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    Professionell glue guns for continous operation without dropping. Special nozzles for different applications available! Hotmelt glue in form of sticks, granulate or pillows : EVA, PA, Polyolefin, Acrylat. Sticks also in many colours available!



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    BÜHNEN is a company whose success story stretches back to 1922. Our approach of presenting ourselves as a provider of hotmelt adhesives and devices with a comprehensive consultancy service has stood the test and is forward-looking. We then went on very early to focus on the connection technology of the future – adhesion. We support our customers with selecting devices and hotmelt adhesives, thereby laying the foundation for a successful and reliable bonding process. That applies both to the automated and to the manual application of hotmelt adhesives. In particular, our extended competence in hand-guided application technology is an important part of our range for many customers. These applications are used primarily when automated application is feasible only with difficulty or not feasible at all, due to complexity, spatial conditions or small quantities. This is exactly when it is important to have a partner by your side who contributes to secure adhesion through their knowledge. BÜHNEN is successful in Germany and the surrounding European markets, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium. All these aspects in combination with a highly modern product range and our 24-hour delivery service are the factors that make us a valuable partner for our customers.


    United Kingdom

    Techsil has established a reputation over 30 years of growth as a leading provider of adhesives, sealants, tapes, dispensing equipment and technical consultancy to manufacturers in the following key sectors of Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, LEDs, Marine, Medical Devices, Rapid Prototyping and Packaging. A particular strength is their in depth knowledge of technical adhesive and sealant applications in real production environments. They have specialists with extensive knowledge of UV adhesives and UV curing equipment, RTV Silicones, Hot Melt Adhesives, Polyurethanes Adhesive Tapes and Dispensing systems. Techsil has grown to become Momentive’s largest RTV silicone distributor in the European electronics sector. As a distributor the chains of command are short and the ability to work with both speed and flexibility provide a direct benefit to customers. When you need the best materials for bonding, potting, sealing, coating or overmoulding, Techsil's Technical Experts will help in product selection, from silicones, hot melt adhesives, acrylates, tapes, epoxies, and polyurethanes to the latest innovative UV LED curing systems and dispensing methods. Techsil specialises in adding value to industry by providing a consultancy problem solving service through materials technology and process improvement and has built an enviable reputation in exceptional customer care and service.


    United Kingdom

    PSA Solutions offer: Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Glues & Tapes, Acrylic Tapes, Aluminium Cold Weather Foil Tapes, Anti Slip Safety Tread Tapes, Butyl Flashing & Sealing Tapes, Carton / Cardboard Sealing Tapes, Contact Adhesive & Spray Adhesives, Coroplast & Automotive Tapes, Corrugated Tapes, Cloth, Duct & Gaffa Tapes, Decorative Glass & Copper Tapes, Double Sided Adhesives Tapes & Pads, Expanding Foam Tapes, Filter & Blanking Tapes, Forensic Finger Print Lifting Tape, Gel Tapes & Structural Acrylic Gel Tapes, Glue Dots & Circles, Hotmelt Glue Guns & Sticks, Jointing Tapes, Magnetic & Magnetic Receptive Tapes, Masking Repair & Protection Tapes, Packaging Tapes, Painters & Decorators Tapes, Polyester Tapes, PVC Tapes, Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes, Self Adhesive Protection Tapes, Super Tape, Transfer Tapes, Tissue Tapes, Cable Ties, Hook & Loop while providing free Adhesive Advice.



    At ProEnd Kimya, we stand out as a leading industry expert in hot melt adhesives, offering innovative solutions to meet various industrial needs. Our industrial adhesives are known for their durability and high-quality performance. Whether you require adhesive solutions for the packaging industry, carpet sector, or automotive applications, our customizable and cost-effective adhesive solutions cater to all your requirements. We take pride in being one of the best adhesive brands known for providing fast-acting and long-lasting bonds. In addition to our hot melt adhesive solutions, we also excel in the production of high-quality wax products. Our wax products find applications in various industrial sectors and can be customized to meet the specific demands of your industry. ProEnd Kimya combines meticulous engineering and unique formulations to create wax products that are not only high-quality but also water-resistant. We are proud to offer hot melt adhesive and wax products of top-notch quality at competitive prices. At ProEnd Kimya, we understand the critical role of hot melt adhesives across various industries. Our hot melt adhesive solutions are perfect for applications in the filtration, furniture, and automotive sectors. These resilient adhesives not only can be customized to fit your specific needs but also offer an economic advantage. As leading hot melt adhesive suppliers, we provide adhesive solutions that deliver both fast-acting and long-lasting results.

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    Kimyapsan A.S. was incorporated in 1951 and started its activity in its Alibeyköy plants. Our Company supplies products to 3 main industries. We produce products for the Automotive, Shoes and Furniture industries. Our products are Solvent-based adhesives and Hotmelt adhesives. Approximately 100 Tonnes of adhesives are produced per day in Gebze/Dilovası plants since 2015. Maintaining its investments in its new plant, our Company is prepared to address to new industries.