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  • Online sales of cat cages, baskets and runs, aviaries, rabbit hutches, accessories for animals, etc. Supplier of: hen houses | Bird cages and aviaries | Fences | dog's beds | boxes for dogs [+] dog accessory | rabbit hutches | chicken cages | cages for domestic animals | chicken coops | pet cages | rabbit hutches | dog water bowls | cat baskets
    ITALY - Montefalco
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  • ...of lay hybrids and rare breed poultry ( It includes Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Legbars, Leghorns, Pekin Bantams ) - hand made hen houses made to high specification But also : ducks, quails, eggs ... Supplier of: hen houses | boxes for pigeons, chickens and egg-laying hens | Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | lay chickens and hybrids | rare breed poultry
    UNITED KINGDOM - Surbiton
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  • also selling on-farm fabricated poultry housing and runs and everything necessary to keep poultry. Wynnes is expanding its products to reproduce the same formula as they have done with the poultry (i.e. hens,... Supplier of: fully vaccinated blue egg laying hens and light sussex hens | hens and poultry transport crates | Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | Livestock and poultry - feed
    UNITED KINGDOM - Herefordshire
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  • ...Feeders you can find hen coops and houses, poultry housing and nest boxes, secure and comfortable quarters for birds, feeders suitable for poultry, game birds, pigeons, ducks, geese, turkeys... Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | poultry and game feeders | housing, incubation and brooders | dry plucking machines | pigeon feeders and drinkers for pigeon racers
    UNITED KINGDOM - Kirkcudbright
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  • ...facilities adjacent and have both luxury serviced rooms within our Georgian House and also work closely with Lea Marston Hotel arranging accommodation and conference facilities as part of our service Supplier of: stag hens parties | Entertainment and performance - production | multi day activities | team training | venue finding
    UNITED KINGDOM - Lea Marston
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  • a holiday of peace and recovery. Our happy hens lay eggs for you and our vegetable garden produces lovely salad, veggies and fruity sweets according to season and from the oven we serve always fresh... Supplier of: Hotel | Hotels and restaurants | business hotel
    BELGIUM - Büllingen
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  • Cornish Meadow Poultry advises and sells poultry, housing, incubators and equipment since 1980. It also supplies quality point of lay pullets. Supplier of: boxes for pigeons, chickens and egg-laying hens | poultry houses | Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | poultry | point of lay pullets
    UNITED KINGDOM - Wadebridge
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