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    LA VAGUE ECO is a Breton company that supplies trade and private customers with organic and environmentally-friendly products for gardens, kitchen gardens, horticulture, permaculture and landscaping. Our products are plant and mineral based for natural growing without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We offer an extensive range of basic organic products for treating kitchen and pleasure gardens naturally that we ship throughout Europe in all packing formats: - Natural fertilizers: caster bean, guano, crushed horn, karanja, lithothamnium, biochar, wood ash, patentkali, iron sulphate, dried blood, - Natural insect pest, rodent, wireworm treatments: burnt clay, kaolin, plant manures, - Seeds for intermediate cultures: vetch, sunflower, phacelia, buckwheat, mustard, - Landscaping and decoration: sphagnum, heather brushwood. LA VAGUE ECO products are unembellished, efficient and environmentally-friendly. LA VAGUE ECO is a company that is committed to protecting the environment, by offering sustainable solutions for growing healthy, delicious plants while preserving the health of our planet. We strive to offer the fair prices without secondary packaging and 80% of our packs are our partners' recycled cartons and bags.



    Drink Botanicals Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland, is a leading supplier of dried garnishes, including dehydrated fruits, freeze-dried fruits, and natural syrups for cocktails, mocktails, baking, and more. We take pride in serving numerous bars, restaurants, hotels, retailers, and distributors with our extensive product range. Contact us today for competitive prices on any of our high-quality products. Our product range includes; Dehydrated Fruits: - Dehydrated Dried Orange Slices - Dehydrated Dried Blood Orange Slices - Dehydrated Dried Grapefruit Half Slices - Dehydrated Dried Grapefruit Slices - Dehydrated Dried Lime Slices - Dehydrated Dried Lemon Slices - Dehydrated Dried Dragon Fruit - Dehydrated Dried Apple Slices - Dehydrated Dried Pear Slices - Dehydrated Dried Pineapple Slices / Flowers Freeze Dried Fruits: - Strawberries - Strawberry Powder - Passion Fruit Crumble - Raspberries - Raspberry Crumble - Raspberry Powder - Blackberries - Figs - Cranberries - Sour Cherries Other Dried Spices, Condiments & Garnishes: - Rose Petals - Cinnamon Sticks - Pink Rose Buds - Yellow Rose Buds - Red Chilli Threads - Red Chilli Rings - Red Chillies - Hibiscus Flower - Mallow Flower - Juniper Berries - Star Anise - Pink Peppercorns - Grapefruit Peel Cut Natural Cold-Produced Syrup / Puree Flavours: - Sour cherry - Grapefruit - Raspberry - Lemon - Passion Fruit - Strawberry - Orange - Cucumber Get in touch today!



    We are suppliers of Super Foods, Fruits, Grains, Beans and vegetables from Peru We supply Chia seeds, Quinoa, Avocados, Blueberries, Fresh Ginger, Annato seeds, Lucuma Powder, Maca, Cacao Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Guarana Powder, Chilian Wallnuts, Brazil Nuts, Dried Mango, Dragons blood, Green coffee powder, Acai Powder, Sacha Inchi beans, Roasted sacha inchi, Dried Mango, Dried Blueberry, Oregano Powder/flakes, Fresh Ginger, Dried Ginger, Ginger Powder, Dried Turmeric, Dried Turmeric, Turmeric Powder, Raisin Thompson, Paprika, Paprika Powder asta 60, asta 120, Fresh Goldenberries, Mandarin oranges, Lucuma fruit, Red Globe Grapes, Strawberries, Mango Kent, Dried Boletus Luteus, Raspberries, Brazil Nuts, Roasted Sacha Inchi Nuts, Dried Blueberries, Dried Goldenberries, Black Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Tri color quinoa, Quinoa flakes, Quinoa pop, Quinoa puffed, Maca Powder, Dried Maca Root, Canihua, Amaranth, Chia Oil, Pink Salt, Lucuma Powder, Camu Camu Powder,



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    Kurune Gıda is a professional dried fruit and vegetable producer based in Turkey. We prioritize your health by offering a range of products free of food coloring and additives. Our mission is to inspire healthier choices today for a better tomorrow. Taking advantage of Turkey's diverse climates and fertile soils, we source our products from healthy and high-quality farmers across the country. Our state-of-the-art drying process takes place in a clean, hygienic indoor environment. Using Dry Food Processing Technology, we eliminate the risk of contaminants such as dust, germs and mold. Our products are dried naturally, retaining their natural goodness without being exposed to the sun or enduring outdoor contact. Why choose us? Dried food products provide superior durability and can be stored for long periods of time, making them a versatile alternative for a variety of recipes, snacks, healthy and high-fiber foods for athletes, as well as for camping and travel. At Kurune Food, we emphasize the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, strict adherence to hygiene rules and proper production methods. Kurune Food offers a wide range of dried fruits and vegetables, all of which are free from food coloring and additives. Our product range caters to different tastes such as apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges, tomatoes and many more healthy fruits and vegetables. For more information, please contact us.



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    The EcoFruit company is a wholesale supplier of dried and fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, melons and compote mixtures. We are located in Uzbekistan and keep operational records of global logistics; therefore, we ship and export all over the world. We deeply care about our clients and apply an individual approach according to their needs. We have more than 100 different types of products. Our products are natural and eco-friendly. We have quality certificates for every product. You can order samples of our products in order to taste them. Whenever you cooperate with our company, you will get: - Product delivery in any convenient way, to any place of the world; - Guarantee of high quality, proven by international certificates; - Any preferable way of packaging; - Competitive prices; - Individual approach to each customer; - Samples of products for free.

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    The Farzanegan Caspian was founded in 2005. The corporation is located amongst the Caspian Sea and the Hyrcanian forests. One of our company’s product development programs is to share the sense of using the true taste of NATURE and the real ORGANIC product with others. Production of DRIED FRUITS, DRIED HERBS and NUTS like PISTACHIO in our corporation uses dehydrated fruit drying machines. We will not use unauthorized foreign additives. Owing to the fact that our field of activity is the food industry, plus the NATURAL origin of raw materials plays a significant role for us, we have been using the name “FOOD LORD“, meaning the God of food. Values: We will promote safe foods and move towards using healthy foods to create a healthier society with the slogan “THE NATURE TASTE” This is not just a slogan for us; this matter is institutionalized in us and committed to it. Our mission: Food lord mission is to create value-added for agricultural commodities as well as to help farmers grow up and all beneficiaries in the farming conversion industry. We will strive to build a better life for ourselves, our staff, and all heirs. Company staff: More than half of the company’s staff are women. We have developed flexible policies for women working in the company inasmuch as they can move towards social development and support their families. Besides, we have accepted this as our social responsibility. Food Lord dried fruits and nuts: https: //foodslord.com/shop/

  2. UTAK

    United States

    UTAK has been established since 1974 and is located in Valencia, California. Four decades ago UTAK created the control industry. Today, we use 100% Human Matrix Controls to set new quality standards for achieving an unparalleled range of uncompromised, unbiased assessments for each of our clients. As a commitment to the integrity and quality of our products and services, we only use 100% real human material for our serum, urine, and whole blood controls. As a result, the matrices yield predictability; consistent results are always achieved, unlike the “human based” matrices that have been known to cause erratic results, which can delay and jeopardize the integrity of testing. Our customers include laboratories within the clinical and forensic testing markets; which whom we work closely with to meet their specifications, when unique situations arise. UTAK product and services include: • Matrix, Analyte, Concentration, Volume Fill Size per Vial and Liquid-stable Frozen or Freeze Dried Consistency. • Stock Products-Adulteration Controls, Oral Fluid Controls, Serum Controls, Urine Controls and Whole Blood Controls. •Customized services and product. •100% guarantee on human matrix blood, serum and urine controls. •Distributors and Sales staff throughout the world. UTAK provides some of the purest human matrices on the market and distribute all over the world. With our custom design QC solution we will create your controls and be part of your routine. Contact us we will assist you.



    First of all I would like to tell you a little about our company. We are one of the largest trading company in the field of industrial chemicals and Agricultural Products such as, Food and Beverages, empty steel drums, Energy and Fuel, Metals and Scrap, Chemicals, Sea foods, other products you can check with high quality within Europe and the world. Metal Material; Tin ingots Carbon Nickel Magnesium Cobalt Zinc ingots aluminum Copper Lobster Kraft paper Toilet Tissue Paper Milk Powder/Healthy Baby milk Powder fresh taro/Fresh Coco yams Cocoa Beans Fresh Cucumber Organic Okra Snails Coconut Fresh Tomatoes/Canned tomatoes paste Fresh Cassava Blood Meal Betel Nuts Fresh Carrots Smoking Rolling Paper Baby Diapers Fresh chilli Pepper Plastic barrel and Stainless steel drums PVC HDPE PP LDPE LLDPE Granules Used Car Tires Canned Sardine Fish White Spirit Stainless Steel Microwave Organic Honey for sale Mop Bucket For Sale Urea46%, NPK Blue Fertilizer Used Container for Sale Multi-purpose Lighter Farm Tractor For Sale Used excavators For Sale Paraffin Wax Fresh lemons and Fresh lime Fresh and Dried Garlic Frozen French Fries/Fresh potatoes white pepper and Powder Black pepper and Powder cinnamom Sticks Fresh Onion Fresh Ginger Transparent PE Packing Stretch Film Wood saw dust and wood shavings



    importer and exporter of vanilla beans, spices, incense raw material, perfumes raw material, essential oil, herbs including vanilla beans, black pepper, white pepper, nutmegs, maces, cloves, cloves stem, cloves petal, cassia, star aniseed, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, hibiscus flowers, sesame seeds, sandalwood, sandalwood oil, agarwood, agarwood oil, gambier, bamboo camphor, gum benjamin, gum benzoin, dragon blood, aloes solid, styrax, natural borneil, tongka ali, tumeric finger, cumin seed, fennel seed, senna leaves, patchouli leaves, hibiscus flower, gum arabic, long pepper, cubeb, pimentos and all other forestry and native product from asia and africa