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Distributor - Cleaning of furnishings


    United Kingdom

    UK Healthcare Chairs are an established online healthcare furnishing company specialising in the supply of seating and furniture to care homes, hospitals, dental practices, day centres and other healthcare facilities. Healthcare facility waiting areas are regarded as high risk environments and it’s therefore crucial to ensure that your waiting room chairs and care home furniture are made with hospital grade contract vinyls and fabrics. With an extensive online portfolio of chairs, furniture and other domiciliary items available in antibacterial, anti-microbial and wipe-clean finishes, we’re a one stop shop for all your healthcare furnishing needs. Browse through our range of reception and waiting room chairs, ward and high seat chairs, bariatric seating, public area seating, and care home chairs to view our full range.



    Eurogalvano operates in the GALVANIC TREATMENT, MODULAR JOINTS and 3D PRINTING macro-areas. We provide quality surface treatments. Foundry, cleaning, chroming and high quality painting. Liquid painting as well as powder coating. Manufacturing of MADE IN ITALY modular joints. Eurogalvano designs and produces modular joints and accessories. It's a matter of over 200 kinds of components that are needed for assembling modular systems that are used both for home as well as for company and industrial furnishing. Our production is entirely Italian and can supply round or square joints, tubes and accessories with various diameters and lengths. 3D Printing: As of today we can develop and design prototype or functional parts in NYLON, LOADED WITH CARBON FIBRE, GLASS FIBRE, KEVLAR FIBRE. Furthermore, thanks to the new Metal X printer these can also be STEEL, TITANIUM, ALUMINIUM parts starting from scratch from design software of from scans provided entirely by state-of-the-art 3D scanners.


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Distributor - Cleaning of furnishings

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