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    SMART CLAUPACK SRL creates filling solutions in resealable bags, cans, jars and bottles to meet small and medium producers with over 12 years of experience. Our team of nutritionists, naturopaths, and therapists are ready to offer services at the highest standards for the creation of vegan and raw-vegan products and mixes of superfoods in the form of powders. (Ayurvedic, energising, protein, products for athletes, including ready to drink/eat products with coconut milk powder base, e.g., vegan hot chocolate, pre-work-out energy drinks for athletes or complete vegetable protein, post work-out, in multidose containers or the unique dose), seeds or dried fruits, musli, puddings, but we are open to any product. We work both in private label system (design, recipe, packaging, label provided by the client), in White Label system (design, recipe, packaging, label provided by our team of specialists) or mixed. The company owns a well-organized infrastructure, by departments. We have ISO 22000 HACCP certification, which helps to prepare the products in quality conditions according to the directives of the European Commission, under strict hygiene conditions. In the processing / packaging line we work without GMO's, gluten, dairy, animal products, yeasts, soy and without dyes, flavours, additives, preservatives, artificial emulsifiers. The production unit and the warehouse are EU Organic Certified, and GMP certification.



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    The French company, RAYA, specialises in importing and marketing food products from Iran. Our outstanding products are carefully selected from small-scale producers and cooperatives. They are from the current year's harvest and are, for the most part, certified organic. We also have a range of rare and original products, in particular products picked in the wild. In our workshops in France, we prepare our pistachios to suit your tastes in order to meet your different roasting, salt-content or flavour demands. Our aim is to prioritise quality and short circuits. We import our products directly in order to manage: - goods batching, - goods preparation, - product importation, - goods reception. Each product is tasted and tested before purchase. This ensures we are familiar with the taste qualities that we offer you. Our catalogue includes a wide range of products from Iran: - spices, - condiments, - dried fruit, - nuts, - dried plants, - pistachios, - saffron, - herbal distillates, - dried lemon, - pistachio paste… Our products are reserved for professionals sensitive to the choice of products they consume.



    Based in Vienna, Austria, ANURAS is a supplier of Medicinal Herbs and Plants, Spices, Natural and Plant resins, Seeds and dried fruits since 2017. Our product range includes Saffron, Caraway seeds, Rosa Damascena buds, Galbanum, Asafoetida, Lavendar and Chamomile. These products are native to Austria and Iran, the latter being famous for traditional medicine. It has several climates, which enables us to grow a great variety of plants. The managers of this company own another company in Iran which directly provides high quality products at reasonable prices from local farmers and send them to the Austrian company. Then the Austrian company after receiving European and international standards and licenses sells products in bulk and packed. This method eliminates brokers in other countries and delivers high quality Iranian and Austrian products directly to cooperators around the world at reasonable prices. In addition to sending through the Austrian company, all our products can be sent directly from the Iranian company in order to reduce costs. Our mission is to provide high quality products at the best prices with beautiful packaging. Today we export our products all around the world. Moreover, our goal is to create a global network and establish lasting relationships with our partners as we work with farmers who offer the best quality crops to buyers and customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    LE DOMAINE DES AROMES PROVENCAUX is a farm and distillery which has several hundred acres devoted to growing conventional and organic aromatic plants. We produce and sell a complete range of conventional essential oils, hydrosols, seeds and more. Our young, dynamic team works hard to meet the wide-ranging needs of our agricultural business. Production of essential oils and hydrosols, flower waters, dried plants, lavender, lavandin, oregano, marjoram, sage, camomile, pine, juniper, cade juniper, lovage, carrot, angelica, valerian, inula, coriander, fennel, tarragon, lemon balm, mint, basil, garlic, thyme, rosemary, yarrow, bay, nettle, cornflower, hemp, dill, helichrysum. We supply our essential oils to professionals. Our products are 100% natural and produced in France. Awaiting Ecocert and Demeter certification for the biodynamic range. You can order our products in bulk.



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    Royal Bio is a wholesaler for 100% pure and environmentally-friendly ingredients, supplying the cosmetics manufacturing. We sell more than 2500 different vegetable oils, essential oils, butters, waxes, plant extracts, alcohol, glycerine, aloe vera, herbal distillates, exfoliants, seeds, dried plants, spices, etc. Our comprehensive variety provides adaptability and flexibility to our customers' activities, whatever their production capacity. Originally we targeted natural cosmetics, and have broadened our product offer to other sectors such as food-processing, aromatherapy, perfumery, herbal medicine and plant health products. As we export and import, we have a full range of natural products from sources all over the world. We can carefully check the entire process thanks to close ties with our producers who come from 30 different places.

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    Established in 2011, Adept Impex Private Limited is an ISO 22000: 2005, GMP, and NPOP-NOP certified company and the noteworthy Manufacturer & Exporter of supreme grade Organic and Conventional Dried Herbs and flowers, Dried Medicinal Herbs, and Dried Aromatic Plants. Our products are procured directly from farmers under contract farming and used in Food and Beverages Industry, food additives, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals, oil extraction, and many more in different industries. We are manufacturing and exporting Dried Blue Cornflower, Dried Butterfly Pea Flower, Dried Chamomile Flower, Dried Marigold Flower, Dried Hibiscus Flower, Dried Rose Petals, Nettle Leaves, Dried Peppermint Leaves, Dried Spearmint Leaves, Dried Basil Leaves, Dried Chicory, Roasted Chicory, Dried Lemongrass, Dried Moringa Leaves, Dried Stevia Leaves, Dried Senna Leaves, Dried Dandelion Root, Dried Dandelion Leaf, Dried Dandelion Flower and many more. We provide these products to our clients in safe packaging options to prevent them from spilling and other environmental factors. As Adept Impex, we are exporting these products worldwide. We believe in nature. We found exclusive herbs. We do research and development on the herb. We cultivate, process, and provide the best solution to our clients as per their requirements. All medical herbs are cultivated organically under the strict supervision of veteran agronomists. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    1. Mining equipment (Leaching reactor and Centrifugal concentrators with floating bed) a various modifications and productivity we produce at our manufactures in Australia and Russia. 2. Peat absorbent for oil spill response on a water and land. It works perfectly in any weather and extreme temp -50 … +60 оС. After use, it is utilized by burning as a high calorie secondary fuel. Oil absorption is 8-10 g of oil per 1 g of absorbent. 3. Peat moss for landscaping. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared surface for arranging grass plots, beds in public gardens, parks near houses, railroad beds and highways and bedding out grasses, flowers, decorative plants. This peat dried and pressed specially to save storage space, transport and shopping area. 4. Peat moss for growing plants in green houses are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery) with low-capacity technologies. 5. Peat moss tablets is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under domestic conditions, on plots of land attached to a house, in the open and protected soil.



    Natur Foods Export EIRL is a Peruvian Super Foods company specialized in Amazonian Nuts, Vegetable Plant-based Powders, Vegetable Plant-based Oils, Dried Fruits and Grains, all of them directly harvested from our Amazon and Highland regions. We provide high quality Natural and Super Foods such as Brazil nuts, Roasted Sacha Inchi, Sacha Inchi Oil, Golden Berries and Quinoa grains. We care about doing strategic alliances with qualified suppliers in order to keep long term business relationships with all our customers. We are also an Eco Friendly Company by taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business operations.



    we are dealing with herbal goods & plants busines. we can supply/require all goods regarding the dried plants and dried fruit as growing natural (wild) and/ or cultural.herbal tea (as dried herb and packaged)and herbal paste, natural plants (thyme, oregano, camomile, st. john's worth, linden, lavandula, Lavandula stoeachas, melissa officinalis, sage, salvia officinalis, liqorice root, Artemisia absinthium etc.)herbal oils (getting from herbs as distilled and pressed from seed) and herbal waters (thyme water, rose water etc..)personal care products, hair care product (herbal shampoo, mixed herbal oils, hair conditioner cream -mask-)Rose cream, Massage cream (heater)coffee, herbal mixing products,



    Tabib Daru Company has been founded in 2004 A.D, by Ali Reza Mazaheri. He is an expert in the production and exploitation of pharmaceutical and fragrant herbs.Tabib Daru is one of the largest Raw Material Producers for Food, Herbal Pharmaceutical, and Health and Beauty Companies all over the world.Our company has some production units and lands in Iran and Tajikistan. These units have been producing pure and natural essential oils, oils, extracts, saffron, dried plants, dried fruits, gums, rose waters, nuts like pistachio and … .It has a high variety in producing essential oils, oils, gums, extracts, dried fruits, plant waters, saffron, pistachio, honey, and other related products. Tabib Daru Company has many sections; one important section is Quality Control Unit. In Tabib Daru Company, QC-related activities are performed in different steps of the production and release process of products by some proficient experts.You can visit our site www.tabibdaru.com. It is 8 years that we have exports to Spain, China, Bulgaria, Russia……. We have kept our relations with our customers during sanction-on-Iran period, because we have farms, a company and bank accounts in Tajikistan too. We also have bank accounts and an intermediary company in Turkey and Dubai.We have an exclusive sales agency in China.

  1. HERBA D.O.O.


    Speciality The production and processing of dried, raw plant products have been our business for quarter of a century. Our assortment contains medicinal and aromatic herbs, essential oils, spices, teas and production of vegetable seeds. To our customers in trade and industry 100 products from the region of the Balkan Peninsula and whole world are available year round: from conventional or biologically-controlled plantations up to hand-picked wild-grown collections, while preserving natural resources. Company Herba is a modern, family-run business with an almost 30-year history. Our company is absolute leader in the export in Serbia and in the region, trading in the production and the processing of herbs, spices and raw plant products as well as offering services to customers. Long-term contacts to selected suppliers enable us to import directly from countries of origin throughout the region. Quality To meet our own high demand for top quality, we prefer using whole plants - raw plant products which have not been chopped up or processed in any way. The processing and treatment of raw material takes place at our own production facilities in accordance with the highest standards. We rely on the knowledge of our long-term, experienced and dedicated co-workers together with modern technology equipment.



    Established in 2004, Qindao CTC Feed Corp. is a Canadian-owned enterprise which is located in Qindao Laixi Economic Development Zone, the place chosen for its unique advantages in transportation and resources. Our products are exported to countries such as Canada, USA, England, Middle East countries, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, etc. CTC's business philosophy emphasizes environment protection, pioneer spirit and global harmony. We believe producing safe and pollution-free products is of vital importance to feed industry. With large scale drying , mixing and pelleting equipment, CTC has strong production capacity and a very effective quality control system. Our main products are plant feedstuffs including dried apple pomace, brewer's grains, seaweed meal, peanut stalk pellet, stevia meal, sweet potato pellets, imported American alfalfa hay and so on. These feed stuffs are widely used in areas of stockbreeding, agricultural industry and formula feed for poultry. Our products are particularly



    Exima Group is the leading global supplier of apricot stone powder which is a natural ingredient used in many different sectors. Our company supplies natural raw materials for various sectors. We primarily work with cosmetics, health & welness fields. We produce apricot stone powder in desired micron size fort he sector specifically. Beside apricot stone powder, we supply apricot kernel, apricot kernel oil and other natural ingredients such as essential oils, medicinal & aromatic plants and extracts, dried fruits & nuts. We also produce finished products in healthy food sector such as micro sprouted legumes in fresh form and in flour form. Exima Group is a global sourcing company that works with various product categories. We supply manufacturers all around the world succesfully in order to make them lower their costs and increase the profit. Our core product apricot stone powder is a very key raw material used in cosmetics, cleaning&hygiene, personal care, food and industrial materials. Contact us for more info.



    Our firm has been established in 1991. The firm is located in Turkey. We are doing business on importing and exporting medical & aromatic plants, spices, dried fruits etc. worldwide. So far, we have worked with many European, Asian, African countries such as France, Italia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, China, India, Egypt, Serbia, Czech Republic etc. Küçükali, being a family business in the fourth generation nowadays, offers raw plant material to business customers for more than 30 years. Partnerships and clients in 20 different countries make our services that undergo constant quality assurance. Our products are used in food as well as in pharmaceutical industry. We are developing our company to be prepared for future demands of the market. When it comes to products from nature, Küçükali will always be there. Please don't hesitate to contact us with further your inquiries. We are currently working from home office because of Covid-19 issue. www.KUCUKALI.com.tr BIBAK International Trade & Marketing is a KUCUKALI establishment.



    Natura Dried Fruit A.S. is a company dedicated to the processing and worldwide exporting of high quality organic and conventional dried figs. We are experienced and focused in dried fig exportation for over 50 years. As Turkey is the world’s largest dried fig producer , Turkish figs are considered the highest quality in all fig growing countries with its high soluble solid and sugar content , low acidity, light yellow skin and its amber colored inside. Since it was founded, Natura name has stood for premium delicious dried figs. Our plant is settled in the center of worldwide famous fig orchards. In this matter we are actively involved in all stages of the process to assure superior quality for our customers.



    Our company specializes in producing artistic terracotta pots of small and medium-sized, suitable for any use, either for live plants for dried flower arrangements or cultivation of succulents, as well as indoor and outdoor furniture.The finishing of the articles provide for the possibility of keeping the clay in its natural colour or hand-decorated, and to provide it with a glaze or slip hot.Apart from the vessels, our product range is also composed of saucers, wall pictures, animals and various accessories that you can find in our catalogue.Our thirty years experience in the field also allows us to produce, on demand, including exclusive models of pottery of various kinds and use.The clay that we use for all our products, clay GALESTRO COLOROBBIA comes exclusively from Tuscany. This type of clay, of the highest quality, delivers a frost resistance of up to very low temperatures and a constant colour over time.All items are hand-finished and are used for molding plaster molds.



    We have been active on the food market since 2003. For the first four years, the Essence company operated as an agent of several global producers of various food additives. This was an opportunity to become familiar with our customers and suppliers and to broaden our knowledge on our product offer. Since 2007, we resolved to expand our activities and upgrade from a simple sales company to a distributor. Our enjoyable experiences with customers and suppliers and the trust they placed in us allow us to successfully compete on the increasingly demanding food market. We can offer our customers products from the largest and most reputable global companies, leaders in the production of specific food additives such oleoresins, etheric oils, dried vegetables, concentrated and extracted plants and many others. We keep permanent stock levels for most products in order to be able to execute orders within a single day. Together with our suppliers, we constantly strive to improve the quality of products and services we offer. In 2011 we implemented HACCP and in 2012, we certified it and also introduced the ISO 22000 quality management system.



    BOSNALI is a wholesale supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Handmade Natural Luxury Soap. It bases in Aydin Turkey. All of its products including wholesale handmade soaps and other wholesale handmade cosmetic products are manufactured using the purest quality oils, dried plants and natural extracts. Handmade / handcrafted herbal soap Glycerin herbal soap Glycerin baton soaps Natural Cosmetics All kind of aromatic oils Bosnalı Soap started their journey in 1966 as a soap manufacturer. However, now the company manufactures a very wide variety of products, including various bath and body products. The product line includes all natural hand & body soap, herbal soap, all of these products are manufactured and delivered with ultimate love and commitment. The mission of our company is to provide the best quality natural cosmetic products and services to our valuable customers.



    We are a young and fast growing specialized company in processing, packing and exporting bulk dried herbs, seeds and aromatic plants from Egypt. We provide wide range of products processed in our fully automated facility. We are also a certified ISO (9001: 2008), (22000: 2005) and Certified Organic process and Trade under EU (EC 834: 2007- 889: 2008), NOP (CFR: 205) by Ceres Germany. Our speciality is in processing Fennel Seeds , Caraway Seeds , Gold Sesame , Anise , Cumin, Coriander , Basil Leaves , Marjoram Leaves , Peppermint , Spearmint , Thyme , Sage , Lemon Grass , Parsley , Dill , Chamomile and Hibiscus. We supply products according to our client’s detailed specifications as leaves cut, packing size, labelling and steam sterilized products upon client request. Kindly visit our website for further details http: //www.ebers.com.eg/



    TGG Export Co. has developed to a leading company in natural products. TGG Export Co. exports a wide range of organic agriculture products to various countries. Our major products include medicinal herbs, spices, aromatic plants, dried flowers and fruit, nuts, pistachio, pomegranate fruit, concentrate, and saffron. Since its early years, the company has invested largely in scientific research and development center in the country in order to create innovation and gain more experience in natural processing. TGG Export Co. is ranked among top ten Iranian exporters in the field of natural agriculture products. Our success is achieved by the outstanding attitude of our associates, who apply high ethical standards and their rich resources of knowledge and expertise in order to provide our domestic and international customers the best quality products and services.



    We are a manufacturer and exporter of Dried Plant materials and other handmade flowers made of Shola, Cane, Jute, Lata, etc. We also pack them in poly bags and PVC boxes. We have facilities of inhouse bleaching and dying facility.



    Import-export of fruits and vegetables of all grades and varieties, kitchen garden plants, dried fruits, seasonal vegetables. For many years, we have selected the best from across the country to guarantee our customers exceptional product quality and freshness. Fruit Italy a family business dedicated to importing and exporting fruit and vegetables for 3 generations.



    We are a company whose primary goal is to provide you high quality Essential oils, plant waters, gums, dried plants at the best prices in the market offering you a friendly service. We will continue with our efforts in the coming year and we hope you prefer us. Our Gold products are: 1- First Rose Oil 2- Second Rose Oil 3- Organic galbanum gum 4- Organic galbanum oil 5- Asafetida oil 6- Asafetida gum 7- Tarragon oil 8- Neroli Oil 9- Cumin Oil 10- Rose buds, Rose petals



    Togo's Organisation to Promote Aromatic & Medicinal Plants exports oil, butter and dried plants. Our oils and butters are cosmetic and food quality. All our "quality cold pressed" virgin oils and butters are 100 % pure, natural, unfractioned, non-modified, extra virgin and with no chemical treatments. Raw, cut and sifted dried plant exports. Exotic fruit zest essence exports.



    we are a wholesale online store from Romania, where you can find all you need in the florist industry : preserved rose, sunflower, lily, preserved ruscus, preserved eucalipt and many other plants and foliages. Also a variaty of dried plants and flower, gift box, wrapping paper, ribbon , glass domes and more. we can deliver anywhere in Europe. Please visit our website : www.Crioflowers.ro



    The company is a leading manufacturer of medicinal herbs and plant extracts, saffron, dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables , black tea. Also producer of natural pharmaceutical products. Pls. contact if you require further information.



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    Hubcycle is a startup that has developed a plant-based upcycling structure that recycles waste (fruit peelings and linseed meal, for example) that it then offers for reuse by other industries. Its aim is to create a genuinely sustainable global network, with by-products from one source meeting demand from another source for plant-based ingredients that are clean and sustainable. Hubcycle brings together industries that use different parts of the same plant, recovering food and plant waste that then become innovative raw materials in food and personal hygiene products. Feel free to contact us for further details!



    We are Liam Food, a customer-oriented company that strives to deliver the highest quality of organic and conventional fresh & dried fruits from developing countries according to the latest standards, with competitive price to our customers in the European market. With benefiting from our knowledgeable, hardworking and committed team who appreciates both customer and supplier as a supply chain, we seek for a long-term and win-win collaboration with all our stakeholders to achieve a common purpose. We are young, energetic and creative team that trust and commitment are our core values. Hence, we commit ourselves to offer and provide you the best quality products along with competitive prices directly from primary sources. On the other hand, we are glad to invite all motivated suppliers of fresh & dried fruits who are eager to have their products exported to the European market to contact us for further cooperation.



    MZ EXPORT is a agri-food company whose activities are collection, processing, sales and export of natural products from Madagascar: Vanilla, Clove, Coffee , Pepper, Ginger, Curcuma, Essential Oils, Honey, Dried Herbs, Dried Grains , Dried Fruits; (Vanille, Girofle, Café, Poivre, Gingembre, Curcuma, Huiles essentiels, Miel , Herbes secs, Grains secs, Fruits secs )



    Our dried apple rings come in a number of varieties and can meet per the customer's request. As we all know, dried apple rings are rich in nutrition and vitamin.This page will show you the health benefits of apple rings.

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