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    South Korea

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    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade consulting but also offline trade-related services for SMEs. With worldwide network and high brand recognition, we are extending our business field to the global market to provide business opportunities. We manufacture and supply products in numerous fields such as agriculture, health, comestics hardware and machinery. We are looking to build up a "One-Stop Trading Network" by providing solutions and services for the entire trading cycle, from finding new clients to making settlements. Additionnaly, we will offer a complete online trading service which includes offline support, addressing one of cyber-business' largest needs. Our trade team is composed of a variety of industry experts, regional experts as well as trade specific experts. Our marketing department can also help you find solutions to recurrent business problems. In the field we benefit from a very well-versed e-market place marketing team, a search engine marketing team as well as social media marketing experts. Finally, our Public relations team can help you meet all your PR needs, regardless of what you may need help with be it catalogue design, e-Newsletter design or your homepage design, we can meet your needs at EC Plaza. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    With over ten years' experience of supplying high-quality products to a huge market in Europe and Great Britain, we have only had a single goal since we started in 2006 and since the brand was consolidated in 2010 – to become the world's biggest provider of healthy nuts, beverages, legumes, spices and much more, while also meeting international standards. For us, it's not just about the sales. An integral part of our operations is building and maintaining healthy relationships with our customers. We are committed to improving the structure of fruit transportation from the source to the buyer. We achieve this by developing better solutions for marketing, supply and risk management. We do not make any compromises when it comes to quality and we satisfy everyone by applying unique and dynamic strategies. Our holistic marketing function covers shipping, delivery and payment methods, while we also maintain healthy relationships with service providers in the fruit supply chain. We offer sophisticated services for exporting oil, rice, nuts and sugar from Thailand, including a range of logistics services: - Chartering vessels for transporting seed oil, flour, cereals and grains; - Road transport of oil, rice, nuts and sugar to Europe and Asia; - Container transport of oil, rice, nuts and sugar; - Transport of seed oils in flexitanks



    Leather is one of the oldest and most versatile materials known to mankind. At ASEN, we have developed and produced this sophisticated natural material, with more than 40 years experience , as leading international producers of premium leather for the leather industry. ASEN Leather Company, in its advanced, highly modern production facilities, serves the handbag, shoe, leather upholstery and leather garment sectors with more than 100 items, classical and also attractive modern lines. Our leather products are a blend of high technology and fine art. We are distinguished from other tanneries for having a very wide gamma of colors, diverse articles, specific styles and applications, innovated textures, designs and a lot more. We embrace different worldwide markets, promoting the expansion of our articles, for the footwear, garment, upholstery and leather goods industry. Also, all of these articles are produced from whole bovine hides, sides and splits. Our customers expect the best from us, so every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistence and high quality. We are already in our second generation, and we work with the philosophy of continuous improvement.



    "Our vision is to provide you, the customer, with immediately available and affordable leathers." Mission: We have internalised the slogan "Thinking Leather". The purchase of special lots and production overhangs is our passion. With you, the customer, at the forefront, we are successful in the long term and can sustainably expand our market share. Honesty, reliability and determination are basic values of our corporate culture. Sustainability: By buying up and reusing leather that has already been produced, we help to protect the resources of our environment. Give us a hand. Managing partner is Mr Alexander Valtwies. He has been working with leather since his apprenticeship in 2006. After his degree, he took over the management of Westfalia-Leder Handelsges. mbH in the German town of Stadtlohn, where he gained further experience and competence in the leather industry.



    JDF Import-Export GmbH was founded on 27th July 2000. Our head office is located in Germany. We meet the highest standards on the commercial market. We profit from the difference in pricing between goods abroad and in other markets. We purchase goods at the best prices and sell them where there is demand for them. We offer products at lower prices than those established in a given country. We specialise in sales of global FMCG brands. Within just a few years, we have established a significant position as a key player on the German beverages and confectionery market. We are currently developing our scope of activities in overseas markets. We offer attractive prices and efficient order fulfilment as well as labelling and repackaging of products. We offer a range of texts in English, German, French, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and many other languages. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our products. Please take the time to view our other products on our website.

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    Thagora is a software and hardware package developed by Gemini CAD Systems for the furniture and automotive industries. It combines an advanced software system, with an automatic, multi-hide nesting solution and Thagora Leather Scanning Machine. Thagora is capable of full ERP integration and can be deployed without disrupting the current production process.This technology brings automation, leather savings and productivity for manufacturers of any size. As a true pioneer in leather cutting, Thagora launched the first Off-Line Workflow and the world's first automatic, multi-hide leather nesting solution powered by GPU technology. Thagora is a mature, scalable technology, compatible with any leather cutting solution> new or used CNC leather cutting machines, manual cutting or die cutting presses. Selective list of Thagora's clients: Wollsdorf, Germany, Natuzzi, Italy, Rolf Benz, Germany, ROM AG, Belgium, Palliser, Canada, Polodivani, Italy. Gemini CAD Systems is a leading global supplier of technology for industries working with soft flexible materials such as leather or textile and composites. Our activity includes research, development and implementation of software, equipment and workflow solutions for furniture, automotive and apparel, applied in the cutting room. Gemini’s advanced technologies automate the manufacturing process from design to cutting for more than 20.000 customers across 38 countries, providing reliable services and technical support throughout



    Sun Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and supplier of leather, locks, silk & jewellery components based in Almere, The Netherlands. We ship goods across 55 countries world wide and work extensively with leading jewellery designers, artisans, jewellery makers, goldsmiths , wholesalers and hobby stores globally . We have over 45000 unique articles in our program and offer the biggest collection of leathers and locks Our collection of leather laces andcords for jewellery and fashion creations is one of the biggest and richest in Europe.It includes a huge range of multipleleather laces in terms of style, size, colour, design and type.Our exclusive collection of leathercords for bracelets and fashion accessories includes real Nappa leather laces in different shapes, such as round, flat and braided, as well as flat leather cords, hair-on leather, vintage style leather, leather with names, real Suede leatherlaces and Italian flat leather, to name but a few. The sizes of our real leather cordsand laces vary from 1 mm round leather cords to 40 mm flat leather laces.We also offer the possibility for ourcustomers to ask for their personal customizations of our leather items! For ecoleather cords and laces you can visit the dedicated section following this link. Our wide magnetic locks collection comprises over 2000 types of high-quality magnetic clasps, magnetic locks, and magnetic closures for jewelry making, perfectly suitable for all types of leather cords.



    We are a company with a long tradition of global trade in leather. Yet we are a simple and courageous as a start-up. This lively mix of experience and passion also comes from working daily with people from a wide variety of cultural groups. We have a very special corporate character which is perceptible to anyone who deals with our team. Openness, expertise and passion are much more important to us than titles and status. We derive the joy in what we do from knowing that we experience these values daily in the company and all over the world. We love what we do. We love success. We guarantee consistent leather quality, compliant with the requirements of international manufacturers of branded leather products, as well as 48-hour availability of stock leather and compliance with the strictest environmental and sustainability standards according to Leather Working Group protocols.



    Jacobs GmbH represents the perfect combination of creative flair and business expertise. For more than 50 years, we have been a skilled, innovative partner to companies in the leather sector. We are inspired by Italian fashion and design and aim to combine this with German precision and care in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We provide our customers and business partners with service-oriented expert advice. We offer a comprehensive range of customer-specific product solutions and services. We firmly believe that our staff are the basis of our success, and we aim to support and challenge them. Sustainability is important to us; as a result, we control our production in Europe. We are there for our customers at any time, even on the rare occasion that they have a complaint. We always find a solution; quality is our top priority and we make it our responsibility.



    Leather Mio is more than just a brand or business. It’s about family, hard work and authenticity. Established since 1955, we are located in Athens, Greece. Our knowledge of the leather business and our passion for leather craftsmanship sets us apart. We have the biggest collection of leather available in Europe and United States. Giving us the ability to provide globally the finest leather to all our clients worldwide. All our products are made in Italy and the quality speaks for itself. It's almost impossible to not find what you were looking for leather wise. And even if you do, for big orders we will take orders on demands as well. Both B2C and B2B is possible and prices are always adjusted based on the client and how much trust and work has been established between us.



    We are the Manufacturers and exporters of leather gloves and regularly exporting to European countries the gloves are of top quality with the reasonable price of 2.50 Us dollar for driver gloves and 2 dollar for working gloves. our gloves are greatly manufactured, and tested for these chemicals PCP, DMF, CHROME IV, and AZO dyes which are banned in the European countries. Our leather gloves materials can be made in Goatskin, sheepskin, and cowhide leather. our company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing gloves and exporting. We have been in connection with countries such as Germany, Austria, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Singapore , supplying them with Leather gloves. so our gloves have proven to be of an Excellence and as well providing with admirable price that is for your own beneficial need. The H.M leather company will also be able to produce any type of Gloves your benefactor desire. Please Consider visiting our website and a look thanks for your time.



    The company has a long tradition. The main activity is the trade of raw hides of cattle, sheep and goats. It was created by Rasim Kambur who started his first business in 1969 trading hides. The present owner of Erkam Ltd Orhan Kambur inherited the business from his parents in 1992. The company offers a wide range of wet-salted lamb, sheep, goats, kid, calf, cow, horse and donkey hides. All of our partner slaughterhouses in Bulgaria use skinning machines and allow us to work with hides of high grade. The company has its own warehouse with a licensed veterinary registration number BG 0117001, equipped with freezers for storing skins. A licensed private transport is also available. Years of experience and cooperation with major companies in the world allow us to provide our clients with highest quality on the Bulgarian market. The principles of Erkam Ltd. are loyalty, honesty and respect for all partners.



    With 35+ years of experience, SIMACA Group specializes in trading, finishing and supplying the finest leathers you find in shoes, bags, morocco and furniture around the world. Sustainability and technological innovation are the core guidelines of our vision. Over the last 5 years, we have highly bet on leather innovation, specifically in three different key components: Comfort, Eco-Friendly and Technical. We are a certified Leather Working Group (LWG) approved trader. Every one of our trusted suppliers strives to ensure that all environmental rules and regulations are met, in terms of both the chemicals and the processes used. All of our leathers comply with European standards.



    Commodity Trade made Easier. You Order & We Supply within short time. We’ve been involved in the leather industry for generations from tanning to sourcing to selling. We can supply regularly European or different origin cow crust leather from our Warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden at a very short notice.Bovine Semi finished & crust leather for Ladies and Men Shoes. Cow Crust Leather for furniture upholstery. Sides or Cut Soles in supple Buffalo Leather for men & ladies open footwear. Split, Lining, Upper, Insole, etc. r also available along with other Leather Goods at very competitive prices. We can supply you these items on regular basis in small or large quantities at affordable prices. Our Location is Your Advantage - based In Stockholm, Sweden, we can ship goods with a short notice to anywhere within the EU. Whether your requirement be a Pallet or a container, we can deliver quickly at very competitive prices. Working as Stockists, we shorten your supply chain & ease your finances too.



    Profesyonel ve tecrübeli ekibimiz ile Uşak Deri Karma Organize Sanayi Bölgesi’nde 15.000m2 alana sahip, yıllık 850.000 adet deriye kadar üretim kapasiteli, en son teknolojiye sahip modern ekipmanlarla donatılmış fabrikamız, ve İstanbul Zeytinburnu’nda bulunan satış ofisimiz ile müşterilerimize hizmet vermekteyiz. Kuzu, koyun ve keçiden imal ettiğimiz giysilik, ayakkabılık ve çantalık olarak işlenmiş yüksek kaliteli derileri sektörün hizmetlerine yönelik olarak müşterilerimize sunmaktayız.Kuruluşumuzdan bu yana başarıyla sunduğumuz ve geliştirdiğimiz hizmetler, müşterilerimizle hem yerel hem de uluslararası alanda iyi ilişkiler kurmamızı sağlamıştır. Bu başarının ve gelişimin temel faktörleri nitelikli insan kaynağımız, profesyonel ekibimiz, bilgi birikimimiz, yenilikçi üretim tekniklerimiz, modern ekipmanlarımız ve uyguladığımız verimli çalışma planımızdır. İşbirliği yaptığımız tüm tedarikçi ve müşterilerimizle kurduğumuz karşılıklı güven, iş anlayışımızın en önemli prensibidir. Firmamız son olarak, deri ürünleri üreten veya ürünlerinde deri kullanan uluslararası markalar ve tedarikçileri denetleyen, sektörde uluslararası saygınlığa sahip bir kurum olan Leather Working Group (LWG) tarafından oluşturulan denetleme protokolüne uygun olarak denetlenmişdir



    Prealpina, conceria italiana, produce pelli per scarpe e pellame per pelletteria. L'azienda lavora attivamente per la sostenibilità ambientale e per la sicurezza del consumatore. Certificazioni GreenTech e IdroTech. There are various processes and finishes to give the skin the appearance desired by the customer .



    Zlatna belka - Ivanov i sie Ltd. is founded in 1990. The company's main activity is buying up raw skin of cattle, sheep and goats. The idea for the manufacturing of garments was conceived in 1993. During the same year, the department for producing leather garments was opened. More than 18 collections of women's, men's and children's garments made of natural leather are created up to now. The company also exports raw undressed skins of cattle, sheep, pig, goats to Europe, Asia and also Turkey





    We provide high quality raw bull, cow, hides and lamb and sheep skins.



    deximpco hides & skins hides & skins service agency & deximpco france Engineering materials trading & consulting 15 place d azay le ferron 37000 Tours France


    United Kingdom

    I do cross border strategy. The means I help companies in terms of market expansion



    Import, export and wholesale of finished leather. We are in this business since the 70's decade



    The company ADAM LEATHER - TANNERY POLAND - DECORATIVE LEATHER GOTLAND SHEEPSKINS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It is based in Jaworzyna Śląska, Poland.



    The company LEATHER GROUP FIRMA HANDLOWA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It also operates in the skins, and leather goods industries. It is based in Lipno, Poland.



    The company ANATOLIA KIMYA, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It also operates in the Chemicals - import-export, chemical tanning, chemicals for the leather industry, Chemicals - import-export, and chemical water purifying plants industries. It is based in Adana, Turkey.



    The company ARTESANO FACTORY, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It also operates in the skin vegetable tanning, tanned fur leather finishing, vegetable shoulder, and tanning hides and fur industries. It is based in Igualada, Spain.



    The company DELCROIX CONCEPT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It is based in Sombreffe, Belgium.



    The company DELLIT STANZMESSERBAU, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It is based in Floh-Seligenthal, Germany.



    The company ZARKA DERI TEKSTIL SAN. VE DIŞ TIC. LTD. ŞTI., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Leather - Raw Materials industry. It also operates in the Shoe leather industries. It is based in Uşak, Turkey.

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