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    FEMIA designs and builds machines and equipment for the preparation and continuous thermal processing of vegetables, sweet corn and fruits. For almost 60 years FEMIA has been supplying the canning, deep freezing and fresh produce industries on every continent. From product reception in the factory to its transfer to packaging or freezing line, we have an answer to your every need, with a wide range of capacities up to 20 tonnes per hour: Reception and line feeding, cleaning, washing, sorting, grading, destalking, trimming, cutting, conveying and transfer. Continuous thermal processing: blanching, cooling, rehydration, dehydration, drying. We are continually innovating and improving our machinery to meet your requirements: Increasing the yield of your lines Preserving the quality of your products Reducing water and energy consumption Simplifying and reducing the cost of maintenance Increasing the lifespan of your machinery We are with you all the way: We carry out design, layout and detail studies plus project management, assembly, installation, commissioning and training. Trials can be arranged on our pilot thermal processing equipment to optimise time and temperature parameters so as to obtain the product quality you desire. We offer spare parts as well as machine repairs and overhauls, either on site or at our premises.



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    PURIF'AIR was founded in 2020 and is a company specialising in air and odour purification. The company seeks to provide an innovative solution for combating olfactory pollution and the maturation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. If you are looking for a fast, effective and environmentally friendly way to treat the air or purify odours, PURIF'AIR has the solution you need. Purif'Air presents Pur'sand, our marquee product. This is a natural powder, biodegradable and 100% made in France, perfect for use as pet litter. Pur'sand blocks odours, dries and deodorises urine, making it a must-have for every pet owner. Our Purif'Air products are useful in many sectors, including: - pet stores, garden stores, arboriculture and horticulture, - market gardeners and wholesalers of fruit, flowers and vegetables, - traders in fruit, flowers and vegetables, - short- and long-term storage centres, - short- and long-distance land, sea or air transport, - treatments for small and large cold stores, - capturing smoke and vapour from hydrocarbons. The company offers solutions for a wide range of sectors to satisfy the needs of its clients. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details!



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    Tecno Group Lab is a company that manufactures machines for the processing of fruit and vegetables. The company's main aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and supply products that fully meet customers' expectations and market demand. The company designs and produces reliable, safe machinery: feeders, rotary tables, crate washers, fruit and vegetable processing lines, breadmaking machines.



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    SAMMA: leader in building and support with fruit and vegetable processing and packing machines. It's able to provide solutions and assistance to its customers thanks to is substantial know-how in this sector. As the associate companies SAMMA Proget and SAMMA International were set up further boost has been given to the focus in the fruit and vegetable technology area while expanding in the development of new technologies for the fruit and vegetable sector.


    United Kingdom

    Since its formation in 1958, Swanwick Foodservice Equipment has worked with a range of civil and military clients throughout the world. We export catering equipment to every continent of the world and can manage consolidation on turnkey projects or deliver a single item. We can provide replacement parts and technical assistance. If you have catering or laundry equipment, we’ve got it covered. Our catering equipment store is open for business across the globe, offering you the finest brands delivered to your door. Whether it’s prime cooking, refrigeration, preparation or warewashing you will find it at 7daychef.com. For single items or a complete turnkey project, we can design, specify and ship to your location.We have been providing marine galley equipment to the North Sea, Indonesia and Africa since 1970, and offer brands such as Vulcan Hart, Lang and Crown with marine specification for the offshore industry.We offer equipment for specific cook/chill operations such as banqueting and packaged food preparation. This includes boiling pans from Dietatec, Thermaline and Icos, and ice water cooling systems from Packo. We also offer blast/shock chiller and freezer equipment for use with combination ovens from Houno, Electrolux and Convotherm. We offer a range of equipment for steam sterilization, batch frying, volume boiling and autoclave boiling pans for the food processing industry and small scale specialist food companies.

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    Our company is dedicated to provide a large variety of innovative, quality machines for our customers. Either a single machine, or a whole processing plant, we are eager to fufil all kind of needs around fruit processing. We are at your service around the hour, also taking care of your responses, wich allows us to develop our machines and make them even better with the help of your opinion. We provide a large variety of fruit washing machines, shredders, bin tippers, fruit jam/marmalade cookers, pack presses each at one place. Ensuring high quality and affordable prices at the same time. Our products are made from the finest materials (stainless steel 1.4301) and meet various security requirements and standards. It is important for us to justify customers’ confidence. We believe in quality, reliable and durable machines for fruit processing lead to excellent final products. Check our machinery catalog here: http: //maurergep.com/Maurer-katalog-2018.pdf --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unsere Firma ist seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt auf dem Gebiet des Maschinenbaus, spezialisiert auf die Obstverarbeitungstechnik tätig. Unser Ziel ist es innovative, qualitativ hochwertige Geräte aus der Hand zu geben. Ob es sich um eine einzelne Maschine oder um eine gesamte Verarbeitungslinie handelt, wir versuchen auf alle Kundenwünsche einzugehen. Wir arbeiten mit unseren Kunden eng zusammen, daher ist uns Ihre Meinung wichtig.



    Company "Spektrum" was founded in 1993 and started its activity with supplies of premium quality finishing materials. In 2000, we was started own production of equipment, consumables, tools for installing modern concrete floors and building equipment. Since 2008, high-quality products of Spektrum are available in CIS countries and in Europe. In 2009 we was launched production of equipment and machinery for food-processing products: drying equipment for drying fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, mushroom, tea, etc, fruits (cherry) pitting (destoning, pit remover) machines, knife (guillotine, slicer) for cheese and other food products. Company "Spektrum" has developed and patented of the unique technology "Ikwi-Sushka" - the technology of drying of various food products. The successfully implemented project led to launch of its own production of dried vegetables, fruits and berries, and their promotion to healthy food market. In 2015, was registered trademark Spektrumix and since then we have delicious dried fruits, berries, vegetables always as well as we production of deliciously, unique and exclusive natural products. Our food production is certified according to DSTU ISO 22000 standards. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2009.



    We produce fruit, berry and vegetable processing machinery as well as Bag in Box & Pouch filling equipment. We offer various juice pressing lines based on client's needs, make customized individual orders as well as design full processing plants. Our successful communication starts with a free consultation to all clients. We manufacture fruit washers, washer elevator mills, belt presses, pasteurizers, Bag in Box fillers & more. You can find our product catalogue here: https: //pro-fruit.com/juice-production-machinery/processing-machinery/ . ProFruit Machinery is a family based company that started with a father and son and their shared desire to offer more fruit, berry and vegetable processing possibilities for both leaders of their market and businesses that aspire to become such one day. For 10 years we have also been working with fruit, berry and vegetable processing equipment in our juice production based factories “Savos sultys”. Through the years we have personally tried and tested the equipment from almost all producers in the market including it’s leaders. This extensive experience let us truly understand what are the drawbacks of other manufacturers and what the effective work in fruit, berry and vegetable processing field really requires. With being both user and producer of machinery, we manufacture products superior to our competitors' as we improve our equipment and implement user-friendly solutions that significantly upgrades efficiency.

  4. MAT-ING


    For 30 years we have helped our customers from Europe, Asia, and Africa to grow and become leaders in the fruit and vegetable, bakery, and other food industries. They have boosted their production numbers and product quality thanks to using our high-quality cost-efficient equipment. MAT-ING machines will uplift your market competitiveness while improving your production, inspection, and food packaging processes. We have 50 employees and a 3000m² production hall at your disposal. We specialize in making machines for use in fruit & vegetable harvesting, processing, and packaging, on one hand, and for making machines and equipment for the bakery industry. During 3 decades of continuous work, we've managed to create complete production lines for small, medium, large and industrial-sized bakeries. Every single piece of equipment or machinery that we produce is fully customizable depending on the client's needs. Our production is located right at the highway connection, therefore organizing transport is very, very easy. We are looking forward to doing business with you!



    KRONEN GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for the catering, convenience, delicatessen and food industry. We develop and produce single and special machines as well as complete processing lines for preparing, cutting, washing, drying, peeling and packing of food. Equipment and processes for all sectors of the food industry. Cutting equipment and tools slicers.



    food processing machinery , fruit and vegetable processing machinery , agriculture machines , such as chips and puffed snack procssing line , pasta & noodles processing line , cakes& biscuit &cookies processing line



    The company JOS DE BRUYNE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Sorting and sizing equipment for fruits and vegetables industry. It also operates in the Peelers and graters, Peelers and graters, kitchen accessories, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, and vegetable cutters industries. It is based in Leupegem, Belgium.



    The company JBT FOODTECH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food Industry - Machines & Equipment industry. It also operates in the Packing machines, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, systems and equipment for dairy products, and autoclaves for sterilizing industries. It is based in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

  2. SER.MAC S.R.L.


    The company SER.MAC S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the fruit and vegetable processing machinery, and Packing of fruits and vegetables industries. It is based in Cesena, Italy.



    The company MOOSE ENGINEERING EN EQUIPMENT, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Monitoring and control equipment industry. It also operates in the beer brewery consulting, equipment and apparatus for producing curdled milk, and fruit and vegetable processing machinery industries. It is based in Antwerpen, Belgium.



    The company ALMAFRUT SL, which operates in the Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the packaging, and fruit and vegetable processing machinery industries. It is based in Vícar - Almería, Spain.



    The company BERTUZZI GIDA PROSESLERI - TURKEY BRANCH OFFICE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the fruit and vegetable processing machinery, and systems and equipment for the production of fruit juices industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



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    Flottweg is one of the worldwide leading solution providers in the field of mechanical separation technology. Our decanters, disc stack centrifuges and belt presses exclusively manufactured in Germany are the preconditions for high efficiency in production and outstanding quality of our customers’ end products. In the petrochemical, chemical, pharmazeutical and the food industry but also in the field of mining as well as in the environmental area for the treatment of waste water or oil sludges – Flottweg’s premium products and systems work successfully everywhere. Thousands of satisfied customers all around the world are our best reference. For more than 60 years Flottweg have been developing and producing decanter centrifuges, separators, belt presses, and systems considered extremely powerful and reliable. In many industrial areas, they handle key functions in the clarification of liquids, separation of liquid mixtures, and concentrating and dewatering.



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    We're present in all the main tomato and fruit transformation areas worldwide. We provide complete lines for preparing tomato sauces and ketchup. We produce complete lines and machines for making fruit juices, plus process lines and systems for making fruit purées (especially apple, pear, peach and apricot). Production of machinery for making jams and preserves. Systems for the processing and transformation of tomatoes. Our new product line for transporting and processing leaf vegetables is particularly recommended for removing sand and coarse impurities. When making syrups (clarified or not) from dates, by-products (yeast, alcohol and vinegar) can also be obtained thanks to the special technology and transformation processes used. Ing. A. Rossi has all the know-how needed to handle the system engineering requirements of the dairy sector.



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    As partners of Temas Group Export Partners, we specialize in helping businesses succeed in the global marketplace by finding new export customers, generating leads, and developing export strategies. Our carefully designed services ensure that our esteemed clients receive a unique and effective experience. With our experience in customs clearance, logistics, and foreign trade, we drive sales and help your business achieve success. Our broad selection of products caters to diverse needs, including textiles, medical equipment, machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, agricultural products, chemicals, plastic products, disposable tableware, packaging solutions, fruits and vegetables, and laser processing among other exceptional offerings. We export high-quality products from Turkish manufacturers to Europe. Please visit our website to explore the entire range of opportunities available to you. At Temas Group Export Partners, we prioritize customer satisfaction and make it the core of our business operations. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering excellent services that are customized to meet your specific needs. We provide valuable support to develop and expand your business activities, leveraging our expertise in finding new customers, generating leads and promoting export development, to ensure you achieve your goals. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.



    "Yangiyul Juice Factory“ LLC manufactures clear fruit juice concentrates, fruit, vegetable puree, and paste products using the best European machinery makes, which allows for a sustainable high quality of the finished products. backed by a quality control system We export clear apple juice concentrate varieties, clear pomegranate juice concentrate, clear cherry (sour) juice concentrates, apricot, peaches, quince, tomato, pumpkin, marrow, other fruits, vegetable paste, and puree, and many more tailored to client's requirements. Currently, we export products to Europe, and Russian Federation, to the US. We are in the process of preparing an annual forecast plan for the next season. If you are interested in any of the products imported, let us know, and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements.



    We are exporters of fresh, preserved and also frozen fruits such as cherry, sourcherry, plums, apples and bananas since 2003 and we are based in afyonkarahisar, turkey.... We sell; fresh turkish cherry (sized and sorted in 5 kg carton boxes or punnets etc.) Sourcherry (in oneway plastic boxes) stanley variety plums( cut in halves too) apples (nearly all varieties available) bananas (available all season) preserved cherry for processing purpose (in 220 lt food grade drums) frozen fruits (such as cherry, sourcherry, strawberry etc.Etc. Frozen vegetables we already supply european, russian and arabic firms... Our customers are mainly importers, hypermarkets or customers who just want us to handle (sizing sorting and packing services) their fruits... Our cold storages and cherry handling machinery are based in afyonkarahisar city where huge amount of fruits are grown...This is advantage for us to be in the middle of all the orchards. Our policy is to be your partner and this is why we have long relationships with all of our customers. So please contact us for more information about our services... Regards,



    Kermak manfctures Milk Processing Machines, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machines, Fish Processing Machines and Equipment, Pestil Orcik Köme Preparation Machines, Honey and Beekeeping Machinery Equipment, and Crates washing machines, which are completely domestic from the R&D stage to the manufacturing stage.



    We ODTIN Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Indore, India are into manufacturing, project engineering and supply of custom made machineries pertaining to food processing for the last several years viz: - Potato and Banana chips, Potato Flakes, Indian Ethnic Snacks, Dry pellet line, Pellets frying line, Corn Curls, Frozen Vegetables and Fruits, Frozen french fries, Italian Pasta Production, Packaging Machineries, Cold Storages, Ripening Chambers, Dairy Products and other customized solutions required in food industry. We provide comprehensive range of products based on European Technology. They are backed by stringent quality measures, comprehensive quality assurance system and best quality process and ancillaries. Our flexible approach to each project makes us best choice in industry. We normally take up the projects on Turn Key basis with the basic objective to provide best possible customized solution with greater efficiency.



    Alfa Vita O.E. was established in 1978 and became one of the leading export companies of Greece by handling significant quantities of fruits and always ensuring best quality.Our facilities are located in Vasilika, 25km from Thessaloniki, which is a rural area. The geographical position of our company is ideal, as fruits and vegetables are transferred directly and rapidly to our facilities from the harvest areas. Our cooling chambers storage capacity is approximately 5.000 tones, with atmosphere being electronically controlled 24/7, ensuring superior freshness and quality.Furthermore, our facilities are equipped with the modernest terms of packaging, including electronic grading production lines, processing machinery and stardardization machinery.The main product during the winter season is the kiwi fruit, for which "Alfa Vita" is one of the leading distributor sellers in Greece . During the summer season, our company exports apricots, grapes, cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums.



    Refine Machinery is a mechanical enterprise specialized in research and development, production and sales of fruit and vegetable equipments. We can provide complete solutions, including requirement analysis, project design, installation and commissioning, after-sale service and technical training, etc. Our products are as follows: Complete processing lines, Peach, jujube, strawberry, date, asparagus, mushroom, peanut and cashew processing production line, etc.; Canned Food processing equipments, Empty can washing machine, glass bottle drying machine, sugar melting boiler, soup adding machine, blanching machine, canning conveyor line, canned exhaust box, filled can washing machine, sterilizing machine, etc.; Other stand-alone equipments, Separation, conveying, cleaning, cutting, grading, air drying, sterilizing equipments, etc.



    As a subsidiary of Amisy Group, Zhengzhou Amisy Trading Co., Ltd is China leading supplier and exporter of highly functional and superlative range of food processing machines & allied products. Our exclusive range comprises of Potato Chips Machine, Icecream & Juice Machine, Meat Machinery, Pasta Machinery, Shelling Machine, Fruit & Vegetable Machine, Kitchen Alliance, Packing Machine, etc. Designed in conformation with the international quality standards, our machines have wide application both in home use and commercial market.Our team members are the strongest pillars of the group, whose diligent efforts have enabled us to become a reputed supplier.Our team comprises of the following professionals* Technical consulant* Designers* Quality controllers* Marketing and salemen* After sale service personnelQuality Control Being a quality-orientd organization, we strictly adhere to quality standards and achieve total excellence in our range of machinery. Timely Delivery&Client Satisfaction



    We are the company from Kazakhstan importing and selling high-quality egg incubators made in Europe and South Korea. We are also interested in importing and selling small machinery/equipment for food processing, especially complete production lines for making dried fruit and vegetable crisps. Waste compacting and recycling equipment is another area of interest for us.



    UNIMASZ has been operating since 1992. Its core business is based on services and manufacturing of process machines and devices for various sectors of the economy. Its main customers are companies in the following sectors: meat, fruit and vegetable, metalworking, construction, and tire manufacturing. The company designs and produces based on individual orders for parts, devices, machinery, and complete process lines with associated equipment.

  10. ARREBO S.R.L.


    Arrebo Srl produces shop fittings for the large-scale distribution, especially wooden equipment. We are specialized in self-service shelves, displays and distributors for loose fresh bread. We produce in an entirely covered plant of 3000 quare meters with a team of high-skilled workers as designers, manufacturers supported by high-tech numerical control machines and a sales network.

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