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    The company WILER FILZ AG, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Felts industry. It also operates in the wool felts, Colored felts for design use, felt rugs, and felt cutting industries. It is based in Münchwilen, Switzerland.



    We as Formleks are one of the leading Tier-1 supplier to automotive industry for Interior+extorior trim parts, NVH products, heat shields and etc. Ford, Fiat (Stellantis), Renault, Hyundai, VW Group, Mercedes are some of our references. We have 5 factories based in Bursa, 1 in Golcuk and 1 under construction in Romania. We are always proud to mention that we are the only manufacturer who also produces his own raw material like carpet (needle punch and tufted), heavy layer, bitumen and felt. This is one of our biggest power beside our strong R&D. Due to our capability for felt production we are preparing a new collection for home appliance products. With this interest we have been approved by one of the biggest home appliance retail store by a North European company and became a global supplier of them. Below you can see some of our products beside OEM Industries; • Exhibition Carpets • Non-Woven Products (With patterns of Velur, Mega Velur, Dilour etc) • Kar-RIP Carpets • Bitumen Layers • Felt for Isolation • Cut Pile Tufted Carpet



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    We are a German manufacturer of CNC milling machines, CNC engraving machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, water jet cutting systems, as well as marking systems, metering systems, cutting plotters and CAD/CAM software. Our machinery is manufactured in Germany and can be used for a virtually unlimited number of applications. Just a few of the main applications are 2D milling, 3D milling, engraving, metering, bonding, 3D scanning, cutting, welding, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, erosion and ultrasonic welding.



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    Close contact with our customers ensures that we can find the right solution for each individual task. Regardless of whether we are already implementing existing ideas and plans, or are set to partially or fully develop products: You can count on us. We will help you to define the part geometry, take into consideration your process technology and your operating processes on request so that a high series maturity is achieved from the very first functional models. Our extensive fleet of machinery ensures quick and flexible manufacturing processes. CAD-based part designs and production on CNC-controlled machines also guarantees maximum dimensional tolerance, reproducibility and precision. You benefit from fast response times and high punctuality while we provide first-class quality right from the functional models and prototypes, whether for individual or small series production.


    United Kingdom

    Handcrafted Awesome Leather Goods For Your Every Day Life. We are Harber London, and we create honest, high quality, functional products to help you carry better. Our products are designed to reflect our unique point of view, our style, make the little stuff better, and we don’t stop until we get it right.We combine incredibly high skilled craftsmanship, a touch from the heart and the finest materials available. Our leather goods are handcrafted using techniques passed from generation to generation and using 100% rich full grain leather.Our dedication and experience help us create unique goodness in the work we make, and ensures your leather companion can last you a lifetime of happy service. With our diverse range of vegetable tanned leather goods and accessories, you’re bound to find something that relates to your fine taste in quality and panache. Our small leather goods collection boasts beautiful and elegant leather accessories including leather wallets for men, camera straps, desk mats and cable organisers.If you’re a Macbook lover, and who isn’t these days, frankly speaking - then our premium leather sleeves will help you give your precious portable computers all the protection they need, while being bathed in style and luxury. Even if you need complete protection for your iPad or Macbook. With our Macbook leather sleeves and iPad leather cases we’ve got you covered.It’s hard to visualise a man always on the move without a quality leather travel bag.

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    United States

    As Matador useful goods, we are a solution partner for our customers in different channels for these products we love to produce according to customer demands. We can support as B2b or b2c. Our company is established in USA. As B2b solution; - We can produce private labels. - In any region of the world you can offer a quality and stylish product to wholesale customers. For example ; apron for cafe equipment wholesalers … - All you have to do is “check out our products before you reach us“. Information we need; where you located, quantitity you need, and a short phone conversation to understant your request. We have engineering experience. At the same time, we make sector analyzes through product development and we make apron and felt projects we like very much. These products can be waxed, denim, cotton. The sectors we find solutions for apron; -Cafe, barista equipment, -Barber -Hosting, promotional apron options, -Industrial Apron applications, design with leather. For the Felt; especially our b2b applications, starting from design. -Laptop sleeve, -Toy storage types -Coasters felt -Wool and Polyester Felt bag, tablet cave and etc. -Purse organizer insert -Baby diaper caddy We are always in favor of making a short meeting before. Because the products we produce can be standard or extremely unique to the company. You can contact us about shipping, term and payment.

  2. SAOS D.O.O.


    Profit is gained in the purchase department, we offer with our high quality products acompetitive alternative to well-known market leaders which offers you the opportunity to save money - and due to our fast delivery times also time! We are a manufacturer of Electrolytic consumables which are produced in the European Union under high quality standards. A short line up will be listed below.- Felt black for manual systems 5, 0 mm thick made out of carbon material- Felt black for semi automatic machines 5, 0 mm thick made out of carbon material- Conductive net, fine made of carbon material- Stencil paper for creating stencils- Electrolytes- Stencil tapes for creating short life stencils. Furthermore did we enlarge our product range for 3D printing. We are able to print metal and aluminium prints. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  3. DEME


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    Manufacturer of standard and bespoke joints (disc or shape and products to plan made from all flexible materials. We provide a wide range of cut products, from simple fibre fitting joints to complex parts created using special materials. Punch stamping of miscellaneous parts from rubber, plastic fibres, cork, cellular foam and felt. Technical parts made to measure to suit all your specific applications. Cutting strips, selective cutting, flat joints, o-rings. Cork and leather cutting. Plain and pierced valve and tap seals, vulcanised rubber joints, rubber joints, aramide fibre joints, o-rings, cellular foams, cork composite items, plastic items, strip cutting, selective cutting, moulded parts, boxes or bags, diverse leather parts. With a wide variety of materials used, we satisfy all your requirements: holding, hardness, thickness...Certified ISO9001 and owners of the NF ROBGAZ brand with 5 ranges of joints.



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    Technicis is a French manufacturer of filters, specializing in air filtration and overspray filtration in paint spraying booths as well as industrial filtration. Our role is to help you cut your operating costs while improving protection of the environment to comply with the ISO 14000 standard. We have been manufacturing paperboard accordion filters for paint booths since 1992, and can also provide you with a full range of filters suitable for all brands of booths and installations/extraction regimes: - pleated paperboard accordion filters for paint booths - fibreglass filters (paintstop), floor filters for paint booths - multilayer paper honeycomb filters for paint booths - ceiling filters (plenum) for paint booths - G3, G4 roll, frame or bag filters - cylindrical filter dust extraction cartridges - polyester felt dust collector socks - active charcoal filters for VOC (volatile organic component) and odour filtration - Paint Module: compact and economical paint booth delivered in kit form - kits and installation frames for your filters - extraction fans and motors - adhesive or antistatic plastic protective film for paint booth walls - clogging detectors (pressure switch) - peelable varnish. Contact our technical teams for more details!



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    For more than 25 years, ANKURO has been supplying semi-finished products and services for high-performance materials or so-called refractory metals. We supply and process titanium and titanium alloys, tantalum, molybdenum, TZM, zirconium, zirconium alloys, tungsten and nickel, cobalt and their alloys. However, we can also help you with other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass or aluminium. We offer the following delivery forms: Semi-finished products including plates, sheets, foils, rods, wires and tubes. Turned and milled parts, precision components, edge and bent parts, laser or waterjet cut parts, wire-cut parts, standard DIN fasteners, custom fasteners, micro screws and titanium castings. We offer brushed, ground, polished, electropolished, PVD coated and anodised (coloured) surface finishes. For the hydrogen industry in particular, we are happy to supply you with high-quality materials such as titanium or nickel foils, for the manufacture of products including Bipolar plates or spring elements in the form of titanium expanded metal. We are also strongly positioned for customer-specific manufacturing of titanium felt sheets. We supply titanium felt in thicknesses from 0.1–5.0 mm and panel formats up to L1500xW500[mm]. The porosity of titanium felt can range from 50–90%. The fibre thickness used can be 20 µm or 50 µm. We are happy to support you in your product development. We work with SolidWorks, Inventor and AutoCad.



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    Established in 1964, Medepsilon is a leading textile products manufacturer based in Turkey. Situated in Istanbul, our cutting-edge factory specializes in creating customized textile solutions, offering a wide array of products such as cotton bags, pouches, cooler bags, aprons, garment bags, and more. Discover our extensive product range: •Cotton Bags •Zipper Pouches •Drawstring Bags •Bread Bags •Shoe Bags •Beach Bags •Foldable Bags •%100 Recycled Fabric Bags •Mesh Bags •Bottle Bags •Rpet Cooler Bags •Felt Bags •Aprons •Garment Bags •Customized T-Shirts At Medepsilon, we place a premium on quality and sustainability. Our materials are either produced in-house or sourced locally from Turkey, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Choose from a spectrum of options, including natural, sustainable, GRS recycled, and organic products. We take pride in fostering transparency and collaboration. Customers are invited to actively participate in the production process at our factory, ensuring a personalized touch to their orders. Additionally, we welcome independent inspections, underscoring our commitment to the highest standards. Medepsilon holds a range of certifications, including Sedex Smeta, 19001, 14001, 18001, and more, demonstrating our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As a global player, we export our superior goods to 57 countries, with a focus on Europe, the USA, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America. Contact us for more information !



    Here at Fandaro we specialise in providing economical and eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap and polystyrene boxes. Our felt insulation lining is available in custom cut unique size pieces and are widely used as insulation lining for frozen parcel delivery. With our insulation liners, you can send your frozen products to your clients with any courier service. The liners not only offer superior thermal insulation but it also offers physical impact protection to your product throughout the transit cycle. Our box insulation lining is an easy to use packaging system for time-temperature sensitive and temperature controlled products such as fresh foodstuff, cold and frozen food products, frozen food or pet food, chilled pharmaceuticals or healthcare products. Our insulation liners are made by recycling clean, new textiles by mechanical force. The lightweight fibers form a thick batt with countless air pockets which insulate heat and sound. The insulation is manufactured with particularly low energy and water consumption, making the cotton inlays are sustainable. Instead of creating something new from raw materials (e.g. styrofoam), our cotton inlays are made from waste generated by the textile industry. In this way we avoid consuming new valuable and scarce raw materials and prefer to use insulating packaging made from textiles that would normally have ended up in landfills.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    We are producer of Bonnell spring units, Polyester wadding, S shaped springs or ZIG ZAG springs, Hard and Soft FELT, Slicone filling for pillows and toys. BONNELL SPRING UNITS We produce them in all sizes with 11cm and 14cm hight. POLYESTER WADDING We produce it in warious dimensions and grammage deppending on customers wish. Maximum width is 250cm. S - SHAPED SPRINGS (ZIG ZAG SPRINGS) We produce springs in all dimensions with wire thickness 3, 6mm to 4, 2mm. HARD and SOFT FELT We are producing needled fel on PP foil with warious dimensions cutted on size per sheet or in rolls. We can do it from 500gr/m2 to 1000gr/m2. SILICONE FILLING FOR PILLOWS AND TOYS We are producing silicone filling for furniture, pillows and toys. EUROSAN MATTRESSES PRODUCTION We are also producing Mattresses with brand EUROSAN. Now we are producing mattresses in 14 different types and if customer wants we can make any type they require! AGROKOMBINAT Company Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina www.agrokombinat.com



    We use the latest technology on the market to provide our clients with a complete solution that works right out of the box. We provide full IIoT infrastructure functionality with smart devices and cutting-edge sensor technology at a fraction of the expected cost. By automating important industrial processes using cutting-edge sensory and measurement technology, you’re able to achieve more using less resources. This boost in efficiency will be felt throughout every level of your business—from the factory floor to your boardroom and the bottom line. Our technology allows for sensing and measuring processes in difficult-to-access places. The most important product parameters you use can be monitored from a single workstation. Our solution offers independence from imperfect infrastructure and eliminates the difficulties of working with it. We use this technology to collect process data by sending small data packets from sensor nodes to the private cloud telemetry interface for your processes. This technology can send data across large distances, ensuring that even the largest industrial facilities can enjoy smooth operation. Whether your interest in IIoT infrastructure is just beginning, or you have an existing solution you'd like to improve, we can help you with.



    Elamgreen Exporters was founded in 2010.We started our business with dedicated commitment on quality of delivering products at domestic level , and now due to our quality we have grown as traders , manufacturers and exporters worldwide. We are a proud manufacturer of coco peat and its associated products in South India our products are, COIR FIBER Brown Fiber White Fiber Needle Felt Mats Curled Coir Geo Textiles Coir Hard boards Coir Cut Fiber Coir Log Coir Yarn Coir TwineCOIR HUSk Horse Bedding Pellets Husk Chips Washed Husk Chips UnWashed Coir Disk Coco Peat High Ec Grow Bags Jiffy PlugsCOCO PEAT Coir Pith Coir peat Low EC 25kg Coir Peat High EC 25kg Coco Peat Low EC 5kg Coco Peat High EC 5kg 650 Gms BriquetteCOIR GARDENT PRODUCT Coco Mulch Mat Coir Plant Pole Seed Germination Cup Coir Plant BasketCOCONUT PRODUCT Semi Husk Coconut Fully Husk Coconut Tender Coconut Tender Coconut Water



    At the intersection of manufacturing, art and technology, we want to bring wood and furniture to live using colour and creativity. We strongly believe that the future in Home&Decor is Self Printed Furniture. Every one of us is an artist with the proper tools. We just make your dreams happen. If you are a parent, making furniture for kids is almost impossible. It is very easy to become paranoid and start making negative scenarios thinking about all the cataclysmic situations that can only happen to you, because that’s what you are, the most unlucky person in the world : ). When we started this project, we made a promise that no table will leave the factory until we are confident enough that this product is good for our child, in the first place. And yet, Caesar proved to be the best test engineer in our case and within a month he was able to dismantle all our theories and bring to our attention problems other than those we imagined. Later on, we created Home, Coffee and Self Print Collections for the adults who felt a little bit excluded. So, we produce printed kids wooden table with bunny chairs, printed coffee table and self printed kids and coffee table. We do all the process, from cutting the wood, preparing the design, rounding the table tops, bunny chairs and legs, painting them, testing for compliance, preparing for delivery, packing and shipping, all these elements are necessary to have a very high customer retention.


    United Kingdom

    Established in 1986, RGH have become one of the leading converters in the Europe. Our family business specialise in producing tailor-made solutions to meet individual customers needs in areas such as sealing, bonding, cushioning and noise reduction. Our product range includes adhesive backed and non-adhesive foams, tapes, rubber, felts and fibres, filtration media and much more.RGH design and manufacture components from an extensive product range in order to create the perfect solution for your application, first time.Our high performance products are manufactured at our Great Dunmow site using the latest die cutting technology available. Our management style is heavily influenced by striving for continual improvement and is overseen by our ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality standards. We are proud to be recognised as an innovative business partner.Our overriding consideration at all times is to look after our customers from initial contact through to the successful delivery of our products and beyond. We build partnerships with our customers and suppliers and work closely with them to not only deliver quality products but also to hopefully build a long term relationship of trust.We welcome the opportunity to be involved in the development of new projects; our many years of engineering and industry based experience have often allowed us to offer innovative solutions. We will support you throughout the development, prototyping and purchasing process.



    INO Belt Trading Co, Ltd was professional conveyor belts manufactures and exporters in China 。With top quality as our own main mission, INO offers a wide range of PVC and PU belts suitable for different applications in various industries. Please trust that we will be your reliable business partner for our good reputation , good quality and competitive price ! Our main product range as follows: 1. PU timing belt. 2. truly endless cable pulling belt 3. steel and automobile industries a. Three ply TPU conveyor belt for metal stamping and cutting to length. b. truly endless coil wrapper belt 4. Ceramic polishing belt 5. PE belt for tobacco industry 6. heat resistant felt belt for aluminum extrusion 7. PU belt for food industry: current standard width 2000mm



    We are in textile and automotive industry as a supplier since 2008. We act as a contract manufacturer in cutting, laminating and banding mainly the following items ; all types of foams, bondex, felt, waste, non woven, interlining, EVA, EPDM, PVC, PES, PE, PU, cotton, leather, velcro band, woven&knitted elastic band, transparent TPU band. And with the above items we manufacture ; insulation pads, non woven filters, automotive mats, insulation pads for car's door, shoe insoles, EVA slippers, poly bags, cleansing pads, makeup pads, earphone foam pads, PE and bondex packaging materials, seat cushions, bra straps, bicycle' s foam saddle, foam for hanger, promotional items such as mousepads, headrest covers, etc.We also sell textile accessories such as woven&knitted elastic band, lace, embroidery, polyester ribbons and other accessories requested by our customers. Our goal is to increase and enrich our customer portfolio around the world with our high quality service and competitive prices.



    We at R.Ulrich have felt at home in the veneer trade since 1938, and today we offer a whole range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. We are also a founding member of the IVC (International Veneer Company). Our products: Veneers, round timber, timber trading, fine wood, thick-cut veneers, special veneers, wood cutting services, timber construction elements, sawn veneers and sliced veneers.



    The company RIFEL - RICARDO ANDRADE SOUSA UNIPESSOAL, LDA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Textile - import-export industry. It also operates in the felt, and Laser cutting industries. It is based in Trofa, Portugal.