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    United Kingdom

    Shire Europe Finance Company is a company based in London specialized in providing financial products and services since 2001. As a financial institution, our mission has been for almost 20 years to help professionals who are financially excluded and ignored by the mainstream financial services industry. We provide business loans for our customers to obtain the best price, best repayment terms and least onerous credit agreement. We also make sure that your loans are processed in the shortest deadlines possible. Our wish is to help companies with their organization. Indeed, we advise them in order to make their work more efficient, thus ensuring them a swift and continuous growth. This way they will be able to reduce costs and to better manage risks. Moreover, we accompany small businesses to find the lending solutions that are best suited to their needs. Thanks to our corporate finance department, we provide integrated financial and strategic advice. We are also experts in economic consulting and equipment financing to make equipment affordable. We work to make high-quality financial products and services accessible. Don't hesitate to contact us fore more information !


    United Kingdom

    Cucina Finance (UK) Limited provides personal loans/business loans/trade finance/import & export loans/project loans to companies of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and trader's globally. Just one simple process, We make financing the growth of your business simple, transparent, and fair. No jargon, no hidden fees Simple approval process Fast business loans funded in just 2-3 business days Low Interest rate of 2% Prior bankruptcies accepted Zero credit checks required Individuals with Bad credit can apply Flexible repayment schedules CIS & KYC required for all loan applicant irrespective of location/country Loan Duration from 1 year - 20 years maximum Grace period of 12 - 24 months for large business loans/working capital Loan Funding/Financing is not limited to any geographical location or country whatsoever We build just the right financing for each client, with simple paperwork, quick approvals, and flexible payment schedules. For further details, Kindly contact us via email, telephone, Skype. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved, Looking forward to rendering the best of our services to all esteemed clientele globally. CUCINA FINANCE (UK) LIMITED https: //cucinafinance.com Email: finance@cucinafinance.com Tel No: +44 (123) 388-5014 Whatsapp: +44 7425-381661 Skype: cucina-finance@outlook.com


    United Kingdom

    Drakegrove Finance & Company provides personal loans/business loans/trade finance/import & export loans/project loans to companies of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and trader's globally. Just one simple process, We make financing the growth of your business simple, transparent, and fair. No jargon, no hidden fees Simple approval process Fast business loans funded in just 2-3 business days Low Interest rate of 2% Companies can be profitable or have negative net income Prior bankruptcies accepted Zero credit checks required Individuals with Bad credit can apply Flexible repayment schedules CIS & KYC required for all loan applicant irrespective of location/country Loan Duration from 1 year - 20 years maximum Grace period of 12 - 24 months for large business loans/working capital Loan Funding/Financing is not limited to any geographical location or country whatsoever We build just the right financing for each client, with simple paperwork, quick approvals, and flexible payment schedules. For further details, Kindly contact us via email, telephone, Skype. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved, Looking forward to rendering the best of our services to all esteemed clientele globally. Drakegrove Finance & Company http: //drakegrovefinance.net/ Email: loans@drakegrovefinance.net Whatsapp: +44 7469 453827


    United Kingdom

    We are an Award-winning SBLC finance specialist based in Europe, South America and North America. We are also a direct mandate to a renowned and genuine provider of BG / SBLC for Lease and Sale. Issuance of our Genuine SBLC is by top AAA-Rated Banks In Europe and the USA. With over 20 years of experience working in the Financial Instruments Department Of World Top 25 Banks. 1. sblc providers 2. sblc monetization 3. mt760 blocked funds 4. sblc providers price 5. monetize sblc 6. heritage funds 7. mt799 blocked funds We also have access to BG/SBLC monetization. Please note we only monetize Genuine SBLC secured through our top class niche services. We are also providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease and purchase, Our bank instrument can be engaged in PPP Trading, Discounting Signature Projects like Construction, Oil & gas, Telecommunication etc.   My team Consists of Seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders And Solicitors. Our parent company is Eugene M. Edwards ICS which is an international financial institution and financial service provider specialized in Financial Instruments BG Bank Guarantee and SBLC Standby Letter of Credit Lease / Purchase issued with Top Rated Banks and worldwide acceptability rate. We have won several awards and have been internationally recognised for the last 12 years. We have special partnerships with banks, manufacturers, distributors and Genuine SBLC provider all of Asia, Europe, South America, N


    United Kingdom

    At Destination Global Corp Ltd, we’re dedicated to providing sustainable financial solutions. We offer flexible opportunities for our customers to engage with us.Destination Global Corp Ltd is an international trade finance institution and leads in providing financial instruments BG Bank Guarantee and SBLC Standby Letters of Credit issued for Clients World Wide.Destination Global Corp Ltd’s services are tailor-fit to each client’s requirement. The management’s extensive years of experience in the industry as a trade solution provider coupled with a strong network of alliance banks and financial institutions will make your global deals happen in no time.We aim to provide our client what they need to push their transactions with competitive charges, and most important of all, without long process. This approach has made us one of the most reliable and trusted names among providers of trade finance services, Work with us and take the risk out of international trade.

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    United States

    Grand City Investment Limited ( www.grandcityinvestment.com ) is a Licensed Money Lender that was incorporated in Hong Kong on MAY 29, 1984 with Company Registration No. 0137353 under  the   Money Lenders  Ordinance  (Chapter  163  of  the laws of Hong Kong). We are the premier providers of Trade Finance, Recourse Loan, Non Recourse Loans, Insurance, Investments, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Trade Platforms, Private Placement Programs as well as the issuance and monetization of Bank Instruments such as Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG), Usance LC, Letters of Credit, Differed Letters of Credit and Funding for companies, SME’s and private individuals. We are #bankinstrumentproviders, #StandbyLetterofCreditprovider, #sblcproviders, #standbyletterofcredit, #sblcproviders, #standbyletterofcreditprovider, #leasebg, #leasesblc, #sblcprovider, #leasebankguarantee, #leasebankguaranteeproviders, #businessloan, #smeloanlender, #realestateloan, #realestateloanlenders, #realestateloancompanies, lease sblc providers, genuine sblc provider,  top sblc provider, leasing sblc, Real SBLC Providers worldwide, real estate loan, real estate loan lenders, real estate loan companies, commercial real estate loan, lease bg, lease bg providers, lease bank guarantee provider, top Bank Guarantee Providers, lease bank guarantee providers, genuine bank guarantee provider, international bank guarantee providers


    United Kingdom

    Millennium Consultants are established financial consultants based in London since the past 13 years. We would be pleased to serve clients looking to monetise bank instruments, manage investments and arrange personal and business loans. Low Cap trade program available for applicants with min Euro 1M plus, in top global 50 Europe based banks with 100% security of clients funds. Monetization and trade of cash funds located in top banks in access of 20 million might be possible. If you are a High Net Worth Individual and are interested in embarking upon a Private Placement Program, then we might be able to help you. We can fetch our clients unsecured short term business loans for UK businesses only. Unsecured personal loans might also be available.



    Prestito Mondiale S.p.A is an international finance firm that have turned individuals and companies into financial giants. We provide capital and financial services to merchants, international corporations, family-owned businesses, and financial investors who otherwise may have been consistently rejected by their Banks and other financial institutions. Prestito Mondiale S.p.A is designed to make your dreams a reality. Getting a loan is quick, easy and affordable. We offer loans for general business, Education, Home Improvement, Land, Medical, Motor Vehicles, Travel, Small Business, Bridging Finance (Home Construction), Professional Services, Consolidating Existing Debts, Making an Investment and lots more. If your company or you know of any company with viable projects/proposals that needs financing, kindly send the Executive Summary or full Business Plan for our evaluation, if the project/proposal fits our criteria, you will hear from us within 24 hours. We are now EMPLOYING BROKERS. If you know of any company with viable projects/proposals that needs financing, kindly send the Executive Summary or Business Plan for our evaluation, if it fits our criteria, you will hear from us within 24 hours. We pay referral fees on success. Thanks, Management. info@prestmondiale.com https: //prestmondiale.com Prestito Mondiale S.p.A


    United States

    We are financial brokers registered with top legitimate lenders across the globe, We help clients with contacts of lenders with the very best interest rate. If you are looking at securing funding for your international trade, project and infrastructural development. We provide funding to our clients at international competitive rate, huge capital project funding in either short term or long term ranges, Financial Guarantees and Performance, New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder, Capital Secured Investment and project financing Services, partnership, joint venture and other ranges of financial service offer.



    TAP INTO OUR WEALTH & EXPERIENCE With business finance, one size doesn’t fit all. We draw upon our years of experience and successful ventures to match each customer with the best funding solution for their business. Loans can be tailored to any business goal, from expanding premises, to streamlining internal operations, to upgrading machinery, equipment, or vehicle fleets. Let us invest in your success. Tre C Srlus Servizi Finanziari is owned and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in establishing and building successful businesses, in a variety of sectors, some of which have achieved a global presence.


    United States

    Investec financial service is one of the world's leading consulting firms, dedicated to solving our clients financial problems and transforming them for the future. We integrate leading-edge innovation through dynamic teams, striving to unlock the potential of our clients. Investec financial service Loans the nation's premier FinTech lender. We are one of the America’s largest mortgage lender, helping clients from 50 states in america with their loan needs and provide business loan worldwide.


    United Kingdom

    Hello, My name is Mr. Sharma Peter (Director); Capital Finance & Investment Limited (CFI Limited). We want to inquire about the funding of your project or business/investment loans. If the capital requirement is within our investment range, it will be a worthwhile investment. We are dedicated to giving you the very best loans designed to suit the needs of your business, investment and bank instruments to successfully execute strategic transactions with a focus on dependability, great communication, experienced advice, providing insightful and a comfortable family experience. Please contact us for our procedures, only if you are genuinely seeking for business/investment loans or project funding because time is of the essence as we can close any deal within 5-7 Banking days. Best Regards, Mr. SHARMA Peter / CFI Limited Director


    United Kingdom

    Business Funding Services Limited is a private lending company that leverage individuals and corporations with flexible loan programs, which has benefited thousands of persons from real estate investors to individuals who needed a loan. Empowering individuals, families and corporations with personalized lending solutions that helps achieve life goals. We offer every loan program in the industry, allowing us to provide you with the best loan option for your financial situation. Hello, Are you looking for a business loan, personal loan, house loan, car loan, student loans, debt consolidation loans, unsecured loans, venture capital, etc. .. Or have you been refused a loan by a bank or a financial configuration of one or more reasons. We are honest and private lenders, lending to businesses and individuals in a low and affordable interest rate of 1.8%. Interested? Contact us to treat the loan to follow transfer within 48 hours.



    Some of GRW’s clients over the years included the Saudi Arabia Army, Jordanian Army, the Israeli Defense Department for generators and tractors and the Indian Construction firm EP for a block making plant. GRW then started offering financial services for trade finance and project finance utilizing the top finance specialists in the world to service GRW clients for various types of financial services. GRW expanded it’s reach across the world with the assistance of GRW agencies in many countries and is currently working on a property acquisition to open a new office headquarters in the USA. GRW has grown into a powerful entity on the world wide export and financial services and commodities markets, and GRW continues to grow and seek more GRW agencies worldwide. In 2012 all GRW Companies and sub firms were combined in a new entity called G11 Corporation with us now known as GRW a G11 Corporation.


    United States

    CNKF Loans Limited is Asia’s No. 1 Loan Company that offers a wide range of Loan services to a substantial and diversified client base while maintaining a client Database of over 10 Million clients around the world that includes individuals, corporate organizations, financial institutions and government entities. Founded in 2008, the firm is headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world. Our global structure allows us to better serve the strategic and financing needs of our clients across all geographical locations and industries globally. At CNKF Loans, We provide a broad range of Financial Solutions to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients worldwide, including banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, financial technology companies and specialty finance institutions. We also help Local, State and National governments by offering a specialized funding option with our Non-Recourse Loan Programs in order to raise capital to finance public infrastructural projects. We provide the fastest projects funding business loans Quick Loans to all clients worldwide with the best low interest rates and bank instruments as followings. BG SBLC LC MTN



    PFIG Espana is a modern day dynamic finance boutique and we are seeking collaborations with good entrepreneurs and business persons that are willing to present profitable and secure investment projects that require funding in countries with growing economies around the world and emphasis on location and environs. PFIG is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialised in the providence of Loan facilities at very low interest rates, lease and sale of financial instruments via top notch banks all over Eurasia and the United Kingdom and business advisory services as well as transaction services and outsourcing. We want to work with reputable project/general business facilitators who possess very cogent business ideas for either start-ups or running ventures that may require a financial boost. Sectors like the hospitality, oil and gas, agriculture, health, engineering, tourism, real estate, manufacturing, arts, and other high profit business ventures are the areas of focus for investment. We would also consider new innovations with good indexes.


    United Kingdom

    All Star Funding Solutions is a Commercial Finance brokerage based in Manchester. With a nationwide coverage and access to over 300+ specialist lenders we are able to support various businesses with a wide range of funding options. If you are looking for Invoice Finance, Single Invoice Finance, Factoring, Asset Finance, Trade Finance, Commercial Mortgages, Business Loans, Bridging Loans, Credit Insurance, Merchant Finance or any other type of business finance we will use our expertise to source and negotiate a competitive, tailored business finance package to suit your needs. We are also switching and cost reduction specialists. If you already have finance in place then speak to us directly to see what we can do to help reduce your current costs. Our service is FREE to our customers as we are paid directly by the lenders for a successful introduction. If we can't find you the right funding then we don't get paid - it is therefore in our interest to find you the best deals on the market. If you are interested in finding out what we can do for your business then contact us on 0161 8211478 and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you.


    United Kingdom

    Newable Finance brokerage provides a bespoke UK-wide service to help SMEs and property-backed businesses access the right finance they need to take the next steps to recover, grow and develop. With main offices in London, Cardiff and Manchester, the Newable Finance team of over 40 experienced brokers, situated across the nation, help clients source: Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Cashflow Finance and all types of specialist property finance, including residential. Newable Finance have sector specialist teams dedicated to supporting businesses within: healthcare, recruitment, renewable energy, retail, construction and office fit-outs. Their experienced advisors take the time to understand your bespoke requirements and will work with over 150 specialist lenders on your behalf to source and negotiate the best finance offer.

  7. CREDIT-10


    Credit-10 är webbplatsen för dig som är ute efter ett enkelt och smidigt mikrolån. Du hittar alla de aktuella långivarna i Sverige, vilka räntor de erbjuder och hur mycket man får låna från dem. Du kan också hitta recensioner om vad andra kunder tyckte om dem och se vilka som är bäst enligt konsumenterna själva! Credit-10 erbjuder inte själva några lån och förhandlar inte heller med långivare, utan informerar endast kostnadsfritt om vilka låneföretag du kan vända dig till för att få smslån och allmän information om vilka alternativ du har. Tjänsten finns tillgängliga i länder som Sverige, Norge, Finland, Danmark, Polen och många andra.


    United States

    Capital Fund International is a Finance Company that offers a wide range of Loan to a substantial and diversified client base that includes individuals, corporate organizations, financial institutions and government entities.Over the years, we have built long term, trusted and reliable direct relationships with proven Clients and companies all over the world. This is the right financing solution for you if you are looking to start up a new business, to expand or refinance existing business, or simply to renovate your business premises.Our Focus is simple - we partner with our client’s to understand their financing objectives and create innovative ways through transaction management to optimize their asset in a timely manner.Specializing in solutions-based lending, funding, ranging from 1 million to 1 billion USD/EUR and above, currently doing business from Hong Kong globally, we have provided funding to our clients by partnering with some of the largest financial institutions and professional service providers. Whether your business vision needs project financing, venture capital funding, equity financing or any other type of investment funding.For more than two decades, we have enabled clients to successfully navigate the complexities and challenges of the lending process at the most competitive rate available. We pride ourselves on finding solutions where others could not, offering a personalized approach that focuses on the needs and circumstances of each individual client


    United Kingdom

    Our mission is to create a diverse range of innovative investment products, provide high quality investment services to our customers by building distinguished ability to attract capital and create long-term strategic relationships, as well as building institutional professionals adding value to our customers and providing integrated business solutions through excellence service in a customer centric business environment. The best way to finance huge projects is by getting investment loans or financial instruments from a credible, reliable, competent and capable Finance Company. Unlike many other forms of financing, Bond Asset Finance applicants enjoy a simple process, and know within 24 - 48 hours if the loan request has been is viable. When the loan is approved, funding occurs within four to ten (4-10) business days. We at Bond Asset Finance believe that securing finance for a business should be simple, transparent and fair. Bond Asset Finance can approve funding ranging from €/$1 Million up to €/$2 Billion depending on the nature and viability of the business, investment or project after evaluation. Tenure of Loan is between 10 to 15 years repayment plan with only 3% interest rate per-anum. The interest rates may be fixed, and may not vary during the lifetime of the loan.


    United Kingdom

    Business loans with fixed monthly payments Quick and simple to arrange Secured or unsecured, Borrow from £2, 00 No maximum amounts Decisions in 24-48 hours Over 250 credit lines RLA Capital assists a wide range of businesses with traditional and bespoke finance facilities and business funding to suit their requirements and circumstances. With over 250 funding lines from High Street Banks to Alternative Finance Lenders, We manage your exposure so that we always have a route to finance for your business. We understand that obtaining business finance can be a long and painful process. In response to this we have developed quick and efficient systems to help your business gain the most effective and fit for purpose loans. Once we receive your enquiry, you will be contacted within 4 working hours to discuss your lending requirements. If your business is looking for commercial funding , secured or unsecured for any purpose, there are a number of options available to you, which are tailored to your individual requirements.


    United Kingdom

    At Reform Financial we specialise in helping businesses and individuals find the right business finance solution. When it comes to financing your business we listen to your needs, speak to our lenders, and source you the most competitive funding. With access to over 200+ lenders we can find and compare all types of business finance including invoice finance, business loans and property finance. We pride ourselves on our ability to work swiftly and provide a friendly award winning, free service for our clients across the UK. At Reform Financial we believe that you should be treated how we expect to be treated. You will never get passed from pillar to post, and you will be able to experience very quickly when working with us that we genuinely care. We have spent decades honing our expertise so that we can maintain our superb customer service and relationships, and continually wow our clients and partners with our ability to think big and get results. We treat our staff and clients better than anywhere else because we believe in what we do and we know that your time is as valuable to you as ours is to us.


    United Kingdom

    We offer loans with the best interest rates of 3%-5% with no colateral for individuals , businesses and companies Business Loans - Features and benefits through Funding Options: We compare 120+ lenders A Finance Specialist is available to guide you through the process It is free and doesn’t affect your credit score Suitable for any situation Fast approval rates Startup & SME business loans Business Loans - How do they work? Business loans fall into two categories: secured and unsecured - you’ll be required to offer security for a secured loan whereas unsecured lenders may sometimes ask for a personal guarantee. Interest rates vary and will depend on your business profile; usually the higher the risk to the lender, the higher the cost of the finance. The lender will assess your business’ credit rating and a number of other factors when making a decision. You could be eligible for a business loan of anywhere between £1, 000 and £15M, depending on the individual lender as well as your own business’ needs and circumstances. Before you apply for a business loan, have the following information to hand: your business plan, business bank statements, profits and losses, your business’ balance sheet and your personal details.


    United Kingdom

    At FCB we’re a different kind of bank; one that works to support our members because we’re owned by our members. Our philosophy is that by coming together, we’re stronger than we could ever be alone. We’ve found that banking products, like our members, are stronger and add more value when they work together. That’s why we offer '& Bags', as well as a full range of standalone products. Personal details, Provide information about your self; full name, age, gender, occupation, address, city or state, country, and more Identification, Submit personal identification documents like, passport or id card, driver license... Address information, A valid document showing proof of address like utility bill of not more than three months old...


    United Kingdom

    Everyday Loans is a direct loan lender that specializes in helping those that have struggled with credit in the past. We provide loans for individuals and companies and We make our own fast decisions and payout quickly. Get up to 1million pounds to 10 millions pounds loan face value with a low interest rate of 3%-5%. We provide nation and international service and decisions are always fast and 80% approval. That dream of expansion and growth can be realized with the help of our service and we also offer free financial advice and we have specialized that will help your business reach its full potentials Fast Loans is a direct lender. We make our own fast decisions and payout quickly. It's free to apply. We approve loans for 80% of those that apply. We provide loans for people with poor credit history. Build your access to cheaper finance. Apply for quick loans at Fast Loan UK! Our quick easy loans application provides an instant decision & excellent rating "Fast Loan UK is a short/medium term lender operating in the HCST sector. Our company culture centers around putting the customer first and our business model is built around this ethos.


    United Kingdom

    UK Business Loans is a Commercial Finance Network service aimed specifically at brokering business loans and associated finance products for primarily Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and investors alike. With over a decade of experience, Commercial Finance Network has come a long way from being a modest enterprise to an industry-leading whole of market broker with UK-wide presence. However, the great drive we had while starting our journey - of helping deserving businesses and people find the best way forward with affordable finance packages - hasn’t diminished one bit. Over the course of these years, working closely with our partners, we’ve brokered commercial loans worth millions of pounds. But the fact that we have always put our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do is what really highlights our journey.


    United States

    We are one of the most distinguished Financial & Taxation Services in Atlanta, GA. we specialize in Accountant Services, Banking Services, Cash Flow , Finance & Accounting Training, Financial Advisor, Financial Forecasts , Financial Planning, Financial statement Analysis, Investment Management, Money Transfer Services We are expanding our investment presence by granting cash as debt to fund projects all over the globe and to all sectors at 3% per annul with up to 35 years repayment plan. If you have any projects that needs funding, You have the opportunity to secure a $5, 000 and $100 million loan With Magma Finance, you may be able to qualify for a personal loan and have it deposited in your account as soon as the next business day.



    As an SBLC & BG Provider, CredFIN Corp is a modern and dynamic boutique finance company in Lithuania. We represent the traditional Lietuvos Banking practices of discretion, strength, reliability and performance. Specialists in bespoke services to companies seeking additional capital, equity or refinance. We utilize modern financial techniques to raise required capital and employ tax efficient structures and methodologies to restructure corporations and their subsidiaries leading up to sale or public offering. Encompassing over 15 years of experience, our exceptional core team offer our clients the utmost professionalism in the delivery of unique and bespoke finance facilities. Strong partnership alliances with our investment bankers, investors and private equity professionals allow us to offer opportunity to growing companies and to those established companies that are in need of further investment for expansion or debt restructure. We deliver a unique, expert and confidential service to assure excellence and financial supremacy for our clients.


    United Kingdom

    MJS Financial Ltd is a legally registered Financial Services Provider in The United Kingdom with Company Registration Number: SC467723. Our services include personal loan, business loan & project financing. We are also direct providers of bank instruments such as bank guarantees (BG), standby letters of credit (SBLC), DLC etc. All our bank instruments are issued by prime banks such as HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Citibank New York, Standard Chartered bank or any top AAA rated bank of your choice. We provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our loan interest rate is just 3% per year. So if you have any viable business or project that needs funding just send us an email for more details. Furthermore, we are looking forward to partnering with brokers, agents or company representatives. In the case where you do not need financing, you can serve as our agent, broker or company representative in your country. You will be paid 2% broker commission on every business you bring to us. If you would like to do business with us, kindly get back to us stating your area of interest to guide us on the next step. In anticipation of having a pleasant business relationship with you, please accept the assurances of our esteem regards. Rebecca Morgan (Sales/Marketing Manager)

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