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Intermediary products for the production of cosmetic raw materials - Import export



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    PolyNeo GmbH is a global trading company with a focus on technology. Specialising in the trade of raw materials and additives for the plastics industry as well as semi-finished products; particularly polymers, additives and polymer chemicals. They offer their customers the full range of an international company from procurement and financing through to logistical processing. The cosmetics, food supplements, washing products and detergents division includes natural and innovative raw materials and active ingredients as well as finished products. Our product portfolio is continually growing and can be individually customised (private labelling). The PolyNeo GmbH quality policy consists of the corporate principles for customers, quality, markets, profitability, environment and culture. Our compliance with these principles is regularly audited by external bodies.



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    ETHNIKSTORE is a specialist company with a 10-year track record of producing, importing and exporting spices, rices and teas.We offer a full range of spice products and teas via direct relationships with our office in producing countries. We select the best products to satisfy our customers. Our specialist team is on-hand to inspect and set up production processes that respect standard procedures and the environment. We offer our expertise to wholesalers, importers, retailers, delicatessen stores and restaurateurs seeking products in small or large quantities. We offer a range of organic products and this range will continue to expand, with the aim of offering at least 75% organic products. Our products include: teas including very rare teas from Nepal, quality saffron pistils, various species of pepper, vanilla, pink peppercorns, cloves, turmeric, cumin, sesame, fenugreek, red chilli, coriander, fennel and a wide variety of spices in bulk or packaged as required.



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    Can we make our new and exciting natural ingredients deliver unique value to your customers? While creating a positive triple bottom line impact for every link in the supply chain? Answering these questions with a YES is what Primegreen is all about! Primegreen is a wholesaler of premium quality natural ingredients for cosmetic formulations. Our focus is on new to the market, innovative products to amaze your customers. We source directly from suppliers in the coastal and Amazonian regions of Perú and Ecuador. Our ingredients are packed with valuable fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Providing benefits such as moisturisation, reinforcing the skin barrier, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, scalp health and hair strength.We select our products based on their sustainability profile. Examples are Moringa and Jojoba oil. Both plants are well adapted to arid environments and are cultivated using organic or low-input farming methods. Generally contributing to healthier ecosystems. With ten years of experience in FMCG and international business in Latin America and Europe, we understand how to deliver a seamless supply experience. We speak English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German and are based in Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam. Are you working for a formulator, developer or manufacturer in the cosmetics industry? We’d love to get in touch!


    Burkina Faso

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    The company ASSOCIATION SONGTAAB YALGRE (ASY), is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Unrefined vegetable oils industry. It also operates in the groundnut oil, Raw Material for Cosmetics, and Manufacturer of natural cosmetic products industries. It is based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.



    Raw materials for cosmetics and perfumery, raw materials for perfumes, raw materials for aromas, allantoin, hydrolysed proteins, natural complexes, lanolins.

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    Based in the Gard department of France, we produce Argiles du Soleil, Ambroise Rico beauty products and soaps, and supply raw materials for making cosmetics and soaps.Our clays are 100% natural and have the advantage of having various beneficial properties for hair and skin. They are very environmentally respectful. As for our soaps, they are mostly coloured by adding vegetable extracts or clay perfumed with essential oils.



    An Agribusiness company dealing in wholesale supply of raw materials and processed products for food, and cosmetics production. The growing trend and demand for the use of sustainable natural products for the food and cosmetics industry inspired the establishment of Cobrend Trading. In partnership with Agricultural commodity producers and processors around the globe and our years of experience in trade and logistics, we are committed to delivering quality organic products for manufacturing needs.



    The company EGAP SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Raw materials for construction and public works industry. It also operates in the Clay and kaolin, muds for the body, Natural cosmetic products, Clay and kaolin, and Raw Material for Cosmetics industries. It is based in Rosà, Italy.