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    The BORSIG Group's head office is BORSIG GmbH, based in Berlin. Strategic management focuses on three areas: Group development, product and market strategies, production structures, target formulation and pursuit, financial management and controlling, personnel management. BORSIG is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation from Germany. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians face the challenge of developing only the best systems and machines, manufacturing them and assembling them at their destination. This means that our products are efficient and reliable even under the most difficult conditions and are an investment in the future. Each of our production sites in Berlin, Gladbeck and Meerane has its own outstanding qualities. What they all have in common is that they are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, innovative manufacturing processes and quality testing and control that is independent of production and product lines.

  2. RVG MBH


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    Trade - Reprocessing - Removal. RVG mbH, founded in January 2001 in Dinslaken, is an internationally active company trading with solid and liquid by-products, energy sources, substitute reduction agents, chemicals and waste products. Especially in our modern age, it is becoming ever more important to treat the precious raw materials provided by the Earth carefully. In close collaboration with industry, we consistently further develop the efficient use of industrial waste and by-products. A solution should therefore be both an environmentally friendly as well as a cost effective waste disposal or reprocessing method for our customers.



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    Aton Service LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer of air filtration equipment industry. The company offers energy-saving solutions for aspiration and filtration. We design and produce extractors, gas and smoke - equipment, dust extraction installations and equipment, ventilators and fans - industrial and industrial painting facilities industrie both for the market of Ukraine and as well for abroad markets. Wir realise projects involvings the extraction of woodchip, filtration of polluted air and industrial dust extraction. Aton Service LLC founded in 2004. The company is based in Zakarpattia near the border with Europe. The products combine high quality with the best price. Our equipment is made from European components. Our design department develops industrial air treatment installations, painting machinery and equipment taking into account the peculiarities of production and in compliance with international norms and standards. Specialists of Aton Service LLC propose you the complex solutions of aspiration and industrial ventilation. Company provides design work, production, supply, assembly, pre-commissioning and service air purification plants, filtering equipment and supplies. We follow the principles of economical production and also strive for the constant perfection inside the company and in our production. Our filtration equipment is characterized by reliability, safety, energy efficiency, the ability to integrate into systems, and the saving of resources.



    Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and covers an area of 8, 000 square meters. It specializes in the research, development, production and sales of hho oxyhydrogen generator, and is a leading enterprise in hydrogen and oxygen energy industry. With more than a decade of innovative development, Okay Energy now has a professional technical research and development team and a large number of senior enterprise management talents. Besides, it has a independent production center which including energy production, electrolytic cell production and product assembly line providing the products and services with best quality to customers in electrical machinery, carbon steel, pharmaceutical, scientific research institution, waste incineration, industrial boiler, car maintenance and other industries. In the field of hydrogen and oxygen energy, Okay Energy has passed ISO9001 national quality system certification, has eight core technologies, has obtained 21 practical patents for utility models and design patents, more than 30 products of it has passed CE, FCC and other certificates, and those products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, India, the Middle East, Mexico, British and Italy. Okay Energy makes energy okay.



    1. Mining equipment (Leaching reactor and Centrifugal concentrators with floating bed) a various modifications and productivity we produce at our manufactures in Australia and Russia. 2. Peat absorbent for oil spill response on a water and land. It works perfectly in any weather and extreme temp -50 … +60 оС. After use, it is utilized by burning as a high calorie secondary fuel. Oil absorption is 8-10 g of oil per 1 g of absorbent. 3. Peat moss for landscaping. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared surface for arranging grass plots, beds in public gardens, parks near houses, railroad beds and highways and bedding out grasses, flowers, decorative plants. This peat dried and pressed specially to save storage space, transport and shopping area. 4. Peat moss for growing plants in green houses are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery) with low-capacity technologies. 5. Peat moss tablets is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under domestic conditions, on plots of land attached to a house, in the open and protected soil.

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    We produce systems for the WAS (Water Abrasive Suspension) cutting process. ANT AG was set up in July 1999 and since then has successfully specialised in the fields of WAS cutting technology and special-purpose machinery. We produce systems for the WAS (Water Abrasive Suspension) cutting process. Various venture capital investors have taken shares in the company and see an expanding future market for this technology. At ANT professionell and motivated staff is necessary. The training and experience as well as the personal commitment of each individual guarantees the high quality and functionality of our systems and their successful application at the customer’s site. We ensure our technological know-how by having a great proportion of our staff as engineers. Since 2007 ANT AG has voluntarily been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and thus fulfills comprehensive criteria for a professional and reliable quality management in the company.



    Vankool is one of the largest manufacturers of evaporative air coolers in China, which owns a full range of air cooler series including portable air coolers, industrial air coolers and residential wall mounted air coolers. Manufacturing evaporative air coolers since 2005, we take pride that Vankool products have been sold to more than 60 countries in the world. Now Vankool owns the production capacity of 1000 pieces of air coolers per day. And Vankool has been the biggest supplier of some famous air cooler brands like Honeywell in the past years due to its strict QC management. Our manufacturing capabilities include ODM service, moulds production, plastic injection and air coolers production.With sales and R&D office in Shunde, we have our own producing facilities in Zhongshan city.


    United Kingdom

    Forvac is a bespoke manufacturer of industrial vacuums, we supply new and refurbished vacuums, pipework installations and hire machines. Whether you need portable, fixed or, a central vacuum system, Forvac has the expertise with full service and design capabilities, ensuring our innovations are backed up with complete support. Serving many clients and industries across the UK and Europe, Forvac Services are the perfect partner to satisfy your cleaning requirements, no matter how big or small your application, designing, manufacturing and installing industrial cleaning equipment is in our DNA, we are sure to have the solution to all your cleaning demands.


    United Kingdom

    Manufacturers and resellers of spill kits, oil absorbents, drip trays and security tags Our comprehensive collection of products, including absorbent pads and security tags, is available for nationwide quick delivery to help you get the job done, from drip trays to bunded spill pallets. We manufacture a broad scope of spill kits from a small spill clean-up kit to full marine spill kit. Our comprehensive selection of products is available for nationwide quick delivery to help you get the job done, from drip trays to bunded spill pallets. We manufacture a comprehensive range of spill kits from a small spill cleanup kit to full marine spill kit. Our spill kits and containment products are ideal for any situation that poses a threat of an accidental spill of any kind. The absorbent socks and pads and cushions within the kits will help to contain hazardous substances such as gasoline, motor oils, and transmission fluid, acids and caustics and eventually completely soak up the spills. Our absorbent spill kits are perfect for industrial plants, laboratories, work stations, and construction sites. We also supply a vast range of security tags and anti-tamper seals in many styles, from container bolts to plastic security seals. Our product range includes wipers, rags, paper products, degreasers, spill kits, and drum storage bunds providing you with a wealth of convenient solutions for cleaning, containment and security in the workplace.


    United Kingdom

    We are suppliers and stock holders of oil and chemical pollution equipment these being booms, skimmers, pumps absorbents and offer a full waste management service in the The UK As a company we are a little different as we offer: -a family run company based in Cwmbran - no minimum order values - large stocks o absorbents - competitive prices - 24/7 back up and call out - offer solutions to spill issues that will work - supply worldwide -over 16years of experience -Can offer certified training - have got preowned equipment in stock( booms, skimmers tanks)


    United States

    We offer technology, process and equipment to remove oil sludge, clean the site or pit and process the sludge for hydrocarbon recovery and waste reduction practices. ​ Cost-Effective: Containerized module system for fast installation. Automatic cleaning and separation system reduces downtime. Complete removal of petroleum tank bottom sludge, including non-organic sediments. Hydrocarbon Recovery system reclaimes crude oil that can be sold as valuable product. The Equipment and Process is Environmentally Friendly: All-closed cleaning system minimizes emissions. Reduced Waste Volume Up 99% oil recovery or undr 1% TPH by degradation for residue discharge Our Approach to Petroleum Waste Management: The process design of this equipment is based on use of non-chemical additives to improve separation of the complex oil separation system. Additionally, we have removed Pyrolysis from recovery of hydrocarbons because we know that this methods produce additional residues to manage. The result is a designed, tested and standardized reliable solution with minimum steps that cuts the vicious petroleum waste cycle while simultaneously improving environmental practices and neutralizing the contaminants to achieve environmentally friendly discharge requirements of the processed effluent.



    HAF specialize in filter, all kinds of filter elements, coalescer, vapor recovery system, flare gas treatment, oil water separator, three phase filter(solid, liquid, gas), demister, waste gas treatment, gas purification/cleaning.during 15 years development, HAF owns several patents and a number of international quality certificates including API, ISO9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS18000, TS29001 and so on. In addition, HAF is the supplier of China Petroleum and Chemistry Corp(SINOPEC), China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC), China National Offshore Oil Cor.(CNOOC).



    Active Environment Solutions deals with selling and rental of almost all types of environment pollution detection devices, such as gas detection device, Air sampling, Noise & Sound, heat stress, dust monitoring, indoor air quality, radiation, vibration, mercury, light meters and so on. You name it and we have it. We provide a huge range of atmosphere monitoring devices for all types of work areas where there is any possibility of air pollution. There is a separate range for sale and rental products which can be viewed in the online catalogue. As far as our other services are concerned we provide video tutorials and live chat option for resolving any query right sitting at home.



    Established in 1990, S.K. Euromarket Ltd is a reputable, highly competent, and professional water and wastewater engineering company with international operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Euromarket's strong scientific background, engineering know-how and priceless experience gained from over three decades of activity in the water and wastewater industry have been the driving forces for the development of a wide range of products.In addition to standardized systems and equipment, our engineering design and fabrication departments maintain the resources and flexibility to provide a very wide range of customized systems and pieces of equipment tailored to the unique and exact requirements of our clients.Euromarket has been constantly keeping in touch with the advances and evolution in the world of water and wastewater engineering. Euromarket is committed to continued innovation at the frontline of technological advancements in the field of water and wastewater engineering. We invest in our commitment to technological innovation and evolution through our longterm collaboration with prestigious universities and other research institutions, through our joint ventures and agreements with other leading organizations in water treatment processes, as well as with the operation of our in-house research and development program.Our commitment to continuous technological innovation and the resulting knowledge and experience we gain in a great number of emerging technologies

  3. TECAM


    Tecam Group offers environmental technology solutions for the the industry’s growing need of treating gas emissions and solid & liquid waste derived from production processes.Tecam Group designs, manufactures, commercialises and installs equipment for 2 areas: 1) Gas Emission Management - Volatile Organic Compound abatement (VOC): o Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO); o Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO); o Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator with RTO; - Combustion Gas Control; - Methane Treatment; 2) Solid Waste and Liquid Waste Incineration for Industrial waste, municipal waste, hospital waste and animal waste.Tecam Group offers turn-key technological solutions. Our product is designed tailor-made to meet our customer’s specific requirements and incorporates high-end quality materials from top-tier suppliers. Tecam Group equipment complies with all equipment manufacturing European-level requirements (CE).



    Water Siyuan Group is a large High-new technology enterprise, with head office in Beijing, specializing in the design, manufacturer, installation and commissioning of RO systems, water softening equipment, Ultrafiltration equipment and many other kinds of water treatment equipments. Since the inception in 1998, Water Siyuan Group’s philosophy has been to utilise only the highest quality components to produce various water treatment systems that are easy to operate, easy to maintain and highly reliable, even in the toughest conditions. As a manufacturer, Water Siyuan Group has total commitment to quality, innovation and customer service. And We have passed the ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001:2004 and CE Accreditation, The high quality and reliability of our water treatment systems have earned Water Siyuan Group a diverse list of clients including mining, marine, industrial companies, government water and electricity authorities, food processing industries, etc.



    Wa are high-technical enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing oil filter action facilities for many years. We have widely absorbed a vast amount of advanced technology from inland and abroad. Nowadays, we are one of the largest enterprises in the same field, producing oil purifier with good and steady quality, which are widely used in oil-filter fields, such as electric power plant, power station, oil field. It is wisely used for transformer oil, turbine oil, lubricant oil, fuel oil, engine oil, and so on.



    ACEI Technology Corporation (ACEI) is a high-tech enterprise with head office in Canada and manufacturer in China. ACEI focuses on invention, production and sales of new technology related to energy recycle, conservation and environment. Our customers can count on our highly skilled and qualified team of Electrical, Mechanical and chemical engineers to deliver on time, on budget, and with exceptional customer service. We have service partnership in North America, Japan and Vietnam. We are looking forward that you can expand your business with our products and service. Also, we hope you can be our sales partnership at your area. Waste plastic refinery equipment to convert waste plastic and waste oil into fuels. It is specially designed for our process to provide the requirement of long-term continual operation and fully automatic control. There are three types of equipment for customer’s request by the amount of process



    The company ECOMAC S.r.l., set up in 1997, manufactures environmental treatment machines, for purifying household and industrial wastewater, and sludge treatment. In the space of a few years, a team (managers and operators) with about twenty years' experience, flexible operation and availability to customers, has enabled the company to flourish in terns of sales and workforce, while constantly increasing its market share.





    Wir bieten Entrümpelungen in Duisburg und Umkreis an. Sei es Privat- oder auch Gewerbekunden. Wir sind für fast jede große Einrichtung in Duisburg tätig. Wir vergeben nur Festpreise nach einer kostenlosen Besichtigung von unseren Mitarbeiter. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst.



    Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional leading manufacturer of oil purifiers and oil testers. We have tremendous strength in the fields of research, development and manufacturing with professional mass-production ability, perfect sales network, excellent after-sales service as well as a perfect image we earned in the competitive market.


    United Kingdom

    Sema ltd, are a well established and market leader in the supply of absorbents and equipment for the prevention and clean up of oil, chemical and other types of hazardous material.We also supply solvent and none solvent decreasing fluids both flammable and none flammable.



    we are an enterprise collection of research, producing and sale, we have our own professional research department.Producing wheel loaders of different rated load, also can produce that you required.Our loaders are sold in many countries with high-quality and competitive -price.Expect to establish a goodrelationship with you !



    Hefei Found Technology is in the designing and manufacturing in industrial pulse jet bag filter , dust collector for cement, metallurgy, glass, coal mill, coal slag mill, thermal power station and other processing lines which in need of the dedusting.With more than ten years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we are top qulity supplier in China.



    we are manufacturing and exporting medical waste sterilizers for off-site usses. we can meet the requirements of any client as we are manufacturing in a very wide range, pre-shreddering and post-shreddering kind of sterilizers. we bet we are making the largest capacity, pre-shreddering kind of sterilizer in the world.we are also consulting for project design, management and implementation in medical waste management field. plant operation is also under our exeprtise.


    United States

    INTCO is a Styrofoam Recycling Specialist, providing a total solution to Styrofoam recycling. INTCO manufactures and sells GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactors/Densifiers and Styrofoam Recycling Machines/System, purchases back compressed Styrofoam Blocks/Ingots, and reuses them to make frame products. Every year, INTCO recycle 100, 000 tons of waste Styrofoam, which help reduce 300, 000 tons of carbon emission. INTCO has become one of the biggest waste Styrofoam end-user and recycler in the world.



    The company PROCOMPACTOR WASTE MANAGEMENT EQUIPMENT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Refuse collection trucks industry. It also operates in the Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment, garbage compactors, Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment, and telescopic platforms industries. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.



    The company CONSULPROGETT SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment industry. It also operates in the containers industries. It is based in Recanati, Italy.



    The company DRAIWAT SYSTEM, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment industry. It is based in Milazzo, Italy.

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