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    Founded in 1992, Annuaire-JCB.COM is the specialist in email and corporate address database sales and rentals. The company offers: corporate email in compliance with GDPR.Canvassing file to find new qualified clients thanks to our email database, constantly updated. sirene insee database to manage your Europe leads with our email address files Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain. Our targeted professional email database, 100 % verified is the ideal tool to send your mail-shots and generate more prospective clients in order to quickly develop your business. File for mail-shots with an excellent rate of return for email campaigns. Merge different reliable sources and exclusive partners, legal journals, INSEE directory. Email addresses validated in all business sectors. To make the right contacts and succeed your B2B prospecting, download our secure, professional and constantly updated email address databases. Over 30 years experience in the field of professional files. The removal of duplicates in our files is an additional guarantee to provide you optimum quality for a successful email prosecuting campaign. The quality of email content and the French business prosecuting file will pave the way to your success.


    United Kingdom

    Indigo DQM is a high level data management, query and reporting system designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. This powerful software application can be used for data analyses, data extraction, data migration and transformation, data queries and report generation. The DQM Data Management System efficiently consolidates all your Data Assets into a central shared Data Store for the most effective management, access and reporting allowing critical information to be available on demand across networks. Indigo DQM can convert and translate Data into many different formats and types allowing Data to be intelligible between different applications and databases. Indigo DQM includes all the functionality required for managing and processing data as a valuable resource. An essential data management and reporting system for advanced data analysis, reporting, management information and statistics.


    United Kingdom

    As a full-service data marketing agency driven by putting people first, we’re not interested in the notion of having more data than anyone else — what we’re interested in, is having more accurate and meaningful data of value. That’s because we know that precise information leads to precise responses to customer needs, and by taking a consultative approach we can help your business grow. Rather than focusing on the short-term tasks at hand, we look at the bigger picture to create long-term value. We build lasting relationships with our customers to deliver better business outcomes. By harnessing the power of data marketing to generate real insight, we can ensure every one of your engagements are targeted and meaningful — helping you to establish yourself as a trusted partner to your customers. With our market-leading data service, RESIDENT, we’re able to provide you with a single view of the UK covering 96% of all UK households and 51 million individuals. But it’s not the volume of our data that’s impressive -it’s the accuracy, quality and how we use it that sets us apart.



    Datategy (Data Strategy) is a data science solution editor, founded in 2016 by Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau; two data scientists specialised in the development of Machine Learning algorithms. Their vision is to improve the value of data, in order to optimise processes and impact companies’ business strategy. Datategy has studied different sectors such as the impact of AI in the field of mobility, telecommunications, energy… Our objective is to analyze your data in the right way, in order to bring significant added value to your company. We assist the customer throughout the data collection process up to the deployment of predictive models. Providing clear and adapted explanations to users according to their level of technical knowledge facilitates the integration and use of our solution. Trust and transparency are essential if we are to take advantage of the possibilities of AI and create a world where this technology is a driver that improves people’s lives. Unlike most AI companies, we ensure that our customers are present at every stage of data visualization. This not only helps demystify the ‘black box’ of AI, but also enhances the user experience. We also take into consideration advanced features such as time series and real-time flow data collection. Making your data readable and operational in real time facilitates the industrialization and deployment of your predictive models.


    United Kingdom

    We develop secure, online B2B systems that allow key staff to interact with valid, useful and applicable information via interfaces designed with both technical and creative input. To summarise, we give data value.'Data' is raw and, in itself, does not provide knowledge, foresight, judgement, astuteness or 'wisdom'. Its value is only in its potential. If you give Aqua Intelligence accurate, relevant data we will enable you to employ that potential, as we have done for Mercedes-Benz, BP, Castrol, Pioneer, Land Rover, Lenovo, Valtra, Suzuki, and many other companies.From performance measurement, through business dashboards to workflow management solutions, intelligent use of data, technology and creativity is our forte.

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    Sale and hire of files, directories, consumer and company e-mail addresses. Each piece of information is accompanied by identifier, names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, etc. 11 million, completely structured e-mail addresses of companies around the world. 2 million e-mail addresses of companies in France and 8 million consumer e-mail addresses.


    United Kingdom

    CodeFirst provides customised application and database software solutions.



    The company INFORM TECHNOLOGY GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Outsourcing - product development industry. It also operates in the Programming and software, electronic security equipment and systems, database management, Programming and software, and printed circuit design industries. It is based in Stockach, Germany.

  4. 4C


    The company 4C, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Direct marketing - consultants industry. It also operates in the Customer relations management software CRM, database management, crm, and Customer relations management software CRM industries. It is based in Mechelen, Belgium.

  5. EONIX


    The company EONIX, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Software publishing industry. It also operates in the Software for industry, database management, hospital software, Liberal professions software, and Software for industry industries. It is based in Mons, Belgium.



    The company STEPUP CONSULTING, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Marketing strategy consultants industry. It also operates in the database management, Data marketing, and data management industries. It is based in Leuven, Belgium.



    The company VENDIMUS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Telephone marketing industry. It also operates in the database management, marketing services, and telepromotions industries. It is based in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.



    The company PTOUSSAINT.COM, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Internet and Intranet sites - creation and development industry. It also operates in the cross-referral, information system consultation, database management, and computer networks industries. It is based in Ferrières, Belgium.



    The company ALFA SOLUTIONS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Electronic data processing - computer peripherals industry. It also operates in the Electronic data processing - software, systems and equipment for telecommunications and telephony, monitoring, database management, and Electronic data processing - software industries. It is based in Tielt, Belgium.



    The company PAPERASS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Internet and Intranet sites - creation and development industry. It also operates in the IT Services, database management, IT Services, and Word processing services industries. It is based in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.



    The company PANSEGRAU IT-SYSTEMLÖSUNGEN, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Management advice industry. It also operates in the databases, database management, and Database administration industries. It is based in München, Germany.



    The company FREEDELITY, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Data analysis industry. It also operates in the customer loyalty, and database management industries. It is based in Nivelles, Belgium.



    The company CODATA BELGIUM, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Data analysis industry. It also operates in the database management industries. It is based in Namur, Belgium.



    The company SMOLINFO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Software - business management industry. It also operates in the database management, and Software publisher industries. It is based in Purnode, Belgium.



    The company MANAGEMENT INFORMATION, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Information systems - advice industry. It also operates in the Data analysis, Data analysis, and database management industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.


    United States

    The company BIZDATASOFT SOLUTIONS, LLC, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Programming and software industry. It also operates in the Information Technology Cloud Computing Web Development, and Database Management industries. It is based in Ellicott City, United States.


    United Kingdom

    The company BORIS SOFTWARE LIMITED, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Customer relations management software CRM industry. It also operates in the database management industries. It is based in Leeds, United Kingdom.


    United States

    The company MERITDIRECT, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Direct marketing industry. It also operates in the database management, and consulting industries. It is based in Rye Brook, United States.



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    SPX FlOW Bolting Systems is a full service global manufacturer of controlled bolting solutions, including hydraulic torque and tensioning systems, industry specific certified training programs, system rentals, and flange management database software. We are your partner in flange management, both in regards to infrastructure construction and operations and maintenance applications, enabling you to complete your project safely, in less time and on budget. We have a large distribution network that offers local sales and service support in over 150 countries. All Bolting Systems products are designed and developed using the latest computer aided technology which ensures we remain at the forefront of product development. Our success to date has identified us as one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of bolting products. All our products are designed with the operator in mind and we encourage feedback. Our designers are fully aware of the environment our tools are utilized in and this is reflected by the ever increasing number of service organizations who choose to operate our equipment in the most arduous conditions.


    United Kingdom

    As a leading Cybersecurity consultancy, we specialize in providing tailored solutions in Cybersecurity Asset Management (CSAM), Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Our global team of experts is dedicated to optimizing your IT infrastructure, ensuring compliance, and enhancing security. With a track record of serving diverse industries, we’re here to drive your digital evolution and deliver lasting impact.



    Good database mean good business We are group of enthusiastic sales people, who know exactly how important contacts are. In DataPoint, we provide specifically tailored databaseservices for business companies which provide contacts in your area of enterprise. Our highest values are trust and privacy and so, we use only legall yobtained data. Right for you: PROFESSIONAL DATABASE Run your business with your own professional database. Manage your database with us, with the right workflows. FIRST CONTACT Leave the first contact with a potential client/ customer to us. Get help with the time and personnel intensive process with the first address to the customer.



    Screen Interactive is a web and mobile development company with headquarters in Ukraine. Our specialty is commercial website and mobile application development. We design, develop and support - Websites and apps for startups - E-commerce projects - Corporate websites - Portals - Android and iOS mobile applications Usually, our clients' projects aim at long-term goals, require considerable functionality and presuppose long-term cooperation between the customer and the developers. As the main development tools we use PHP for server-side scripting and MySQL for database management. We intensively use frameworks and libraries such as YII for PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap for front-end. We have extensive experience working with different CMS’s and using third party services via API (social networks, maps, payment systems, search engines, etc.) Project management, version control and bug tracking systems help us maintain high quality in software development.



    Rhyme&Reason Language Services is an ISO 17100: 2015 & 9001: 2015-certified Language Service Provider based in Greece. Our comprehensive range of services includes translation, DTP, subtitling, editing, transcription, and localisation in over 90 language combinations. In addition, we offer interpretation services in-person or remotely through our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation system. Our team of 17 highly experienced in-house and 170 external translators utilise advanced translation and linguistic database management systems supported by AI to ensure the highest quality results. Having worked closely with a wide range of clients across both the private and public sectors since our founding, in 2005, we have gained extensive experience in what it takes to create a seamless globalisation strategy. We thus focus on leveraging technology to create time and cost savings, helping organisations expand into new markets.


    United States

    Offshore India Data entry is outsourcing service provider company in India. We deal with complete precision to make accurate, highly reliable and of high quality offshore data entry outsourcing services to our clients. As we treasure and value them so we offer services of high standard to make them completely satisfied and happy. Our efforts are always focused on giving our best and making the cost to marginal low level by working thoroughly. Clients, their project requirement and their specifications are kept in mind through the process of work done. Our work team force is capable of handling any kind of project whether it is small or big budget one, simple or complex whatever it may be but they contribute with all their attention to make it successful. They are highly skilled, educated and trained one in their domain which enables them to handle any services ranging from data entry, data processing, data conversion, scanning and indexing, OCR conversion, e-book conversion, web research, market research, and image editing work are few to mention. We make use of cutting edge technologies to meet the needs of our clients and boom their business. Offshore India Data Entry company have in-house expert team for catering different services including data entry, data conversion, data processing, web research, transcription and database management.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    SAPLAST d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a company that offers production and installation services of windows, doors and curtain facades made from PVC and aluminum profiles, as well as manufacturing and installation of insulating glass.The company "SAPLAST"d.o.o. from Sarajevo has been present at the market since 1997. The company headquarters is in Sarajevo, street Nikole Šopa no. 245 and production facilities are located in Hadžići, near Sarajevo. During manufacturing process, we use hi-tech CNC Machines which are directly connected to central computer systems. However, we could not use all the benefits and opportunities provided by high technology without competent workers. Our employees are professional and capable, trained to deal with the complex demands of our customers, willing to acquire new knowledge and share on that knowledge with others within the company. Saplast company has been developing for years with continuous improvement of its personnel and production technology. This has enabled Saplast to expand production to 8000 m2 of production area, with an online database management, and continuous quality control of the product. Multi-chamber PVC profiles, manufactured by world renowned VEKA AG (Germany), guarantee product quality and durability as well as superior design and outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation. Saplast offers premium quality product at an affordable price.

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