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    Since 1990, we have been one of the most successful food wholesalers in the Berlin wholesale market area. Our sales area of over 5500 m2 includes the following extensive selection of products: Fruit and vegetables. A wide range of food products. Catering services. International specialities. Are you looking for packs and hygiene products to provide a top service in the gastronomy sector, and at fair prices? Do you value quality, freshness and safety? Then food wholesaler ALTUN in Berlin is the right place for you. We purchase a wide range of fresh food, including Asian and Mediterranean products, from renowned producers and suppliers. We purposefully set high standards when it comes to freshness, quality and safety of all of our products, which we offer at fair value for money. This closes mirrors our company philosophy – which includes making regular deals which help you to save money.



    UAB TOMEURA, based in Lithuania, is specialized in the processing of fish products since 2018. We are part of a group of companies called MaxiFish. We produce canned foods, freshly frozen fish, chilled fish, snacks, dried fish and feed for aquaculture. Our mission is to implement large-scale processing projects of fish products, aquaculture and fish feed. In a short time we became a leading company in the fish and seafood market in Russia and the European Union. Today we are present all around the world. We currently produce approximately 2.500 tons of feed and process 700 tons of products per year. We have the advantage to be involved in all areas of production, including the extraction of raw material, feed production, aquaculture farms, the processing of frozen and chilled fish as well as retail packaging and export. Moreover, we use various techniques to process our fish products including smoking, filleting, salting, drying and freezing. Our focus on quality and freshness enables us to gain the trust of renowned partners such as Bonesca and DaySeaDay. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    DGM Shipping AS more than 26 years is doing commercial fishing in Estonia (about 5000 tons per year) and is the only company in Baltic states with complete production cycle - from fish catching and processing to ready-to-eat products for retail chains. This ensures that we can guarantee the best quality and reasonable prices. The special technological process allowed us to minimize salt and preservatives content in our products. Due to its own fleet the company DGM Shipping AS ensures uninterrupted deliveries of fresh fish to the factory for the processing. The company applied modern methods and technologies, established automated equipment for fish cutting. DGM Shipping AS was certified according to the standards of FDA, HACCP, as well the company has MSC certification, it means that it is complying with the principles of sustainable fishing. Besides, we are ready to develop any taste for you and we can offer our products for Private Label. To find out more about our company and a full range of products please follow this link: https: //briis.eu/demo/ If necessary, we are willing to provide access to quality control of our products as well as total inspection of our production and our fishing vessels by your experts. We would like to hear back from you so please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely your, DGM Shipping Ltd.



    Otto Franck Import has been active in the trade of non-perishable quality food for 100 years. Our expert, generally self-taught employees deal with the entire import process, from the selection of the most suitable suppliers, transport and importing right up to delivery to your desired location. Our customers include commercial consumers of all sizes from food retailing, the food processing industry and food wholesalers. In addition to Germany, we also supply over two thirds of all EU states and selected third countries, such as the USA, the UK and Switzerland. Otto Franck's range encompasses more than 2000 products. Thanks to long-standing relationships with producers from all continents, we are in the position to import non-perishable food of a high quality at attractive prices. Our commercial business is focused on the areas of preserves and frozen and deep-frozen food products, as well as espresso coffee and ice cream ingredients.


    South Africa

    Jenrad Corporation (Pty) Ltd a multi-product and service company focused more especially on the FMCG industry started operations in 2009 after acquiring an FMCG company that was in existence since 1998. The Company was formed by leading experts in the field of Product Development, Product Design, Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, BPO and IT Services, thereby consolidating all the relevant expertise and experience and concentrating this into one company, bringing together at least 60 years of collective experience, Jenrad leverages its presence in the market by providing a total end-to-end product development and procurement service that includes the entire range of strategic and transactional processing. A global procurement and solutions company, Jenrad serves as an instrument in helping businesses and organizations of various sizes to manage product selection, product development and innovation, design, corporate spend, increase savings, reduce costs, and maximize customer and supplier relationships.

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    Jealsa is a Galician family company founded in 1958 and headquartered in Boiro (A Coruña - Spain) dedicated to the production and marketing of canned fish and seafood. In this more than 60-year history, the Galician canning company has achieved many successes. Innovation, sustainability and commitment to the diversification of the company are the main axes on which Jealsa's growth is based. Today the company consists of 23 companies grouped in 4 areas of activity: • Meal • Fishing and Services • Circular Economy • Energy



    Producers, suppliers and exporters of high quality salmon fillet (salmo salar), salmon fillets, salmon bits & pieces, salmon heads & belly. Atlantic trout (oncorhynchus mykiss), atlantic cod (gadus morhua), cod roe, cod maw, cod fillets, cod loins & portions, farmed salmon, live red king crab, king crab legs & claws, live snow crab. We specialise in Norwegian salmon and trout. Fresh Product: live snow crab live red king crab king crab clusters snow crab clusters fresh Norwegian salmon fresh Atlantic salmon fresh salmon fillets chilled cod fish fresh Atlantic cod Frozen Product: frozen snow crab clusters frozen king crab clusters frozen Norwegian salmon frozen salmon fillets frozen salmon bellies 3cm+ frozen salmon heads 450gr+ frozen cod fish frozen cod roe frozen cod heads frozen cod fish fillets FJOKSAK AS SUPERIOR QUALITY SEAFOOD Fresh and Frozen Seafood Fjordgata 52, 6005 ÅLESUND Websit: www.fjoksak.com



    We have real experience and knowledge. Our factory has been producing canned fish since 2004. Throughout its history, the company has undergone various changes both in the local and in the export market, which constantly motivated us to adapt to the situation, change standards and improve quality. Our greatest asset is the company's management and team, with the courage and the ability to take risks, which are always associated with new challenges, new markets, and new product development. Only the highest quality standards. For us, quality standards are not only measurements and indicators that testify to the safety of a product, but also internal company standards that create added value for a product. We mark this value on the packaging of our products with special emblems, the meanings of which are given below. PACKAGING. Our customers appreciate manual labor and its added value. Perfectly packed sprats and neatly packed fillets are the results of the painstaking manual labor of our employees. MANUAL PROCESSING. During the production process, fish fillets are cut by hand, which allows you to process the fish more carefully, preserving its natural structure, fat and moisture content, nutritional value, and minerals. Thanks to this, it retains the best taste and nutritional properties. Our business in numbers since 2004 100+ products 12M cans productivity 30 export countries 15 medals at exhibitions


    United Kingdom

    The Village Shoppe Ltd - One of the premier discount delivered wholesaler Founded in 2011, by Hitesh Mahendrabhai Patel and his brother Jayesh Patel with a simple concept - Special Offer Supplies for the Independent Food Retailers The Village Shoppe Ltd is a family business that is big on brands, big on service, big on value… The Village Shoppe Ltd is one of the largest discount delivered wholesalers of tinned food, groceries, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, confectionery, pet food, household, toiletries, wine & more. As a family owned business, we care about our customers and pride ourselves on exceptional service. We deliver superb value on the brands you and your customers want and love. The Village Shoppe Ltd carry an extensive range of products with over 4, 500 lines. Our diverse range includes top selling brands such as Mars Bars, Walkers Crisps, Heinz, Nescafe, Colgate & Fairy. Our dedicated Sales Team are always on hand to help. Our customers are throughout the UK and Ireland and we export to over 25 countries please mention if you are a retailer or a shopper. We are proud of our varied customer base. We cater for everyone, large or small, from major multiple retailers, discounters, independents, convenience stores and garden centres and we welcome enquiries from all over the world.



    PESCA MAREE IMPORT-EXPORT. Wild fresh fish /seafood export from MOROCCO. Processing Plant & Exporting Company E.U approval : (MA) PP.7.3389.17 - US.FDA-FFR: 11045946464 Tel ++212 661 226 572 (whatsApp) - E-mail: pescamareeimpex@Gmail.com ​​https: //pesca-maree-import-export-morocco.business.site ​​Adresse : Route Azemmour - Km 16.5 Dar Bouazza, Mediouna- Nouacer, 27223- Casablanca - MAROC (MA) We are a leading Seafood (Fresh & Frozen) exporting company from MOROCCO, we export to major E.U, Russian and North American markets. We source from two zones (FA0-034 Central Eastern Atlantic & FA0-037 Mediterranean sea) both coasts extend to 3400km long and rank among the richest and most bio-Divers areas in the world. Our fish is carefully selected and only the best quality is Exported: First Choice (Artisanal line fishing by small boats, in-out-same day). Fresh Fish is iced immediately, delivered to our factory for quality control, grading, sorting, sizing and packaging. These are our most commonly Exported species: ROUGETS de Roche (MULLUS SURMULETUS) Trigia Di SCOGLIO /ΜΠΑΡΜΠΟΥΝΙ RASCASSE (SCORPAENA SCROFA) CABRACHO/ SCORFANO ROSSO/ΣΚΟΡΠΙΟΣ Vrai-SAR (DIPLODUS SARGUS) SARAGO/Σαργός Faux-SAR (DIPLODU Solea vulgaris, Loligo vulgaris, octopus vulgaris, Dentex gibbosus, pagrus pagrus, etc..................



    River Fish is a leading firm in Serbia specialized for processing and preservation of freshwater fish. River Fish is a family manufacture established in 2007. in Belgrade. In the establishment River Fish had the aim to create healthy food and to offer unique taste.River Fish products are ecologically tested. Healthy way of drying and mild smoking provides an authentic taste of fish, which comes from natural resources.Fresh water fish is a rich source of highly unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6



    With an annual turnover of usd 350 million, Akyurek Pazarlama covers 40% of Akyurek Holdings' total annual turnover. Within the years, Akyurek Pazarlama has become a vital player in the local market and is recently considered to be the leading marketing and distributing company for well-known brand FMCG, i.e. Unilever, Algida, Dr. Oetker, Dimes, Fiskobirlik, Dardanel Ton, etc., to Int'l and local food chain markets, i.e. Tesco, Real, Carrefour, BIM, Migros, etc. throughout Turkey.Now, Akyurek Marketing JSC has decided to carry its experience, power and success to overseas businesses and has started to search for global business partners, who have the power, will and right network to distribute our goods in their own local market on exclusive basis. Companies who have the will, power and right network to distribute our goods in their local market on exclusive basis are welcome to contact us to negotiate further details.


    Viet Nam

    INDEPENDENT SEAFOOD INSPECTION COMPANYOFCO offers pre-shipment inspection service, loading supervision and consultancy servicesTo our regular customers, we are also offering advices and we guide them on their purchase in Vietnam. More than just providing inspection services, our objective is to support our customers on their seafood purchase from Vietnam. To be efficient and to help our customers maintain and develop successfully their business, our company adapts a preventive strategy to minimize the risks of rejection and disappointment. And as flexibility is part of a good service, we also provide customized services tailored to our customers’ needs.Do not gamble with quality! Secure your purchase with OFCO CARGO INSPECTIONPRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION, LOADING SUPERVISION, R&D (RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT), MARKET SURVEY, CONSULTANCY SERVICES AND ADVICE, SAMPLE INSPECTION, AUDIT



    Skype : maggie19880125Email: seafood6688@gmail.com Frozen Squid tube 1. Size : U3, U5, U7, U10, U15, U202. Species : Todarodes pacificus, Illex argentinus, Dosidicus gigas, Ommastraphes bartrami, Nototodarodes slonni, Loligo Japonicus . 3. Documents: CERTIFICAT SANITAIRE (Health certificate), CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (FORM A / FORM E ), COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LIST, B/L.4. Shipment date : within 20-30 days after receipt of prepayment or L/C .Sincerely hope to work with you for long term cooperation !


    United Kingdom

    Beleaev Caviar House honours centuries-old techniques and recipes to produce caviar of unparalleled quality and freshness. Beleaev Caviar is not only food; it represents luxurious, experiential and befitting of any occasion - lifestyle! Gastronomists from all corners of the world rely on our historical expertise based on our family traditions, values, and generations of gourmands seeking only the best caviar products. Our range of products represents selected high-quality divine delicacies, including Royal Siberian Caviar, Imperial Gold Caviar, Russian Sturgeon and Beluga Caviar that are only brought up in impeccable conditions. We favor caviars of different species and origins according to our rigorous selection criteria. Moreover, the core values ​​of our company combine ecology and sustainable development, which guarantees the highest quality and purity in our products.



    Zaimar Group is an Exporting Company based in Lima, Peru. Our compnay is broken down into two main components: Zaimar Trading, which specializes in chemicals and machinery, and also Zaimar Food, which specializes in the exportation of Peruvian food products to the rest of the world. Our food products range from seafood, fresh and dehydrated fruits and vegetables , and spices. We export these products to major companies in the United States and are currently working on our European and Asian markets. In registering with EUROPAGES it is our hope that we will be able to expand our business worldwide, and help provide companies with products they would not otherwise be able to find.



    We are Latvian fish processing, trading and export company. We make more than 50 different kinds of fish products of eel, salmon, herring, sprats, mackerel, butter fish, redfish and more other fishes from the Atlantic Ocean, Norvegian, Baltic and North Seas. Company product range includes frozen, cooked, smoked, pickled fishes, fish in brine or in oil, and various kinds of fish salads. Products are hand made and based on high quality raw material. Products are paked not only in plastic tins/canns with different weight, but also in thermoforming and vacuum. Every day company process up to 10t of different fishes.



    We are a fishing and processing company based in Jakarta. We have our own boats to supply us with raw materials which we processed them in our strict HACCP compliance factory. Our Product: Tuna, Oil fish (smooth skin and rough skin), Marlin, Mahi - Mahi, Swordfish, Moonfish, Skipjack, Wahoo, Blue shark, Albacore, Squid and etc. Tuna : Saku, Steak, Loin, Cube Cut, Ground Meat and etc. Oil fish : Saku, Loin, Fillet, Steak. Swordfish : Loin and Steak. Moonfish : Loin We Could adjust our product based on Customer requirement.

  7. LUÇAS & C.ª, LDA.


    Luças® has been around since 1896, and it's the Oldest and Finest Portuguese Premium Canned Fish Brand in the World. Taste what can 120 years of experience in Premium Canned Fish can offer your senses... Amaze yourself with our world class and award winning quality products.


    South Korea

    Select Info Tech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in various Seaweed and Curcumin since 2001 in Korea. Especially we supply our products with best taste and quality under the strict quality control system to our clients and try to promote human health and happiness in future.



    The firm Gruzza was established in 2000 and started its activity in the sector of the fish mechanical constructions and the industrial mechanical assemblages. After few years of experience, the company started to produce equipments for foodstuff industry and focused on more efficient compact fast and accurate vacuum packing machines and developed a range of fish processing machines, glazing machine, filleting machine, curling machines, defrosting machines, washers, mixers, vacuum packers.


    Hong Kong

    Mienboom International Ltd., established in April 2000, as an importer, distributor and wholesaler of Japanese food and beverage in Hong Kong and Mainland. We supply our products to "ParkNshop" and "Welcome", which the two largest supermarket chains in Hong Kong. Our other major customers include sushi manufacturers and Japanese restaurant chains. Altogether our customers along with their outlets are over 1, 700 in our database.



    We are the Leading Manufacturer/Supplier of BEST CANNED TUNA in the Market today. Be a DISTRIBUTOR NOW. Product details: Skipjack Canned Tuna 180g Solid/Flakes in vegetable oil Packing 48tins/carton @ US$ Easy open Can Shelf life: 3 years for details kindly contact: Mr. Dansoon Belmes  whatsapp/mobile/wechat/viber: +63 9757746477 email:   dsbcorner at gmail dot com yeshuasmarketing at gmail dot com


    Viet Nam

    Starseafoods Co., ltd is a dynamic international trading company and currently known as a specialist in the field of processing, exporting , searching and assessing the seafood suppliers potentiality from Vietnam.With many years of experience in processing and seafood trading, with good relationship and thoroughly understanding the hundreds suppliers in Vietnam, we are committed to bringing our customers the best quality products and most profitable.



    Riojordan is an international food exporter with partnership in china, thailand & Vietnam & tight cooperation with europe, Brazil, India .Our products include: canned foodsSeafoodsMeat & poultryRice , Sugar & dry foodsSauces, condimentsPastaMany others



    We are one of the pioneers in this fresh/frozen tuna field in south east asia & pacific with over 28 branches buying stations all over philippines, more than 30 associate/partner ship in asia. Owns 45 long liners.Our graders all are trained in japan. Company owns by irish born uk raised family



    Ocean Develop Seafoods Inc.is a seafood supplier from china.It is approved by HACCP and registered in EU.We export tilapia、sardine、mackerel、golden/black pomfret、shrimp vannamei 、squid(T+T, tube, pineapple, ring)、canned tuna/sardine/mackerel、three spotted crab…with good quality and competetive price.You can get more information from our company website: www.odseafoods.com“Quality Seafood” is our Philosophy, Brand, and Commitment to you.



    Canned fish. Bonito, albacore tuna, anchovies, cured fish, sardines, mussels, horse mackerel, livers, fish pastes, seafood cocktails, elvers, etc.



    Company selling bivalve molluscs and cephalopods. Our products are sold to canneries.


    French Polynesia

    Cariblue is a sourcing and import company providing products for local import houses and distributors.

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