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  • ...and closed-circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, industrial and adiabatic dry coolers, subcoolers, processing chillers, cooling towers for artisan ice cream parlours, integrated...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | evaporation towers | evaporative towers | evaporative towers with centrifugal fans | modular cooling towers [+] cooling towers for industry | industrial cooling tower | cooling tower | cooling towers services | evaporative coolers | evaporative cooling | cooling towers maintenance | suppliers of cooling towers | evaporative condenser | evaporative condensers

    • PMS Open-Circuit Cooling Tower PMS Open-Circuit Cooling Tower for Small Plants
    • PMM Modula Cooling Tower PMM Modula Cooling Tower for Large Industrial Plants
    • PME-E Open-Circuit Cooling Tower PME-E Open-Circuit Cooling Tower for Small and Medium Plants
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    UKRAINE- Kharkiv

    Supplier of: evaporation towers | Ventilators and fans - industrial | heat exchangers for chemical use

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  • Supplier of: evaporation towers | Water retreatment - equipment and installations

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  • CTEX
    UKRAINE- Brovary

    Supplier of: evaporation towers | Radiators, engine

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    ISRAEL- Petach Tikva

    ...Products for water scale prevention Cooling tower cleaning and treatment Water conditioners for scale and algae prevention in cooling towers Evaporator coil cleaner, mold removal products Tube cleaners,...

    Supplier of: Air conditioning equipment | coil-cleaners | tube-cleaners | water conditioners | chemical products for the hvac market

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  • ...being installed in cooling towers, evaporative coolers, water storage products, and other environmental treatment areas, especially high and low water tanks, cooling towers of water level...

    Supplier of: Cocks and valves | float valve | plastic float valve | water tank float valve | floating valve

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  • the heat exchangers and prevent corrosion or rusting of heat exchangers at severe water conditions.These type of chemical compounds are applicable in Cooling Towers, Air Washers, Evaporative Conde

    Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | corrosion inhibitors | waste water treatment plants

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  • ...reputation in China, and product performance index has reached the level of imports. Main Products: Closed cooling tower, Evaporative coolers, Evaporative air cooler Closed Loop Cooling Tower etc.

    Supplier of: cooling towers | closed cooling tower | Cooling tanks

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  • We are manufacturers of heat exchangers and cooling/heating units governed by a wide range of principles, for heating and cooling liquids and gases in industry and trade (PED, ASME, China Stamp).

    Supplier of: falling film evaporators | cooling towers | Condensers | vaporizers | steam wand [+] plate-type heat exchangers | waste gas heat exchangers | high-pressure heat exchangers | finned heat exchangers | air heating | shell and tube heat exchangers | sterile heat exchangers | pharmaceutical heat exchangers | double tube heat exchangers | safety recuperators

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    BELGIUM- Mont-saint-guibert
    HAMON - Verified by Europages

    The HAMON group is a worldwide player in the field of engineering and contracting (project engineering, construction and management), present on all 5 continents, quoted on the Brussels stock...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | plume abated cooling towers | cooling towers | hybrid cooling towers | wet cooling towers [+] Hearths, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors | Extractors, gas and smoke - equipment | cooling systems | smoke cooling system | cooling of gases and smoke | electrofilters | smoke filtering | heat exchangers for the chemical industry

    • Plume-Abated Induced Draft Cooling Tower Plume-Abated Induced Draft Cooling Tower Wet Cooling
    • Plume-Abated Fan Assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower Plume-Abated Fan Assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower Wet Cooling
    • Fan Assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower Fan Assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower Wet Cooling
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    BELGIUM- Liege
    AF COMPRESSORS - Verified by Europages

    AF COMPRESSORS is the world leader for OIL-FREE piston compressors for PET bottle blow moulding. Pressures from 20 to 40 bar, capacities ranging from 150 to 3200 m³/h. ISO 1217. Innovative R&D...

    Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | piston compressors | low-pressure compressors | oil-free compressor | pet compressor [+] 20-40 bar compressor | oil-free | blow moulding of pet bottles | high-pressure compressor | oil-free screw compressor | food-grade compressed air | oil-free low pressure compressor | 7-10 bar compressor

    Brands : Ateliers François

    • HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSORS HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSORS Separate cooling systems and accessories
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Sittingbourne

    “Who are C Squared? ” People who work with us say C Squared is “unique in the industry.” And that’s exactly how we want to be known. Unlike the many manufacturing reps pushing for a clients’...

    Supplier of: cooling tower | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | chiller | ventilation | fabric duct

    • FRP Cooling Tower FRP Cooling Tower Cooling Tower
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  • ...mixer, reaction vessel, separator, evaporator, heat pumps and condenser. The products have been widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemistry and machinery etc. Castings and forgings...

    Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | metal expansion joints | casting | expansion joints | metal bellows

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  • ...Units, Fan-Coiller, Closed Circuit Water Cooling Towers, Axial Fan Water Cooling Towers, Radial Fan Water Cooling Towers, Axial Fan Hot Air Apparatus and Radial Fan Hot Air Apparatus ; is produced with the...

    Supplier of: Water refrigerants | water chillers for institutions | cooling plants | air-cooled condensers | cooling systems

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    ...Frames Automotive Industry Marine Industry Telecom Towers Turbo Machinery CFD Basement Car Parking Heat Exchangers Drag- Coefficient Telecom Towers Boilers/Gas Coolers Evaporation Cooler Heat Sink

    Supplier of: Industrial analysis laboratory | fea analysis | finite element analysis | cfd analysis | fea services

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  • ...towers (Axial / Radial) / Shell & tube water cooling exchangers / evaporators / Shell & tube water cooling Condensers, / Oil Exchangers / Sea Evaporators / Condensers / Hermetic evaporators / Heat Exchangers

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | water cooling towers | heat exchangers

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  • ...mode. Successively we have excogitated "CLS"original effective air coolers and ’JX’ series evaporative cooling condensers with the double function of water cooled condenser and cooling tower. With ISO9001

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | air coolers for air conditioning systems | condenser

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  • ...Plant, System, Graphite Sulfuric Acid Dilution Cooler, Unit, Plant, Graphite Falling-Film Absorbers, Gas Scrubber, Graphite Quencher, Graphite Column, Tower, Graphite Lined Reactor, Graphite Evaporator

    Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | graphite heat exchanger | graphite equipment

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  • ...vessels, air cooled condenser, air receiver, evaporator, filter vessels, industrial radiator, finned tube heat exchanger, U-bundle, Industrial Chillers, wooden cooling towers, oil coolers, air heater, reboiler, RCC...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | cooling towers | heat exchangers

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    ROMANIA- Bucuresti

    ...Towers, Fancoil Units, Air Handling Units, Evaporative cooling Units, Munters Dehumidifiers, Munters Aghort, PV Solar Panels, Solar Collectors, Solar Air Heater, Sunvia Tube Daylighting Systems,

    Supplier of: Heat pumps, industrial

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  • Steady: A specialized company in producing the best local new cooling towers , PVC fill , PP, PE and spare parts for restoration and overhauling , the spares are Italy and Germany origin with the...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | water cooling towers | evaporative condensers | packs of cooling towers | industrial fans and heat exchangers

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