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  1. A.M.I.S. SRL


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    The company manufactures the ONDASTOP rubber membrane check valves for: civil and industrial plant engineering, aqueducts, hydroelectric power stations, water treatment plants and steel plants; AMISJET automatic air feeder units for autoclave systems; AMISYSTEM water pressurisation units for civil and industrial purposes; AMISFIRE water pressurisation units for fire prevention systems; quick relief valves for ducts and pumping stations.



    Our products have been prevalently used by a wide range of vehicles such as the dump - tipper and tipper trailer trucks, hydraulic refuse packers, cesspit emptiers, snowploughs, road sweepers, fuel tankers, the asphalt spreaders, salt sprinklers, mobile hydraulic vehicle cranes, tow trucks, hook loaders, skip loaders, auto car carriers, fire trucks and the combination sewer cleaning vehicles. The PTO's available are for side mounting, rear mounting and directly on vehicle transmission or split shaft arrangement for giving two outputs with one inputs as used on fire trucks. Split Shaft Power Take-Offs used in seweral cleaning combination machines, cement pumpers, septic machines, vacuum machines and fire fighting vehicles. Double output Split Shaft PTO assemblies for vehicles with no transmission openings, or insufficient capacity for the application.Starting from the beginning of year 2007, our firm that began PTO production also for the Concrete Pumps and Concrete Mixer trucks has got



    Volkan company is known as a leading manufacturer in the field of fire pumps and trucks both at home and abroad.CAD-CAM supported production techniques, the latest technology aluminum and bronze foundries, model and molding units, the modern solid anodized unit, pump test units conforming to .. EN ..norms with complete computer systems, complicated setup framework and above all the advantages being at the center of a highly industrialized region provide the necessary power for production. We produce firefighting & rescue vehicles and components with 250 qualified employees in 65.000 sqm land which has 18.000 sqm production facility. We are the leader in the production of turntable ladder and telescopic boom up to 55 meter.Volkan company is the first in Turkey to produce the newly developed 8x8 Air Crash Tender (CFR truck) and also a ladder truck with elevator system.Our pump range starts with 1000 lpm at 10 bar pumps and goes up to 12.000 lpm at 12 bar pumps and monitors..



    With over 40 year of experience, Beltas has become a major distributor of firefighting vehicles, rescue stairs, hydraulic platforms, flood engines, fire and discharge pumps in Turkey and abroad. Our duty is to develop technologies that allow us to provide emergency life-saving machines that can help in an extreme, remote environment We provide maintenance services along with manufacturing in order to deliver the best quality, high security and absolute satisfaction of our customers, we apply 36 test on our products, taking in consideration the everyday changes. Expansion is essential in humankind development, and when there is no space in width, we go to the high... As the buildings gets higher and higher, so does our trucks! we provide ladder trucks from 12 to 55 MT high. With such high you need speed, that's why our special technology can provide a reach from 0 - 55 MT in just 40 second Water and foam tanks as well as fire pumps capacities are custom design for each configuration based on application and chassis preference. Regardless of fires, disasters, or technical operations... Beltas firefighting vehicles provide the best possible mobility and support on any terrain