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    GERMANY- Engelskirchen
    LUKAS-ERZETT GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer of high-performance and innovative tooling systems for surface treatment. Standard and customer-specific solutions for the automotive, aeronautical, environmental and energy industries.

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | Industrial diamonds | diamond grinding cups | Boilerwork | Metalworking hand tools, non-power [+] Metalworking - portable power tools | Polishing equipment and materials | Abrasive discs | Sharpening - machine tools | Swarf removal machines | adhesive flap | tools in hard metal | sanders | metal polishing | milling tools

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    SWITZERLAND- Lotzwil
    WMC SINTERSTAR AG - Verified by Europages

    As a Swiss carbide manufacturer, we are active in the production of workpieces in small and medium production runs. Our daily business involves manufacturing individual parts and complex series....

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond dressing tools | diamond disks | diamond pastes | diamond files [+] Abrasive discs | tools in hard metal | precision tools | special tools | cutting blades | carbide milling cutters | hard metal cutting tools | carbide forming dies | carbide plates | carbide rods

    • Ceramic powder, SiC Ceramic powder, SiC Silicon Carbide Powder
    • Diamond pastes Diamond pastes Polishing pastes with diamond
    • Diamond tools Diamond tools Diamond special tools
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    SWITZERLAND- Wallisellen
    REISHAUER AG - Verified by Europages

    Reishauer Group – Because we have redefined the entire production process for gears. The merger with Felsomat systematically advanced our integration strategy and expanded our expertise to cover the...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond grinding tools | diamond disks | diamond blades | Abrasive discs [+] mechanical engineering | operator machines | industrial sanding machines | machine tool manufacturing | industrial gear cutters | machine tool assembly | dressing tools | drilling tools for grinding wheels | cbn tools | cnc gearing machines

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    GERMANY- Eschenburg
    BÜDIAM DIAMANTWERKZEUGE - Verified by Europages

    ...strong, reliable and innovative partner for your diamond tools, Büdiam is the right place for you. Customer orientation, excellence and innovative spirit are a part of our corporate values. We...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | special diamond tools | diamond saw blades | diamond wires | diamond drill bits [+] Drill bits and countersinks | Abrasive discs | bit | pritchel | precision tools | special tools | milling and grinding tools | compartment | jointers

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  • ...abrasive mop discs, abrasive mop wheels and diamond tools. A product range of more than 50, 000 articles and a team of more than 460 competent and highly qualified sales representatives, technicians and...

    Supplier of: diamond tools | diamond drills | diamond cutting blades | Abrasive discs | abrasives [+] cutting-off wheels | drill bits | diamond cup grinding wheels | flexible abrasives | flap discs | fibre discs | carbide burrs | small abrasive mop | self-fastening discs | kronenflex

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    GERMANY- Stadtoldendorf
    SCHOTT DIAMANTWERKZEUGE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH produces high-quality drilling, grinding and milling tools, mainly according to customer requirements for glass, ceramics, stone, metal and plastics processing as well as...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond grinding tools | diamond polishing tools | diamond tools for ceramic and glass processing | diamond tools for medical technology [+] diamond tools for brittle hard material processing | diamond and cbn special tools | diamond tools – automotive sector | diamond disks | diamond hollow drills | cbn tools | cnc glass machining | dental drills | microdrills | dental tools for laboratories/dentists

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    GERMANY- Kaiserslautern
    DTS GMBH - DIAMOND TOOLING SYSTEMS - Verified by Europages

    ...cutting materials such as CVD-D (CVD thick film diamond), PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (cubic boron nitride). In order to process these extremely hard cutting materials cost-effectively, we soon realised...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | drilling rods | cutters | milling | cutting tools [+] cutting inserts | grooving tools | clamping holders | milling heads | cutter heads | cvd-d | cbn | pcd | mcd | ultra pcd

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  • and accessories for plastering machines, diamond tools, electric machines, adhesive tapes, battery-powered garden tools as well as special hand tools, we look forward to you visiting our virtual...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | spare parts for diamond tools | diamond drill bits | diamond core drills | Safety in the workplace [+] electric tools | accessories for surveyors | rough casting | battery tools | occupational safety | construction equipment | construction tools | diamond circular saw blades | continuous mixer for dry mortar | spare parts for plastering machines

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    GERMANY- Kissing
    DIEWE GMBH - Verified by Europages for the basis for ensuring that DIEWE tools can enable quick, cost-effective and precise work. Following on from our groundbreaking "MASTER" and "TWISTER" diamond cutting discs, we have further intensified...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond milling tools | diamond grinding tools, flexible | diamond tools for tool manufacturing | diamond-tipped stoneworking tools [+] diamond disks | diamond drill bits | diamond grinding cups | diamond cutting discs | reamers | milling tools | precision tools | tools for tilers | tools for metal construction | special tools

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    GERMANY- Ölbronn-Dürrn
    UC TOOLS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As tool specialists we design and manufacture special tools for customers around the world. The design and manufacture of our tools is based on more than 30 years of combined experience and...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | polycrystalline diamond tools (pcd tools) | reamers | lathe tools | precision tools [+] twist drills | solid carbide special drilling tools | fine boring tools | wsp special tools | grinding shop for pcd tools | special tools for machining | punch tools | recessing tools | tool holders | solid carbide milling tools

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  • ...on practically any material. The applied cutting tool is stainless steel wire with diamond grains that can be effectively "embedded" in the wire. This patented embedding process guarantees the highest degree of...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond tools | diamond wire saws | diamond saw | Power saws, portable [+] Quality control - construction and civil engineering | materials testing | quality control | precision slitting | saws | machine tools for metal sawing | machines for non-destructive material testing | saw wire | specialised machines for testing technology | material analyses

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    GERMANY- Ravensburg
    HPTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HPTec GmbH is an internationally operating medium-sized company that develops, produces and sells drilling and milling tools around the world. Customers benefit from our decades of experience in the...

    Supplier of: diamond milling tools | Drill bits and countersinks | Milling and turning of rubber and plastic | dentistry profiles | metal drilling [+] drill bits | wood borers | cutters | cfrp tool | gfrp tool | micro tool | profile cutters | micro tools | deburring mills

    • solid carbide drill - DDK201-1 solid carbide drill - DDK201-1 solid carbide drill, diamond coated, for CFRP and GRP
    • 7-flute router - RDF740 7-flute router - RDF740 7-flute router with M-cut and chip breaker, diamond coated, for CFRP and GFRP
    • 7-flute router - RDF700 7-flute router - RDF700 7-flute router with flat ent cut, diamond coated, for CFRP und GFRP
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  • the availability of HD machinery, we are able to satisfy all requests. Stone, marble, granite and even glass and ceramics are materials whose transformation requires the use of specific, adapted tools.

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond-tipped tools for working glass | diamond-coated tools for working marble, granite and stone | accessories for diamond-coated wires | diamond-tipped grinding wheels [+] diamond disks | diamond blades | cutting tools

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  • Premier is specialised in the manufacture of products for polishing and squaring porcelain and natural stone. Premier brings together high-tech knowledge, and both precise and meticulous expertise to...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond wire | diamond keyhole saws | diamond-tipped grinding wheels | framing [+] polishing | sharpening

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    ITALY- Orsaria-Premariacco
    DIANAT S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    ...and distributes diamond and carbide tools for the working of wood, plastics, aluminium and derivates; the company is leader in the development of PCD and carbide products for high-quality craftmanship...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond tools | diamond blades | milling tools | tools for polycrystalline work [+] multi-cutting helical cutters | brazed widia tools

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    ITALY- Ferrara
    METALUTENSILI S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | Industrial tools | Electric tools | accessories for welding

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  • Supplier of: Diamond tools | Industrial tools | cutting tools | assembly benches

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    PORTUGAL- Marinha Grande

    We are suppliers of Steels, Non-Ferrous Metals and Technical Abrasives, with various dimensions and specifications, which are sent in 24 hours. We supply hardened, ground and pre-machined steels, in...

    Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | special steels for molds | commerce of non-ferrous metals | abrasives for metal | abrasive and polishing products

    • Diamond Mounted Points Diamond Mounted Points Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points
    • Diamond Dressers Diamond Dressers Diamond Dressers for Abrasive Grinding Wheels
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  • ...areas of industry. Our products include: • Diamond tools • Polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD tools) • Milling tools • Solid carbide milling tools • Special milling cutters • Disc milling cutters • Diamond milling...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | high-precision diamond tools | diamond milling tools | milling tools | tools for working aluminium

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  • ...drilling tools, CBN tools, diamond tools, lathe tools, lathe tools with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and CBN cutting tips, recessing tools, carbide-tipped tools, milling tools, carbide cutting inserts, machining tools,...

    Supplier of: diamond tools | Drill bits and countersinks | bar turning steel and metals | reamers | lathe tools

    • Turning tools Turning tools Non-ferrous-metal machining
    • Turning tools Turning tools CBN turning
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  • self as the leader of manufacturing of Diamond tools for Concrete and Stone industries. Operating in Dilovasi region of istanbul under a 6.000 m2 closed factory, and a team with 40 years...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond-coated tools for working marble, granite and stone | cutting and drilling concrete and reinforced concrete | core cutters | dressed discs for wall saws

    • Core Drill Core Drill Core drill for Normal and Reinforced Concrete
    • vacuum brazed diamond drill vacuum brazed diamond drill DIAMOND DRILLS
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    GERMANY- Tröstau

    A manufacturer of innovative stone saws with two functions: 1) Stone saws for masonry, 2) Wall saws/masonry saws. Advantages: Only 230 volts, dry cutting up to a depth of either 26 cm or 50 cm,...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | marble, granite and stone sawing machines

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  • ...requirements that our customers place on tools. Quality assurance integrated into all stages of production guarantees that our diamond tools are of a consistently high quality. In addition to all of...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond-tipped tools for working glass | stone fabrication diamond tools | diamond-tipped tools for watchmakers and watchmaking | diamond milling tools

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    UNITED STATES- Chardon

    ...lenses and micro-structured surfaces. At Chardon Tool we offer the latest manufacturing and measuring technologies to produce the world's best diamond tools for ultra-precision machining. Our products are shipped throughout the world including the EU, Asia, Latin America, and beyond. We...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | custom made single crystal diamond tools | precision diamond cutting | choice of types tools for milling and turning applications

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  • ...the cutting system and the durability of the tools for each type of materials and machines used. Our experience helps us to say that nothing is impossible. PARTNERSHIP Local and professional support for our customers to ensure...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond discs for granite | diamond disks | diamond discs for marble

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    GERMANY- Oberschneiding

    The extensive product portfolio of our in-house products is marketed under the "Head Master" brand name. Alongside milling tools, countersinking and chamfering tools, turning tools, grooving tools...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | milling tools | reamers | tools in hard metal | precision tools

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  • mounting, ingot • Profiling Cutting tools (RI195; RI29; RI246; RI104; RI223; RI429; RI4 RI 360) and foreign analogy (Winter, Diaform, Optidress) • Cutting tools for profiling of worm circles (REISHAUER, MATRIX) - Arrowheads (Tips) for measuring hardness and microhardness of materials on methods: •...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond tools | diamond milling tools | high-precision diamond tools | pantographs for diamond dressing

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  • We have diamond abbrasive tools, concrete grinding machines, natural stone grinding machines, high speed burnishers and all toolings compatible with these machines. We export concrete sealer and...

    Supplier of: diamond tools | Grinding - machine tools | floor grinding | polished concrete | floor polishing

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  • ...standards. Our main products include: Natural Diamond (ND), Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride(PCBN), Ceramics, Cemented carbide, High Speed Steel(HSS) standard and non-standard cutting tools and...

    Supplier of: diamond tools | Industrial hardware | pcd turning inserts | ceramic turning inserts | solide cbn turning inserts

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    INDIA- Aurangabad

    ...PRECISION TOOLS is a manufacturer of Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond/CBN wheels, PCD Inserts, Honing Stones. Our company employs 300 employees and our 48, 000-square-meter facility houses over 400 sets of advanced devices. With this raw power, we...

    Supplier of: Diamonds, industrial | diamond tools | cutting tools | grinding wheels

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