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    Founded in 1998, the mission for PLUS SAFETY MEDICAL PRODUCTS CO., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PLUS GROUP) is "To Consolidate and Grow PLUS GROUP as the Premier Supplier of Medical Products and Equipment in the World". With over twenty year experience of producing disposable medical products, PLUS SAFETY has become one of the most professional and biggest disposable medical products manufacturers in TURKEY, it also covers OEM service. To date, over 180 of the company's products have passed CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificate and are sold to more than 15 countries worldwide. PLUS GROUP holds other 2 subsidiaries : Hadımköy branch and Yeşilköy Branch. PLUS GROUP main products include: Surgical Mask, Faceshield and Goggles series, Medical Gown, Surgical Overalls series and other medical product series. Till now, PLUS GROUP registered 6 patented products and still dedicated to research and manufacturing new products. PLUS GROUP aims to provide high-quality products with science and technology innovation to clients, pay attention to sustainable development and reduce its product cost. PLUS GROUP is committed to use managing experience of advanced enterprises in the world as reference, continuously impel and promote management level, grasp the front development of international medical products, and enhance the co-operation with international partners. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    Hexamed GmbH is a supplier to the healthcare industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we drew on our many years of experience in wholesale to demonstrate that we can deliver when it counts. Our customers include hospitals, pharmacies and medical product wholesalers. We strive for continuous improvement in the healthcare sector, which we consider an important element in building the future, and aim to have a positive influence on society through our actions. Our corporate culture is based on reliability, agility and imagination, and we operate in line with this philosophy to deliver a valued service to our partners, suppliers and customers.



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    Our production and sales activities have expanded since DISERA's inception in 1996. The product portfolio for the 2004 investment included Petri dishes, sharp boxes, vaginal speculums, and urine beakers. Our production investment reached a new level in 2014 as a result of the production of evacuated vacuum tubes. VACUSERA vacuum blood collection tubes are the result of advanced manufacturing technology and diagnostic experience. We moved to a new factory building in Turkey's Tire Organized Industrial Area in 2014. The entire manufacturing process adheres to ISO 13485: 2016 quality management systems, and all products bear the CE mark. We provide manufacturing services in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016 quality standards and have knowledge and experience in providing high-quality, technical medical products that meet the needs of the healthcare sector. Vacusera Blood Collection Tubes, for example, are CE marked in accordance with Directive 98/79/EC on In Vitro Diagnostic Devices. Vacusera Blood Collection Tubes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 6710 and EN 14820 standards. Furthermore, Vacusera Blood Collection Needles are CE certified and manufactured in accordance with 93/42/EEC regulations. To increase our production volumes, we invest in new facilities. We are aware of the current global market demand for laboratory consumables. Furthermore, this demand will grow in the future.

  4. KRZ


    Clinical pharmacy experts. 35 years in the Unit Dose System. Modular pharmacy furniture, storage, transfer trolleys, medication trolleys, electropharmacy, dispensing machines, cabinets, unit dose packaging machine, cytostactics handling material. Experts in first class materials. Aluminium structures with 4 mm thick fiber. Silent closing drawers that do not disturb patients rest. Rustless and scratchless materials. Launching and distributing a new Deblistering machine for street pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. Todoral Mini 2 is easy to handle and totally manual. Will deblister any kind of solid oral forms (pills, capsules, tablets).



    Our company is established in Turkey, as Radi Technology, Inc., to manufacture, design and distribute Radixray brand X-ray protective clothing Emphasis is always on customer satisfaction for Radi Technology, Inc., Our technical staff always aim to manufacture our products without sacrificing quality. Currently we manufacture all models lead and leadfree materials. Leadfree materials are about 30% less heavy than traditional lead. Optionally we can offer you standart nylon fabric cover and antibacterial stain resistant polyurethane fabric covers. Radi Technology, Inc., established its production line, in Adana enterprises in a 540 m2 closed area to manufacture x ray radiation protective clothing. Our products are currently exported to 44 countries worldwide and most of our products are CE certified.

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    Illiyyun is a Turkish company that distributes medical devices, equipments and product: Hospital furniture, personal protection, orthopedics, syringe, nebulizer, bandage, surgery packs, chemicals and laboratory materials (test tubes, plastic containers and etc.).Our company provides services to the public and private sector. We have continuously provided necessary equipment and services to fight the current COVID 19 pandemic. Our services have reached the public and private sector despite the restrictions brought by the current sanitary emergency. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficiently. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficie


    United Kingdom

    Bodyvie is a first-rate medi-clinic, providing high-end treatments in the medical, cosmetic & beauty sector. Established in 1999, Bodyvie was one of the first aesthetic clinics in the UK. Bodyvie has built a renowned reputation from the exceptional experience of Dr. Andrew Weber. Dr Weber has worked at some of Harley Street’s most well-known clinics. Dr. Weber is assisted by the best qualified medical professionals - maintaining his high standards throughout the clinic – and only utilises the latest technology and procedures in the industry. Furthermore, Bodyvie also offer professional GP services. These include COVID-19 testing, cervical smear screening, private prescriptions, emergency contraception, blood tests, dermatology services, tattoo removal, fat reduction, pregnancy ultrasounds, NIPT + scans and much, much more. We strive to find the best possible treatment for your specific needs. Bodyvie understands that every patient has a unique set of goals and expectations. We will work closely with you to ensure a relaxing procedure and an overwhelmingly positive outcome.





    Touriar is a marketplace and an online platform for booking tour packages and travel services. Touriar has a verity of tour itinerary for several countries and all types of interests and also presents travel services such as visa, accommodation, transportation, tour guide, interpreter, etc. Actually, as a marketing website, Touriar represents the packages of tour operators. The current tour operator that works with Touriar is Yargasht. Yargasht with high experience on Iran tourism for decades and the other attractive destinations, provides The packages that are already presented on Touriar website include Germany, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and especially Iran for cultural, historical, adventure, sport, health, and special interests. Among the countries mentioned, Yargasht has focused on Iran because of Iran's extremely potential yet unknown tourist attractions. Alongside Touriar, we would like to have more mutual cooperation with other travel agencies to expand the scale of the market and provide more benefits for travel agencies by selling popular packages available on Touriar website to their customers. If any travel agencies were willing for this cooperation or had any other suggestion, Our team would appreciate that. Touriar business addresses in Germany, Armenia, Turkey, and Iran, with much other useful information are available on Touriar.com.


    United Kingdom

    Dental Practice Turkey is a leading dental centre in Istanbul where we provide different dental restorative surgery to help patients improve their oral health and smile. Our dental professionals use the most advanced dental technologies and techniques to provide patients attain their desired results. We have a dedicated travel team who will assist in making all kinds of necessary travel arrangements for patients. We also arrange for your medical holiday with proper accommodation in the top 4-star hotel, air line tickets and commutation to and from the clinic with other travel plans. We will also help you to replace your missing or damaged teeth so that you can get back your attractive smile. Our dental treatments offered at the clinic include: 1.Single tooth implant 2.Dental crowns 3.Composite bonding 4.Dentures 5.All-on-4 dental implants Dental bridges



    Our company was established in 1989 by a group of entrepreneurs who cooperated and combined their knowledge and experiences in their own specialization fields. The head office is in Istanbul. We have big experience in manufacturing of activated carbon filter cartridge, hot water air heater, air handling unit components like air dampers and air filters, any kind of product or semi-product made of sheet steel, cnc punching, laser cutting and all metal sheet fabrication.


    United Kingdom

    VIVA Skin Clinics is one of the UK’s luxury aesthetics practice. Independent in more ways than one, our ethos is simple: we work to boost confidence and subtly enhance natural beauty with a select number of treatments and our signature techniques. Our bespoke treatment menu has been created to improve emotional wellbeing by combatting the stressful effects of a busy lifestyle. From subtle enhancements to personalised treatment programs, our medical doctors and aesthetic artists are dedicated to helping you to channel your most confident self and feel happier, healthier and more comfortable with the skin you’re in.

  1. JAYEX

    United Kingdom

    Jayex specialise in patient flow solutions for GP waiting rooms such as self arrival check-in kiosks, digital signage, patient calling, patient surveys, patient communications (SMS & email) and information touch points. We provide our services all across the UK, including England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Visit our website to find out more about our solutions or contact us now to enquire.



    DevMedic.com We produce DEFEAT Disinfection which has been tested and approved against the human coronavirus. ● Fast-acting against Viruses, Bacteria, Spores & Fungi ● Super effective on all surfaces and skin. We export all over the world and also help with private labels. DEFEAT Disinfection is used in: Hospital care, veterinary care, dentists, the horse industry, aviation industry, schools, public premises, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons with effective results. DEFEAT is 100-300 times more effective than other disinfectants on the market. Works on all surfaces and also takes multi-resistant bacteria, airborne viruses, etc. Ph 7. The product is: Tested & approved against the Corona virus by an accredited laboratory and non-flammable, non-toxic and biocompatible. We produce in different sizes for different markets. We also help with Care clothes and various trading solutions where we work with different factories in the world depending on product requirements. A warm welcome and contact us for a free quote.



    SOL ET SALUS is an approved private hospital with 140 beds in rooms offering top quality accommodation. Individual rooms are available by request. Our structure has several departments, such as: Aftercare, Neurological Rehabilitation, "Villette" Rehabilitation for the Disabled, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Surgery, Odontostomatology for handicapped people, plastic and aesthetic surgery. We also offer the following services: Diagnostic imaging (Scanner, MRI, Ultrasound), Medical biology, Outpatient consultations, Movement and Biomechanics Analysis Laboratory.



    DSB Medical was founded in 2010, We are a CE and FDA certified factory, specialized in manufacturing medical consumables for OT and labs to overseas market. We have built CDMO(Contract Designing and Manufacturing Organization) as our business model. We strive for providing one-stop solution for worldwide clients' medical needs with our integrated R&D and precision manufacturing capabilities. Our successful projects includes pediatric urine bags, blood smear applicator, negative suction liner, micro-fluidics chip, inhaled drug delivery, etc. Besides the OEM products, the key self-branded product we are supplying now is silicone self-adhesive male external catheter(condom catheter), the manufacturing capacity of DSB in this category is among the TOP3 in China. We hope to present this products to more people with incontinence problem and empower them to be able to live a more comfortable social life with dignity.


    United Kingdom

    A group of professionals, providing plastic surgery, dental treatments, hair transplant and laser eye surgery in Turkey PLASTIC SURGERY IN TURKEY *Breast Augmentation, Reduction, Uplift *Rhinoplasty Surgery *Butt Lift (BBL) with Fat Transfer *Buttock Implants *Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) *Liposuction *Arm Lift Surgery *Thigh Lift Surgery *Eyelids/Eye Bags Removal *Face, Neck Lift Surgery *Vaginal Rejuvenation DENTAL TREATMENTS IN TURKEY *Smile Makeover *Hollywood Smile *Dental Implants *Dental Crowns *Dental Veneers HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY LASER EYE SURGERY IN TURKEY


    United Kingdom

    linicat provide cosmetic and medical non-surgical treatments. Botox, dermal fillers, Cheek and lip fillers, skin tags and anti wrinkle injections in the city of London at its two prime locations: 10 Harley street and 1 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf clinics with 3 other clinics in 39 Rodney Street Liverpool, 61 Mosley Street Manchester and 3 Senhouse Street Whitehaven run by accredited doctor. Clinic@ can treat the effects of age, rejuvenate your appearance and enhance your features so that the you on the outside matches the you on the inside. From facial assessments through to detailed treatment planning and a multimodal, holistic communications style that keeps the patient at the forefront of all our work, Clinic@ is entirely designed to create the best end result possible; working with you to give you the results you want.



    Flygalos has been offering galosh machine to hospitals, clinics, policlinics and this kind of places required hygiene. Besides, construction markets are inside of our customer portfolio. Turkey Bauhaus markets and also English B&Q gruop Turkish partner are in our references. Our machine adds comfort to your places with ease of use, modern design, different colour option. Its completely mechanic and not required electric power. And also its useful for all kind shoes and at the end you can take off easly and it’s waste doesnt reserve so much place. You can see our colour options and how it Works on our website video.



    Vision Center MAJA is one of the most modern and best equipped eye house in the country, especially in the region, where in one place you have all of your eyes. Our first surgical room is specially equipped for cataract surgery, glaucoma and minor surgical procedures. Second surgical room is for refractive surgery - laser vision correction, and third surgical room is for laser (YAG and LFK). We have specialized cabinets for the diagnosis: computerized perimetry, ultrasound diagnosis, optical coherence tomography - OCT, fluorescein angiography, biometrics, IOL master. We also have cabinets for contact lenses and cabinet for refraction. Vision center Maja sell glasses, sun glasses, all types of contact lenses and all for lens maintaining. We have monofocal, bifocal and multifocal glasses.


    United Kingdom

    Eye Clinic London is a medical practice based at 15 Harley Street that offers laser refractive surgery and cataracts surgery, among other vision correction options, for adults and children. We also offer lens implants, refractive lens exchanges, corneal transplants, treatments for kerataconus, and dry eye management. The practice is helmed by Samer Hamada, a consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience in his field. He is distinguished for work in the field of cornea, cataract, and refractive lens exchange surgeries, and is one of the very few surgeons in the world who manage corneal diseases in children. Visit www.EyeClinicLondon.com for more information.




    United Kingdom

    Vysana is a medical aesthetics & wellness clinic. We treat age-related problems, such as photo-damaged skin, acne, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles, and the effects of a modern diet without macro- and micronutrients. We achieve this through a Doctor-led consultation & the right treatments (wrinkle relaxing injections, medical grade skincare, injectable boosters, dermal fillers, radio frequency skin tightening, micro-needling, skin resurfacing, collagen, omega-3, polyphenols, and beta-glucans


    United Kingdom

    Dr Nyjon Eccles and the team at the Natural Doctor specialise in natural treatments for men and women alike. With focus on safe solutions and practices, this natural health clinic based in London is always ready to assist with the latest developments in natural anti-ageing treatments. All methods are based on natural methods and are safe to use by all. The Natural Doctor, led by Dr Nyjon Eccles and his team, is a well-known place where clients can seek safe health solutions. This health clinic offers natural anti-ageing treatments that have been proven as effective. Dr Eccles, who is a leading integrated medicine physician, employs proven nutrients and methods developed in his natural health clinic. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field and has established his own face rejuvenation method using nothing but completely natural methods. The friendly staff of the natural health clinic on Harley Street is always ready to answer any questions on 0207 2244 622. Further information is also available on http: //thenaturaldoctor.org/


    United Kingdom

    Dr Ayad Aesthetics Clinic in Ascot uses cutting-edge cosmetic surgery, skin care therapies, and innovative surgical techniques to help you restore your beauty and confidence. With many years of experience behind our team of surgeons, nurses, and therapists, you can guarantee to have excellent results with our aesthetics treatments. Furthermore, we provide online and masterclass courses for people interested in pursuing a career in cosmetic medicine. We guarantee to be friendly, courteous, and honest supporters of patients and students alike.



    RemedHealth.com is a medical tourism platform providing value added service packages to international patients all over the World. It also offers its wide range of services and partnership opportunities to corporations, institutions, medical policy makers and healthcare practitioners. RemedHealth.com operates within Remed Assistance which is an international assistance company and a core partner of International Assistance Group (IAG) Remed provides its services in Turkey and all around the world since 1993.With its profound experience in travel and medical assistance, Remed Assistance handles more than 100.000 international medical cases per year. As a division of such a powerful organization RemedHealth.com incorporates the power of extensive network of outstanding hospitals, medical providers and also 7/24 multilingual alarm centers consisting of dedicated teams of in-site physicians, nurses and case managers. With outstanding medical& health travel packages and tailor made programs offering best treatment abroad alternatives based on client preference, RemedHealth.com is the right place for both its partners and clients. The medical management team of Remedhealth.com, composed of doctors ezperienced in their fields, will consult your file, get in touch with the most relevant hospitals and clinics and put in place a suitable treatment plan for you.



    Vansbon is specialized in supply silicone scar sheet, scar gel and scar care products. Our silicone scar sheet is a unique product for improving scars. It is an advanced form of silicone in an adhesive gel sheet, which has been widely used by dermatologists, surgeons and medical professionals to help reduce old and new red and raised scars by flattening, fading and softening. Our silicone scar sheets have been exported to UK, USA, Norway, Hongkong, Japan, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, and etc. The main products include: Silicone scar sheet, silicone gel strip, medical silicone gel, surgical scar caring, soft silicone scar therapy, scar repair silicone, silicone sheet for C-sections, self-adhesive silicone sheet, scar treatment silicone, scar silicone strip, scar dressing silicone gel, home scar treatment, gel de silicone



    Jeg tilbyder terapi, supervision og psykologisk rådgivning til unge og voksne, herudover familie- og parsamtaler. Pårørende og andre betydningsfulde personer i dit liv er også velkomne til at deltage, såfremt du ønsker dette. Samtalerne foregår i min praksis på Amagerbrogade 168.I samtalerne er det vigtigt, at vi taler om det, som er hjælpsomt og meningsfuldt for dig. Det betyder, at vi sammen undersøger de udfordringer, du står overfor, og får synliggjort hvordan du kan komme nærmere det liv, du ønsker at leve. Du skal opleve, at hver samtale er effektiv, og jeg tjekker løbende, hvorvidt det vi taler om er hjælpsomt, eller om vi skal gå andre veje i vores samtale.Jeg ser samtaler som rejser - rejser hvor jeg sammen med den eller de personer, jeg taler med, er optaget af at udfolde og undersøge initiativer, færdigheder, håb og drømme, som en hjælp til at stå imod problemer og vanskeligheder. Samtalerne skal give dig nye steder at stå, og mulighed for at fortælle andre historier om hvem du er, og hvad du står for som menneske.Et centralt mål for samtalen er derfor at mindske problemets indflydelse på dit liv. Det sker bl.a. ved at frembringe andre perspektiver på problemet end hidtil, og få klarlagt hvad du giver værdi til, og hvordan du ønsker at leve dit liv, således at der opstår nye handlemuligheder.I det terapeutiske arbejde benytter jeg kun effektive og videnskabeligt dokumenterede terapiformer. Det drejer sig bl.a. om systemisk, kognitiv og narrativ terapi.


    United Kingdom

    At The Travel Clinic London in Harley Street, we offer exclusive private travel clinic facilities for our patients in London. We have a team of well-experienced and professional doctors who provide different kinds of medical services such as - health checks, medical advice and vaccinations. We provide you with all important information and medication needed for your trip. We have flexible services that are designed in a way to lessen the risks of falling sick during and after your trip. Our travel medical services include the following: • Same day vaccines • Visa assessment • Yellow fever certification • Travel consultation • Expert advice and • Return checkups Whether you are planning your first holiday in a foreign country or you want to travel to a specific country, it is always necessary to seek for medical advice before your trip. You may book an appointment with us now at our travel clinic in Harley Street, London to get started.


    United Kingdom

    Affordable Homecare Agency London, Live in carers, Live out carers, nurses agency, nursing jobs London, Elderly Care, Care at home, Home Care, Domiciliary care, Barnet, N20, Home Care & Nursing ServicesPristine Recruitment Ltd is Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered for the provision of Personal Care and Treatment of disease, disorder or injury.We specialize in the recruitment and supply of nurses and carers to clients who are in need of care due to illness, disability or frailty of age by offering quality and dignified personal care services.We supply to Private Homecare, Care in the Community, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Intermediate Care in the Community, Hospitals and Local Authorities in London and across the UK.Our services include but not limited to, Care services, Home Care Services, Respite Care, Support after discharge from hospital, Personal care, Meal preparation, Domestic Help, Community Nursing Services, Temporary Staffing Solutions, Nurses and Carers, Home Visit

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