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    Founded in 1998, PGR Drive Technologies is a leading Turkish manufacturer of industrial gear units. We have successfully established ourselves in the domestic market and have expanded our reach to over 80 countries across five continents, particularly in Germany. PGR's primary operations are in Aydın at the Aegean side of Turkey. We are featuring an annual gear unit production capacity of 250, 000 units at a central factory area of 15, 000 m2, and an assembly factory spanning 20, 000 m2. Additionally, PGR collaborates with various distributors and operates a 5, 800-m2 assembly factory, PGR GmbH, in Germany. Our application areas include cement and mining, cranes, conveyors, pumps, construction, textiles, forest products, metal processing, recycling, beverage and food, agriculture and livestock industries. PGR offers an extensive product portfolio that includes: •Helical Gear Units •Helical Bevel Gear Units •Helical Worm Gear Units •Parallel Shaft Mounted Gear Units •Planet Gear Units •Industrial Type Gear Units •Shaft Mounted Helical Gear Units •Worm Gear Units •Crane Gear Units •Gear motors for Poultry Farms •Feeder Mixer Drives •Extruder Gearboxes •Cylindrical Gear Units •Cycloidal Gear Units Our mission is to provide efficient and high-quality solutions to meet the demands of our customers, utilizing the latest information technologies and high-technology production line. Contact us for more information!

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    "Our mission: to supply the world's freshest best quality vegetables at keen prices”. Since 2022, DINASTY HARPEN has been the potato and onion specialist exporter. We are available all year round to supply suitable, excellent quality products. Everyone in our company understands our mission. So, we work extremely hard to make the difference. Our young, dynamic team members will guide you to take the best decisions. The firm exports and distributes a variety of products wholesale, primarily, vegetables such as potatoes and onions. We are a sound, well-built and integrated team, whose aim is to ensure the export of potatoes and onions to West Africa. The company has a duty to supply quality products through a professional service to offer a secure environment for our customers' investments to gain their trust. Feel free to contact us for more information!



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    Our farmer cooperative is guided by principles that reflect our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community well-being: Transparency and Accountability: We prioritize openness and accountability in our operations. Sustainability: We are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices, from sourcing to production. Fair Trade Practices: Our relationships with artisans, suppliers, and partners are based on fairness and respect. Community Engagement: Actively involved in our local and global communities, contributing to their well-being. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We continuously adapt, innovate, and refine our processes for excellence. Empowerment: Our cooperative serves as a platform for personal and professional growth. Customer Satisfaction: We aim to exceed customer expectations, valuing feedback for refinement. By upholding these principles, our farmer cooperative is not just building a community-driven organization; we are shaping a positive force committed to sustainable agriculture and responsible business practices.



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    FRESH FUTURE Sp. Z o.o. was established in 2012 and is one of the leading Polish importers and distributors of fresh vegetables. Together with its parent company, Hagranop, Fresh Future has a warehouse space of approximately 100, 000 tons. The company's infrastructure includes the most modern storage and cooling bases in Europe that meet the highest criteria. The warehouses located in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have a temperature and air humidity monitoring system; therefore, 100, 000 tons of vegetables are stored in ideal cooling conditions. Our vegetables are sold fresh and chilled, and a well-developed logistics network allows them to be delivered directly to the recipient. We are aware of the importance of the quality of our products, which is why they are subject to constant monitoring and complete control. As a result, positive test results were awarded by certificates and numerous attestations confirming their quality and efficiency. Fresh Future Sp. z o. o. today it is a base of regular producers from all over Europe, rich logistic, technological and warehouse facilities. Thanks to solid foundations and market awareness, we follow the client's needs and set new trends. Dutch experience and Polish performance result in the satisfaction of contractors. We are constantly working on new products and innovative solutions that will allow us to maintain the trust that partners and consumers place in us.



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    La Piemontina is new oenological life set up in the namesake region in the North of Italy, Piedmont. We would like to write a new and interesting «fairytale» that speaks about our Upper Piedmont wines! Our goal is not only to become a wine producing company involved in wine tasting but also a focal point that attracts people with an active lifestyle who are passionate about their own interests. Where? In Sizzano: the winery is in the North of Italy at the feet of the Monte Rosa.

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    La Ferm' Meaux Pâtes is the story of a farm handed down from father to son. We grow durum wheat for transformation into traditional pasta for short circuit sales. We are proud to present you our pasta: 9 shapes (shells, fusilli, tagliatelli, hearts, …), over 20 flavours (Espelette pepper, garlic and parsley, cuttlefish ink, …), 250 and 500g sachets, as well as ( and 10 kg boxes for professionals, fresh pasta to order and soft wheat flour.



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    The company CONTUCCI DI ALAMANNO CONTUCCI & C. SOCIETA' AGRICOLA S.A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wines - Tuscany industry. It also operates in the farm, wineries, production of wines, and vino nobile di montepulciano industries. It is based in Montepulciano, Italy.



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    The company FRANTOIO CARMIGNANI UMBERTO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Agricultural Production industry. It also operates in the farm, wineries, oil presses, and production of wines industries. It is based in San Casciano In Val Di Pesa, Italy.



    EVALINE is a company based in Ukraine specialized in the manufacturing of polymer materials (EVA). We offer a wide range of products from sheets to finished products. These products have the advantage to be hygienic, lighter than rubber and PVC, but also resistant thanks to its shock-absorbing properties. It is therefore adapted to several applications. Indeed this material is used in medicine, sports, footwear industry, in the manufacture of children’s toys and various types of flooring. It has also demonstrated good insulation qualities, whether it's sound, moisture or thermal insulation. We deliver environnementaly friendly products of the highest quality. Our goal is to expand our network of distributors and form solid and lasting partnerships all around the world. For all these reasons, we became a leader in the manufacturing of EVA products in our country. We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified for the quality of our management system. Our products are manufactured in the respect of international standards. In addition, our customers appreciate the longevity and reliability of our products as we always work with one objective in mind : to satisfy their needs. EVALINE can also design and manufacture products for private labels with exclusive formulation to provide customised solutions. We supervise the whole process in our own facilities. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, we look forward to working with you!



    GrowGroup IFS (Innovative Farming Solutions) is specialised in developing indoor farming based on the most advanced innovative farming solutions, to grow vegetables, fruits and fodder in all climates all over the world all year round. Small Scale Farming < 3, 500 sqm: With our own Grow Container System “GCS 40HQ” we can support you with small scale indoor farming like: - container cluster farms from 64 up to 3, 500 sqm growing space - research & development - schools & universities - pilots The ideal solution for traditional farmers to make the first step to the modern technology of indoor farming and to start small scale year round cultivation, locally in all climates. Our partner GaaS Wageningen can support you with the operation of your container farms, so you can even start without experience in or knowledge of indoor farming. Large Scale Farming > 3, 500 sqm: We can support and collaborate with you on all issues related to indoor farming from (A) Feasibility to (Z) Turnkey delivery and even more, namely also the full operation after delivery of the facility with our group company GaaS Wageningen. Agency: For our own Grow Container Systems we have also interesting Agency Programs available for professional Agents all over the world.





    We are Macadamia Farming Production Manufactures having our production chain located in Phan Rang Vietnam, southeast Vietnam with international presenter in Helsinki, Finland. We are specializing in processing, packaging and distributing Local Farming processed and raw Macadamia products . We get involve directly into the Macadamia growing and harvesting process of the local farming partners in order to keep track on the quality of the outcome product as also to support the local farming businesses, to create more jobs for locals in order to ensure the sustainable development of the local society as well as our business. Our Macadamia product and production chain has been validated by the hygiene qualification with strict compliance with the food safety regulations and standards. The Land of Phan Rang is guaranteed source supplier for highly qualified Macadamia Farming product from Vietnam to the Our International Partner around the world.



    "Erbian Talaee Shrimp Company" has established since 2000 and began specifically producing, feeding, and packing shrimp. For 17 years, we have been continuing and growing, and managed to build more than 200 hectares of shrimp farms in the region and produced about 1000 tons of vannamei shrimp Recently we are founding new farm (267hectar) in Jask, Sistan Province, to have better access high seas, expand our quantity and meet new markets and customer needs. Our products are made with high standards to satisfy our various customers in different packaging size. Although we are improving our factory and farm and trying to achieve new and update standards such as ASC or ASI. Due to the geographical location of Site , shrimp processing factories and farms , being free of any microbial and viral contamination, without any drugs or food additives our product and package carry out the highest quality .



    Le Piagge holiday home is your pledge of relaxing holidays, surrounded by countryside silence and flavours. When the horizon is clear, you can see the sea to the east and the range of Sibylline Mountains to the south. Its location close to the road network, makes the holiday home easy to access and makes for fast trips to the seaside (Senigallia) and the mountain (Frasassi grottos, San Vittore spa). The spacious building offers seven independent bedrooms of different types, a large car park and a children's playground.



    One of the major projects is the “Agropromivest” farm. This is full cycle mink breeding company, in which Danish technology introduced along with latest achievements in the animal breeding.The farm is equipped with its own feed preparation unit and fully supports veterinary control of all stages of production by itself, the production process includes selection, reproduction, cultivation, slaughter and primary processing of skins. The production volume is more than 300 000pieces of finished products, the total capacity of the farm is over 500 000 of skins per year.We breed Scandinavian mink of “velvet” quality in 6 main colors: Black, White, Palomino, Silver, Mahogany, Brown, (according to the data of Kopenhagen Fur “velvet” quality undertakes up to the 89% of the livestock).We breed Scandinavian mink of “velvet” quality in 6 main colors: Black, White, Palomino, Silver, Mahogany, Brown, according to the data of Kopenhagen Fur “velvet” quality undertakes up to the 89% of the total world production.We also produce mink oil, which is used in the production of cosmetics, haircare, sun protection, etc.6The farm has a WelFur certificate and meets the requirements of the special European animal welfare assessment program WelFur, which regulates the standards of keeping, nutrition, veterinary care of animals. HACCP quality system also implemented in the farm.Three years ago we started Snail breeding farm, where we breed Helix Aspersa Muller. We also started production of snail slime.



    Our company is manufacturer of spray vaccination systems for poultry, disinfection sprinkler systems for vehicles and farmers since 2013 in Konya city of Turkey. Our vaccination machine called Biyo Vac T 100, can be used in 8 multi-layered chicken houses. It is also adjustable to different poultry house structures. Our disinfection sprinkler for vehicles called Biyo Vac D 200, can solve problems of parasites and pathogens on vehicles by the help of its durable nozzles. Our disinfection cabin called Biyo Vac P 300, has many usage areas as food factories, swimming pools, hospitals, airports and poultries. The special nozzles have the spraying structure of a droplet size that will not cause problems in people's respiratory tract.



    Rolmako is a dynamically growing farm machinery and spare parts manufacturer. The company also renders complex services concerning metal plates treatment and fulfils individual orders for atypical parts. Also for foreign production. The company's strategy, many years of experience and highly qualified specialists allow to extend offers flexibly according to the changing market demand. The priority goal of the company is manufacturing high quality products at the price adjusted to Polish agricultural reality.



    We are a company specialized in livestock business, specifically live cattle trading and farming equipment of highest quality with highest standards. We currently cooperate with companies from Europe. We have more than 10 years of experience as ‘Agrouni NPT’ Europe-base firm. For farming equipment we offer rubber mats flooring solution of highest quality for cattle, specifically for cows. For your cattle comfort it offers enough support, durability and it's easy to clean. Increase your productivity, cleanliness and cattle’s health by improving your farms grounding support. We offer as well cast iron water drinking bowls designed for the cattle’s comfort, easy to access and durability.



    Universal Organic Company Limited is a company established with the sole purpose of adding commercial value to orange and lemon peels, processing and packaging them for exports to mainly European Region. On demand fresh oranges, mangoes, avocados and other fruits are exported as well. Having built a solid clientele within Europe, America and Asia and by far, our products are certified by ECOCERT and the Ghana Standards Authority. We aim to expand our export network to markets in the USA and Asia , while achieving decent and human workind conditions.



    Our company is one of the leading livestock instruments manufacturers and suppliers of Husbandry and Veterinary in China. We are capable of manufacturing own core products, also sourcing from reliable and selected manufacturers, keep quality and prices under control so as to supply the suitable and competitive products to the oversea market. Focus on agriculture industry, farming livestock equipment and veterinary medical instrument are most important subsectors for animal health and husbandry, which enhance the living quality of dairy cattle, horse, pig, chicken, dog and so on.Based on them, Wound Dressing such as veterinary wound wraps, syringes, examination gloves, and durable husbandry instruments such as pig feeder, hoof trimming, cattle farming, have been exported to in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, are well-known and popular in every corner of the world.



    Chinchilla skins are valuable because they are very soft and gentle, for manufacturing a fur jackets are required about 60 chinchilla skins and about 100-130 for a long fur coat. To get a good quality animal skins you shpuld slaughter them when its are 8-9 months old, when the skin is mature. When fur is mature color is white or cream. Our offer of chinchilla skins is putting great emphasis on their quality and offering substantial discounts to purchase in large quantity. You can start your business right now with chinchilla! We sell to families with contract takeover of fur for a period of 5 years and renewable each subsequent year.


    United States

    Tenacious System provides world class Farm ERP, Farm Software, and Packhouse Software for fruit and vegetable producers. The Farm Software and Packhouse software provides full traceability, inventory, stock control, farm mapping machinery management, service management, and fruit and vegetable export and sales management for farms and packers of fruit and vegetables. Free Farm software for farm management and free farm mapping software for fruit and vegetable farms and packhouses is also available from TS Farm Software.



    Yongkang Trust Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang, and is specialized in manufacturing generators, welding machines, water pumps, engines, tillers, shredders, chain saws and brush cutters. With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially South America, the Mid East, East Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits. Our philosophy is "pace with the times to make development, innovation and achievement: the achievement is supreme, the creation is remarkable, and the development is harmonious: Unity cooperation.


    United Kingdom

    Sampsons Farm Country Hotel is a delightful blend of Tudor and contemporary architecture, from our beautiful 15th Century thatched farmhouse with its oak beams and raging fire to our contemporary En-suite Barn Conversion Rooms and apartments providing character and comfort. Apartments are also available with a self-catering option. As Paul Turner, a recent guest, commented ”Surely one of the best hotels in Devon”.Sampsons provides the ideal location for both a relaxing break and a wide range of activities including pheasant shooting, Clay pigeon shooting, all types of fishing, cycling, (off-road and on-road) and horse riding as well as the renowned Ramblers River Walks along the River Teign and Templar Way with more challenging walks on Dartmoor just a few miles away. The Hotel can make arrangements for all activities upon request. See our “Country Pursuits” page for more details.



    ZHENGZHOU SHULIY MACHINE Factory is specialized in machines used to make charcoal, including barbecue charcoal and charcoal made from sawdust.wood working machinery, Briquette press machine, Farm machinery hay baling machineNut processing machinery, Fruit processing machine, Animal Feed machine, wood chipper, wood cutter, wood debarker, cotton stalk cutter, straw crusher, bamboo crusher, sawdust machine, mushroom wood hammer mill, drum chipper, wood wool making machine, wood shaving machine, wood flake machine, shaving machine, wood wool, thicknesser, surfacer, compass plane, wood shavings, shavings, excelsior, wood wool, excelsior tissue paper, bamboo shaving, scobs, wood chips, Flakes, keyway planer, spokeshave, shearer, embossing calender, shartle machine, wood paring machine, wood shaving machine, wood flaking machine



    Farming for over 40 years, Morsilva lives and works hand-in-hand with nature. Ours is a family-run farm. Our citrus groves are located on the Sibari plains, birthplace of Magna Grecia, where the special climatic conditions enable us to grow premium produce. Our citrus groves, where we also produce clementines and navelines, cover 50 hectares. Annually, we produce approximately 8, 000 quintals. Our citrus fruits production is spearheaded by our clementines.



    Colle di Siduri is a young farming company immersed in a hilly landscape in the municipality of Guardia Sanframondi (BN, ITALY) and that can be considered historical thanks to its centuries old winemaking tradition. The DOC wines that make this winery stand out are the Falanghina del Sannio and the Sannio Barbera. The Sannio Aglianico, the Sannio Aglianico Riserva and the Sannio Fiano can't be left out either.



    Our company has farms for animals that produce pure meat for exportation, also we have farms for fruits like mangos and dates. Our company also has Building Products that is produced from crushersAll of our products ( Mango - dates - Meat - Cows and goats - Building Products) are ready for exportation



    My company is an exporting company that deals with cocoa and coffee and we are in Europe in particular france and have our offices in West Africa so right now we intend to extend our services to Asia specifically south korea. I would want to meet companies owners, executives and sales managers. If you are interested, kindly contact us and we shall be looking forward to contact other companies to see how best we can start exporting to south korea.



    FARMCO AGRITRADING LIMITED is always looking for suppliers of top quality agrichemical for increasing our range of products, to please our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us on mail or phone.

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