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    United Kingdom

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    Smartlouvre Technology: Pioneering Sustainable Solar Shading At Smartlouvre, we've revolutionized the way buildings interact with the sun. Our cutting-edge solution is a unique & sustainable method of blocking the sun's heat before it reaches the inside of your building. With a 100% heat-block capability, our technology reduces the need for air conditioning by a remarkable 68%, making it a game-changer for both comfort & sustainability. Our innovation doesn't stop there; it also eliminates glare while preserving natural light, ventilation, & ensuring views remain uninterrupted. Our technology has graced some of Europe's most sustainable structures, earning it a reputation for excellence in passive solar shading. What sets us apart? Our commitment to removing excessive building heat without impacting the environment. Manufactured from recycled metal, our product is not only eco-friendly but also fully recyclable. It's built to last for decades, ensuring durability and sustainability in one product. And the best part? Our passive solar shading system achieves an unprecedented 100% efficiency, all without the need for electricity or other power sources. The extensive list of iconic installations speaks for itself: from the Eiffel Tower to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament to London's renowned Science and Natural History Museums, & even the Louvre in Paris. Our technology has graced the Hoover Building FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C., Dallas Fort Worth Air & more.



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    Welcome to Montepera Elevators, your premier elevator systems and custom design manufacturer based in Ankara, Turkey. At Montepera, we excel in crafting exceptional elevator solutions that transcend mere functionality to narrate the unique stories of buildings. As a leading manufacturer specializing in elevator systems and custom designs, our products are intricately designed to capture the essence of spaces, providing a premium and distinctive experience. Discover our diverse range, encompassing personalized elevator cabins, dumbwaiters, safety signs, and elevator and lift landing door mechanisms. Each element showcases our dedication to seamlessly blending aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Montepera is committed to breaking boundaries and inspiring innovation in personalized elevator solutions. Envision a future where every building and journey becomes a unique work of art, and we are steadfast in leading this transformative journey. At Montepera Elevators, we prioritize understanding our customers' needs. By combining innovative design and sustainable solutions, we shape future elevators and lifts, delivering unmatched quality, convenience, and environmental responsibility. As more than just manufacturers, we are design partners specializing in custom lift and elevator design. Collaborating closely with architects, we offer tailored solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Explore our cutting-edge offerings today, contact us !



    The company AESY LIFT, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Lifts industry. It also operates in the Goods lifts, Glass lift, stair lift, Goods lifts, and hydraulic lifts industries. It is based in Antwerpen, Belgium.



    The company OZAN CAM VE AYNA TIC. SAN. LTD. ŞTI., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glass industry. It also operates in the glass fronts, building-grade glass, glass counters for bathrooms, and Glass lift industries. It is based in Bursa, Turkey.



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    KemTech KSF Europe is a Swiss manufacturer with over 45 years' experience in designing lifting solutions for HVAC systems, awnings, terrace coverings, drywall, glass and materials. we are proud to be a leading force for innovation in a global marketplace that stretches from Europe to North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Constantly striving for perfection, we are always on the lookout for the latest new developments in the industry while we also seek to meet the very highest standards.Over the years, KSF has acquired in-depth expertise in R&D and fabrication, and has also registered over 200 international patents, making it one of the leaders in the glass-handling market. Our CNC machine tools and semi-robotised systems are manufactured with great precision by qualified professionals at our production factory, aided by the most advanced welding equipment available. KSF is also fully committed to providing its customers with fast and efficient after-sales services. OUR COMPANY: - 45 years' experience in the design of handling solutions - Several thousand customers worldwide - Over 200 international patents - A full line-up of CE-certified products - Head office and showroom in Switzerland - Warehouse and maintenance centre in France.

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    The success story of Heavydrive GmbH started with a ground-breaking idea. Existing mini cranes on the transporting and heavy lifting market could lift and position loads, but they could not move while carrying a load. That's why mechanical engineer Günter Übelacker developed a lightweight, stable system for transporting glass. The sophisticated design of the glass transporters guarantees stability in transit. It was this product series that saw the company grow to become the world's market leader within just a few years. In 2006, Günter Übelacker founded the company Heavydrive GmbH. With just a few pieces of equipment, the company entered the hire sector. Following a strong presence at international trade fairs, Heavydrive GmbH has quickly become known as a one-stop-shop for heavy lifting and transport solutions. The experienced team at Heavydrive GmbH serves customers around the world with made-to-measure assembly solutions, offering everything from planning through to implementation, even for hard-to-access building sites.



    FOPPE MODULE is your first point of contact for a wide variety of alu­minium finished elements and construction kits selectable at modular stages of manufacture­. You benefit from flexible modules and have complete freedom to decide how we can assist you. Along with finished elements, we offer you our­ contract manufacturing in select stages along with extensive services such as planning and consulting, ­estimating service and contract production. FOPPE SYSTEME offers you a broad selection of high-quality ­aluminium profile systems for windows, doors, lifting/sliding and all-glass lifting-sliding systems as well as conservatories and ­terrace canopies. Along with special accessories for processors, FOPPE ZUBEHÖR also provides you with over 4, 000 branded items as accessories for the production, transport, installation and sealing of windows, doors, glass curtain walls, conservatories and terrace canopies.



    FOPPE MODULE is your first point of contact for a wide variety of alu­minium finished elements and construction kits selectable at modular stages of manufacture­. You benefit from flexible modules and have complete freedom to decide how we can assist you. Along with finished elements, we offer you our­ contract manufacturing in select stages along with extensive services such as planning and consulting, ­estimating service and contract production. FOPPE SYSTEME offers you a broad selection of high-quality ­aluminium profile systems for windows, doors, lifting/sliding and all-glass lifting-sliding systems as well as conservatories and ­terrace canopies.



    Enterprise Honor: Lingkai company has been for Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, FAW Volkswagen, Chery, Wuhan Shenlong, hippocampus, Zhejiang Geely, Baoding Great Wall, Chongqing Lifan Automobile Factory of products such as matching.Main Products: Linkai company produced Seat Belt parts, seat Gyrator, seat beams, glass, car lift, vehicle hinges, Fastener, automotive interior parts and other products of accessory products for its reliable qualitySales Network: our Products exported to Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on.



    Manufacturing Venetian blinds for IGU glass sealed units for over 20 Years. Doubleglazed venetian blinds with depth 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm Controlled by a magnetic system operated by a cord or chain doing Tilting and lifting. Also available electric with easy access to the motor for easy replacement without opening the glass. Advantages: -Quick lifting -No limits to glass thickness -Slim controls Part light Pl: Part light: A revolution in solar shading, allowing maximum light with glare reduction where needed.


    United States

    Pneumatic vacuum elevators operate by utilizing air pressure to lift the cab. Glass elevators add functionality as well as style to the home or business. These elevators are a center point for attention; a conversation piece, a work of art.



    Luoyang Gangxin Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Located in the famous glass city-Luoyang, China, which is specialize in research and development, manufacture and sales of glass deep processing equipment. Our main products are: GX series flat/bending tempering furnace, continues tempering furnace, automobile window tempering furnace, laminated glass machine, fusing furnace, glass lifting grab etc.



    Welcome to Fujitec Deutschland GmbH! Thank you for your interest in our products. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us. Our products include: Escalators, lifts, modernisation of lifts, moving walkways, service lifts, freight lifts, panoramic lifts made of glass, traction lifts, maintenance of lifts



    We sell, rent, lease both New and Used recycling machinery. Balers, Shredders, Granulators, Bin Presses, Glass Crushers, Compactors, bin lifts, Reducers, Materials we Recycle: Cardboard, Soft Plastic, Hard Plastic, EPS, PU Foam, Glass, Metal, Tins, Plastic Buckets Consumables: Bale Strap, Baling Wire, Bags.



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    Our company has over 50 years of experience in the glass processing trade. By 1980, the range of services our company provided had already grown so much thanks to the expansion of many industry segments that we decided to found Muskat GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany. We still consider ourselves to be a traditional, independent family company that attaches great importance to personal advice and people-oriented service. We can look back on decades of experience in the wholesale trade, imports and the sale of high-quality products from Europe and overseas. We have always prioritised quality and reliability. Thanks to our product expertise and many years of experience, we know how important safety is for you and your customers. This is why when selecting our product range, we initially always focus on first class quality products whilst simultaneously looking for competitive prices. Our support in all technical issues helps you to find which of our products is right for your requirements. With us, you can offer high-quality solutions and therefore acquire satisfied customers for long-term, valuable business relationships. We continue to undertake development in the area of glass. New production methods and new materials provide ever more diverse options for exceptional interior design and challenging projects.

  4. VICINI & C. SRL


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    Vicini & C. designs and manufactures leaf doors for standard lifts and goods lifts, asymmetric fire resistant (REI) doors, made from sheet metal or stainless steel, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 leaves, folding leaf or ready to be automated. . We do not set any limits for bespoke creations. We manufacture doors, including all required accessories, from stainless steel, for charcuterie and cheese factories and for buildings with humidity or washing problems.



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    Finn-Korkki is a company based in Finland specialised in the design of bottle caps and closures. Our product range includes ring pull closures, ring pull cap sealing machines, plastic bottle caps, crown cork bottle caps and luxury aluminium closures. In addition, we manufacture outdoor candle covers for the domestic market. We manufacture various kinds of metal bottle caps for the global beverage industry. Finn-Korkki's core skills include design, making & supply of ring crown cap sealing equipment and machines. With options for supervised installation and operator training. Spare parts for different makes of ring pull cap equipment are kept in stock for a quick dispatch. Over 40 years of existence, we have always attached the utmost importance to customer service, offering our customers reliable service in the best deadlines and adapting to the customers' needs. This is possible thanks in part to our in-house pre-press and offset printing facilities. We also undertake research and development continuously to design new types of products and improve their quality. We work for innovation and are open to try new material and ideas. This level of quality was rewarded by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 HACCP certifications. Our objective is to create the bottle closure you need! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information ! You will benefit from our knowledge and long experience.



    "KRAUS GmbH", based in Brunn am Gebirge, was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading providers of glass fittings today. For many years, customers from Austria, Europe and many other countries all over the world have been placing their trust in us. Our great product range is constantly adjusted to the requirements of customers. Our products are made of high-quality materials and guarantee our customers the best quality. Thanks to constant investments in technology, training and further training, we are heading towards state-of-the-art technology and design. Since 2014, we have been certified in line with Austrian standard EN-1090-1: 2012. In 2019, we opened our new company building and, in addition to a display room, also offer a larger warehouse to make our products available more quickly.



    AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 with production headquarters in Geislingen-Binsdorf, Zollernalbkreis, Germany, and specialises in vacuum lifting and transport technology. In the south-west of Germany, between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, resources for success are consistently used. Our pleasant work environment and a harmonious atmosphere are reflected in the high product quality. The broad spectrum of these applications requires great innovation capacities and flexibility. The successful combination of motivated, expert employees and a lively team spirit enable the company to develop continuously. Our international orientation, state-of-the-art in-house and external training programmes and a good climate are the fertile ground for optimising the customer benefits of our own products. Firmly anchored in company philosophy, in addition to environmental awareness, the guiding principle "citius, fortius, altius" (faster, higher, stronger) is always up-to-date.



    We, the group of companies "Bolena" and "ComfortVam" (https: //komfortvam.if.ua/) - a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of metal-plastic structures (windows and doors), aluminum facade and window systems. Thanks to the Austrian and German equipment and the extensive experience of our employees, we create high-quality windows and provide a unique guarantee, confirmed by a window passport, which defines the features of the product and warranty conditions. For 20 years we have been inspired to install new windows every day. For the production of metal-plastic structures we use only PVC profile of the German concern REHAU, whose products have been a well-deserved recognition on the European market for over 50 years. Rehau windows are reliable, resistant to sunlight, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, energy efficient. We create plastic windows that retain heat in the room and prevent its loss. The success of the company is also facilitated by cooperation with the best Western European partners: G-U, Saint-Gobain, Glas Troesch, which have been producing components for our products for many years. We are constantly innovating in our products, as well as diversifying our design solutions, solving the creative problems of our customers. Our mobile number: (Viber, WhatsApp) +38095803 8027 Our mail: bolena0004@gmail.com We are very interested in cooperating with you!



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    Since 1947, RAOUL LENOIR has specialised in the magnetic lifting, separation and detection of metals, and much more besides. For close to 70 years the company has offered its expertise and know-how by developing industrial applications for magnets to meet your specific need, whatever the industry you work in: recycling, distributor of steels and finished products, steel industry, mines, quarries and power stations, agrifoods and ports. LENOIR designs and manufactures equipment based on a variety of operating principles such as electromagnetic, electropermanent, permanent magnets and pneumatics for lifting and handling industrial products. LENOIR also offers design engineering and fabrication services for separation and deferrisation systems. These can be applied to many applications and concern industries like mining, fertilizers, glass-making, wood and timber, sugar, cereals and, more generally, all types of engineering activities and recycling industries. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.



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    HOVA Maschinenbau GmbH has been on the path to success for the past 20 years. It has received numerous awards, including the Schrittmacher Award, the right to bear the Austrian coat-of-arms for quality products and the Julius Award. We are also certified in accordance with EN ISO9001: 2015. HOVA specialises in crane lifting systems and automatic transfer systems, as well as manual handling equipment for wood, glass, metal, plastic and stone. Depending on requirements, the load is lifted using a vacuum, magnets or individual grippers with controls suitable for one-man operation. As a complete provider, the systems are manufactured with lightweight slewing cranes or rail systems, as required. Quality and service from a single source The company 's range of services includes planning, designing, manufacturing and installing complete systems, the production of slewing cranes and rail systems. In the area of vacuum lifting technology, the HOVAMAT lifting devices make it easier to handle large and heavy parts in the glass, metal, stone, wood and plastics industry. HOVAMAT vacuum lifters Be it glass, windows, steel, aluminium, wood, stone or plastic – with HOVAMAT vacuum lifters virtually any load can be moved safely and carefully. The compact and ergonomic design of the lifting equipment enables maximum user-friendliness. Intelligent control minimises operating errors. All vacuum lifters are manufactured in accordance with the highest level of quality and safety.



    GP Kompozit A.S is a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, founded in 2004 and located in Istanbul, specialised in motorcycle windshield, fender, foot extension, windscreen, headlight guard, tank pad, engine guard, handbar riser, mirror extension and another motorcycle equipments.GP Kompozit appreciated by motorcycle users with its qualified team, innovative strategy, research and development and product quality. It processes materials such as plastic, metal, carbonfiber, fiberglass by using CNC machines with superior software technologies and quality workmanship. GP Kompozit has become a valuable Turkish brand that delivers motorcycle accessories and motorcycle equipments to every corner of the world. GP Kompozit is able to produce all the motorcycle accessories like Motorcycle Windshield, Motorcycle Windscreen, Motorcycle Wind Deflector, Motorcycle Headlight Guard, Motorcycle Radiator Guard, Motorcycle Fender Extension, Motorcycle Shaft Protection, Side Strip Sticker, Handlebar Riser, Axle Protector, Foot Peg, Mudguard, Rear Fender, Brake Reservoir Guard, Tank Pad, Sticker, Mirror Extender, Center Lift Stand, Spray Guard, Spoiler Winglet, Engine Crash Bar, Exhaust Crash Slider, Pannier Rack, Rear Rack Holder, Hand Guard, Leg Guard, Navigation Bracket, Sissy Bar, Exhaust Heat Shield, Motorcycle Sport Glass Motorcycle Windshield Motorcycle Windscreen, Paddock Stand, Visor, Lifter Stand, Fairing Guard, Top Luggage Rack, Balance Bike, Visor, Motorcycle Accessories, Parts etc.



    FELEMAMG is specialist in industrial magnetism. Having more than four decades of practical experience in the manufacture of magnetic equipments and providing solutions in almost all the production sectors. Steel plants, foundry, shredders, scrap yards, clinkers, iron stores, shipyards, mechanical workshops, oxycutting, port facilities, railways, cars, cement manufactures, plaster, sugar, ceramics, feldspar, incinerators, RSU, CDR, glasses, electronic waste, recyclers. We have a wide range of products: Lifting electromagnets, Lifting electropermanents, Magnetic separation including permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators as well as high intensity separators. Our experience on the industrial magnetism supports us for repairing, rebuilding, rewinding and updating every brand, model or size of magnetic machines.

  5. Galaxy Hardware Industry Co., Ltd


    GALAXY HARDWARE is a manufacturer of door handles, lever handle, knob handle, pull handle, furniture handle, flush handle as well as door hinge, stainless steel hinge, flush hinge, H hinge, flag hinge, lift off hinge & door bolt, flush bolt, door stop, stopper, door sign. Our stainless steel hinges are certificated by UL®, 3 hours fire-rated, conforming to BHMA, and 3 models of hinges with CE certification by Intertek. Further to door handles, we use high quality springs with high strengths and flexibility to assemble door handles fabricated by precise machines, which pass over 200, 000 time’s cycle test complying with EN 1906. Our facilities and our strong team are capable of dealing with diverse architectural ironmongery. Products include door hardware, door lock, door closer, panic exit device, door bumper, door viewer, auxiliary hardware; glass hardware, glass door handle, floor hinge, patch fitting, glass clamp; bathroom hardware, thumb turn lock and etc.Please contact us now for more details.



    Actuator technology made in Vorarlberg... "ischt all dra"! Translation: Does what it says on the tin! And even if ZIMM isn't on it, it's often inside it! End consumers use everyday items and materials that have been produced using ZIMM screw jack systems – but they never set eyes on the ZIMM elves. Jack systems are used in automated production and assembly facilities. A screw jack mechanism is an electromechanical drive used to position heavy loads in a very precise and controlled manner. Some areas of application include: Assembly plants of almost all notable car manufacturers, lifting platforms and assembly of aircraft manufacture and maintenance, production facilities (for flat screen production, creation of plastic structural shapes for the window industry, manufacture of sheet steel and steel structural shapes, insulating glass, wooden panels, for fleece fabrics, hygiene products or insulating materials) and foodstuff packaging machines



    PTFE Coated Glass Fiber Aramid Fabrics and Belts, PSA Tapes, Rubber Products, Kevlar® and Nomex® Webbing, Polyester Monofilament Open Mesh Conveyor Belts, Filtration Fabrics, Polyester, Kevlar®, Nomex® Endless Ropes, Power Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts, Endless Tapes and Belts, Transmission Chains, Conveyor Chains, Lifting Chains, Helical and Worm Gear Units, Gear Boxes, Hydrostatic Variable Speed Units, Couplings and Clutches, Frewheels, Hydraulic Clamping and Centering Products, Rubber Compensators, Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Oxide, Fused Alumina.

  8. A3 SAFE


    A3 SAFE is specialised in distributing Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) and Tools in Africa (Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa), CIS countries (Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan), in Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)... We are involved in Construction and Oil&Gas fields. We are supplying : safety shoes, safety helmet, safety glove, safety glass, safety mask, safety net, safety harness, self retractable lanyard, shock absorber, connector, tripod, websling, ... We are also providing training Work at height, Visual Inspection of PPE, Lifting and Training on Demand. Featured on this site: Personal Protective Equipment Respiratory Protective Equipment Safety Equipment Hand Protection Safety Footwear Protective Clothing Head Protection Protective Eyewear Hearing Protection Offshore Safety Gear High Visibility Clothing Workwear Lifting Confined Space EXCELLENT QUALITY/PRICE ratio 100% EN certified MOQ Required


    United Kingdom

    PSA Solutions offer: Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Glues & Tapes, Acrylic Tapes, Aluminium Cold Weather Foil Tapes, Anti Slip Safety Tread Tapes, Butyl Flashing & Sealing Tapes, Carton / Cardboard Sealing Tapes, Contact Adhesive & Spray Adhesives, Coroplast & Automotive Tapes, Corrugated Tapes, Cloth, Duct & Gaffa Tapes, Decorative Glass & Copper Tapes, Double Sided Adhesives Tapes & Pads, Expanding Foam Tapes, Filter & Blanking Tapes, Forensic Finger Print Lifting Tape, Gel Tapes & Structural Acrylic Gel Tapes, Glue Dots & Circles, Hotmelt Glue Guns & Sticks, Jointing Tapes, Magnetic & Magnetic Receptive Tapes, Masking Repair & Protection Tapes, Packaging Tapes, Painters & Decorators Tapes, Polyester Tapes, PVC Tapes, Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes, Self Adhesive Protection Tapes, Super Tape, Transfer Tapes, Tissue Tapes, Cable Ties, Hook & Loop while providing free Adhesive Advice.



    For over 30 years we have been a contract manufacturer specializing in engineered-to-order equipment, apparatus and technological installations for industry. Our diverse customer base comprising primarily of leading European & global suppliers of technology to various process industries (food, oil & gas, chemical, pharma etc.). Our company is based in Elbląg, northern Poland - approx. 60km Gdańsk, with possibilities to deliver by road, rail & sea. We have two modern workshops (separate facilities for stainless and carbon steel) with a total roofed floor area of approx. 6000 m², lifting capacity up to 64T, 8, 5m to the hook. Gate size 6x7m. Our own In-house pickling and passivation, glass blasting, shot blasting and painting facilities. We offer a wide range of welding technologies WPQR looked over by our two IWE. Certified integrated quality management systems, needed certificates and permissions allow us to provide our customers with a complex service both in our workshops and on-site.

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