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Distributor - Iran



    We are registered and licensed pharmaceutical company in Iran. We are exclusive agent of reputed European pharmaceutical companies. We have our in house regulatory team and register your product, import and market in Iran. Marketing holders from EU countries, Australia, Japan, South Korea are welcome to contact us!



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    L'Arbre Persan is an import brand for premium-quality dried fruits that comply with food standards and current legislation. The brand's founders have lived in Iran and Afghanistan, where dried fruits are commonly used in cooking and patisserie. However, when they arrived in France they found that it was difficult to find certain products from those countries and decided to fill this gap by offering high-quality dried fruits, as well as powders and pastes made from dried fruits.L'Arbre Persan is divided into several collections for different customer preferences: Timeless: Ispahan pistachios, Samangan almonds, roasted chickpeas from Badakhshan, Mazafati dates and Russian olives. Food-lover: Saffron products from Iran, rose almonds and saffron pistachios, among others. Fruity: Products like barberry from Mashad, plums from Parwan, figs from Ghazni, dried apricots from Peshak and Kishtai, as well as various types of raisins. The seed collection includes melon seeds from Herat, pumpkin seeds and roasted watermelon seeds. Floral : Includes products such as saffron from Afghanistan, Khatmi flowers and Iranian rose. For pastry chefs, L'Arbre Persan offers powders and flours based on dried fruits. Through our brand, we aim to support and develop local agriculture in those countries.



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    MAISON BOTEH is a family business created by a mother and son team that specialises in upscale foods with a taste of Persia and Iran. Our products are made in the traditional manner, combining creativity with a deep-held love of Iranian cuisine. We also offer two further services: Creation of white label products & sourcing of products Made in France. Further details see below: We have several activities: 1/ Sale of products from MAISON BOTEH: •Single product: L’Or Noir, Iranian black lemon paste, •Persian-flavoured jams (see products). - Available in formats: for retail or hospitality trade: from 100g to 500g / Hotels: 28g, 42g, - organic is possible, - IFS Certification • Spices (saffron, sumac, etc.), dried fruits (pistachio, wild almond, etc.) and dehydrated fruits (strawberry, Iranian mango, - organic possible. 2/ Suppliers of white label products: - We create the recipes for you, - We can create the label with you too if you don't have a graphic designer, - We work with you to create your specifications. 3/ Sourcing gourmet products that are Made in France: - a network of partners allows us to assist you with your search for French produce. Oils, condiments, jam, etc. With MAISON BOTEH, everything is possible. We offer custom services to make sure we fully meet your needs and expectations.



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    The French company, RAYA, specialises in importing and marketing food products from Iran. Our outstanding products are carefully selected from small-scale producers and cooperatives. They are from the current year's harvest and are, for the most part, certified organic. We also have a range of rare and original products, in particular products picked in the wild. In our workshops in France, we prepare our pistachios to suit your tastes in order to meet your different roasting, salt-content or flavour demands. Our aim is to prioritise quality and short circuits. We import our products directly in order to manage: - goods batching, - goods preparation, - product importation, - goods reception. Each product is tasted and tested before purchase. This ensures we are familiar with the taste qualities that we offer you. Our catalogue includes a wide range of products from Iran: - spices, - condiments, - dried fruit, - nuts, - dried plants, - pistachios, - saffron, - herbal distillates, - dried lemon, - pistachio paste… Our products are reserved for professionals sensitive to the choice of products they consume.



    Welcome to our world, where we thrive as premier exporters of agricultural treasures. With immense pride, we present to you our exquisite assortment of premium products, encompassing the finest Pistachios, Almonds, Raisins, and an assortment of other tantalizing Nuts. Moreover, our heritage as esteemed exporters shines through as we offer a longstanding tradition of delivering fresh, impeccable Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples, alongside a delightful array of cultivated varieties, including Pomegranates and an assortment of seasonal vegetables, to esteemed destinations in the Persian Gulf and the EU. Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously source our offerings from an extensive network of trusted suppliers hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled flavors harvested from lush orchards in Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, the UK, and the USA. Each delectable morsel symbolizes our steadfast dedication to present you with a visionary culinary experience. As the epitome of a modern enterprise, we stand tall, radiating an unwavering clarity of purpose. In our hands, the future of the world takes shape as we assume our pivotal role in fostering a reliable and trustworthy business environment. Join us on this remarkable journey and become a part of our ever-growing legacy of integrity and innovation

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    we distribute pure gases , gas mixtures , liquid gases , regulator. we import gases form UAE & Oman We would like to introduce our company as a trading company in the field of GAS and related equipment. Dayan gas co. is a part of Dayan group , Dayan groups companies are : Dayan Lubricant co. , Dayan Additives co. , Dayan Machine co. Dayan gas supply : Pure gases Gas mixtures Industrial gases Specialty gases Regulators Liquid helium & liquid Nitrogen Storage & cryogenic tank Refrigerant gases we supply all gases and equipment from the best international brands like : AirLiquide , Airproduct , Linde , Calgaz , Scott , Gas Arc , Victor , Emerson , MHD , SOC , TGS



    The company IRAN TARIFF INTERNATIONAL TRADING, is a Distributor, which operates in the Vegetables, edible roots and tubers industry. It also operates in the Fruit, Shellfish and crustaceans, Fish, Frozen and deep-frozen foods, Fruit, Shellfish and crustaceans, Fish, and Frozen and deep-frozen foods industries. It is based in Bachs, Switzerland.



    The company POURIA NEMAT ZADEH-IRAN CONNECTION, is a Distributor, which operates in the Hand tools, non-power industry. It also operates in the Machine tools - metal shaping, Machine tools - metal machining, Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories, Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives, Machine tools - metal shaping, Machine tools - metal machining, Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories, and Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives industries. It is based in Darmstadt, Germany.



    The company ROSHANGARAN E ARIAN PAYAM, is a Distributor, which operates in the Vegetables, preserved industry. It also operates in the Iran safranı industries. It is based in Istanboul, Turkey.



    I am an export and import consultant. I have built solid relationship with different companies, exporters and manufacturers of agricultural products such as cashew nuts (Vietnam), raw cashew nut (ivory coast), sesame seed (chad), cassava chips (Nigeria) Raisins (Iran), tapioca starch and many more. I would like to note there are no additional fees, all fees are the same as it is from the companies.

  1. MBN CO


    We are pleased to introduce Modiran Behinehsaz Nasir(MBN Co.) as the one of formost leading engineering-procurement suppliers in Iran. MBN Co. was established in 2008. With a consistency in share holders and management it has gained valuable expertise and potential in various aspects of business and engineering such as marketing, sales and after sales issues in the territory of Iran. We help our customers to meet end users' expectations for safety , sustainability, performance, integrity, and desirability. Find our most activities in these links: Research Laboratory Equipment Electrical Infrastructure Industrial equipment



    Sharing Iran Premium Products Worldwide Universe Commerce Era Co. (LLC) Reg. No: 16562, is an Iranian International Business Consultant founded in Iran and owned by Dr. Yashar H. Deljavan, Managing Director of the company. U.C.E has established since 2009 with Strong Strategic Management and its core activity is to supply high class products mainly FMCG foodstuff products to Int'l Markets in cooperation with its partners and distribution centres worldwide. Our main markets and distribution centres are based in GCC, South Asia, Europe, CIS and we expand new markets globally time to time. We have partners in Europe (Bulgaria - Greece - Germany) in GCC (Kuwait - Qatar) in Asia (Hong Kong), in CIS (Armenia - Kazakhstan - Turkmenistan)

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    United Arab Emirates

    Ata Tejarat Soloot (Iran Komatsu), under the ownership and management of Mr. Ali Kazemi, has been in construction machinery spare parts business for 30 years. We are one of the leading companies in Iran dealing with importing, exporting and supplying all kinds of construction heavy machinery spare parts across the board including engine parts, undercarriage parts, g.e.t, filters, electrical parts, hydraulic pumps and parts, converter parts, transmission parts, seal kits, turbocharger and all kind of related accessories mainly for KOMATSU. We are also the only certified exclusive agent of ITR Italy in Iran. We are always present in international exhibitions to constantly search for the best quality products at the most reasonable price. We currently have more than 20, 000 items in our warehouse ready to be delivered at our customers'​ convenience.



    Original Iranian Saffron Supplier We have the capability to supply different types Iranian Saffron with different qualities from 1 Kgs up to 10, 000 Kgs, directly from Iran. You can put your inquiries right here or by email, whatsapp and via phone. We will find the best as your need. All the products are provided as the needed standards wanted by you. You can also provide us with the needed laboratory obligations to be included in qualitative saffron based on your market. Also be noted that there are many types of Saffron with different quality in different areas in Iran. These factors affect the final price of Iranian Saffron.



    RAZAN HIMAN GHARB CO, Limited (RHG) was founded in Tehran/Iran in 2006 and after four years of R&D we entered to market. The early years of were concentrated on the domestic market but in 2011 an office was established in Kermanshah/Iran and rapidly became a most important element in the activities of the company and formally start to export. Today, RHG operates in four major worldwide market sectors in Gilsonite: Oil Field, Inks and Paints, Asphalt, and Foundry. Mean while we can provide other related items to Gilsonite such as Gilsonite in Micronized Powder shape with the different mesh sizes and OXIDIZED BITUMEN in different grades. The material may be shipped directly from the mine to the customers or alternatively from Razan Himan Gharb's warehouse.Material can be supplied in 1000 kg big bags. RHG is organized to provide high quality service and support to industrial customers around the world.



    Dr.H group was founded in Iran, at the end of 19th century. Our group provides a board range of poultry feed, concentrates, feed additives and customized animal nutrition solutions to the challenges faced by livestock producers. Our principle objectives are shorten the supply chain and providing innovative products on the basis of healthiest nutrition to meet the highest efficiency. Our technologies and support program enable breeders to realize greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability on their farms. The unique combination of products, models and services that our group offers, boost productivity and support animal health through all life stages. Dr.H group, nutrition solutions have met the need of breeders and feed producers. Kimia Kav Bamdad (K.K.B.) as a subset of this group was established in 2007, in order to importing different types of feed additives to Iran’s poultry feed market. Web: www.Hgroup.co.uk - Contact Person: Nima Moazzen



    SEPEHR STEEL is a company specialized in the trading, stocking and distributing of stainless steel and aluminum products such as pipe, sheet, round bar and other metal products with different alloy in Iran with More than 30 years experience .



    Kimia tabligh is one of the top leader in import flex banner to Iran such as : frontlit banner , backlit flex , self adhesive vinyl , one way vision , two side printable , ..... Kimia Tabligh was established in 2004.


    United Kingdom

    Raad Company is direct Provider and distributor of all kind oil derivatives, Acids, Gasoline, Bitumen, LPG and Chemicals. Get the best quality Iran Bitumen First hand and with the best prices. We are Directly connected to petroleum and we can provide The high quality LPG and gasoline.



    We are company specialized in selling hand made carpets made of wool and silk. Every carpet is unique. We import carpets from traditional countries like Iran, India, Pakistan or Nepal. We have 7 stores across Europe and are in business for 30 years. Our prices are very low because we import carpets directly from manufacturers.



    Dear Sir/Madam We are one of the best exporter of the Persian Pistachios sun dried figs , and dries fruits in General in Iran . Also we could supply Iranaian carpets , and Rugs for export . please do not hesitate to contact us : Tel: 0098-713-6334332 Fax: 0098-713-6334333 Cell Phone: 0098-9107272080 rahpoyan.group at yahoo.com Awaiting for your soonest reply. General Director amir amirian

  2. 1983


    In fact I am Iranian and I live in Denmark, I am marketer and can be a bridge between Iran, Iraq and Europe. I know market of Middle Est very well. Carpet leather factory is for my friend that I look to sell in Europe. I can send their productions for you. In addition, I look to get agency from European goods for selling in Iran and Middle Est If you have suggestion about it, you can call me. I can sell many productions in Iran. Sincerely Mahboubeh Arab +4571536798



    We Export high quality and Pure Iranian Saffron worldwide-Pure and Organic Iran Saffron in all forms-Fast Delivery-Standard Certificate-Min order: 50 gr.-Applications: seasoning, fragrance, dye, and medicine-Arka Export Group



    benia satrap company is railway trading company located in IRAN. our field is supply, repair and maintenance spare parts of brake system for passenger and freight coaches. we are looking for producer around the world that can provide us with knorr brake system for railway industrial in IRAN.

  5. NIKI


    Our company provides a combination of products and services for export and import and also Distributor for several manufacturers. we can help companies in Greece and Iran to introduce and present their goods in Balkan and Iranian markets. Our Athens office and Tehran representative enables to provides a wide range of information and knowledge about relative markets



    We are a large investing group known as Andishe with high capability in export. Actually, we are expertise in producing food stuff with competitive advantages in IRAN. Our major products are Dates, dates sap, pudding. Sugar halva, sesame and the related processed products including sesame cream & oil, nuts & dried fruits, organic honey &olive oil, healthy sugar, rice & tea and also organic cleaners.



    PERSOL Corporation is a professional team in supply and export of Petroleum Derivative Products and petrochemicals from Iran and to become an icon among the other active groups in this sector.



    A distributor company of ceramics and tiles World width and Iran



    we're a trading company based in Tehran, IRAN . industrial safety products and fire fighting products in our main field . looking for best price and offers for euro made products .