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    Working together with his son Henry Hirsch and employees, Hirsch develops test devices and procedures for facilitating and improving magnetic particle testing (MT) and the demagnetisation of steel components. To this aim, HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik GmbH offers the following services: Development, design and production of direct current pulse devices for magnetic particle testing (MT) and the demagnetisation of steel components Distribution and sale of devices Inspection, maintenance, repair and safety checks of supplied devices Commissioning of devices on customer's premises Training of test personnel Laboratory testing, research and development projects on behalf of customers

  2. SELTER S.A.


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    Manufacturer of magnetic applications for industry such as permanent magnetic chucks, electromagnetic and electropermanent chucks. Also manufactures lifting magnets, demagnetizers, electromagnets, electromagnetic drill stands and magnetic separating systems for the recycling, food and pharmaceitical industries.



    Magnetmechanik Krömeke GmbH. Your strong partner in magnetic technology for over 30 years. We develop and produce magnetic products for industry and mechanical engineering. We gladly receive your design requests, assess them and take charge of the entire design as well as production.



    The company SAV FRANCE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fastening devices - machines for production industry. It also operates in the demagnetisers, and Magnets industries. It is based in Montmélian, France.



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    As one of the largest German magnet trading companies, we have been meeting the needs and requirements of our customers for over 50 years to their absolute satisfaction. From initial consultation, to computer-assisted optimizations to sample production in our own workshop - we offer all of the above, as well as on-time delivery of over 1600 stocked products. Of course, thanks to our long-term production partners, we can offer and supply practically all standard magnet materials, qualities and dimensions in small quantities as well as large series. Our experienced magnet team is happy to talk about your needs at any time - get in touch and we will be happy to convince you.

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    STL is specialized in solving complex and demanding technical challenges by high technology system approaches used for naval and industrial applications. STL excels in the ability to combine specific requirement of discerning customers with various sensor influences, field generating systems and sophisticated data processing using STL's flexible sensor modules in combination with analysis tools. Special know how is accumulated in the area of magnetic and electric field measurement systems and data analysis by using ultra precision digital data acquisition systems and mathematical algorithms also applicable to acoustic measurement systems


    United Kingdom

    MAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS manufacture and sells state of the art palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic equipment: palaeomagnetism, archaeomagnetism, geomagnetism, environmental magnetism, thermal demagnetisers, magnetic fields, pulse magnetiser, low field cages, rock drills, Gaussmeters ... (E.g. advanced automated Thermal Demagnetizer capable of automatically heating and cooling palaeomagnetic samples). Our product range now includes high precision 80 and 24 sample Thermal Demagnetizers, Shielded Rooms, 9 Tesla Pulse Magnetizer, Spinner Magnetometer, AVFTB (Advanced Variable Field Translation Balance), Portable rock drill and associated equipment, and mu-metal sample storage boxes. Major items of instrumentation can be manufactured to meet customers individual requirements at little or no extra cost and we offer a reconditioning and upgrade service for our Thermal Demagnetizers.



    MAGBAT-Europe specializes in the development and production of electro permanent magnets on battery power. Our magnets have the great advantage that they can be used autonomously, independently of the main power supply. The powerful, built-in battery, provides a short current pulse through which the magnet inverts (magnetize). This status remains active until a subsequent flow pulse (demagnetisation). Because the magnetic force is independent from the electrical power, but generated by permanent magnets, our magnets are 100% safe. The low energy consumption is our engagement for a “GREEN” world. Operation is done by means of built-in electronic pushbuttons or radio remote control. Electro permanent magnets are used for the manipulation of single steel parts such as steel blocks, steel plates, cylindrical pieces and profiles. In addition, they are the ideal solution for mobile applications where no power supply is available (forklift etc.) Beside our standard product range, we also develop, produce and deliver tailor-made solutions. All our magnets are supplied with a multi-language manual and CE-certificate of conformity. Despite the fact that our magnets are maintenance-free, our service department is ready to provide you with the necessary support when needed.



    La GTM France is a specialist in inductive heat treatment for steel bars and tubes, and offer their own options for further processing, e.g. peeling systems for the production of bright steel. Dimension range: Lengths of up to 15 m. Diameters of between 10 mm and 354 mm. We also offer services such as: Conventional heat treatment with gas furnaces, annealing, stress relieving annealing and GKZ annealing as well as straightening, thread cutting, thread rolling, forging, sawing and demagnetisation. We develop individual solutions and adapt to customer requirements in terms of mechanical values and lead and delivery times. Another of La GTM France's areas of business is the sub-brand Filtaro, which offers anchoring systems such as threaded rods, anchors and pre-stressed bars. All of our products can be manufactured with a length of up to 16 metres and a diameter of between 10 mm to 354 mm. With more than 25 years of research and experience in the field of civil engineering, La GTM France has made a name for itself as a supplier internationally.

  5. EWM AG


    EWM AG are Germany’s largest and one of the most important worldwide manufacturers of arc welding technology. The family-run company from Mündersbach have been living their motto, “WE ARE WELDING”, for over 60 years with forward-looking, well thought-out and sustainable complete solutions designed with a large helping of passion for industrial clients as well as skilled craft businesses. EWM develop high-end welding technology. The company based in Germany’s Westerwald region offer complete systems that cover everything from high-quality welding machines (and all associated components), through welding torches, to welding consumables and accessories for manual and automated applications. Users praise their products’ ease-of-operation and excellent results. Companies value the solid consultancy, service and enormous savings that come with EWM systems. The partially patented welding processes reduce the consumption of materials, energy and time during operation and produce up to 75 per cent less welding emissions. The innovative welding manufacturer currently employs around 800 employees at 15 German and seven international locations, with just under 400 of these being based at their original headquarters in Mündersbach.