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  • ...Road transport - FTL - DST - Continuous transport services - International services - Direct and shared transport - Multimodal transport - Full load goods transport by road - Logistics - Distribution of goods

    Supplier of: international services | international transport | Road transport | transport | logistics [+] goods distribution | multimodal transport | national courier | road haulage with full loads | international road transport | shared direct transport | dst | continuous transport services | goods transportation services by road

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    ITALY- Spresiano
    3D SERVICE SRL - Verified by Europages

    2D/3D computerised graphics for the mechanical, metallurgical, agri-business and food sectors. Mechanical design. Customised software for technical and commercial applications. Studio design and...

    Supplier of: international service | Industrial consultants | 3d modelling | engineering office | software for technical applications [+] studio design | multi-lingual multimedia catalogues | 2d/3d computer graphics | mechanically assisted design | prototypes | documentation | 3d mechanical design | ec documentation | industrial consultancy

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Bournemouth

    Global Talent Hub aims to create a group for mobilised highly skilled multi-language speaking talents. We aim to provide our candidates with opportunities to network, be informed and find excellent...

    Supplier of: international service | Personnel recruitment, international | recruitment

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    RUSSIA- Moscow

    Supplier of: international service | Temporary help - international personnel recruiting | selection of partners and representatives | international agency contract | export

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  • Supplier of: international service | Goods transport | Road transport - tankers | automobile transport | groupage

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  • Supplier of: international service | Legal counselling | notary public services | loan

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan

    Supplier of: Marking - diverse products

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    FRANCE- Sassenage

    Supplier of: International couriers and delivery services

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  • Supplier of: Cleaning services | Pollution control - cleaning of premises | Cleaning, tanks and cisterns

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  • Supplier of: Personnel recruitment, international

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  • Alberani Logistics company is a reliable freight forwarding company with over 15 years of experience in cargo transportation. It is a notable player in the field of logistics with a wide range of...

    Supplier of: International forwarding | International freight | international transport | Air-freight services | Goods transport [+] Transport - wide and long loads | Sea & River Transport | Refrigerated transport | transport and air shipment of merchandise | automobile transport | cargo carriers | heavy merchandise delivered | goods in customs rail forwarding services | goods freight by rail | containerised transport of merchandise by rail

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    GERMANY- Eltville Am Rhein
    GEKO-PUMPEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...highest quality requirements, pumps for smooth processes: Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient pumps according to legal DIN standards, national and international service for repairs and spare parts.

    Supplier of: Centrifugal pumps | Pumps | small centrifugal pumps | pumps, sealless | centrifugal pumps with permanent magnetic drive [+] chemical centrifugal pumps | spare parts for chemical pumps | centrifugal pumps, sealless | dry-running centrifugal pumps | pumps, corrosion-resistant | pumps for special purposes | pumps for plant construction | pumps for the pharmaceutical industry | peripheral pumps | standard pumps for the chemical industry

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  • ...inspection and maintenance of all internal fire fighting and safety services, as well as calibration of all fixed and portable gas detectors and UTI maintenance through workshops in Spijkenisse and Hamburg. We also...

    Supplier of: Fire extinguishers | controls and instruments for marine equipment | nautical equipment | rescue launches | fire fighting and safety services [+] low-pressure systems | gas, fire and smoke detecting systems | escape sets | inflatable life jackets | immersion suits | calibration services | calibration gas supplies | uti maintenance services | fire alarm systems for ships | spare parts for ships

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  • ...of food products. Catering services. International specialities. Are you looking for packs and hygiene products to provide a top service in the gastronomy sector, and at fair prices? Do you value...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Fish, tinned | Vegetables, preserved | Cheese | Olives [+] Spices | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | fresh vegetables | ketchup | milk derivatives | tomatoes | peeled tomatoes | sweet peppers | corn flours | packaging material

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    GERMANY- Isernhagen
    ZIEGRA-EISMASCHINEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...own national and international customer service departments, subsidiaries and representatives provide the necessary support with all installations. The second generation of this family company continues to...

    Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Ice making equipment - cubes and crushed ice | Iceboxes | accessories and spare parts | ice manufacturers for the food industry [+] ice water production system | ice accumulators | ice levelling machines | water filter recharges | water ice block and flake machines | water ice cube machines | block ice production systems | slush drink machines | ice water cold storage systems | flake ice makers

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    GHANA- Accra
    AGS GHANA - Verified by Europages

    ...Ghana offer international removals services for businesses and private clients. AGS Frasers Ghana is a member of the AGS Worldwide Movers group, present in 97 countries worldwide. With 40 years’ experience in...

    Supplier of: Removals and relocation - international | removals | moving to ghana | moving to accra | moving companies [+] moving company | movers | storage | storage solutions | moving abroad | relocation | furniture removal | furniture storage | house movers | house removals

    • Vehicle transport Vehicle transport AGS provides an international service
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    AGS ABU DHABI - Verified by Europages

    ...national and international removals services to and from Abu Dhabi by air, road and sea. AGS uses superior quality packing materials to ensure that your goods are safe during your move. Every removal is carried...

    Supplier of: Removals and relocation - international | moving to uae | moving to abu dhabi | moving companies | moving company [+] movers | storage | storage solutions | moving abroad | relocation | furniture removal | furniture storage | house movers | house removals | international movers

    • Vehicle transport Vehicle transport AGS provides an international service
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  • International industrial service. The manifold tasks of our customers make us a team of specialists with unique expertise. Quality and service for the industry. Our employees are...

    Supplier of: Repairs - industrial equipment | environmental technology | baling presses, hydraulic | machine construction | testing presses in accordance with german social accident insurance (dguv) [+] site management | national and international assemblies and repairs | assembly of industrial robots | bale presses for waste disposal | baling presses, used | channel balers | blasting booth service | recycling disposal

    Brands : Paal | Kadant Paal | Uno Tech | Bollegraaf | Presona ...

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  • ...industry, international industrial service providers, power stations, chemical companies and airlines, among many others. We address your needs and devise custom solutions for automated and...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | Compressors | industrial washing | dry ice | dry ice blasting systems [+] dry ice blasting machines | dry ice blasting equipment | buy a dry ice blasting machine | cleaning by cryogenics | dry ice blasting | dry ice cleaners | dry ice blasting machines | dry ice manufacturing machines | pelletizers | pelletizers

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  • ...specialises in international logistics services. As a family-owned logistics service provider in the Port of Hamburg, we excel at a range of logistics services, which includes FBA/e-commerce services, customs clearing, transport services by...

    Supplier of: Road transport - logistical services | containerized transport | china goods, imported | container handling (service) | electronic commerce handling services [+] freight services (on land) | warehouse logistics | logistics for mail-order businesses | air freight services | shipping companies | sea freight services (haulage) | sea freight services | transport | transportation, international | transports, national

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    SPAIN- Badajoz
    LUSO IBERICA - Verified by Europages international and national transport services, storage and space rentals, foreign trade consultancy, customs formalities and goods insurance, amongst other things. We provide consultancy and interpreting...

    Supplier of: Road transport | Road transport - logistical services | Refrigerated transport | transport | international road haulage [+] national courier | goods transport by sea | transport services in germany | transport to belgium | transport to spain | transport to holland | transport italy | transport portugal | transport to france

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    GERMANY- Waldbrunn
    MOSCA GMBH - Verified by Europages Europe. Our international sales, service and consulting network ensures customers global service. The German family enterprise founded in 1966 has its headquarters in Waldbrunn near...

    Supplier of: Wrapping and outer-wrapping machinery | hoop machines | packing machines | straps | strapping equipment [+] strapping systems | pallet strapping | securing goods for transport | pallet packing presses | pp straps | pet straps | strapping machines | corrugated cardboard strapping machine | stainless steel strapping machines

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    SLOVENIA- Cirkovce
    TRANSPORT FRANGEŽ  D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...logistics since 1991. We offer national and international transport services. We put our experience and expertise at our customer's service to meet each of their needs in the field of logistic and storage. As we've expanded our...

    Supplier of: International freight | International forwarding | national and international transport services | international transport | Road transport [+] Transportation of goods by road - international | Road transport - logistical services | Refrigerated transport | Refrigerated transport equipment | тransport logistics | international refrigerated transport | national and international industrial transport | international road transport of goods | international road transport

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    DIAMOND LOGISTICS - Verified by Europages

    ...stevedoring and delivery, luxury removals service, national and international delivery service. DIAMOND LOGISTICS provides you logistic solutions with a bespoke professional service for all types of goods.

    Supplier of: Forwarding agents, harbour | Forwarding agents, airport | Goods transport | air and sea transport | transit consultant [+] transit import export | luxury removals | express delivery service | goods shipped by road | goods shipped by air | goods shipped by sea | goods shipped by rail | logistic solution provider | handling - stevedoring - haulage

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    ITALY- Albenga
    VIGOTRANSPORT SAS - Verified by Europages

    ...through six 3000 m² loading gates and a 2700 m² loading and unloading storage room both internally and externally. Services available range from direct haulage to transport for third parties.

    Supplier of: international forwarding | Road transport | road haulage | international road haulage | national road haulage [+] goods distribution | national shipping | coordinated logistics

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  • masters of forged glass. We offer a series of internal services such as grinding, polishing, glueing, etc. and define ourselves as a medium/large sized company not of workers but well-established...

    Supplier of: Crystal glassware | glasses | crystal tableware | crystalware | crystal flower vase [+] glass furnishing accessories | crystal bay windows for decorative purposes | decorated crystals

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    SPAIN- Archena-Murcia
    SERATRANS IBÉRICA - Verified by Europages

    ...out the following work: International transport services. Refrigerated goods transport. Full and part loads. We specialize in European and international transport, as well as national transport.

    Supplier of: Road transport | transport of dangerous goods | refrigerated transports | goods transport | transport agency [+] paper transport | machinery transport | transport of waste

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    SPAIN- Viloria De La Jurisdiccion-Onzonilla-León
    TRANSLEÓN - Verified by Europages provided general and national goods transport by road. In the 1980's, more precisely in 1984, it expanded its business to provide international haulage services including France and Portugal.

    Supplier of: Road transport | International transport agents | Transportation of goods by road - international | international road haulage | national road haulage [+] transport agency | goods transport | international freight agent

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    SPAIN- Archena-Murcia
    LA ARCHENERA - Verified by Europages

    ...with fast, safe service, national and international transport as full and consolidated loads. The service quality is perfectly combined with individual tracking that guarantees efficient, dynamic...

    Supplier of: Road transport | Refrigerated transport | national road haulage | international road haulage | transport of perishable goods [+] international transport companies | goods transport | food transport

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    ITALY- Genova
    B & T SERVICE SRL - Verified by Europages

    B. & T. Service is an international transport and micro-logistics management company. It consists of qualified professionals able to find solutions for the needs of companies in terms of logistics...

    Supplier of: Forwarding agents, airport | express mail service | customs carrier | goods delivered to agreed timescale | goods custody [+] air couriers | logistics | export customs operations

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