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    GERMANY- Wipperfürth
    CBG COMPOSITES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CBG Composites GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative refractory, heat and sound-insulating composite building materials for various industrial applications such as Ship and offshore, civil...

    Supplier of: fire protection gates | fire protection | fire protection plates | fire protection panels | fire protection plates [+] fire protection panels | fire protection doors | Building materials | Partitions | soundproof panels | basalt | soundproofing | sandwich panels | fire breaks | thermal insulation

    • Fire protection impregnation FireStop Fire protection impregnation FireStop Non-combustible fire protection impregnation
    • Light-weight fireproof rockwool board FireCore Light-weight fireproof rockwool board FireCore Construction core of rock wool and inorganic impregnation matrix
    • Sound insulating fire-rated panel CorePan 15/G Sound insulating fire-rated panel CorePan 15/G Rockwool core glued with basalt fibre grid by means of flame-retardant adhesive
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Rayleigh

    ...other establishments where door finger accident protection is essential. Please beware of similarly named imitations and inferior products claiming to offer the same protection – Fingersafe® is the original design and the...

    Supplier of: Joinery and carpentry - works | Doors and gates, automatic and access control | Furniture, school | safety articles | fingersafe

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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    ...of JSC “Fire Experts” is fire protective systems.Main task of our company - to fulfill the widest demand of our customers.Our experience and scientific potential enable us to offer our clients optimal solutions in order to fulfill fire safety requirements in your project.Our experienced and competent...

    Supplier of: fire protection systems | fire protection and prevention consultants | Import-export - construction and publics works | fireproof products | fire smoke extraction systems

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    UNITED KINGDOM- London & maintenance of fire protection equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We supply the highest quality fire alarms services in London and all surrounding districts. No matter what service you require, our experts have over 20 years of experience in the fire safety industry and provide...

    Supplier of: Fire protection services | fire alarm system installation | risk and fire prevention | fire prevention inspection services | fire prevention

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    ...❏ Fire alarm linkage to turnstile gate ❏ Automated gates ❏ Alarms with Police Response If you would like to know more or would like to get started on getting your home or site safe and protected, call...

    Supplier of: Protection and security services | cctv site security | finger print turnstile system | scaffolding security alarms | wireless fire alarms

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    ...shutters, safes, gun cabinets, burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV including 24-hour monitoring systems, access control and door entry systems, close protection, keyholding, and concierge services. Our first...

    Supplier of: Security - Services | Alarms - security devices | 24-hour security | automatic grilles, doors and gates | security doors

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Blandford Forum

    ...Alarm Systems Locks and Locksmithing Manned Guarding Media Advisers (Appearances on ‘WatchDog’, Physical measures such as barriers and gates Perimeter Protection, including microwave systems Personal Injury

    Supplier of: Security - Services | expert witness | consultancy | security | litigation

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  • ...& equipments • Fence and Entrance• Security gate • HSE First Aid Kits• X ray baggage inspection scanner • SECU SCAN airport• Security & Inspection tools• Garrett Magnascanner• Fire-Fighting Equipments...

    Supplier of: Control panels - electric | Batteries | electrical cables for electric supply substations | diesel generator unit | main distribution boards

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    ...Access Control Intercom Systems Automatic Gates and Barriers Boasting a variety of awards and accreditations, Twenty4 is a name you can trust. To us, this is hugely important, striking up great relationships with all of the businesses and individuals we...

    Supplier of: Fire detection and alarm equipment | fire alarm system installation | burglar alarm devices | risk and fire prevention

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    ...and access control systems. We also look after fire alarms and perimeter protection, safes. Installation, maintenance and monitoring of: Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Door Entry, Access Control, Fire Alarms,...

    Supplier of: Alarms - security devices | cctv system installation | alarms and intrusion

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Barking/essex

    ...staircases, fire exits, doors, gates, railings, and shutters alongside robust structural steel. Designed for domestic and commercial purposes, our services include design drawings, delivery, and...

    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Coventry

    ...and their durability and low maintenance means that they will stand the test of time. We also provide fire shutters. Our range of gates help protect your property. For more information please contact us.

    Supplier of: gates | Doors, security for houses | high speed doors | shutters | fire shutters

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    SAUDI ARABIA- Al Khobar

    ...Industrial gate Valves, Check Valves, Fire Protections, Powers tools and Materials. With access to over 50, 000 industrial supply products available online and in our print catalog, we provide...

    Supplier of: gate valves | Fire alarms and detection - equipment and systems | industrial equipment

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  • PFP
    LUXEMBOURG- Ehlange Sur Mess
    PFP - Verified by Europages

    PFP Pro Fire Protection. Comprehensive fire protection solutions. Experts with an absolute passion for fire prevention and protection, we help you to get the most from your investment. With over 25...

    Supplier of: fire protection | fire protection | fire-break door for fire protection | Fire prevention equipment | firebreak doors [+] fire-break caulking | fire prevention | fire breaks | fire-extinguishers | fire detectors | fire-break coatings | fire-break ceiling | fire-break shutters | fire-break insulation | fire safety system upgrades

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    GERMANY- Alfeld
    T & B ELECTRONIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    T&B electronic was founded in 1984. As our product range continues to evolve, we as fire protection specialists continuously set new standards in quality and innovation in the field of preventative...

    Supplier of: Fire protection equipment | fire protection for dust extraction systems | fire protection articles | fire protection advice | fire protection for air conditioning and ventilation systems [+] fire protection concepts | engineering for fire protection systems | maintenance for fire protection systems | fire prevention systems | firefighting units | spark extinguishing systems | fire-prevention system | paper recycling | argon extinguishing systems | early fire detection systems

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    GERMANY- An Der Schmücke / Ot Heldrungen
    AZ METALLBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    AZ® Metallbau GmbH was founded as a family enterprise in 1994, laying the foundation for today's company with own production facilities (production area of 1500 square metres). Consistent systematic...

    Supplier of: fire protection elements | fire protection glazing | Glass - partitions and doors | fire doors | dividing walls [+] finger protection doors | glass composite doors | frame doors made from aluminium | space-saving doors | renovation frames | partition wall systems made of glass | doors, barrier-free | door renovation | door frames | glazing

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  • Since 1952, we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality PPE solutions that protect people from specific workplace hazards. We are the only manufacturer in Germany that has been finishing...

    Supplier of: protective clothing for the fire brigade | fire protection clothing | Fire-resistant clothing | heat protection clothing | work gloves [+] protective work clothing | protective work clothing for aus (working with high voltage) | hazmat suits | chemical protection clothing | esd safety gloves | coldstore wear | chillroom wear | clean room clothing | clean room gloves | acid protection clothing

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    GERMANY- Köln
    ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN has worked for more than 25 years to offer its customers innovative fire protection systems specific to the areas of cable, pipe and combination partitioning and fire protection joint...

    Supplier of: Fire protection services | Fire protection equipment | fire protection and prevention consultants | fire protection measures | fire protection for cable raceways [+] structural fire protection | fire protection components | preventative fire protection | fire protection for cable bushings | fire protection compounds | fire protection for pipe openings | fire protection sleeves for plastic pipes | fire protection work | fire protection advice | thermal cutting

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  • PROTECTO is a manufacturer of and specialist in environmentally friendly storage technology. Protectoplus has been designing, manufacturing and installing products for the safe and reliable storage...

    Supplier of: fire protection measures | fire protection cabinets | fire protection containers | Environment - services | Environmental clean-up services [+] Storage equipment and systems | Stocking dangerous materials | Safety vaults | Shelving, storage | Portable electrical pumps | fireproof cabinets | thermal cutting | dangerous goods | containers for inflammable liquids | vault containers

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    CROATIA- Karlovac, Kroatien
    KELTEKS - Verified by Europages

    We are one of the biggest full-range manufacturers of technical fiber reinforcements for composite materials in the EU. Our three factories are located in the heart of Europe in beautiful Croatia....

    Supplier of: Technical textiles for industrial applications | carbon fiber fabric | glass fiber fabric | basalt fiber fabric | natural fibers for bio composites [+] technical fabrics and reinforcements for composite laminates | technical textiles for composites industry | epoxy and latex coated textiles | fireproof fabrics | industrial fabrics for vacuum infusion, rtm and pultrusion | technical fabrics for hand lay-up and spray-up | fire-retardant fabrics for technical and industrial use | non-flammable non-combustible fabrics | flame resistant fabrics | fiber composite materials

    • kelteks Protect A1 kelteks Protect A1 Fire Protection
    • solidian Protect A1 solidian Protect A1 Fire Protection
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  • Today FIRE PROOF TECHNOLOGY is a leading developer and manufacturer of fire protection materials in Russia. OGRAX® brand - name associates with quality and reliability. OGRAX® passive fire...

    Supplier of: fire protection for cable raceways | Flame retardant construction materials | Paints and varnishes | Insulating seals | Flame-proof material [+] Thermal insulation materials | Refractory materials and products | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Paints, oil-based | Paints, synthetic resin | paint distributor | fire-break caulking | paints for iron | paints - production

    • Ograx-v1 Ograx-v1
    • Ograx-l1 Ograx-l1
    • Ograx-ksk Ograx-ksk
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  • Rex Industrie-Produkte Graf von Rex GmbH, based in Vellberg, has been developing and manufacturing technical textiles, high-temperature insulation, fire protection products and friction and sliding...

    Supplier of: joint tapes for fire protection | fire protection seals | Technical textiles | fibreglass fabrics | heat resistant fabrics [+] aramidic fabrics | high-temperature insulation products | fibreglass needle mats | insulation fabric | woven glass tape | fabrics, non-flammable | yarns for technical textiles | plastic-coated glass fabric | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) glass fabric | glass fabric, silicone-coated

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    GERMANY- Schalksmühle
    GÜNTHER SPELSBERG GMBH + CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Spelsberg is a market-leading company in the electrical industry with many years of experience in the fields of electrical installation and housing technology. The high innovative capacity of this...

    Supplier of: fire protection junction boxes | fire protection distributors | ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | cases for the electrical industry | hose nozzles [+] housings for the electronics industry | outdoor enclosures | junction boxes | meter boxes for electrical engineering | electrical installation equipment | junction boxes | small distribution boards | socket distribution boards | industrial housing | meter housing

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    FLAMESTOP - Verified by Europages

    FlameStop Company has been manufacturing and selling fire extinguishing equipment for over seven years. We divide our business into two main areas: - Production of MGA-FS gas fire extinguishing...

    Supplier of: Fire protection equipment | Fire prevention equipment | Fire alarms and detection - equipment and systems | fire prevention systems and equipment | automatic fire extinguishing systems [+] firefighting nozzles | firefighting gear | fire prevention systems | gas leak detectors | automatic fire signalling systems | fire alarm | wholesale fire fighting gear | fire prevention systems for shopping centres | industrial fire prevention systems | fire signalling system and equipment

    • Fire extinguishing systems for kitchen equipment Fire extinguishing systems for kitchen equipment FIREDETEC F/K
    • Fire interface module Fire interface module THERMOCABLE_MIP2I
    • Thermal fire detector Thermal fire detector Thermocable ProReact Analogue LHD
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    SME INNOVATIONS LLC - Verified by Europages

    The company SME Innovations LLC offers a wide range of innovative products for automatic fire extinguishing in electrical panels, 19 "cabinets, cable trays, sockets, etc. The fire extinguishing...

    Supplier of: Fire protection equipment | fire protection measures | fire protection equipment and materials | Fire extinguishers | Fire prevention equipment [+] fire fighting | innovative products | fire prevention | fire prevention systems for public buildings | fire prevention systems for industrial buildings | fire prevention systems for shopping centres | industrial fire prevention systems | fire-break | fire prevention systems and equipment | wholesale fire fighting gear

    • Plate-shaped fire extinguisher Plate-shaped fire extinguisher PiroStiker
    • Cord-shaped fire extinguisher Cord-shaped fire extinguisher Fipron-Cord
    • System of remote extinguishing System of remote extinguishing Pirostrel
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    RUSSIA- Kazan
    PARITET-RK - Verified by Europages

    Paritet-RK is a manufacturer of photoluminescent film, adhesive tape, laminating sheets, luminous tape for making indoor evacuation signs and signalling panels and boards. Main products and...

    Supplier of: Fire protection equipment | Signs and signalling panels and boards | Signs - indoor | Tapes, adhesive | Plaques and signs [+] aluminium strip for profiles | protection and safety plans | accident prevention signs | photoluminescent signage | emergency plans | sign strips | evacuation systems | safety articles | security articles, equipment and systems | luminous navigation signals

    • Photoluminescent sheets Photoluminescent sheets FES-24P
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    YEOMAN SHIELD - Verified by Europages

    Celebrating 50 years in the wall & door protection market in 2016 made Yeoman Shield mindful of how important stability and longevity is for both vendors and purchasers, in times which are not...

    Supplier of: fire rated door protection | Doors, reinforced and fireproof - industrial | interior design | wall protection | door protection [+] protection rail | rub rail | handrail | wall panels | corner protection | rubber fender | bed heads | trolley rail | bump rail | protection angle

    • Yeoman Shield Falmouthex Door Potection Panel Yeoman Shield Falmouthex Door Potection Panel PVCu Fire Rated Door Protection Panels protect doors from damage that left
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  • Conducting electricity, routing data, controlling energy OBO Bettermann is one of the leading manufacturers of installation systems for the electrical infrastructure of buildings and plants. Whenever...

    Supplier of: fire protection ducts | fire protection systems | fire protection for electrical engineering | Electrical components and parts | overvoltage protection [+] cable gland conduits | cable carrying system | floor socket | protection against lightning | functional endurance systems | cable trays | mesh cable trays | underfloor systems | cable guidance systems

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  • Supplier of: Fences and gates | Windows | Doors, industrial | Shutters | Doors, house

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    ITALY- Torino

    Supplier of: Fire protection equipment | Fences and gates | Air treatment - equipment and systems

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