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    All you need of Bathroom products and Sanitary wares just from one place. LAVELLA it is the Main Brand of the Turkish company BURMAS, which has been and still active in the sanitary wares Turkish market for 13 years, serving up to 600 construction market. As well as, during the last 5 years BURMAS started exporting its products globally to countries like: Germany, France, Malta, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Gambia, Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Palestine and Mauritius. Our Aim: it is to gain new long term partners not just making an order and finishing. Our Mision: is to provide our partners all they need in Bathroom and Sanitary Wares field of High Quality Turkish Products with good prices from one place so they will not have loss in their time and in the shipping fees when they take each product from different place, and as a result we hope in that way they will be stronger to compete in their market. Our Vision: is to spread the high quality concept of the Turkish Goods and be one of the biggest Turkish brand which will be able to take its place in the global market. -Faucet & Mixers (for Bath, Shower, Basin & Kitchen) -Shower Sets (Hand set, Wall hung, Concealed ) -Bathroom Accessories -Toilet (Wall hung, Zero to wall) -Washbasins (Classic, fits to cabinet) -Led Mirrors -Bathroom Cabinets -Shower Enclosure (cabinets) -Bathroom drain -Shower drain -Toilet Flushing System (Push-Up Inner Set) -Toilet Concealed Reservoir



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    Brand Energy Service is an esteemed Dutch company specializing in providing exceptional Caterpillar engines, parts, and filters. With over three decades of expertise in the diesel engine industry, Brand Energy Service supports a wide array of industries that depend on robust, high-performance machinery for their critical operations. As a small, family-run business, we are deeply committed to delivering personalized service and driving customer satisfaction. We offer around-the-clock availability for service, parts supply, and expert technical advice. Our focus is on reducing ecological footprints while minimizing downtime to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your equipment. Here are some of our product offerings: - Fuel Injectors/Nozzles: Critical for optimizing fuel delivery, enhancing engine power, and improving fuel efficiency. - Pistons and Connecting Rods: Stabilize and prolong the engine’s operational life. - Caterpillar Filters: Designed to remove contaminants effectively, ensuring clean fuel and oil flow, which enhances engine performance and longevity. - Thermostats: Essential for maintaining engine efficiency and preventing stress. Contact us for more information! We do not sell in Germany.