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    We manufacture and distribute peppermint oils, menthol and other essential oils for the confectionery industry, the chewing gum industry and other related industries. Our products find applications in many different sectors, including cosmetics, household, care products (human and animal), textiles, feed, consumables, oral hygiene and wellness. Our experienced perfumers develop innovative creations according to your ideas and your requirements. We of course observe legal and safety regulations as well as special registration requirements while developing new products for you. Our perfume oils are of the highest quality and are very versatile. We provide peppermint oils specially developed according to your requirements of highest quality – both for use in oral hygiene, the confectionery industry, or for pharmaceutical requirements.



    La Santosa-Aapanam feels immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a pioneer trading & sourcing company based in Spain and procure a lot of high end agricultural, natural and food products for our clients worldwide. For many years we have been working directly only with the manufacturers & producers with consistent quality and providing excellent services successfully without interruption and adulteration globally. And also represents many refineries, wholesalers, agents & service providers. Thus we can supply even smaller quantities like a manufacturer at almost factory prices with big volumes and deliver anywhere in the world, quantity with quality is not an issue with us. All the products have strictly adhered to current EU regulations and Norms. We can supply both EU & Non-EU origin products like - Honey of different varieties, Bee Propolis, Honeycomb, Bee Propolis extract and powder, Bee Pollen powder, Royal Jelly, Honey spoon etc. and Edible vegetable oils (Olive. Avocado, Almond, Coconut, Apricot - with more than 300 varieties), Butters, Waxes, Extracts etc. & Essential oils to be used for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Besides the above, if you have something special or anything to source just let us know by dropping us a line with your requirement to revert ASAP. If we do our work honestly; people will find us.



    With the vision of providing quality products, our Company KAYI KÖYÜ AROMATİK BİTKİ YAĞLARI SAN. VE TİC. LTD ŞTİ.We are the supplier and manufacturer of ESSENTIAL OILS and HYDROSOLS with our years of experience. We are exporting to America and Europe. Our Company has advanced technology and modern facilities to produce quality essential oils in compliance with strict food safety standards, With our crew members , we follow special guidelines during each stage of the manufacturing process. We also maintain a high stress on the product quality that is supported by real time analysis. Our products are 100% pure, natural and additive-free. They are certified and quality guaranteed. Our company is always in a great position to offer goods at competitive prices and of the best quality. We are available to serve you with your requirements.Kindly let us know your interested products with your order details along with their tentative quantities and your intended destination port ; we will share the prices and other details. For any other further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thank You



    BULGARCOOP-IMPORT-EXPORT LTD is a company of the Central Cooperative Union of Consumer Cooperatives in Bulgaria. It is the successor to the Foreign trade organization “BULGARCOOP”, established in the beginning of 1961 with the purpose of exporting part of the production produced or bought by the cooperatives - essential oils and floral waters, herbs, mushrooms, bee products, technical seeds, fruits and vegetables. The main activity of the company continues to be the realization of agricultural production, with over 85% of the volume being destined for export.



    West India Spices Inc. is a producer of quality essential oils, oleoresins, ground spices and other spice products. At WISI, our products benefit from being processed right at the source. This ensures that the spices are fresh at the point of processing maximizing the quality of the products obtained. The processing method used is also totally natural and involves none of the chemicals some companies use to extract essential oils. This unobtrusive processing along with the unique rich quality of spices found in Grenada is what gives us the high quality, rich, natural ingredients that we provide. The nutmegs grown in Grenada for example offer low levels of myristicin and safrole, the two chemicals in nutmeg that when consumed in large quantities can cause negative side effects. In a composition analysis, tests show that our nutmeg oil has the lowest concentration of these chemicals when compared to oils from other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and others.

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  1. PURUS


    manufacturer and producer of bio certified essential oils and diffusers for aromatheprarpy



    I sell Lavender oil, Rose oil, peppermint oil, pine oil, melissa oil my name is Petar i from Bulgaria



    The company FLAVEX NATUREXTRAKTE GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Condiments, extracts and spices industry. It also operates in the Herbs for medicines and cosmetics, vegetable extracts, essential oils, Herbs for medicines and cosmetics, and essential natural oils for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Rehlingen, Germany.

  4. VOSSEN & CO


    The company VOSSEN & CO, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Oils and resinoids industry. It also operates in the essential oils, Bio certified essential oils, essential natural oils for the food and canning industry, and essential oil aromas industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company MARCO BELLATI, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Condiments, extracts and spices industry. It also operates in the essential natural oils for the food and canning industry, natural entrails, and food products industries. It is based in Mestre, Italy.



    The company NATURA PREMIUM, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Dietary and organic foods industry. It also operates in the essential natural oils for the food and canning industry, and wholesale organic foods industries. It is based in Mijas Costa, Spain.



    Rasin IT (International Trading) GmbH is based in Austria in Vienna Our team has many years of experience in supplying Medicinal plants, Natural and herbal resins, Essential oils, seeds and dried fruits. We started exporting these products since 2018, due to high quality and affordable prices We were able to cooperate with many industries from different countries. The most products are from Middle East, we work directly with local farmers. If you are looking for natural, special and rare products of high quality we are here to help you. These products in various industries such as medicinal, food, beverages, tea and health, dairy, confectionary, bakery, chocolate and candy, winery, cosmetic, perfumery, detergent, animal food, dyeing, textile, candle, glue and so on It has applications. Please visit our website and contact us for more information, over 100 products and specialized information about each that we can inform you.



    I&W RESEARCH, Inc. is Canada’s premier producer and supplier of certified organic and conventional berry ingredients for the natural cosmetic, animal health and food functional industries. Our specialty oils, flours, fibres and concentrates, rich in phyto-nutrients, proteins, essential fatty acids and macronutrients, will increase the efficacy, nutritional quality and marketability of your products. Our fruit seed oils and flours are GMO-free and are guaranteed free of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, chemical solvents, or enzymes. We produce many certified organic fruit oils, meals and flours, that are available only through us. We specialize in cold pressed organic and conventional cranberry and red raspberry seed oils. We can also produce other oils such as pumpkin, grape, blueberry, pomegranate etc. Email us for full info.



    We are a small beekeeper company from Bulgaria. Our business include bee farming, production, promoting the research and use of bee products. Since starting in 1999 we have kept pioneering in promoting Bulgaria’s beekeeping quality and bee culture. The conventional beekeeping uses substances which are based on the latest achievements of the chemical industry and the veterinary medicine. Feeding the bees with such substances equals the treatment of plants with various chemicals-pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. However, the organic beekeeping uses organic acids only which can also be found in the honey and the honey products anyway. We use essential oils and plants which produce substances used before the appearance of the synthetic veterinary medicine. The bees should not be fed with synthetic foods and sweeteners and they must collect pollen in clean agricultural regions planted mainly with wild honey-yielding vegetation, far from busy motorways and other sources of pollution. The mountain and semi-mountain Bulgarian regions, which actually cover one-third of the country’s territory, provide best opportunities for organic beekeeping amidst clean nature. In fact, Bulgaria is among the three European countries with biggest variety of herbs. The honeydew honey for example is the most valuable one and does not need to be certified, because it is yielded from the English Oak (Quercus Robur) which grows in abundance in our mountain regions.



    Guangxi Wanshan Spice Co., Ltd is located in Guangxi, China, the Star Anise homeland accounts for 80% of the world's Star Anise production. The company was founded at the end of 2004, and own1, 400 hectares Star Anise plantation, which enabling the company to have a constant and sufficient supply of good quality Star Anise Fruit. The company focuses on innovation, production and supply of products derived from Star Anise fruit. Our main products are essential oil and natural ingredients derived from Star Anise fruit. Our products can be used for food, flavor, fragrance, pharmaceuticals and daily care industries.   With years of development, we aim to become one of leading companies in the Star anise industry, and develop long term relationships with our client by providing a consistently high quality products and superior services.