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    GERMANY- Villingen-Schwenningen
    REINHARDT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Reinhardt GmbH is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen (Black Forest) and is one of the global market leaders for thermal engineering solutions up to 650 °C for the...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces | furnaces for the light metal industry | tempering furnaces | continuous furnaces [+] heating furnaces | annealing furnaces for light metals | batch-type annealing furnaces | chamber furnace | drying ovens and annealing furnaces for plastics | Driers, industrial | continuous-flow dryers | heat treatment plants | tunnel ovens | systems for surface engineering, complete

    • Industrial furnaces Industrial furnaces Reinhardt industrial furnaces “Made in Germany”
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  • ...burner equipment. Regulation and control of the furnace systems. Reduction of environmental pollution (CO2 and NOX content in exhaust gas). Delivery and service programme: Industrial furnaces, bogie hearth furnaces, box furnaces, walking beam...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | measuring and control systems for industrial furnaces | tempering furnaces for the aluminium industry | components for industrial furnaces | switchgears for industrial furnaces [+] furnaces for the forging industry | furnaces for the light metal industry | industrial furnaces for the aerospace industry | tempering furnaces | continuous furnaces | heating furnaces | heating furnaces for light metals | heating furnaces for steel | annealing furnaces for light metals | annealing furnaces for non-ferrous metals

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    GERMANY- Ostfildern
    HORO DR. HOFMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HORO has been producing and distributing heating cabinets, drying ovens, ultra-drying ovens and humidification chambers since 1945. Whether you are looking for a small heating cabinet for the...

    Supplier of: industrial furnace | top-loading furnaces | Driers, industrial | incubator cupboards | continuous-flow dryers [+] heating chambers for laboratories | drying ovens | cleanroom drying cabinets | drying systems for surface technology | dry heat sterilisers | infrared heat cabins | protective incubation rooms | heating cabinets | hot cupboards | drying chambers

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  • Not only do we construct special machinery for textiles, films and coating materials, we also design them precisely tailored to your specific requirements. Wherever web-shaped materials are...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | Textiles - preparation, spinning and weaving machinery | Driers, industrial | textile machinery | mechanical engineering [+] upcoilers | sheeting lines | coating machines | shearing machines | turned small parts | welding | screwing machines | linkage systems | coating systems for textiles | downstream extrusion systems

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    GERMANY- Königs Wusterhausen
    GEMTEC AG - Verified by Europages

    Gemtec is a full-service provider in the main sectors process automation, special machinery and plant engineering as well as metalworking. We have been accompanied complete production workflows from...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | automation of industrial furnaces | Automation - advisory services | Engineering - industrial contractors | Industrial robots [+] automatisation of special machines | automation | mig welding | plc software | reverse conveyor for painting | assembly lines | assembly line automation | panel finishing | welding circuits | machining of metals

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  • Not only will our experienced and highly motivated engineers acquire the information you require from the world-wide range of products and processes for applications, specifications, materials and...

    Supplier of: industrial furnaces | Industrial consultants | Electronic data processing - software | Engineering - industrial contractors | Information systems - advice [+] Outsourcing - product development | engineering consulting | engineering, consultancies | for technological research and development | models and prototypes, industrial - consultancies | design software for mechanical engineering | technical consultants in mechanical engineering | thermostatic valves | firmness tester | analysing the function and performance of components

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    GERMANY- Kreuztal
    CONTHERMO GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    We produce high-tech equipment using thermal process engineering and designs. Our customers are well-known companies from the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. We design...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | barrel heaters | industrial immersion heater | melting pot | hot chambers [+] heating for vacuum systems | steam drying systems for wood, combined | barrel fittings | heating cables, mineral insulated | heating systems for fibre composites | parabolic mirror heating systems | funnel heating systems | rental of climatic chambers | wax melting devices | water hoses, heated

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    GERMANY- Reiskirchen
    WEISS UMWELTTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Experts around the globe. Our solutions are used around the globe in research and development as well as in the production and quality assurance of numerous products. Our experts in 22 companies are...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | Clean room systems and processes | steam sterilisers | climatic chambers | climatic chambers [+] corrosion tests | stove assembly | white chambers | automotive test benches and brake test benches | air-conditioning systems for it systems | climatic testing in climatic chambers | engine test benches | engine output test benches | testing facilities for the automotive industry | testing equipment for environmental simulation

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  • The core expertise of SAB Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH lies in the automation of processes and in the development and construction of thermoprocessing furnaces operating temperatures of up to...

    Supplier of: industrial furnaces | chamber furnace | high-temperature furnaces | pusher-type furnaces | pusher furnaces [+] multi-deck furnaces | Automation - advisory services | convection oven | construction of industrial plants | plant construction | machine building | glass recovery | rotary kilns | rotary dryers | dryer chambers

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  • BTF
    BELGIUM- Villers-Le-Bouillet
    BTF - Verified by Europages

    ...for all industrial sectors, and ceramic furnaces, working in temperatures of up to 1800°C.They can be designed to operate in air, neutral gases or under vacuum, or to perform specific heat treatments such as temepering, cementation,...

    Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | industrial furnaces | fire resistance test furnaces | tubular furnace [+] hardening furnace | ceramic furnaces | gas furnaces | Ceramic and enamel kilns | Electric ovens | laboratory ovens | oven manufacturer | tunnel ovens | bell-type ovens | industrial heating engineering

    • Industrial furnaces Industrial furnaces
    • Convection furnaces (forced or not) Convection furnaces (forced or not) Temperature up to 600°C
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    ITALY- Legnano
    CD AUTOMATION - Verified by Europages

    The C.D. Automation s.r.l. company, operating on an international level, was founded in 1987 with the aim of supplying thyristors, soft starters and high-quality products for the industrial...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | Driers, industrial | digital indicators for electronic measurement | thermoregulators | digital technology [+] pressure control instruments | normal electric resistors | armoured electric resistors | video recorders | graphic recorders | data logger recorders | digital indicators for electric measurement | operator panels | uv lamps | infrared lamps

    Brands : FUJI ELECTRIC

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    ITALY- Pian Camuno
    THERMOMELT SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...operation of any steelworks. Thermomelt employs industry specialists who use their 10+ years' experience to deliver equipment for ultra-modern steelworks. The excellent results obtained up till now make Thermomelt a...

    Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | industrial furnaces | industrial furnace and stack equipment | metallurgy furnaces [+] electric arc furnaces | Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | Industrial facilities - design | Engineering - industrial contractors | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | smoke extraction | industrial systems | racks | ladle wagons | temperature and sampling sensors for eaf and lf

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    AUSTRIA- Reutte
    PLANSEE SE - Verified by Europages

    ...across the globe. In order to remain the industry’s preferred partner in the field of refractory metals in the future, Plansee continuously invests in the training and further development of its 3, 000...

    Supplier of: Forming - steels and metals | molybdenum | tungsten | tantalum | alloys [+] non-ferrous tungsten alloys | welding | coatings | plant construction | tool manufacturing | niobium | refractory metals | molybdenum alloy | tungsten heavy metal | high-melting metals

    • Charge carriers for high temperature applications Charge carriers for high temperature applications Charge racks made of refractory metals for high temperature applications
    • Heaters for high temperature furnaces Heaters for high temperature furnaces Heating elements for high temperature furnaces (industrial applications)
    • Metal hot zone for high temperature furnaces Metal hot zone for high temperature furnaces Metal hot zone for high temperature furnaces (industrial applications)
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    ITALY- Villafranca Di Verona
    TUBINI FORNI SRL - Verified by Europages

    Established in 1970 by Tubini Remo, Tubini Forni was originally a family business that manufactured food ovens for baking pastries, bread and bread-sticks, and all bakery products. In time, TUBINI...

    Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | industrial furnaces | electric stoves | ovens for patisseries | industrial oven repairs [+] tunnel ovens | food ovens | cooking ovens | ovens | biscuit ovens | convection ovens | bakery ovens | professional ovens;

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  • For over 40 years, Maestri Srl has designed and manufactured gas furnaces for heating and hot moulding of brass, copper, aluminium, and steel forging. In addition to pusher and chain furnaces for...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces and ovens | hot metal forming furnaces | steel hardening furnaces [+] pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | furnaces for metal heat treatment | furnaces for heating brass | steel hardening furnaces | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding | pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding | industrial gas-fired ovens for heating metals | chain ovens for heating and moulding aluminium

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    BELGIUM- Fernelmont
    FOURS HC - Verified by Europages

    ...and gas industrial furnaces.All our furnaces are made to customer specifications, from a few dm³ to a few m³, from 0°C to 1800°C.We also make furnaces for craft industries and manufacturing...

    Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | Heat treatment furnaces | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | industrial furnaces | industrial gas furnaces [+] heat treatment furnaces | heat soak test furnaces | laminated glass furnaces | low temperature furnaces | atmospheric furnaces | high-temperature furnace | hardening furnaces | Driers, industrial | Ceramic and enamel kilns

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  • LBI
    FRANCE- Amneville
    LBI - Verified by Europages

    LBI (Les Bronzes d’Industrie) is a foundry that provides centrifugal (spun) casting. We have the capacity to handle a wide range of diameters, from 80 to 5000 mm and up to 20 tonnes, with many...

    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Casting of special and high-grade steels | aluminium foundries | stainless steel metalwork | forging metals [+] steel ring rolling | stainless steel embossing | welded rolled pipe | small parts forged | large parts cast | large dimension machining | friction sleeve | continuous cast bronze moulding | corrosion-resistant metals

    • Feeding tube Feeding tube Cement & mining industry - nickel processing furnaces
    • Half bearing Half bearing Cement & mining industry - for support rollers for rotary kilns
    • Furnace roller Furnace roller Steel strip coating process
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    BELGIUM- Oostkamp
    BELMEKO - Verified by Europages

    Belmeko manufactures gas, oil and electric powered industrial heat chambers, up to 450°C. Our ovens are made to measure, from A to Z: in house design, manufacture, assembly and after sales service....

    Supplier of: industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces and ovens | chamber furnaces | high-temperature furnaces | heating furnaces [+] Electric ovens | drying ovens | powder baking ovens | paint curing ovens | powder-coating ovens | paint drying oven | drum and ibc tank pre-heating oven | large capacity ovens | hot chamber

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  • Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | Industrial furnaces | automation of industrial furnaces | continuous-flow dryers | airtight oven treatment

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    GERMANY- Rehlingen-Siersburg
    MASCHINENBAU ZENNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces

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    ITALY- Caravaggio after-sales services and in the design of industrial solutions, has allowed us to combine a competent know-how with the manufacturing quality of our machinery. TAVENGINEERING operates and produces according to the AMS2750...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | vacuum furnaces | water quenching furnaces | vacuum welding chambers

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    ITALY- Brindisi

    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leader company in the designing, manufacturing and assembly of hot dip galvanizing plant for general jobbings, for minute toolings and for the...

    Supplier of: Galvanization - steels and metals | Casting, steel | galvanizing plant | alcohol production plant | tubes production line

    • Galvanizing plant Galvanizing plant Hot Dip Galvanizing plant
    • Electric arc furnace Electric arc furnace EAF Electric Arc Furnaces
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    ITALY- Nuvolera

    ...such as melting, reheating, forge and treatment furnaces. Our emphasis is on R&D aiming at improving the quality, safety and ease of use of our plants. As a result of this, we basically carry out the development of new...

    Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | Smelting furnaces | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | Industrial furnaces | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations

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  • Jiyuan Xianghe Metallurgical Forging Machinery CO., LTD is specially engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and service of coal gasifiers which have been sold at home and abroad. Xianghe...

    Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | industrial furnaces | Coal gasification - installations and equipment | gasification | gas steam generators for industrial use

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    GERMANY- Recklinghausen

    ...Pyrolysis engineering (TNV, RNV rotating drum furnaces), industrial dryers (atmospheric dryers, shielding gas dryers, vacuum dryers in the cargo and conveyor belt sectors and in special cases), vacuum engineering (pumping units for vacuum drying, impregnation, vacuum...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | 3d design work | industrial use stoves | stoves | high heat output gas burners for industrial use

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stoke On Trent a number of successful UK based Kiln and Furnace businesses. We are based in Burslem; the mother town of Stoke on Trent where we have our offices and our workshop, right in the middle of the traditional heartland of the UK's ceramic industry. All of our...

    Supplier of: Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | furnace manufacturers | kiln manufacturers

    • Furnaces Furnaces Heat treatment furnaces
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    GERMANY- Frankenblick

    We design high-temperature sintering furnaces and complete manufacturing concepts with cutting-edge technology to meet your requirements. We also take on projects for turnkey systems. We can offer...

    Supplier of: Industrial furnaces

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  • ...the design and manufacturing of heat treatment furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous industry in TÜRKİYE. Sistem Teknik manufactures custom designed heat treatment plants on turn-key base. We supply...

    Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | industrial furnaces | continuous chain furnaces | pit furnaces retorts | furnaces for forging and casting

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  • ...Spain) specially designed for: Iron: cupola furnace, rotary furnace... Steel: coreless induction furnace (CIF), transport Ladles... Aluminium: reverberatory furnace, melting tower... ENABLING...

    Supplier of: Smelting furnaces | industrial furnaces | refractory materials

    • Aluminum recycling plants Aluminum recycling plants Efficiency, productivity, emission/pollutant reduction and safety
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    ...and services. Manufacturers Equipment Furnace Engineers Furnace Engineering Heat Treatment Industry Fabricators Vacuum Engineers Hot Zones Relines Gas Flares Alloy Fabrication Heat Treat Services Heat Treating.

    Supplier of: industrial furnaces | site services for atmosphere furnace users | site services for vacuum furnace users | parts for vacuum and atmosphere furnaces | Aluminium alloys

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