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    ShapeYourGlass, a subsidiary of industrial glassmaker AGC founded in 2019, offers laser cutting and customisation services for extra-thin glass in thickness from 0.5 to 2.1 mm. A range of surface treatments and printing options ensure finished products that are fully customisable and 100% aligned with the project goals. Our laser cutting expertise allows creative freedom in glass cutting, giving us the capacity to work with all types of industries.Our surface treatments makes glass compatible with digital applications such as protecting the screens of electronic devices. We are used to working as much with major industrial companies as with creative designers and artists, and the in-house designers at ShapeYourGlass have the know-how to understand all your needs and deliver a project that meets your exact requirements.We are proud to offer a 2-week turnaround time for projects in Europe.



    As cited, manufacturing glass with precision and perfection is our tradition – and our passion! Jürgen and Alexander Schirmer. For over 80 years, Süd-Optik Schirmer GmbH has been an internationally leading manufacturer for the series production of optical components made from glass. Innovative production methods and our quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 guarantee the consistent, excellent quality of our optical lenses and technical glasses. From planning to the finished product, all work steps are performed in our company. Thanks to the continual expansion of our machinery and equipment and the continual refinement of the production technologies used, Süd-Optik Schirmer GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in Germany in this field. We are happy to realise your projects and products together with you.



    The company can meet the needs of different customers We can supply glass as the raw material and in the form of final products of flat glass. We are independent and it is that makes us special, because we cooperate with different companies in Europe that allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality glass products at competitive prices. UAB “Aperte” cooperates with various enterprises for the production of insulating glass units in the countries of the European Union. The experience gained by these enterprises and technical capabilities in production and assembling of building constructions of glass provide us additional benefits. Together with our partners we are able not only to deliver glass, but also perform heat and construction and physical research, provide static calculations of the facade and the glass. We give guarantee from 5 to 10 years for insulating glass units, supplied by us, taking care of all related expenses. We can also offer raw glass or insulating glass units of such world famous concerns as “AGC Flat Glass Europe” (Glaverbel), “Guardian”, “Euroglas” and “Pilkington” with glass of these companies with different characteristics for glazing of facades and interiors (heat saving, solar energy control functions, sound insulation, fireproof, etc.)



    CMS Glass Machinery was founded in 1995 in Istanbul and has become the first major company in Turkey producing flat glass processing equipment and technologies Today, due to the technology and innovation studies performed in CMS R&D Center CMS has become one of the unique global corporations that is able to build a whole glass processing facility on its own through 30 main products and over 200 derivatives While being a domestic lead ing company in its own field, CMS has also become a global brand with 80 export rate CMS has created solutions for more than 10 000 customers in 125 countries with more than 15 000 machines supplied and has become one of the key vendors leading the global glass processing market has achieved to be listed along with the top global keyrole player companies according to the surveys conducted by international organizations CMS Glass Machinery is Counted among the most reputable manufacturers in the market with both its technical operation departments suchas Sales, R&D Center, Production, After Sales Services and its corporate infrastructure together with a 26 years of industrial processing know how



    Standard system or special solution – our products optimise your processes! We not only successfully provide our customers with high-quality, reliable and user-friendly standard systems for all applications in laser micro-machining, we also provide branch-specific solutions. With success – our products help increase production efficiency, optimise processes and lower costs in various areas of technology. Our expertise and engineering competency allow us to stand alongside our customers as a reliable partner in technology and process development as well as in the development of OEM manufacturing solutions and customer-specific systems. We offer customer-specific development of laser processes and contract manufacturing of components for small and large series in the business area of laser contract manufacturing. Our innovations are built on more than ten years of expertise in laser micro-machining. This especially applies to the excimer and ultra-short pulse laser systems, as well as the roll-to-roll laser machining of flexible substrates. We support our customers across the entire product lifecycle, from process development and selection of a suitable machine design to commissioning and comprehensive servicing. As cooperative and trusting partners, we swiftly and reliably meet our customers' requirements.

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    The company PIETERMAN GLASTECHNIEK, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glass manufacturing - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the Glass, Glass, glass cutting, and Natural stonework industries. It is based in Paal-Beringen, Belgium.



    The company GROUPE TIV, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glass, insulating industry. It also operates in the insulating windows, Finishing and transformation of glasswork, and glass cutting industries. It is based in Treize Septiers, France.



    The company VETRERIA PARI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glass, insulating industry. It also operates in the glass drilling, glass cutting, glass replacement, and insulating windows industries. It is based in Santarcangelo Di Romagna, Italy.



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    ATELIERS JEAN PERZEL: craftsman, creator of the light fittings for the Normandie liner and the UN. Art bronze caster and glass-maker. Since 1923, three generations serving an international customer base. Creator-manufacturer of light fittings from the 1930s to the present time, contemporary lighting , wall light, timeless ceiling lamp, functional ceiling light, art deco lamps, 1930s lamps. PERZEL : prestigious lamp from the 1930s collection, ceiling lights, hanging lights, a collector’s item, a collector’s ceiling light, oval-shaped lamp , sandblasted glass hanging lamp, collector’s items from the 1930s, Art Deco reference, floor lights, floor lamp in a contemporary style, floor lamp from the 1930s, floor reading lamp, small floor lamps, mirror lights, lighted mirrors, closed wall lights, hinged reading lamp, ”torch” wall lights, wall light with a pivoting shade, wall light from the 1930s, outside lighting, boundary lighting, consoles and pedestal tables, coffee table…



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    Established in 1998, Mebel Logistics is a Polish company located in Obra. We are a valued partner of the renowned European furniture companies with which it has worked continuously for over 20 years. Our Manufacturing Department has the highest quality, which we achieve through experience and machinery. Our offer : •Metalworking •Water jet cutting of metals, plastics, wood, plywood, glass, ceramics •Cutting: Cutting with tape and disc cutting machines, cutting angle range up to 50° Turning of materials to a length of 1500mm Milling on CNC machining centres with machining ranges of 600x400x400mm and vertical and horizontal milling machines •Radio erosion processing: Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, workpiece weight up to 180kg •Grinding: Surface treatment by grinding pipes in the diameter range ø10 to ø100mm Surface treatment by grinding surfaces up to 1000mm widths Surface polishing for galvanic coatings chrome, nickel, copper Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, weight up to 180kg •Plastic processing: Metal processing on 160T, 40T, 10T eccentric presses, 40T hydraulic presses Bending on the press brake with a pressure of 100T materials with lengths up to 2500mm Bending on three-roll bending machine •Heat Treatment: Hardening and tempering to the size of products 350x140x100mm •Powder coating: Application of thermosetting coatings in the form of powder paints, loading the oven 3900x1180x180 Contact us !

  2. SEVAL S.N.C.


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    SEVAL SNC is a handicraft glassware factory that, since 1954, carries out flat glass manual secondary processing (cutting, grinding, sandblasting, etc.). We are specialised in glass silvering: we silver, decorate and paint by hand flat, curved, hollow, cast glass and glass blocks. We produce indoor and outdoor mirrors, walls, vases, lamps and much more such as glass mosaic tiles, antiqued sheet mirror glass, glass and mirror items for homes, villas, hotels, shops, schools, etc.



    JSC Maristika, besides of glass wholesale, offers glass processing services: glass cutting, laminated glass cutting, glass laminating, technological grinding, polishing, beveling, hole drilling, glass tempering, tempering / bending, silk-screen printing. The advantage and strong feature of JSC Maristika is the ability to offer customers such glass that best meets their needs. Our employee are constantly interested in the latest innovations related to the glass as well as new achievements in the market of the Glass Manufacturing Industry. Consequently, we provide customers with the glass, which fully meets current market requirements. Continually updated resources in the warehouse enable us to respond flexibly to customer requests as well as to make a prompt delivery of the preferred glass.



    Sar-Cam is a manufacturer of architectural glasses for exterior and interior design founded in 1996 and based in Kocaeli, Turkey. We offer glasses for double glazing windows, doors, glass balustrades, glass facade, glass veranda, glass balcony, interior glass partitions, shower cabin, conservatory, kitchen flashbacks, aluminium facades, glass floors etc. Large production capabilities for glass processing tempering, laminating, polishing, cutting, edge finishing, drilling, CNC processing, sandblasting to make all kinds of glass products for industrial and interior design purposes (glass doors and walls, laminated glass for floors and balustrades, wall covering, mirrors, etc.) Our aim is always to supply very good quality products with competitive price ranges to our valued customers. All of our productions are controlled by our quality assurance departments before packaging to be sure we supply always good quality finished Works without any defects. Please contact us for your glass inquires and let us to be your solution partner.



    LLC Vladimir Glass ("StekloEksport") processes glass, exports and imports glass and glass products, designs and manufactures glass jars and bottles. The manufacturer and supplier of high-quality glass containers, flat glass, and mirrors provides the wholesale supply of: — transparent and opaque flat glass; — glass for windows, showcases, furniture, and protective flat glass (triplex) with thickness from 1.3 to 12 mm; — mirrors; — textured, colored and decorative glass; — glass containers for popular consumption. Vladimir Glass provides all kinds of glass processing services: — cutting to the size specified by the customer; — tempering; — grinding; — drilling; — faceting and so on. The company develops technical documentation, designs bottles and vessels, produces authentic glass containers and capping systems for them, labels, and decorative elements. By accomplishing all stages of making glass containers at a single production facility, we ensure their high quality. The distinctive glass jars and bottles that we have designed become a well-known and memorable symbol of our customers' brand, which helps them to further promote their products in the market. The company's team has great experience in erecting glass structures for civil and industrial construction projects. The engineering expertise of the Vladimir Glass team and the continuous adoption of new technologies allow the company to expand the range of glass articles to satisfy market demands.



    The company LLC was founded in 2010 and over the years has become one of the leading companies in its industry in Russia. Our company specializes in the production of dust-free industrial circular blades and circular saw blades for mineral wool of various types and densities. We offer our customers a wide selection of circular knives and saws designed specifically for cutting mineral wool, glass wool and other insulating materials. Cutting insulation materials is a complex type of work and requires saws and blades of the highest quality. We offer our customers high-quality products and are constantly working to improve them. We managed to combine the latest technologies and traditions established in the Russian industry. All our mineral wool knives and saw blades can be supplied in any diameter and size up to 1000 mm. at the request of the customer, with or without cooling slots. The blades and saws offered by us are equipped with carbide teeth and have hardened blades. We try to make our product as durable as possible and work on reducing the amount of dust when cutting with our knifes. With our reliable suppliers of quality materials and a reserve of production capacity, we are ready to provide our customers with the best workshop saws and blades for mineral wool cutting.



    LumaSense Technologies, today a member of the Advanced Energy Group, was founded in 2005 as one of the most reliable providers worldwide of temperature and gas sensor systems for the energy, advanced technologies and industrial materials global markets. LumaSense provides highly developed infrared sensory technology in order to identify, reduce and prevent waste and process inefficiency in sectors using high levels of raw, and other, materials. LumaSense enables customers worldwide to plan verifiable and sustainable productivity improvements. Their customers' processes include producing and transmitting electricity, refining oil and natural gas, industrially processing materials (primarily steel and glass) and manufacturing cutting-edge technology such as semiconductors, wafers and LEDs.

  6. ARPEL D.O.O.


    Arpel-Automation is family company from Serbia (Europe), manufactures complete CNC Water Jet cutting machines, which are highly productive, professional , with low downtime and can work continuously - 24 hours a day. Arpel „AQUAJET“ uses heavy duty steel frame system for the machine Gantry and the tank is made with high grade Stainless Steel or rough steel construction protected from water aggression by heat zinc treatment . We have now close cooperation whit “KMT” high pressure pump producer and whit “ IGEMS”, “LANTEK” software development company. Also we are producing cnc plasma cutting machines whit close cooperation whit Hypertherm, Laser cutting and engraving machines, STYROFORM cnc cutting machines and cnc glass automatic cutting line.



    The company offers its customers the following products: Tempered glass (product) that is cut and processed in accordance with the specifications provided by the supplier, tempered and made from the company's raw materials. Tempering service – the glass is processed and tempered or only tempered when producing it of raw materials of the customer. The rugged and processed glass, glass blanks. According to the purpose of the product, 4 types of products are distinguished: Tempered glass for glass units; Tempered glass for interior spaces (glass interior partitions and doors); Tempered glass for balcony and terrace; Tempered glass for furniture and household appliances (shelves, display cases, countertops, furniture glazing details, refrigerator shelves, refrigerator and freezer glass door)



    Vasiliou Glass Technologies is the major glass processor in Greece, having realized the biggest investment plant in advanced technology equipment for glass in the Greek market (IG production, laminating, tempering, heat soak testing, automatic glass storage management systems, waterjet cutting, digital ceramic printing etc.), producing all kind of IG units, structural glazing, noise reduction glasses, fire resistant glasses, protection and safety glasses - anti-vandal, anti-burglar, bullet proof etc., all kind of decorative glasses, marine glasses, special glazing etc. https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=51-dokB4Gm4 https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=DOReLf0rOvY&list=PL25hl1DkqdqCs-K-2hqZc-79ykjhoaM_E



    Levent Kimya, with over 40 years of history in the Chemicals Sector, decided to be a new actor in the Glass Sector by the acquisition of a company that had over two decades of experience and established Levent Cam. Levent Cam was established to carry out sustainable policies in the field of glass processing, where company interests do not conflict with social interests by adopting the principle of honesty. We aim to create a corporate structure that acts with the awareness of social and environmental responsibility. Established on an area of 12, 187m2 with a closed area of 8, 500m2 at Antalya Industrial Zone. Levent Cam concluded its structural investments in 2019. In addition to the existing painting, sandblasting, bending and insulated glass production lines, new CNC cutting line (HEGLA) and edge processing line (BUSETTI), drilling, and lamination lines were added to our factory, to produce within world standards. It takes place in the sector with its yearly production capacity of; 350.000 m² insulated glass, 150.000 m² PVB and EVA lamination, and 250.000 m² of tempered glass. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Levent Cam has become an unchanging partner in local and international projects with its high-quality production approach, standard pricing policies, and on-time, full delivery promise. As one of the leading companies in the sector without compromising quality, Levent Cam continues to renew itself and invest by closely following the latest developments in the market.



    O'Neill Glass Ireland based in Portlaoise and Tullamore has been providing glass products for over 30 years. Manufacturers of Sealed Double Glazed Units, Decorative Glass, Shopfronts, Stairways, Safety Glass, Mirrors, Glass Shelves, Table Tops. Quick response repair, fit and delivery.Double Glazed Units, Glass & Mirror Cut To Size, Safety Glass , Shop Fronts , Stairway Glass, Coloured Splashbacks, Decorative Glass, Brill Cut Design Glass, Glass Drilling, Mirrors, Bevelled Glass, Glass Shelves, Table Tops, Glass Repair and Replacement, Measure and Fit Service, Free Delivery within the Local area, Stove Glass Replacement



    TOP-SERVIS is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor specializes in car painting and protection materials. In our offer you can find: polyester putty, clear coat, primer, solvents, resins, bumper paints, masking accessories, tapes, glass cutting tools, pneumatic and electric tools, spray guns and accessories, grinding and polishing accessories, fitings, sanding boards. Years of experience and highest attention to details make us attractive partner for many proffesional paint and body shops. We can assure that our products are one of the best in the market at present. The wide range of high quality goods, the professional and experienced staff, the guarantee of fast delivery makes that our company is continously expanding its export volume and gaining new custmers in many countries all over the world. We would certainly be honoured to see your company in our list of partners. Please feel free to keep in touch with us for any clarifications.



    Yuanchen supply nonstandard metal stamping, sheet metal working, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting service, safety glass testing equipment, metal bracket, sheet metal bending, sheet metal forming etc. Customized OEM service and Free Sample Confirmed. Qinhuangdao Yuanchen Hardware Co., Ltd. is special in metal processing and nonstandard metal parts. Products are widely used in: Auto Parts Indurtry Parts Electronic parts Machinery Parts Cosplay metal parts Construction Fittings Photovoltaic hardware Sports equipment parts Medical device metal parts Cosplay metal parts Glass inspection equipment OEM/ODM Sheet metal fabrication/Nonstandard parts Metal laser cutting/Stamping/Bending/Welding/Punching/Blanking/Forming Various of safety glass impact test equipment and parts Brackets/Gasket/Cable hanger/Connector/Clip/Clamp/Iron fittings/Hinge



    We produce high quality stained glass windows in various sizes and designs! "Tiffany" stained glass is a real gem for your interior! Stages of making "Tiffany" stained glass: 1. Glass elements are cut along the contours previously outlined using a template. 2. Each glass element is covered with a strip of thin copper sheet or copper foil. 3. Elements of glass are laid out, forming a drawing of a future stained glass window or picture. 4. Soldering is carried out with tin solder along the line of copper windings. 5.Patting is evenly applied to the solder. Thus, by drawing the outlines, you will get a beautiful uniform color. When ordering a stained glass window from us, you can be sure that your interior will become special! For more information, call or write to the chat. +380933397753 ( viber, whatsapp )



    SEBA Makina, established in 1990 produces machines and other products. We progressively develop our activity fields according to our customers’ requests and firm's frame of principles. In 1996 we started production of machinery for double glazing. We are continuously carrying on with our activities to offer products of high quality at best prices in our plant which has 3000 meters squares closed area. We have also started sale of the profile welding equipment for double glazing to fulfil various needs and meet expectations. Your success is our goal. SEBA PRODUCTS: S BRPYM | the Washing Line with Vertical Press SBYM | Glass Machines For the Sink of MSBYM | Economic Glass Washing Machine SBND | Desiccant Filing Machine SBBM | Butyl Machine SBDT | Rotating Platform SBTM | Thiokol Machine SBS | Cooler SBCKM | Digital Glass Cutting Stand SBMCK - 1 | Glass Cutting Stand SBMCK-2 | Manual Glass Cutting Stand SBPM | Pressing Table SBPK



    Quality best, Customer first, Continuous innovation, Integrity, and win-win.DSG Advanced Material(Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in Tiscom Greenpark, Chachoengsao, province, Thailand. The company covers an area of 7, 000 square meters. The company has advanced glass processing equipment: Bao tero cutting machine, CNC glass processing center, 22 edgings grinding machine, continuous tempering machine, precision screen printing machine, large continuous vertical coating production line, imported hollow glass production line, specializing in high-end appliances Glass processing for vacuum coating glass, hollow glass and precision screen printing as core technologies, adhering to the quality policy of quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation, strictly following the requirements of the international quality certification system ISO9001: 2015 Dedicated to provide the best quality service to customers at home and abroad.Main products: vacuum-coated glass, non-conductive coating glass, mirror coating glass, electric heating glass, non-fog glass, freezer glass, wine glass, Low-e insulation glass, oven glass, high-temperature silkscreen glass, crystal glass, video glass, Special-shaped curved glass, home appliance panel glass, freezer glass door, freezer tempered Low-E heat-reflective glass, oven heat-reflective Low-E glass, Low-E insulating glass (automatically filled with argon), video glass, conductive glass, insulating glass door, etc. P

  8. GLASS & LUX


    The company Glass & Lux specializes in cutting and fashioning thin, flat mirrors and glass of small dimensions. Our skilled and motivated team puts its talent and knowhow to the service of the cosmetic industry (powder case mirrors) and the automotive industry (sun visor mirrors). On a yearly basis, millions of the mirrors leaving our production unit are shipped directly to the factories and assembly lines of these two industries.



    ClaudSing Engineering is a company providing MOTION CONTROL consultancy services for very high-tech automation of production machinery and temperature and pressure regulation for industrial furnaces, especially fire testing furnaces. Automation technology: Glass industry "Glass forming, cutting and refiring". Textile industry: "Carding", "Spinning" and “Cross-lapper”. Hydraulic machinery. “Mechatronic”. Furnaces: “Fire test”.



    Wholesale of glass and accessories for the construction industry. Production and trade of insulating glass: heat insulating, soundproof, light-protection, safety, fire-retardant, multifunctional glass structures: SZILTHERM® product line, Glass processing, working and trade: Glass cutting, grinding, drilling, tempering, laminating, painting, screening, bending, heat-soak testing. Façade architecture projects. Production and trade of glass industry machinery.

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