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    Spraying-based irrigation. Aluminium profiles. Irrigations: installations and equipment. Irrigation. Extruded aluminium. Aluminium pipes and ducts.



    Our company established in 2019. We re located in capital city of Turkey, Ankara. We produce high quality irrigation system and able to sende all above world. For further information please mail us we will be happy to inform you. StcPlast. In order to participate in International Trade was founded in 2019 in Turkey, Ankara. Our company can take very fast actions in Foreign Trade, Project Consultancy and Market Research issues with its expert staff. Healthy as a team We believe in growth, technology, human and service quality, and business ethics above profitability. Now, As a result of our honest and decisive trade policy for many years, Yemen has We expanded our international network by exporting. Our professional members who have worked in our company have completed successful projects in their fields for many years and our Corporate Culture; It is based on increasing transparency, communication and reliability. WHOLESALE Stcplast sold by retailers around the world including Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. We produce and supply high quality hpde and ldpe pipes, fittings and buttwelding equipments. StcPlast. In order to participate in International Trade was founded in 2019 in Turkey, Ankara. Our company can take very fast actions in Foreign Trade, Project Consultancy and Market Research issues with its expert staff. Healthy as a team We believe in growth, technology, human and service quality, and business ethics above profitability.



    Turkey’s most innovative company which manufactures plastic pipe and components with over 26 years of experience in domestic and international manufacturing facilities. Dizayn Group produces plastic pipes and fittings for in-building, infrastructure, floor heating, agricultural and sanitary systems. Polypropylene (PPR) pipes and fittings used in in-building sanitary systems and combi installments, Silent (Nanotek 2) and Mute (Triplex) pipes and fittings used in in-building waste water systems, PE100 pipes and fittings used in potable water systems, corrugated pipes and fittings used in sewage and canalization systems, PE80 pipes and fittings used in natural gas systems, drip irrigation and springler pipes and fittings used in agricultural irrigation systems and Pex-B pipes and fittings used in floor heating systems are its major products. For Polipropylene and Polyethylene pipes and fittings, Dizayn Grup presents the best solutions with its qualified and high technology products.


    United Kingdom

    As Largest LDPE pipe manufacturer in China, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company concentrates on LDPE irrigation pipes & tubes manufacturing for agricultural water-saving irrigation, garden irrigation and greenhouse irrigation systems. Established in 1996, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company is located in Xiamen, Fujian province, China, and covers an area of 40, 000 square meters with R & D departments, mould workshops, product manufacturing workshops, quality control workshops and agricultural experiment stations. Moreover, Topper has built sound technical cooperative relationships with famous manufacturers and R & D organizations such as Syngenta, Netafim, Rainbird and Priva. Certificated by ISO 9001 in 2011, Topper has established comprehensive scientific systems of research and development as well as quality control. Moreover, we also exported our products to over 60 countries and regions as well as earn a good reputation from customers.



    Ulkumen Ardila is one of the leading company in the development and manufacture of advanced plastic piping systems in Turkey. The company is established in 1992 and started the production of PPRC pipes and fittings in 1994, under the trademark of, which is followed by Ground heating pipes, HDPE pressure pipes, HDPE RC ( Resistance to Crack ) pipes & fittings and Sprinkel Irrigation Pipes. All of our advanced and quality piping systems made Mega-Therm one of the well-known brand in the area and currently being exported to 35 countries, especially to the Middle East, CIS countries, North Africa, Russia, Balkans among many others.. Ulkumen Ardila also offers advanced piping systems for mining. Multilayer HDPE RC pressure pipes. For the past few decades, plastic piping has been a widely accepted material fort he uses in mining applications for pumping slurries and other materials. When it comes to selecting pipe materials for the mining sector, the two most important factors to consider are safety and reliability. Mega-Therm HDPE multilayer RC PIPES ranges are performance proven to meet the demanding conditions of numerous applications in the mining industry. Multilayer HDPE RC pipes are designed according to International Standards specifications to endure rugged terrains, extreme climates, and transportation to the mining site.

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    Ardent Group is one of the leading companies in Turkey that manufactures high quality irrigation products like; sprinkler systems, HDPE pipes and drip irrigation with both cylindrical flat pipes. Besides that Ardent Group provides a complete package of products and services with high standards. Ardent Group was founded in 1979 with production of PE granules and in 1995 started with irrigation products. Its continuous development, highly educated team and having up to date technology makes it offers excellent services to their clients. Now Ardent Group export to more than 35 international markets. Ardent provides customized irrigation services, the highest quality equipment and have the most knowledgeable staff. Ardent is located to allow for easy access and to provide comprehensive irrigation solutions and services to the major MENA, European, Far East markets. The strong presence of Ardent in the Turkish market along with highly trained professionals and the gained know- how, based long years of experience makes it easy to supply comprehensive services, knowledge, expertise to the global markets. Starting from system layout, technical drawing, material specifications, bill of quantities together with full maintenance manual using state of the art design hardware and software, Ardent offers wide range of works like turnkey project, design, implementation and support to its clients. Technical support services have been the Group mainstay for continued growth in all.



    Thıs is Mohamad from ates company - turkey Ateş Group is one of the leading companies in producing ropes and twines with the high quality since 1960 in Turkiye Related with the Fertilizer product . We produce the fertilizer in both shape ( liquid and solid ) in a high quality and standard specifications, Related with the irrigation systems; irrigation pipes with or without drips, flat type irrigaiton pipes and fitting groups such as endcaps, drillers, hooks, mini valves etc. We are producing in our factory with the quality standards. We mainly export our products to Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Macedonia, Uzbekistan and United Arab Emirates . And I want to introduce to you the company's products Used for irrigation and greenhouses . we hope make you interested in ; Here are pictures of some of the company's products. Our prices is so suitable . we wish hear your reply at nearest time . Best regards



    Since 2010; MYVET has been producing related to the latched and clamps group of part in all of diameters, as addition to the pipes, in its facilities which will constitue an example to the region. Turkey general while configuring a lot of dealers and speed up to export; our company who does not make concessions than quality, In addition to drip irrigation and sprinkler agriculture, Valley brand pivot irrigation system meets all the needs of our farmers. Myvet; as a company has production mentality of world standarts, was established in Konya / TURKEY, to manufacture the plastic, We have been producing the irrigation pipes, the irrigation systems, the sprinkler fittings and the drip irrigation parts. We proud of exactly announced our company profile by produced quality products to all of domestic market in Turkey. However nowadays at the line of quality, confidence and satisfaction via also MFPIPE brand We are in happiness to got our place at the international market



    Pimpa Plastik Boru Pazarlama LLC is founded in 1994 in order to serve the construction and agricultural market with high quality and high reliability. Our firm, from the day it was founded, ensures absolute customer satisfaction, provides support to client before and after transactions, seize trade targets with principles. As a result of this responsibility, Pimpa achieved a trade mark being searched for in plastic pipes and irrigation market. Pipes and fitting in the product rage that we provide mainly to Mediterranean region and to whole Turkey, has solid backgrounds, have highest standards of production and have time-tested trademarks. All our products are in compliance with Turkish and international quality standards, have TSE and ISO certificates, and also under our own security.Our company is concentrating more on irrigation applications since 2007, when the branch office in Yuregir is opened. We also offer turn-key anti hail net systems' installations. www.pimpa.com.tr



    Ready-to-Use Automated Irrigation SystemsFully Automatic Remote Drip Irrigation SystemFilters And Manual Irrigation SystemsAgricultural Drilling Pipes & EquipmentFlat Drip lines, Regular Drip lines, Latched Sprinkler, Poly-net PipesProduction of Fruit Nursery, Fertilizers And SeedsSprinkler Irrigation Guns, Couplings, CollarsLinear Traveler Irrigation MachinesTube Coil, Sanitary PVC, P-100 Pipes, construction, Infrastructure PipesAll Types Of Pipe Fittings And Various EquipmentWater Pump Engines, Generators, Hoeing MachinesTurkey's Most Competitive Wholesale & Export PricesSubsurface Irrigation Exploration and Installment.Fully Automated Ready-to-Use Irrigation Installment.Government Supported Give Away Irrigation Projects.Sand & Moss filter systems for effective irrigation.Seeds and Fertilizers.Remote-controlled underground line Installments.Wired dwarf fruit orchard set up.Sprinkling pipe systems, drip pipe, sprinkler field/area based calculations.Wholesale sprinkling pipes, drip lines, sprinklers, PVC pipes, and all other agricultural irrigation equipment ready to ship abroad from Turkey's reliable mass supplier. We serve our farmers and dealers In Turkey's growing Agricultural Irrigation Market since 2007 gradually enlarging our product range and service range. We currently sale / distribute and do applications / installments on Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean Region particularly to Isparta, Uluborlu, Denizli Antalya Turkish company. Contact us to meet our agriculture.


    United Kingdom

    Porous Pipe watering/irrigation pipe, works by leaking water evenly along the length of the pipe, right where it is needed. Key advantages and applications; - Made in the UK from recycled materials to ISO9001 standards - Uses up to 70% less water than normal watering methods - Cost-effective if using a water meter / timer - Environmental; uses rain water via water butt / storage tank - Provides precise, gentle watering - Can be used above and 10-15cms below ground - Designed to work at low pressure - Easy to use - Long life. Available in Standard 1/2”, MicroBore 1/4” and ProBore 5/8” Waters; Garden borders and Flower beds, Vegetable plots and Plant pots, Seed trays and Capillary matting, Hanging baskets, Jardinieres and pot plants… Irrigates: Gardens and Landscapes, Greenhouses, Cloches and allotments, Landscaped areas under bark or mulch, Municipal road-side borders, Lawns and sports turfs, Fruit and vegetable areas and more… Also; Aeration in Fish Ponds, Foundation Watering.



    Large range of services for your irrigation projects. We offer sales, installation, maintenance and repair services for: submersible, horizontal and vertical pumps. Generating units. Irrigation guns. Irrigation reels. Buried pipes. Tank gauges. Submersible motors. Buried pipes.



    We are an Australian/Italian importer/distributor/wholesaler of food products including fresh food and crop machinery. Our company is also an exporter of Parmigiano Reggiano, Olive Oil, Peeled Tomato products, Pasta (both Italian and Turkish) Wine, Beer and Alcohol Drinks. We also have Italian Horticulture Equipment such as Glasshouses and Irrigation Pipes, Nozzles and Spray Jets.



    The only approved plastic recycling company in Málaga. Plastic waste collection and reception service, with Urban Waste Management number G.R.U. 219. We are specialists in: We recycle of all types of plastic, polyethylene and polypropylene. We have a collection and reception service. We also have irrigation and pipe systems. We have also implemented a recovery service for all types of waste: Batteries. Household appliances Cardbox. Wood.



    aluminium aluminium alloys aluminium profiles aluminium tubes aluminium rods powder coating and anodizing aluminium windows and doors aluminium-wood windows and doors aluminium curtain walls aluminium canopies aluminium portals aluminium booths pipes for irrigation solar collectors aluminium accessories aluminium railings lighting masts aluminium candelbars



    PP and PE pipes and accessories. Drip irrigation accessories and pipes.



    We are a cap company for irrigation pipes in Turkey We made irrigation pipes with spray (spray), drip irrigation and pipes.



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    Founded in 1997, Copier Machinery has come a long way from its beginning in Giessen, The Netherlands. We are dedicated to providing the best solution for metal pipe fabrication, along with rapid service and support worldwide. We have a wide range of pipe preparation machinery portfolio for cutting, beveling, end working, welding, and roll grooving with an emphasis on innovation, stability, reliability, and high quality. Our expertise lies in machinery for industrial pipe preparations. We are specialized in Rotating Tool Lathes (RTL) that operate oppositely compared to the traditional tool lathes: the workpiece is fixed and the tool is rotating. The ambition of identifying and analysing the problems of our customers and offering a solution accordingly is our main key to success. We are not only providing a machine but a complete solution. To do so, our standard machines can be modified according to our customers’ complex pipe preparation requirements. By the means of our market knowledge, experience, customer-centric approach, and resources we have successfully engineered, manufactured, and delivered over 400 pipe preparation machinery to more than 40 countries.



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    SELMANI sh.p.k. is a company established in 1994 in Tirana, Albania. It operates in the civil construction industry offering the service of Hot Dip Galvanizing and customized steel structures as well as standard HDG and stainless steel Water & Fuel Tanks. The plant has Galvanizing kettle dimensions are 6500 x 1700 x 2600 mm. The company is specialized in the production of HVAC Boilers, Heat Vessels, Sanitary Water Tanks & Fuel Tanks Fencing, Gratings, Flooring, Lattice towers for Electrical Power Transmission & GSM, Polygonal Masts for Lighting and Transmission, Wireless Facilities, Hot Dip Galvanized Greenhouse structures, livestock farming steelworks, Road signing, safety steelworks etc. Due to our efficient workflow, we are able to offer quality steel works to our European partner companies while reducing their costs. With a staff of qualified, experienced and service-oriented professionals, SELMANI shpk guarantees high standards of service.



    Driptime ® is a brand of AR Agricultural Irrigation Company. AR Agricultural Irrigation Company has been producing valves, fittings, sprinkler and filtration equipment since 2008. Our company, which is among the companies that develops its production capacity every year in its sector, works on the use, dissemination and development of irrigation systems in our country and in the world with the products it produces. While our company delivers its products to our farmers with all its devotion, it increases its reputation day by day in the world market through its partners, distributors and representatives in many countries. Our company, which increases its product range day by day, has pioneered the inclusion of many useful products in the sector as a result of its efforts to produce new products related to the irrigation sector and to improve existing products.



    AGRODRIP S.A. has been a commercial enterprise since 1984. In 1989, the company expanded its activities in the area of producing parts of irrigation systems.The manufacture of new pioneer products by the company's designing and development department and the certification of its products by the quality system ISO 9001 have contributed greatly to the company's progress.Nowadays, the company is able to provide reliable and complete solutions to the most difficult irrigation problems due to its well-organized worldwide sales network and the perfect technical support that is provided by its experienced executives. Today we are working in two innovative factories in the Industrial zone of Thessaloniki in North Greece and we are using new models of production machines in all the products of our range . Our product range includes fittings for any kind of irrigation (sprinklers , drippers , micro irrigation fittings , barbed and quick-lock fittings , valves and mini valves , compression coupli



    IMECE Plastic is a big producing company of greenhouse “smart” plastic covers from Turkey and searches for its customers/partners (wholesale firms, country/region distributors, greenhouse builders etc.) worldwide. IMECE tailors the plastic covers up to your needs for better plant grow considering the geographical features of your country/region, by means of 3-layer Co-Ex technology that helps your crops growing early and equally and so maximizing your benefits. IMECE greenhouse covers ranging from 4 months to 60 months as “working life” and featuring specifications (UV-EVA-IR-LD-AF etc.) up to your demand, prescribed by 3-layer Co-Extrusion technology are under warranty of IMECE Plastic, a subsidiary of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. IMECE leads the greenhouse “smart” cover sector in Turkey and also produces the following related plastic materials like ; surface /mulch covers, thermal screens, pool nylons, silage films, shrinks as well as irrigation hoses. If you are interested in our products, you can contact with us.



    Hunter Landscape irrigation with automatic control irrigation system installation residential and light commercial irrigation system installation with automatic controldrip irrigation system installationdrip irrigation system installation with automatic control agriculturel irrigation system installation with sprinkler for agriculturel irrigation and Anti frozen system installation with mini sprinkler irrgation system installation for colling system with automatic control with mist sprinklers agricultural irrigation system with subsurface dripline landscape irrigation system with subsurface dripline.



    Senkron plastic founded at 2000 for producing PP Compression Fittings For PE Pipes. Senkron branded materials, beside its prestige and quality it has got different type and sizes for different applications such as agricultural irrigation systems, garden and environmental irrigation systems, pool systems ... Etc. We have got ts en ıso 9001-2000 and tsek quality certificate. We serve to many company in turkey and we export to the companies all around the world.



    Irrigation and sprinkling systems | drip irrigation | irrigation fittings | flat drip irrigation | sprinkler



    A.G. Petzetakis : international producer of plastic pipe and hose systems.



    damla ve otomatik sulama sistemleri satış ve montajı su pompaları ve endüstriyel tesisat malzemeleri satışı



    The company DRIPLANTIS IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Irrigation systems industry. It also operates in the Agriculture - import-export, Irrigation Pipes sales, Agriculture - import-export, Agricultural materiels, and Irrigation Pipes manufacturing industries. It is based in Karatay/konya, Turkey.



    The company ALASU TARIM SULAMA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Garden watering systems industry. It also operates in the drip irrigation, water networks, and Drip Irrigation Pipe and Fittings industries. It is based in Ankara, Turkey.



    The company AKKON PLASTIK SULAMA SISTEMLERI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Agriculture - import-export industry. It also operates in the drip irrigation pipes industries. It is based in Selçuklu, Turkey.

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