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    AYBERKSAN Plastic Mold Industry started its service in 2004 in Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone with mold manufacturing. Considering that quality and customer satisfaction are equivalent, it has signed many successful projects in different sectors both at home and abroad in a short time. While demonstrating his sensitivity to quality with the certificates he has, his biggest investment has been the importance he gave to human resources and technological developments. It has expanded its vision by adding plastic injection, which is one of the integral parts of the industry, to its mold production, and has brought together thousands of products and services from the defense industry to the medical industry, from the automotive industry to furniture, from the park and garden group to the drilling industry. It has made it its mission to offer the most suitable solution to the demands of its customers in the field of plastic injection and injection molding. Accurate and efficient transfer of information is at the forefront of its commercial principles. It has always managed to remain dynamic with its technical capacity, sensitivity in R&D, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We'll be pleased to answer all you questions and observations, don't hesitate to contact us.



    Buk Machines (Grente-Lemaitre) has 30 years' experience serving the domestic and export markets and offers you a wide choice of new machine-tools and machines for working wood and metal. Our premises cover 4, 000 square metres and display some 500 machines, with stock changing all the time. Sale of new woodworking machines, sale of new metalworking machines, new sheet metal machines, high quality tools. New press brakes, shearing, punching, rolling machines and laser cutting machines made by KRRASS. Planes, sliding mitre saws and thicknessers made by ROBLAND. New machine tools for wood, metal and sheet metal. For trade and private users. Buk Machines is at your service for the purchase, sale and trade in used machines and tools. Sale by lot in containers or single units, we are happy to listen to your requirements in order to best meet your needs. Come and discover our stock, then make an order!


    United Kingdom

    Through the manufacture and supply of high quality tools and consumables, we endeavour to act as a valuable extension to your company and a reliable resource in which you can be confident that not only are the goods you require just a phone call away, but that any problem you may have can be solved with informed, solid, hands-on advice garnered from over 35 years of experience within the industry. The initial and on-going company aim of Ground Engaging Technologies Ltd is to support the UK piling and foundation industry by building a dependable and extensive inventory of products focused on continuity, quality and cost; both manufactured in house and sourced from a network of companies around the world.



    The company ERLO GROUP, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Drilling - machine tools industry. It also operates in the Presses, hydraulic, Presses, hydraulic, industrial drills, transfer presses, and tool holder industries. It is based in Azkoitia, Spain.



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    HTT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH and HTT Maschinen GmbH, part of HTT Global Group, were founded with the aim to offer high quality deep drilling machines and systems as well as customer-specific solutions in the field of deep drilling, efficiently from a single source. HTT delivers worldwide individual solutions for deep hole drilling in all industry sectors such as the automotive, medical, aerospace, pellet industry as well as tool making, shipbuilding and mould making. HTT offers deep drilling machines for the drilling range from 1–800 mm in diameter and a drilling depth of up to 15, 000 mm. quality. We stand for the highest quality with our quality management certificate according to ISO 9001: 2015 and our CE certification.

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    Since its foundation in 1961, Jokisch GmbH has become one of the top names for technical chemical products and their use in the metalworking industry. Our products include: Drilling oils, brake cleaner sprays, thread cutting oils, skin protection products, cooling lubricants, lapping compounds, lubricant refills on contract, private label chemistry products, lubricants for metalworking, cutting oils, cutting oil sprays and specialist lubricants for minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems.



    We are Peak Universal Business, your agile source for quality petroleum and petrochemical solutions. Peak Universal Business is a manufacturer and a leading provider of high-quality petrochemicals for industries such as oil and gas, infrastructure, road construction, roofing, waterproofing, industrial coatings, drilling, manufacturing, ink, paints, adhesives, and sealants. Our extensive product lines include multiple categories, including: All grades of bitumen, including penetration bitumen, oxidized bitumen, cutback bitumen, and bitumen emulsion. Wax and paraffin products, including slack wax, petroleum jelly, microcrystalline wax, polyethylene wax, paraffin wax, liquid paraffin, normal paraffin, and paraffin emulsion. Drilling fluid additives, including gilsonite powder, walnut shell, caustic soda, bentonite, barite, calcium chloride, and calcium carbonate. Gilsonite is available as gilsonite powder, gilsonite lumps, and gilsonite ore in different purities and ash contents, including gilsonite 95% (less than 5% ash), gilsonite 90% (less than 10% ash), gilsonite 85% (less than 15% ash), and gilsonite 80% (less than 20% ash). Gilsonite is utilized in various industrial applications, such as drilling and wellbore cementing, ink and paint, adhesives and sealants, etc. Committed to sustainability and peak performance, we ensure the reliable delivery of premium products. We incorporate natural resources to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and profitability.



    Our company is the sole Ukrainian manufacturer of bentonite products as well as special grouting cements for oil and gas drilling industry, bentonite clay powder for foundry companies, pets goods (bentonite cat litter), bentonite granules for manufacturing of geosynthetic clay liners (GCL). Our Company possesses the own bentonite mine and the processing plant where high quality bentonite undergoes all processing stages from extracting and processing till receiving high quality finished products. Our business partners are not only the national leading companies - State and private enterprises, retail chains but also foreign businesses from abroad (mainly CIS countries).Our Company is constantly controlling the quality of the products through authorized testing plant laboratory using the-state-of-art technologies and testing methods. The finished products are passed outgoing quality control before being shipped to the consumers. The Company is constantly searching for a new customers and is opened for new business challenges and opportunities. Our team of experienced and highly qualified personnel is ready to develop the bentonite products which suits exactly to the requirements of each definite customer what leads to the mutual benefits and success of both parties - the Customer and the Manufacturer.The Company implemented the quality management policy and is certified according to Quality Management System ISO 9000: 2015.Our Motto is "The quality today - the success tomorrow"



    Kajali focuses on developing CO2 non-explosive gas expansion rock fracturing solutions and other mining hydraulic equipment. Engaged in the research and development, production, and supply of mining equipment for 15 consecutive years. The main products: carbon dioxide gas expansion equipment, carbon dioxide extractor, hydraulic splitter, hydraulic rock drill, airborne splitter, column splitter, hydraulic rock drill, and other professional mining equipment. Committed to providing the best customer service and quality products to the world. Uppermost enterprise exporting industrial supplies - Hydraulic rock drill, Hydraulic rock splitting machine, Rock drill bits, Drifter rod goods to multinational market Hydraulic rock splitting machine, Rock drill bits, Drifter rod focus: Australia, Canada, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom. And manufacturer co2 gas expansion rock fracturing equipment. We are expected to have you on board and look forward fruitful business cooperation. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us!



    Karafarinan Navide Ayandeh (KANA) Co. was established in 2013 to supply materials for oil drilling industry especially the drilling fluid additives for oil services companies. Kana is A commercial Company which both IMPORTdifferent materials for Iranian governmental end users and EXPORT a range of products world wide. Owing the Bentonite mine can be mentioned as a considerable advantage of this comapny. The high quality Sodium and Calcium Bentonite in different grades and two forms of Lump and Powder makes exporting this product facilitate for us.


    United States

    M&G drilling services is a leading and reputable Drilling Contracting Firm serving countries within and across America. Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient Drilling Contracting Firm, look no further than M&G drilling services. Whether you need help on a small project or a larger job, we want to take the load off your shoulders by providing our specialized services. As a truly vertically integrated service provider with more than 19 years of industry experience, M&G Drilling offers: Tailored drilling solutions: Engineering, design and manufacture of fully customised drilling rigs; the full range of mechanical drilling components; electrical drilling and control systems. We uniquely combine skills and resources to help you increase drilling efficiency, reduce costs and save time. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and to receive your free estimate.



    Helix Ltd is a Bulgarian producer of Crude and Exfoliated Vermiculite from own Vermiculite Ore Deposit.Vermiculite is ecological, inert and evironmental friendly mineral.Vermiculite is used in: Industry: Absorbent packing, Drilling muds, Filtration, Fixation of hazardous material, Nuclear waste disposal, etc.; Construction -LIghtweight material, Thermal and Sound insulation, Loft Insulation, Fire proofing, Agregate; Agriculture: Animal feed, Anti-caking material, Bulking agent, Soil conditioner, Seed encapsulant; We offer delivery of Micron, Super Fine and Fine grades Crude and Exfoliated Vermiculite - the Highest Quality in reasonable Price.The transportation costs to all european countries, Middle east and North Africa are minimal.Our vermiculite possess all required Certificates and analysis.


    United Kingdom

    Refteck Solutions has established itself as a specialist engineering services partner to various large organisations associated with the process industry sector. At Refteck, we offer professional expertise to facilitate all the procurement needs of our client’s technical and management requirement through our customised solutions which are highly innovative, strategic and cost-efficient. We serve a diversified range of industries including oil production, drilling, petrochemical processing, mining, gas treatment, refining, energy, heavy engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more by supporting their procurement supply chains.

  2. TREMAK D.O.O.


    TREMAK ltd is a metal processing company. We offer: machining services in the field of metal industry (milling, turning, drilling) - from small batch to mass production, heat treatment of any kind ( from annealing to hardening), welded steel structures, concrete moulds made of steel, concrete reinforcing mesh, stainless steel fences. For machining services there are: more than 300 CNC machines, more than 400 processing centres, and over 10 welding robots. Our goal is: 100% delivery performance, 0% complaints.



    YEKNIKAN is a leading single source supplier of complete piping packages for onshore, offshore and power applications.We supply a limited range of Piping Material from our Stock for urgent inquiries and prepare a wide range of material for projects with placing orders to the first class global manufacturers in shortest possible delivery time. Our delivery and stock program covers high specification standards and grades.We have been successfully serving both domestic and international industries of Offshore-Onshore, Petrochemical, Drilling, Marine, Mining and Energy-Power sector by having head office and Warehouse located in Parand Industrial Estate and a Sales office in Tehran and also a subsidiary company in Izmir, Turkey.YEKNIKAN was founded in 1994, initially to represent major international manufacturers in Iran. The company has grown to become a regular supplier to a wide range of industries with stock levels of over 3, 000 MT of prime quality fully certified material and support from many leading manufacturers. We are able to supply a wide range of products either from stock or on short delivery time in cooperation with our main first class international suppliers that we are representing them in our territory. YEKNIKAN offers a Full range of Flanges, Fittings, Pipes, Valves, Bolts, Gaskets and engineered products.All our products are available in all grades of material and in the most complex alloys (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, nickel alloys, …)


    United States

    AMERICAN GILSONITE Company is the sole global supplier of the naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin mined only in Northeastern Utah. Our products are currently used in over 80 countries on six continents. Gilsonite is only found in one place in the world—the Uinta Basin of Northeastern Utah, where American Gilsonite controls significant reserves. Some companies claim to offer “gilsonite” from other parts of the world, but these products are simply misidentified in order to take advantage of Gilsonite’s internationally recognized quality and proven performance. Because these other materials are not true uintaites, they have inferior performance due to their different physical and chemical properties. If it doesn’t come from American Gilsonite Company, it simply isn’t Gilsonite. Gilsonite® is used extensively as a high-performance additive in oil and gas drilling and other industrial applications. Gilsonite’s superior performance has been proven by decades of use in each of our end markets. In the oilfield, Gilsonite plays a critical part in meeting increasingly complex drilling challenges around the world. In the industrial market, Gilsonite plays a vital role in improving the quality and performance of inks, paints, asphalt paving and emulsions, construction and foundry casting.


    United Kingdom

    Oilfield Medics are industry-leading experts in offshore oil and gas staffing. Available 24/7 and with over 20 years combined experience, Oilfield Medics have supplied 86, 000 medic days globally across a variety of industries, including Drilling, Production, Sub-Sea Construction, Seismic and Wind Farm projects. Unlike other offshore recruitment agencies, we prioritise building long-lasting personal relationships with our clients, while offering unrivalled medic, HSE and environmental personnel support.



    Delta Composants is a multi-services Company. We are located in France and in Romania. We export our products to over 40 countries worldwide. We are a specialist in: - Metal Wire & Strip Working : Cutting, Cold Stamping, Hammering, Embossing, Tumbling, Welding, Deburring, …-- Non standard metal parts, Injection parts, Pins round or square, Inserts, Terminals, Electrical connections, Clips, Hooks, Broches, Axes... http: //www.delta-composants.fr/english/wires-and-strips/ - Precision Metal Parts, Machining, 3D Engraving -- Material: Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, ... - Cable Assemblies - Harnesses - Wiring , ... http: //www.delta-composants.fr/english/cable-assembly/ - Micro Industrial and Decorative Drilling - Packaging / Flexible bags


    United States

    We are producing various products like Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, and Nickel Alloy.etc. We give our 100% product celerity on customer’s demand and ensure customer satisfaction with our products in the best price & short period of time. Our aim is to provide our customer with the best possible solution to match their different requirement. We are manufacturing our product under the supervision of the professionals leading team with latest machinery and advance technology. Apart from this, we always take care of the new requirement and we keep improving our products according to the latest market trends. Our Goal: - Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solution to match their different needs, and give them the opportunity to get the latest product matching to market trends. 100% commitment to quality and we will provide you third party Inspection Reports. And we apply the same process not only in Indian client but also abroad client. Product use in: -- Our Product used in different kinds of industry like petrochemical industry, Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Chemical Equipment, Sea Water Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Pulp, and Paper Industry.etc.



    OUR MISSION We are committed to diffuse knowledge and support our partners projects with creativity and integrity. OUR VALUES Being our customers' trusted partner is our reward for innovation and our stimulus for personal fulfilment. THE COMPANY Headquartered in the financial city centre of Milan, CISME, founded in 1987 has grown to become a reliable partner in the research & development, production, and supply of chemicals for the paint & glue, detergency, cosmetic, textile, and drilling industries. CISME implements and maintains since 2002 a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION Product lines are developed to provide practical and innovative solutions to changing market demands. Our strategy begins by focusing on our clients specific needs and forge the best performing raw materials with the most adequate, and cost effective production process, to satisfy each specific application at best. CISME products are the result of careful and meticulous tests, and provide original alternatives for many production processes. CISME is constantly working in partnership with a network of raw material suppliers selected on the basis of their ability to provide technical excellence, consistent quality, and readiness to innovate to satisfy our evolving market demands. CISME creation of a new product is always a constant search for excellence. https: //youtu.be/utEjv4dIgJc



    We are honor to introduce ourselves as the biggest glass beads and glass powder manufacturer with the annual production of 12, 000 tons in Iran. With nearly 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, we can produce all kinds of glass powder for variety usage in the range of 10 µ - 6000 µ. Our Glass powder are widely use in different companies in Iran and region. Our glass powder currently are used in various industries specially blasting and oil drilling since it is environmentally friendly and has less negative impact in comparison with other materials. Our products are widely used in a variety projects such as; oil drilling, glass blasting , highway construction projects, glassphalt, material integration, fillers, filtration, and … Our products have a good reputation in the market because of its superior quality. In order to meet customers’ requirements; we focus on providing excellent products, competitive price and high for our customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you in the interests of both parties. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products, meanwhile in order to provide good product and services please let me have your specification or your standard details of your company. Please find the attachment which includes our general catalog and specification of our products.



    Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.. We are specialized Tricone bits, steel tooth, TCI rock bit , kingdream , CS, Lilin brand, PDC drill bit , diamond core bit, bicenter bit, single cone bit , reamer bit, down hole opener, drag bit, button bit , tricone bits, steel tooth bit, TCI bit , pdc diamond bits , single cone bit, diamond core bit , reamer bit, hole opener , piling bit , big diameter bit, drill pipe, Mud pump, stabilizers for water well, oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation work all over the world. Our purpose is to sell the best quality products and the lowest prices. (TCI bits, Milled steel tooth bits).: "8-1/2", "9-1/2", "12-1/4", "15-1/2", "17-1/2 to 26, We have been serving the drilling industry since 1998, we provide clients with quality drill bits , drill pipe and related products. Regarding the drill bits, we can supply the sizes range from 3 " to 26 "with a large selection of both new and used bit.IADC CODE: 112 121 131, 127 , 137, 215 216 217



    K&T German machinery GmbH. Is a retail company specialized in all kinds of industrial seals, crude oil machinery, drilling machinery, agricultural machinery, machinery to liquefy natural gas and mobile drill-rig chassis made in Germany and in Europe. We also offer a large inventory of spare, and replacement parts for pumps, mechanical seals and reciprocating compressors. And deliver parts of oil drilling equipment in the field of offshore oil drilling industry. With more than 20 years of business experience, we have created strong relationships with various German and European manufacturers and accumulated extensive knowledge regarding all types of machinery, and mechanical seals. Whatever machinery brands you are looking for, We can offer it! We aim to be your trusted partner, working with and for you, and therefore are confident that we can offer you a competitive price. We continuously seek to offer the best service and price performance ratio and therefore recommend tried and proven brands. Our value is a combined measure of quality, performance, service and price. We aim to deliver this by working as one team confidently, helpfully and honestly. We value our customers as the foundation of our business. Our relationships with customers and agents are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. We strive to develop profitable and lasting relationships.



    Beijing sunrole etern science and technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, has been engaged in the work of the rope core drilling industry drill pipe, drill, drill bits and accessories trade. China diamond drill and reamer in the international market for its high cost and shows a competitive advantage, but not all of the manufacturers could produce reliable diamond drill in China. Over the years, our company and dozens of domestic drill bit manufacturer are established extensive contacts with professional knowledge and honest attitude, are committed to building a trading platform the procurement quality drill for overseas customers to providing a reliable guarantee.Impregnated diamond bits have the widest range of application. They are the most commonly useful bits from medium to super hard formations in the mineral exploration industry. The Hardness and abrasive of the rock formation are the key factors to determine the diamond specifications, concentration and matrix hardness.



    German Machinery And Equipment GMBH. Is an German export company specialized in all kinds of industrial seals, crude oil machinery, drilling machinery, machinery to liquefy natural gas and mobile drill-rig chassis made in Germany and in Europe. We also offer a large inventory of spare, and replacement parts for pumps, mechanical seals and reciprocating compressors. And deliver parts of oil drilling equipment in the field of offshore oil drilling industry. With more than 18 years of business experience, we have created strong relationships with various German and European manufacturers and accumulated extensive knowledge regarding all types of machinery, and mechanical seals. Whatever machinery brands you are looking for, We can offer it! We aim to be your trusted partner, working with and for you, and therefore are confident that we can offer you a competitive price. We continuously seek to offer the best service and price performance ratio and therefore recommend tried and proven brands such as: Merkel Simrit-Freudenberg, Busak-Shamban- Trelleborg-TSS Hunger



    Xi’an LONGER Machinery Co., Ltd. is a diversified supplier for extensive range of industrial machinery, it now focuses on providing kinds of oilfield tools which are of China origin. LONGER is always making efforts to help the customers to solve the problem they meet, it has a group of specialists who could help the customers source what they need by the most economical and safe way.All of the products LONGER provide are confirmed to API and other recognized international standard, with advanced technology, production facilities, scientific detection methods, good quality management systems and all the joint efforts of its staff, LONGER has become a leading supplier in this field, the products are being sold to America, UK, Netherlands, German, United Arab Emirates, etc. With the best price and the excellent quality, LONGER are gaining more and more customers in petroleum drilling industry from home and abroad.LONGER is growing and making progress, this should be owed to customers’ hel


    United Kingdom

    At OilMac we operate in the Oil and Gas, Drilling, Marine industries, buying and exclusively brokering redundant equipment. We purchase redundant equipment primarily from Cancelled Projects, Surplus Inventory, Upgrades/Refits and Equipment Decommissioning.OilMac makes the disposal, resale and re-commissioning of redundant oilfield and marine machinery practical and commercially viable. Operating in a safe, controlled and well managed manner, with engineering and flexibility at our core, OilMac drives environmental impact reduction and financial savings.



    DEV INTERNATIONAL (an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation) is India’s fastest growing export company for Natural Minerals and Stones such as Mica, Bentonite, Barite, Abrasive Garnet, Granite, Marble, Quartz, Feldspar, Talc, Dolomite, Calcite, China Clay, Fly ash.The products are designed to cater diverse needs of industries like Oil drilling, Oil refining, Pearl pigments, paints and coatings, Ceramics, Glass, paper, Insulating electronic components, Plastic And Polymer Formulation, Adhesives, foundry, Refractory, Adhesives, water treatment, putties, cements, concreting and constructions, Roofing felt decorative, Animal feed, Cosmetics etc.


    United Kingdom

    AMCOL Specialty Minerals is devoted to the development and supply of the highest quality products, specifically tailored for European markets, and has built a reputation for outstanding customer service. We are the world's largest producer of smectite clays, specifically, sodium and calcium montmorillonites (bentonites), hectorites and magnesium aluminum silicates. AMCOL Specialty Minerals sources, mines and processes smectite clay, both hydro classified and dry processed, for use in Ceramics, Oil Drilling Formulations, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Paints & Coatings, Wine and Juice clarification, Foundries, and speciality household and consumer applications.



    Jiangyin Evereaching Chemical Co., Ltd is a reputable company in China food, pharmceutical, construction, painting, mining, textile, Ceramic, detergent and oil drilling industries. We are specialized in supplying Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC), Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) to the whole the world.Evereaching has entered into long-term cooperative relationship with hundreds of domestic enterprises and sold its products to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc., providing rapid and convenient service for customers.

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