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    BIOCOMPIG provides consultancy services and supplies granular organic fertilisers to the European and world markets. We offer a full consultancy service and can provide our products to farms and horticultural operations whether or not they practice organic methods. Granular organic fertilisers are produced and delivered in ways that meet all legally-imposed norms and standards, we deliver consistent product all year round, either in BigBags, 25kg sacks or in bulk, delivered using a blower system or tipping truck.



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    With the growing world population, the climatic changes and the decrease of available fertile land, feeding the world will be a challenge. Our products will contribute to conventional and organic farmed soils by maintaining and increasing its fertility. This honest way of growing with respect to the planet will lead to higher yield and to higher quality of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Whether this is by organic cultivation in its purist form, or by combining organic with conventional farming. Every step is one step closer to a more healthier environment. With a wide portfolio of solid and liquid organic fertilizers and biostimulants we serve all the different crops from vegetables to ornamentals and from soft fruits to arable crops. The BeneSOL line and the BeneLIQ line are well recognized for their quality to increase soil fertility and to lead to more healthy plants that can be grown with less chemicals. The BeneSTIM line helps the crops to overcome different sorts of abiotic stress and therefor preventing great losses in yield. The awareness and demand for residue free crops is growing. Due to this the focus on organic products which are economically viable will increase. Organic fertilizers from Benefert are beneficial for the soil, beneficial for the people and beneficial to the world. Sectors and professionals we serve: • Agriculture • Horticulture • Tree nursery • Fruit growing • Landscaping (public green, city farming, sports pitches and golf courses) • Retail



    High-quality bio-fertilisers for the garden & for pros, made from domestic, renewable raw materials without the addition of any chemicals: that's what Falter natural fertiliser stands for. As a manufacturer of bio-fertilisers as well as a bio-fertiliser wholesaler and retailer, we offer a comprehensive range of fertilisers for fruit-farming and horticulture, market gardens, greenhouses, tree nurseries, soil manufacturers and the garden. Our main products are sheep's wool fertilisers, natural fertilisers and bio-vegan fertilisers made from raw materials drawn from our own bio-farming. With Falter request fertilisers, we offer a special service: our professional customers can have their own specific bio-fertiliser made. Bio-fertilisers from Bavaria: with a focus on sustainability and drawing on our many years of activity, we produce bio-fertilisers in line with the most stringent hygiene standards. From processing through formulation to packaging, we rely on green energy and bundled processes at our operating site in Bavaria. In the warehouses of bio-fertiliser specialist Johann Falter, a range of different bio-fertilisers are ready for immediate shipping in 25 kg paper sacks on pallets or in BigBags. Our product range includes: bio-fertilisers professional fertilisers garden fertilisers natural fertilisers sheep's wool fertilisers vegan BIO clover fertilisers mixed fertilisers and fertilisers tailored to customer wishes: request fertilisers organic-mineral fertilisers sheep's wool fertilisers with POTASH power sheep's wool fertiliser pellets and granules lawn fertilisers vegetable fertilisers universal fertilisers flower fertilisers fertilisers for balcony and tub plants



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    Tecnobell is the outcome of the lengthy experience of people that have spent their life trying to understand the farming world's requirements and developing products with a low environmental footprint, respecting nature and human health. Owing to a constant research and development activity, the company's Mission is to help all the farming phenological phases with special nutrition so that the consumer can have healthier and cleaner food. Tecnobell specialises in the creation of environmentally-friendly products. The most innovative laboratory equipment and high-purity raw mineral and vegetable ingredients, combined with expertise acquired over time. The result is special products that become precise tools in the hands of those who have to find the right production balance between quantity and quality, in keeping with sustainable growth that can respond effectively to the growing global demand for food.



    The history of our company "Green Life Energy" began with a small farm since 1996. We have always moved forward and gradually developed in different market directions. Now we are a solid team, with our own idiology and attitude. Our branches are located in different countries, and enable the use of our product by farmers on other continents and get quality products at the lowest cost, preserving the eco-system and the purity of the soil. Our company is a produce and supplies of organic fertilizers, feed additive for animals and birds, technical oils (cars, ships, agricultural machinery etc.). We deliver worldwide. Organic fertilizer - healthy food and longevity for your family!

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    The company AGRO BULL PRODUCTS FOR NATURE, S.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Chemical fertilizers industry. It also operates in the Natural fertilizers, manufacture of organic fertilisers, Natural fertilizers, bio-stimulants - fertilisers, and fertilizer industries. It is based in Aielo De Malferti, Spain.



    The company EVENTUS AGRO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Chemical fertilizers industry. It also operates in the manufacture of organic fertilisers, Foliar algae, and bio-stimulants - fertilisers industries. It is based in Bursa, Turkey.



    Agroservis-proizvodnja d.o.o. is company that produces agricultural machinery, greenhouses constructions and spear parts for agricultural and other machines. It is founded in year 1996. in Virovitica, Croatia and it is leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Croatia. We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing whidh led to development of wide range of agricultural machines for farming and horticulture such as: complete line of machines for vegetable cultivation (from shaping beds/laying foil, through transplanting to foil removing), complete line of machines for tobacco cultivation and other more/less specialized machines for agricultural production. Overall number of our final products that we produce, including all of versions of agricultural machinery, all of versions of greenhouse constructions, hinges, fittings etc. currently counts over 1000 products, which all have EU origin. Some of our products include: Bed makers, Foil layers, On foil transplanters, Potato transplanters, Foil lifters, Foil retrievers, Subsoilers, Harrows, Cultivators, Tillers, Rotary hoes, Spreaders. The main goal of our company is to produce high quality machines with price acceptable to the customers. Exactly reasonable and competitive price for high quality machine is our main competitive advantage, as well as constant upgrades the quality of our products to meet requirements of our customers. For additional informations about our products, be free to contact us.


    Ivory Coast

    The company SA AGROBIZ, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Crop services industry. It also operates in the organic seeds, fertiliser-water irrigation, and bio-stimulants - fertilisers industries. It is based in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.



    The company BIO WORLD ORGANIC,S.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Environmental research industry. It also operates in the Compost, bio-stimulants - fertilisers, and Compost industries. It is based in Albacete, Spain.


    United Kingdom

    CTS provides customers, horticultural, commercial and domestic gardeners, with premium quality garden supplies at the most reasonable prices. We supply compost, fertiliser, weed killers, plant pots, plant protection, pest control, garden tools The Clydeside Trading Society started out 100 years ago as a group of local growers who raised a small amount of capital to form the Clydeside Fruit and Tomato Growers Trading Society, their fundamental aim being to source materials at greater discounted prices and pool their knowledge to source better quality products. 100 years on, at their centenary in 2020, The Society decided to extend their business with an online presence integrated to their existing stock system. This provides a means for both existing and new customers alike to buy materials from their website. The Clydeside Trading Society holds a unique position amongst many of its peers in that all profits are fed back into the business to help improve overall service and increase their buying power with suppliers, a benefit which is passed onto customers.



    Established in 2016, Alchemist Technologies manufactures agricultural machinery from Turkey. We mainly produce agricultural trailers with the ALCHEMIST TRAILER brand, such as bale trailers, traditional trailers, and monocoque trailers featured for the needs and comforts of farmers. On the same roof, we submit our marketing services to our business partners to serve and satisfy our customers' needs with a professional sales and technical team. We offer agricultural solutions such as : •Tillage equipment, •Planting equipment •Loader and accessories, •Haymaking equipment, •Fertilizers and manure spreaders, •Energy solutions, •Packing machines, •Sprayer equipment and animal husbandry equipment, please visit our website to discover more! Our principal partner KOMSILAJ Wrapper Round baller machines, is the true leader in Turkey and is known for its strength and most advanced features (These machines can pack tomato pulp and dry materials such as cotton). Our second leading partner is OPAL PIVOT, known for its high-performance sprinkler and gearbox-made Center, Linear, and universal pivots for agricultural irrigation needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    The company TARGE OTOMASYON SISTEMLERI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Agricultural systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the Automation - systems and equipment, automatic watering, fertiliser-water irrigation, Automation - systems and equipment, and Greenhouses for horticulture industries. It is based in Antalya, Turkey.


    United Kingdom

    Inspiring everyone to grow green initiative. Slims Place is one of the UK's Authorised stockist & distributors of horticulture nutrients and growing equipment. For last three decades we are offering an array of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse products and providing expert advice to the UK’s gardening community. Team spirit and love for the plant are just a few keywords that differentiate Slims Place business philosophy. Based on decades of experience with growing and intense collaboration with pioneers Slims Place created a name in the niche industry.



    Edagum SM Rus LLC (founded in 2000) is a manufacturer of natural fertilizers and feed additives under the EDAGUM® trademark. The company's products are distinguished by high quality and efficiency, which is confirmed by studies of more than 30 Russian and foreign research institutes. As the best Russian organic products, fertilizer and feed additive EDAGUM®SM have been selected by the Ministry of Economic Development of the RF for promotion on world agricultural markets (Agreement No.С-923-АУ/Д12). More than 80% of EDAGUM® products are exported. EDAGUM®SM humic fertilizer is a natural plant growth stimulator and soil conditioner, made from environmentally friendly plant materials. EDAGUM®SM contains in its composition: humic and fulvic acids (40-50 g / l), macro- and microelements, amino acids, vitamins, up to 15 types of beneficial bacteria and, thus, is both a humic and microbiological fertilizer, which ensures its high efficiency: up to 50% increase in yield, up to 50% savings in mineral fertilizers and pesticides. EDAGUM®SM fertilizer also has pronounced biofungicidal, bactericidal and antiviral properties. EDAGUM®SM feed additive is produced from a mixture of various types of natural raw materials. It is used to increase productivity and reduce morbidity in farm animals, poultry and aquaculture. Improves the quality and environmental friendliness of products. An excellent alternative to antibiotics. WE INVITE DISTRIBUTORS TO COOPERATE!

  5. WOBC S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    WoBC is a young small-size Czech company that produces and distributes products of VERMAKTIV brand. We are seeking partners accross the world that are enthusiastic about looking for green solutions for agricultural production. VERMAKTIV Stimul is a unique biostimulant, a natural plant-enhancing protective substance that effectively helps crops, trees, and gardeners to achieve higher, healthier, and more successful yields. VERMAKTIV Stimul can be used in organic farming according to Council Regulation (ES) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (ES) No. 889/2008 for organic production and labelling of organic products. Our products are based on vermicompost and their usage in both small and large farming is highly efficient in terms of enhanced harvest, health of plants and increasing humus percentage in soil. Our specialised team is countinuously working on bringing natural solutions to fight against plant disesases and pests.