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    Elbo-therm GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest manufacturers of infrared heating solutions in Germany and is run as a traditional family business. Whether at home, in your spare time, at work, drying out buildings or keeping animals – infrared heating systems from Elbo-therm can be implemented in many different areas. Our decorative infrared radiators save energy and space and are manufactured at our production site. Using our infrared technology as a complete or auxiliary heating system ensures a healthy indoor climate and saves energy. Advantages: Up to 50% lower procurement and heating costs in comparison to other heating systems. The heating output is almost 100% and stays at this level. Maintenance-free, no additional costs required for chimney sweeps or storage of oil and pellets, long service life, saves space, no emissions and does not disturb dust nor dry out the air.



    We are one of the leading companies in the infrared heating sector across Europe. We produce high-quality infrared heating systems at our development and production site in Lüdenscheid. Carefully selected components, meticulous workmanship and customised production of our products promise ideal heating comfort over the long term. Welltherm infrared heating systems are "Made in Germany". VDE and EMC certification of our glass infrared heating systems is proof of highest quality and product reliability. Expertise and decades of experience in developing and producing heating elements for industrial applications set us apart and are the basis of the highest standards of quality and innovation for our infrared heating systems. We guarantee temperature control that is accurate to the degree, and maximum process reliability. State-of-the-art technologies, groundbreaking visions for the future and innovative products make us your reliable partner for infrared heating systems.



    STROYNET LLC is a manufacturing and engineering company that develops and implements energy-saving heating technologies for industrial and civil facilities. Since 2014 the company has been manufacturing TEPLOPANEL (TP) water ceiling infrared (radiant) panels, TOP flat climatic panels for heating and cooling premises and TEPLIY KVADRAT electric heating panels. Our energy-saving heating systems reduce energy consumption by up to 52% by using radiant energy for heat distribution. The panels do not heat the air, but transfer heat to the surfaces. Heated air is not accumulated under the ceiling or roof. Low-temperature radiant heaters from STROYNET company do not require maintenance, are fireproof, and can be controlled remotely. The economic effect of TEPLOPANEL equipment increases with the height of the ceilings (up to 40 meters). The higher the room, the more savings you can get. This system is implemented in plants, workshops, shopping centers, exhibition halls, warehouses, indoor sports facilities, animal breeding complexes, garages, car service centers, airport halls, hangars, depots, railway stations. TOP and TEPLIY KVADRAT climatic panels are designed for comfortable air conditioning of rooms up to 4 meters: offices, dwellings, restaurants, etc. Infrared heating panels from STROYNET company are already in use at the largest industrial enterprises, civil and public objects, private sector of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.



    The company HOVAL SAS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Heating, industrial - installations and equipment industry. It also operates in the Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment, Heaters for large buildings/interiors, condensation boilers, Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment, and air conditioning, aeration, ventilation industries. It is based in Geispolsheim, France.