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    Erkan Guzel is a Turkish textile garment manufacturer for all custom-made uniforms and accessories from Istanbul, Turkey. We manufacture unique garments made from the most scarce fabrics available in Turkey. We supply clothing for various sectors such as aviation, healthcare, tourism, education, and other industries. We have a wide product portfolio : •Pilot Uniforms •Cabin Crew Uniforms •Security personnel Uniforms •Grand Handling Staff Uniforms •Corporate clothing •Personnel Uniforms •Hotel Personnel Uniforms •Organizational Uniforms •Spa/Massage Center Uniforms and many more! In addition to the portfolio mentioned above, we manufacture raincoats and protective work clothes using high technology "waterproof, windproof and breathable" fabrics with innovative finishings. At Erkan Güzel Textile Centre, we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by working with our customers. We have maintained long-lost relationships with our customers throughout our journey and provided our best quality products to world-known airline companies and corporations like Pegasus Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Tail Wind, Azur Airlines, MNG Airlines, ULS Cargo Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Libyan Wings Airlines, Medsky Airlines, Global Air, Legend Airlines, Kam Air and Istanbul Airport Management, ErAh Flight Academy, and many others. We are at your service with our best. Please feel free to contact us for more information!



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    If you're passionate about launching your own fashion brand and collection without compromising on quality, we're here to make it happen. Whether you're full of ideas or seeking guidance on design, our services are tailored to help you achieve your vision and bring your fashion brand to life. Our Services: Fashion Consulting: Get expert advice and guidance on every aspect of the fashion industry, from concept to production. Trends Analysis: Stay ahead of the fashion curve with in-depth trend analysis to inform your design choices. Collection Development: We'll help you create a collection that resonates with your target audience. Design (Custom/Ready): if you have a design in mind or need custom creations, our designers will bring your ideas to life. Print Design: Stand out with unique print designs that reflect your brand's identity and style. Materials Sourcing: We'll help you find the highest quality materials to ensure your products are top-notch. Production/Manufactory: Benefit from our state-of-the-art production facilities to turn your designs into reality efficiently. Embroidered Customization: Add a personal touch to your creations with custom embroidery that sets your brand apart. Transfers Customization: Explore versatile customization options to make your designs truly one-of-a-kind. We support you on every step of the way to take your brand to the next level. Let's work together to create your dream fashion brand and collection.



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    Welcome to Farsadi, where fashion meets empowerment. Our wide variety of fashionable options, including dresses, matching sets, jumpsuits, suits, shorts, skirts, blouses, and sweaters, cater to every woman's taste. At Farsadi, we believe clothing is a canvas to express personality and confidence. Our creative team continuously creates avant-garde apparel models that embody contemporary style. With Farsadi, women have access to stylish, multipurpose clothing, from eye-catching outfits to professional suits. Our selection of chic blouses, skirts, cozy sweaters, and elegant jumpsuits ensures customer satisfaction with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship. Simplifying dropshipping, Farsadi offers a hassle-free option for e-commerce enthusiasts. Integrate our vast selection into your online store and let us handle quick processing and safe delivery, so you can focus on business growth. Discover dresses, matching sets, statement jumpsuits, suits, shorts, skirts, blouses, and sweaters, personalized to keep you on the fashion forefront. Each item undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring exceptional design and durability. Our dedicated customer support team provides tailored guidance and quick resolutions. Whether a dropshipper, wholesaler, or retailer, Farsadi is your ideal partner. Redefine style with our exquisite selection of women's clothes across Europe and beyond. Join Farsadi today and empower women through fashion.



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    Established in 1992, Ternopol is a reputable manufacturer of leather and shearling jackets. Operating and trading with manufacturers from Turkey, our company has become a key player in the market. We specialize in crafting high-quality products and have a strong commitment to segmenting our offerings based on varying levels of quality. As a manufacturer, we have a global reach, exporting our goods to customers worldwide. We take pride in our ability to create tailor-made leather coats and jackets, offering an extensive portfolio to meet diverse demands. We aim to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional garments that perfectly align with their lifestyles. At Ternopol, we prioritize the use of the highest quality fabrics, guaranteeing functionality, durability, and comfort in our products. To ensure precision and attention to detail, our skilled master tailors handle all cutting and sewing processes. By adhering to rigorous standards throughout the production process, we maintain exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Whether you're seeking men's leather coats, jackets, shearling garments, or exquisite designs for women, we have a wide range of models to choose from. Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent customer service and helping you select the ideal suit that suits your unique preferences. Contact us for more information!



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    With extensive experience in the ready-to-wear garment manufacturing sector, Olive Textiles and Design Company stands out as a distinguished private-label ready-to-wear garment manufacturer based in Turkey. Our in-depth industry expertise positions us as leaders in producing high-quality garments tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We specialize in baby & kids, streetwear, sportswear, women's wear, menswear, corporate and workwear, and similar fashion items, bringing a wealth of knowledge to every project. Clients benefit from our experienced team throughout the entire process, ensuring seamless manufacturing and top-quality results. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the personalized attention provided by dedicated customer representatives, emphasizing client satisfaction. Explore our versatile portfolio of ready-to-wear garments, encompassing hoodies, sweatpants, sweaters, pants, children's and baby clothes, jogging suits, athletic wear, workwear, sportswear, casual wear, cardigans, polo shirts, t-shirts, short and long-sleeve options, catering to men, women, children, and babies. With a monthly production capacity of 50, 000 garments, we actively collaborate with international clients, delivering products that meet global standards. Olive Textiles employs cutting-edge technology for both quality and efficiency in manufacturing. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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    Accademia Mario Foroni is built on experience and passion in the field of knitwear. It's a school that specialises in the fashion sector, with internationally renowned teachers, training highly specialised professional figures able to turn technology and Italian design into distinguishing elements in the international competition for fashion and knitwear companies. Accademia Mario Foroni has a staff of internationally renowned teachers.



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    The company CALYPSO STORE, is a Retailer, which operates in the Ready-to-wear industry. It also operates in the women's clothing, custom-made clothing, women's clothing, and fashion accessories industries. It is based in Bourbourg, France.

  3. GARNE


    Campaign GARNE is a Ukrainian garment factory with a full production cycle. GARNE - means “Beautiful” in Ukrainian. Since 2015, we have been producing clothes under our own brand and during this time we managed to create 15 seasonal collections. Our production and warehouses are located in west of Ukraine in Rivne, not far from the Polish border. This allows you to quickly deliver orders to Europe. Style, quality, beauty and large sizes are the main principles of Garne women's clothing production. 220, 000+ women in Ukraine purchased Garne brand clothing. Choose from more than 1, 000 ready-made models that are already manufactured, and your order will be shipped from our warehouse in the shortest possible time. Today there is a war in Ukraine, but we continue to work. We provide Ukrainians with jobs so that Ukrainian families remain in Ukraine. Our work and paid taxes are our contribution to victory in the war! Feel free to contact us for more information!



    Bell Bimbo is a European fashion brand of children's apparel with its own factory in the center of Europe, in Vitebsk, which is considered the most creative city of Belarus, where Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich used to create. The brand makes two seasonal collections of high-quality clothes for girls and boys: a spring-summer collection and an autumn-winter collection. From the very first day, the children's clothing brand has been based on an Italian design aesthetic, which means elegance and relevance of clothing design solutions. The collections by Bell Bimbo are fashionable, cheerful, daring, but not provocative. Our style captures the brand's creative DNA. Genuine prints and collages have become the distinguishing feature of the collections. Our goal is to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with each partner. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at creating the most comfortable and helpful service for the wholesale of children's wear, up-to-date range of collections, and mutually beneficial working conditions. We have created a special project named "Online Presentation of the Collection" for our b2b partners. The project allows them to get acquainted with the collection of children's clothing and place an online order.



    Korleonne, which has been operating since 2019, is a company operating in the footwear industry. The aim of the company is to change the shoe industry, to pioneer innovations and to create new fashions, but above all to satisfy its customers and to provide them with quality service with its experienced employees. The principle of changing this sector has pushed Korleonne to make an original work that has never been tried before. Our company aims to serve world countries with the production of shoes and military products. It has offered shoes to many countries. These are in shoes; Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Algeria, America and Morocco countries. Military boots samples were sent to the countries of Uganda and Kango.



    Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies is a 100% Namibian garment manufacturer. We are masters of custom designed clothing and bag manufacturing of all shapes and sizes. We were officially registered in 2009 and operations started in 2010 with a workforce of 7 people and 5 machines at Wanaheda Municipal stalls and thereafter our workforce increased to over 20 employees. As business grew bigger, we sought for larger premises and we now house over 256 employees and 674 machines and we are currently situated in Windhoek in the Northern Industrial Area in the corner of Simmentaler Street and Cullinan Street. Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies produces about 978, 000 Pieces annually and we have the capacity to produce three times of what we are currently producing. We want to aggressively supply the African market before we move to the other part of the world. Namibia as a nation needs such a move to industrialise and meet the targets in achieving vision 2030, NDP4 and Growth at Home Strategy. As a growing company, we help SMEs to face and solve the current economic challenges to help them grow as well and contribute to industrialisation. Since the establishment of the company we are committed to provide personalized products of the best quality based on current trends. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



    YAYATEX is a custom socks, bags and apparel producer based in Istanbul, Turkey since 2016. We are working with many different chain stores and distributors all over the world. Basically, we produce; - Socks: 120 to 200 Needles, types of no-show, sports, trampoline socks and crew socks, in any sizes for men, women and kids. - Bags: From tote bags to backpacks, we can produce all type of collection bags and promotional bags with many different customization options. - Apparel: All type of knitted apparel; from t-shirts to pants, with limitless design and fabric options. - Masks: Fashion and medical masks Our customer services will be always ready to help you with any of your requests. Feel free to contact with us please.



    Maestrami has been making high-quality men's clothing for over 60 years. There are three lines: Maestrami Ceremony, for the most important moments, Maestrami Classic, for refined and elegant style, and U-NI-TY smart casual with a touch of vintage. Anticipating tastes and trends, creating its own unique and exclusive style without turning its back on quality tailoring traditions and always at the cutting edge of technology and know-how have been the objectives attained by Maestrami for over 60 years.



    Ligredo is an experimental and design sewing laboratory, that develops and prints patterns for garment production, and offers wholesale sewing of garments. The laboratory provides the following services to clothing brands and companies that make womenswear and menswear: —developing models with regard to a customer's requirements; —making samples according to the designed paper patterns for clothing to verify the fit of the garments and further adjusting the patterns and manufacturing processes; —printing patterns on wide format plotter in DXF, PLO, PLT, PDF formats; —construction and design of garments, pattern grading according to sketches, photos, and reference patterns; —sewing clothes in batches of 5 and more pieces of one color and model; —designing corporate apparel and corporate merchandise; — sewing of evening dresses, corsets, beadwork and sequins. Since 2018, Ligredo has been launching tailoring projects for men's and women's clothing of different styles, including haute couture, ready-to-wear luxury clothing. The lab's experts handle 1, 2, and 3-ply garments, and beyond. Ligredo's specialists use fabrics and accessories of English and Italian fashion houses, they also work with fur and leather. The laboratory applies sewing technologies of the best European fashion houses. The company offers individually designed patterns and models of clothing at a customer's request and implementation of ideas of any complexity.



    Too Fabric is a custom clothing manufacturer providing high-quality service with cutting, printing & embroidery, sewing, ironing, package and quality control units at our 1000 m2 production area located in Istanbul, Turkey where we give importance to working conditions and social rights of our 60 highly qualified staff. We pioneer your projects that can bring your brand to the forefront with our customized textile understanding based on complete customization. In addition to our specialized team in the field of custom-made textile manufacturing, we operate in many areas including branded clothing, office clothing, work clothing, school uniforms, and promotional items as well as the manufacturing of sophisticated clothes. We, Too Fabric, offer you various special products: T-shirts, Polo's, Sweatshirts, Polars, Jackets, Coats, Parkas, Trousers, Shorts, Tights, Accessories, Bags, Hats, Aprons, Caps, Towels, Surgical Gowns, and Patient Gowns. Identify who you are! We bring you many customization options to make your brand unique and unparalleled. We can produce various kinds of embroidery, printing (Chinese embroidery, winding, zig zag, applique embroidery and serigraphy, sublimation, digital transfer, puff, PVC, flock printing, etc). You can also differentiate your brand with our accessory alternatives such as fully customized zippers, printed buttons, printed labels, boxes, and bags.


    United Kingdom

    We’re a global sourcing platform that handle everything for the brands we work with, from start to finish. The platform acts as an all-in-one shop for brands looking to cut costs, and lead times but those who want to improve the quality of their products. Our account managers are with you every step of the way ensuring quality assurance and the swift movement of the production journey (you can visit the factories too) We also provide the best sustainable and ethical practices during production, which is something you’ll be able to proudly market to your customers in the future. Our process is as followed:   1. Create Your Designs  2. Finalise Your Materials  3. Sampling  4. Production  5. Delivery  What we usually do is have an introductory meeting with our partners, so that we can learn more about your project and talk you through our process.


    United States

    Custom Apparel Manufacturing along with the provision of top-notch quality is not an easy task. We here at Zega Apparel provide 100% guaranteed quality to customers, and our ordering process is the most sophisticated and custom-designed to fit the requirements of small and medium clothing brands worldwide. As custom clothing manufacturers in USA, we take quality seriously. Zega Apparel offers leading services including custom clothing manufacturers the USA along with cut &amp sew clothing services to private labels across the global


    United Kingdom

    Our wide range of styles and brands mean we can create promotional accessories that work best with your team or company's personality. We screen print and embroider everything from sports wear, uniforms right through to polo shirts and caps - even umbrellas and tote bags. Let's start creatively marketing your brand, today ! Choose from 2, 300 products and quality brands ! Your logo will look great screen printed or embroidered on our quality fabrics. Choose from top brands like Anvil, Glenmuir, and Fruit of the Loom. Our 500 brand new styles add plent 0 brand new styles add plenty of trendy choices for you to find just what you need to market your brand. See your logo on professional, stylish designs ! Our quality screenprinting and embroidering means your brand will feature in a clean, attractive design. Want to see your name on cool sports wear? Does your logo belong on elegantly embroidered business wear? Or, do you want your logo shown on useful, fun accessories?



    Custom production for you. Share the models and fabric material information you want with us. We will send you samples. After you approve the sample, we produce in the quantities you want. During production, we will be in communication with you. With our professional team, we find quick solutions and attain quality. إنتاج مخصص لك. شارك معنا النماذج ومواد النسيج التي تريدها. سوف نرسل لك عينات. بعد الموافقة على العينة ، ننتج بالكميات التي تريدها. أثناء الإنتاج ، سنتواصل معك. مع فريقنا المحترف ، نجد حلولًا سريعة ونحقق الجودة.



    Sewing studio "Viann" - the producer of women's clothing of the various range carries out sale of finished products wholesale and retail.Our collections correspond to requirements and desires of our buyers! As we are directly the producer of clothes, our prices will pleasantly surprise you!



    FOR FURTHER DETAILS, CONSULT OUR WEBSITE: www.ragusasartoriale.com. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 8: 30am to 1pm and from 2: 30pm to 5: 30 pm.Open on Saturday ONLY BY APPOINTMENT. "Ragusa clothes are the required choice for those who want to have their own style and creative way of expressing themselves, recounting stories with a classic and contemporary taste."



    The company TRIBU DE PARIS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Clothing industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the Textile printing, Textile flocking, custom-made clothing, embroidery, Textile printing, and Textile flocking industries. It is based in Ivry Sur Seine, France.



    The company ALICE DRESS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Ladies' formal wear industry. It also operates in the custom-made clothing, wedding wear, and women's bedroom apparel industries. It is based in Sakarya, Turkey.



    The company REVENGA CHEMISIERS GENEVOIS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Formal wear industry. It also operates in the Bespoke Shirts, Made to measure shirts, custom-made clothing, and made-to-measure garments industries. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland.



    The company SMSENRA LDA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Import-export - textile and clothing industry. It also operates in the custom-made clothing, women's wear, jersey, and custom t - shirts industries. It is based in Milheiros Maia, Portugal.



    The company FUCHS FASHION, is a Retailer, which operates in the Suits - men industry. It also operates in the custom made men's clothing, custom-made clothing, and custom-made suits and shirts industries. It is based in Thalwil, Switzerland.



    The company BLACKPIER - TRAJES DE NOVIO BARCELONA, is a Retailer, which operates in the Suits - men industry. It also operates in the custom-made clothing, men's clothing, and rental of party costumes industries. It is based in Barcelona, Spain.


    United Kingdom

    The company INNOVATE APPAREL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Import-export - textile and clothing industry. It also operates in the custom-made women's clothing, custom-made clothing, custom made men's clothing, and custom-made clothing for children and teenagers industries. It is based in Karachi, United Kingdom.



    The company SCIONTI LAB DI CARMELO SALVATORE SCIONTI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear industry. It also operates in the custom-made clothing industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.

  10. ARMC


    The company ARMC, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Menswear, ready-made industry. It also operates in the custom-made clothing, custom made men's clothing, custom-made women's clothing, and artisan tailors industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.

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