS, PARTEX- CABLE COMPONENTS, FRAKO- POWER FACTOR, MORSETTITALIA- DIN RAIL TERMINALS & CONNECTORS, SMART PROCESS- ENERGY METERS, TYCO- CURRENT TRANSFORMERS. WISKA- TERMINATION BOXES



    Testups offers laboratory testing services, field evaluation, technical assistance and certification for a wide range of industries across the Europe, Ireland, UK, Hungary, Russia, Turkey and USA. We are offering knowledge and technical expertise, and providing accredited EMC, radio/RF, product safety, automotive, medical testing services. Our services will fulfil your product approval requirements of many countries around the world.Testups also offers equipments and test chambers for EMC and RF test laboratories. We are offering turnkey solutions including test software, engineering, training, installation, validation, calibration, delivery and transportation. Some of the items we deliver are: Absorbers, Amplifiers, Anechoic Chambers, Antenna Masts, Antenna Positioning Systems, Attenuators, Baluns and Transformers, Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Probes, CDNs (Coupling / Decoupling Networks), Comb Generators / Noise Sources, Current Probes / Current Clamps, Electric Field (D-DOT) Sensors, EM Coupling Clamps, EMI Receivers, EMI Filters, EMC Antennas, ESD Guns / Simulators / Generators, Fiber Optic Links, Field Probes, GTEM Cells / TEM Cells, Harmonics and Flicker Analyzers, LISNs, Magnetic Field Generators, Magnetic field (B-DOT) sensors, Near Field Probes, Near Field Scanners, OTA (Over The Air) Test Chambers, Passive Integrators, Emission Test Systems, Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyser, Screened Rooms, and Surge & Burst/EFT Generator



    Who are we? A twenty-four years old manufacturer and designer in different types of transformers.What we supply? Power transformer, medium voltage current transformer, medium voltage transformer, capacitor voltage transformer, inductive voltage transformer, high voltage current transformer, matching GIS transformers, low tension current transformer, GIS insulators, isolating switches, earthing switches and electrical components and so on.How large is our factory? We have eight workshops with factory size about 50, 000 square meters. More than 400 workers are right here working hard for high quality transformers. What is our goal? A total commitment of quality to our clients!



    EMTRAN LTD. is a major producer of M.V and L.V instrument transformers, open air reactors, harmonic filters and L.V dry type transformers. We offer many standard products in a short time delivery, but can tailor unique solutions to our individual customers’ requirements. - M.V and L.V CURRENT TRANFORMERS - M.V and L.V VOLTAGE TRANFORMERS - M.V and L.V AIR CORE REACTORS - M.V and L.V DISCHARGE REACTORS - L.V DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS - L.V CONTROL TRANSFORMERS - L.V CONTROL TRANSFORMERS - SPECIAL TYPE TRANSFORMERS We have type test report for M.V Current and Voltage Transformers from ICMET Laboratory and TSE (Turkish Standard Institution) and Quality certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  9. FMT


    Measuring Transformers Factory (FMT) was founded in 1969, since when it has been supplying electrical equipment for current measurement and power distribution. Our main products are voltage and current measuring transformers and insulators for voltages up to 35kV. All our products are casted in epoxy resin.Other products include: * Isolating transformers up to 250kVA impregnated with epoxy resin; * Toroidal transformers; * System grounding metal resistors for medium voltage networks. FMT was privatised at the end of 2005. Since then we have made substantial investments to modernise production by acquiring new machines and equipment. We have continued to expand the variety of products with the development of a new range of voltage transformers (VTOP) for power supply of reclosers; and a new range of low voltage current transformers (STN). Other types of new products are in development.All products have been type tested and the company has a 100% testing regime. www.fmt.rs & boris@fmt.rs



    Upon its stable and reliable performance and professional service, our transformer oil dissolved gas analyzer (DGA), also known as gas chromatograph for analyzing dissolved gases in transformer oil, is an effective solution for power generating department, power supply department, power transmission department, transformer factory and current transformer factory to analyze compounds of dissolved gases in transformer oil and their concentrations. Our Moisture Analyzer (Karl Fischer Titration), Dielectric strength / Breakdown Voltage Tester, Dielectric Dissipation Factor Tester (Tan Delta testing), Interfacial Tension / Surface Tention Tester, Acid Number and Acidity Tester, Open Cup and Closed Cup Flash Point Tester, Kinematic Viscocity Tester, and Lubricating Grease Tester, etc all conform to ASTM standards and other international standards. As the precise testing result, excellent functions, durable quality and good services, our equipments are widely accepted by many countries and we

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