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  • Lazzaro srl has steadily grown as a company since 2000. The company is a blend of human warmth and energy, formed by a young, questioning team that is ready and always on the look-out for new... Supplier of: curved roofs | civil roofing | transparent roofing | polycarbonate roofing | Skylights and dormer windows [+] fume and heat evacuator | plastics processing | polycarbonate façade
    ITALY - Robegano-Salzano
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  • Supplier of: curved roofs | retractable roofing | Tents and marquees
    ITALY - Cologna Veneta
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  • Supplier of: curved roofs | Metal construction, lightweight
    MOROCCO - Casablanca
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  • Expert in curved roof and wall claddingDupral B.V. specialises in bending profiled sheet metal and is able to bend countless different types of profile sheets into every possible radius. The core business of the company... Supplier of: Bending - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining | edge beads | metal products and small parts | aluminium sheet bending
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  • A wide range of walkways are available, fully glazed or side glazed only with pitch, curved or flat roofs. Supplier of: Bus shelters | Walkways, metal | street furniture | passenger shelters | urban shelters
    UNITED KINGDOM - Gateshead
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  • ...machine, cut to length machine, roof curving machine, hydraulic decoiler, wood embossing machine, aluminium embossing machine, crimp curving machine, cnc folding machine, steel silo corrugated... Supplier of: Rolling machines | roll forming machine | cold roll forming machine
    CHINA - Wuxi
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  • ...line. We supply production line of C and Z shape purlin and floor decking sheet, production line of guard rail sheet for expressway as well as line of sandwich panels, curving machine for roof sheets. Supplier of: Construction machinery | construction machinery | roll forming machine
    CHINA - Hangzhou
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  • ...straight and curved metal, it works with sheet metal for use in the building trade and sells parts for tinplate making. Design and manufacture of metal roofing for industry and individuals. Supplier of: Boilerwork | key-pattern sheets | bespoke machining | bending and calendering of prevarnished sheet metal | zinc coated prevarnished metal
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  • ...C&Z purlin machines drywall Stud-track forming machines , Metal decks machines , No- girder and Column curves forming machines, Guard rails forming machines , Downspout pipes forming machines and so on. Supplier of: Steel, structural
    CHINA - wuxi
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